The Howling god

Book 1

The Half-blood series

1. One week and Counting /2

2. My teacher turns out to be a monster /8

3. The Standoff /14

4. The Underworld/21

5. Camp/26

One week and Counting

I sat next to my friend Kali in Math at boarding school. Kali had bright red hair in a ponytail, and her hair band was made of gold. She said it cost a lot of money. She was wearing a t-shirt that had wheat on it and holey jeans. It was 10 minutes before class so we were the only people there; we liked to come early.

"One week until the end of boarding school. What do you think of that, Jack?" Kali asked. My name is Jackson Brethren, but everyone calls me Jack.

"It's great. When I get to my mom's house, I get to pack my bags and move into my step dad Albert's apartment for the summer. So, what are you doing this summer?" I asked.

"I'm going to some summer camp. Camp Half—"

"Hey, guys." Said Bobby. He's our third friend, and my dorm roommate. Everyone else arrived, along with a strange woman with silky black hair in a bun. She was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Greek Gods Stink" under a coat and tie. For pants, she wore a dark red skirt and some black shoes size adult large. I didn't even know they made an adult large in shoes...

"Good morning, class. My name is Ms. Monsoon, and I am your new permanent Math teacher," said the woman. I bet she said permanent just to scare us.

"Now, pick up your textbooks and turn them to page 108," said Mrs. Monsoon. I raised my hand.

"No questions!" she said.

"I was just wondering—"

"I said no questions!"


"NO QUESTIONS! Go to the principle's office right this moment." I just wanted to know if they had an extra textbook, because I forgot mine.

"Then she just snapped," I told my principle, Mr. Ryan everything that happened. Mr. Ryan was about 4 feet tall wearing a dark black tuxedo, some sneakers, glasses, and a tie with an owl on it. He always wore that tie. We're good friends. He was the only one who understood me.

"That's odd. Do you know why?" he asked.

"No," I answered.

"Well, class is over by now, and you should get back to your dorm."

"Okay. See you later Mr. Ryan." Back at my dorm, I found Bobby playing go fish with Kali.

"Deal me in." I said.

"Jack. Join us." said Bobby.

"Don't you think it's weird how the new teacher got mad at you for asking a question?" asked Kali.

"I guess. Mr. Ryan is trying to figure out why she did that. I can't wait to go on the field trip to ancient Greece tomorrow! All the statues. And the big three -their statues are said to be huge!"

"I just can't wait to see the choices for food. There are so many," said Bobby.

"So Kali, what are you waiting for in Greece?" Asked Bobby

"I guess maybe… everything. Well. I have to get back to my dorm, see you guys later.

"See ya, Kali." I said.

The next day, Mr. Vanko took us on the field trip to ancient Greece, With Mrs. Monsoon as chaperone. Our class was bunched up in second class on the plane. Bobby sat three rows ahead of me, and Kali sat two rows behind me. There where two men that sat in my row, Marl and Earl Dwayne, a couple of gamblers, and they where actually gambling on the plane, with a full set of chips.

"I bid twenty chips, that's twenty cents," said Earl.

"Well, I bid thirty chips, that's thirty cents," said Marl.

"Well, I—"

The plane turned and all of the chips fell on me.

"Sorry boy," said Marl.

"That's fine. I'll be in the bathroom while you clean up." I unbuckled my seat belt and walked to the bathroom, then sat there for a couple of minutes. When I opened the door, Mrs. Monsoon was standing right there.

"You better take your seat, we're landing soon," she said.

"Um.. Okay. I'll sit down right away."

"Good." she walked back to her seat and sat down, I did the same.

"Shake your groove thing shake your groove thing!" My phone rang.

"Hello?" I said.

"Dude, I do not like this new teacher. How about you?" Asked Bobby.

"Seriously? You are a few rows ahead of me and you're calling me. You've lost it. I'm hanging up."

"No, wait!"

"No, I'm not doing this."

"No wa—"


"As you can see Greek airports are… are… very, very clean. Now find a friend and stay with him. Choose wisely, because you two will stay together for the whole trip. Now this trip is five days, which means when we get back you're done for the whole summer. So let's learn all we can while we're here for these five days. The first place we will be visiting is the Parthenon. The Parthenon is surrounded by 46 pillars. Write that in your notebooks," said Mr. Vanko.

"Alright where's my notebook? I know its here somewhere," said Bobby.

"You're actually writing that down? But we never take Mr. Vanko seriously," I said.

"We don't? I've always taken him seriously. In first grade when he told us to eat as much cake as we could for Abby's birthday, I did." Answered bobby.

"Is that why you went into a sugar coma for four days?" I asked.

"You remember that? I thought my mom was joking when she told me that. Well, anyways, I've always taken Mr. Vanko seriously."

"Whatever. I can't wait to see Greece."

After four days in Greece I was screaming "Let me out of this place!" Literally.

"I cannot wait to get out of Greece." I said, lying on my bed in the hotel next to Bobby.

"And then you'll be glad to go home?" Asked Bobby.

"Nope," I answered.

"Why not?"

"My step dad's a jerk, and my mom won't let me stay with her because she says I should bond with him. Kali offered to let me come stay with her, but my mom won't let me, and my summer was practically ruined ever since my mom decided to get married to my step dad. Yet I always wondered who my father was. My mom never talks about him, and whenever I ask what his name was, or if I could go see him, she won't answer. I always thought of him as a knight in shining armor."

"You're right about the shining armor." Said Bobby.

"What did you say, Bobby?" I asked. He looked at me and widened his eyes.

"Nothing, um I said nothing at all, good old buddy pal, I mean… I didn't say anything." I looked at Bobby strangely.

"Bobby, if I'm your friend, then I know that when you're hiding something you get nervous. What are you hiding?" I stared at bobby for a long time and then he said,

"Look dude, it's nothing. Stop staring at me." said Bobby nervously. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't bother asking again.

"So Bobby, what are your plans for summer?" I asked.

"I'm going to that summer camp that Kali is going to." Answered bobby.

"Yeah she told me about that camp, camp Half, what is it?" I asked. Bobby looked down to the floor, and sighed.

"Camp Half-blood. For children who are half human… and half god. What I'm trying to tell you is your summer plans are changed. Jack, your real father is—"

"So, you decided to tell him." Said Mrs. Monsoon. What was Mrs. Monsoon doing here?

"Sphinx." Said Bobby.

"Tell you what. I'll let you go if you answer this riddle." Said Mrs. Monsoon. Bobby grabbed my arm and jumped out the window. We landed on the building next door. He threw me over his shoulders, and jumped to the next building. Then, he flipped off that building and ran to the hotel that Kali was staying at.

"Kali! Mrs. Monsoon is the Sphinx. We need to get to camp." Kali jumped up and ran with us. When we were outside, Kali whistled and a Pegasus shot out of the sky. Kali and Bobby jumped on its back, with me over Bobbie's shoulders. The Pegasus lunged into the sky.

"What in the world just happened back there?" I asked. Kali and Bobby looked at each other and whispered. I didn't understand them. Kali turned to me and said,

"I'll try to bunch this into your head as good and as fast as I can." She took a deep breath.

"Greek mythology is real, your son of Zeus, and you're going to camp Half-blood." I stared at Kali.

"Zeus? Zeus god of the heavens, Zeus father of legends. He's my Father. And Greek Mythology is real?" I asked.

"Yep." Kali answered.

"Oh-okay." I fainted.