Chapter 2- Surprise Attack

Sora got up for another day, and got her flight uniform on and went to eat with the other squad mates, and at breakfast they started to talk about the loss of their wingman and the ace.

"Can't believe we actually went up against an Ace, didn't even see it coming," Archer said.

"I hear ya," said Mortal, "but we can't let ourselves get beaten up over it, so we need to focus on what is happening now."

Then Mortal told us what was going on.

"Command is sending us out on a patrol op, and also that we just got in a lot of planes, more than we have pilots for, and that we got quite a few BC's (Battle Credit's) from our last mission, so let's find ourselves some planes," he finished.

At the Storage hangar, there were several planes all lined up for purchase.

Mortal selected an F-4 Phantom II.

Archer chose an F-20A Tigershark.

Knight looked a bit and realized that due to killing an Ace, she had enough to purchase and did purchase an F-14D Super Tomcat.

Directly afterward, they went to the briefing room and got their brief.

All right, I'll be explaining the details of your mission.

You'll be conducting a patrol at the edge of our air defense network.

There have been occasional whispers along the edge of the system, and we want you to confirm if this constitutes a viable threat.

You will go all the way past the air defense net and find out what is going on.

Blade Squadron, I wish you the best of luck.


The three planes were soon in the air, heading straight for the location, due Southwest of the base.

All of them loaded pure anti-air weaponry, and flew on.

"Hey Knight, been wondering something," said Mortal.

"What" said Knight (Sora)?

"Why'd you decided to go into battle," said Mortal, "I heard you dropped out of college and joined up, how come."

"I sort of had a bad history with the guys behind this war, and they did many bad things to many people," replied Sora, "and I'm not gonna sit back and let carry out any more of their plans, so I signed right up and am here to show them that they are nothing but criminals and no more than that."

"I hear that," said Archer, "they had this whole policy of complete female oppression, and that it was even bad for most guys because it made them look like the bad guys."

"Yeah, never liked them myself really," said Mortal.

They flew on and reached the designated point.

Sora thought she saw a sort of blur that looked like a giant aircraft, but thought it was a trick of the light.

"Command, we don't see anything out here, were coming back," spoke Mortal.

"Roger that, you may return," said Command.

They flew back and Mortal said.

"Geez, I just wish some action would happen once in a while, anyway I'll land first, see ya at base."

That was the last thing he said and did.

Over the base, as Mortal was about to land, a massive aircraft of some type suddenly appeared out of nowhere and fired a large missile from its backside vertical launcher.

"What the Fu-," were the last words Command said as a powerful missile detonated directly above the base, destroying everything, and flattening the whole base.

Mortal's plane was unfortunately in the blast radius, and the whole thing was soon turned into nothing but minute debris from the blast.

Mortal's death was instantaneous.

Sora and Archer were in horror and shock at what had happened, and then they saw the giant airship, which had a large sloped fuselage, very large wings with the engines inside come right at them.

Sora wasted no time and fired missiles at the airship, all connecting with the ships wing, and hit one of its engines, causing the airship to tilt, but it fired back with its own anti-aircraft system, causing Sora to back off, but Archer came in and fire four missiles at the left side of the ship, hitting all four of its weapon ports, and leaving its remaining engine exposed to attack.

Then it fired off another missile and Sora told Archer to fly as high as possible both pulling full vertical into the sky, and they saw the missile detonate in the sky below them, causing a blinding flash.

Sora used this as an advantage and dove straight at the airship, and then locked onto the missile ports and remaining engine and fired four missiles at once, and the missile ports were destroyed along with the airships remaining engines.

The airship, devoid of power, fell into the water and exploded.

Knight and Archer flew over the base, the whole area completely destroyed.

The base was gone, they were alone then.

"At-atte- attention, this is AWAC's 'Sky Eye', we repeat, is anyone reading me."

"This is Blade Squadron, call sign Knight reporting."

"We were sent to be part of the support for the base, what happened," said Sky Eye.

"The base was destroyed, the enemy attacked with an unknown weapon, we are sending you the data," said Archer, and she and Sora sent the data.

"Data received," said Sky Eye, "God, the rumors were true."

"What rumors?"

"Ignore that, we have to get this data to high command immediately, and also, outstanding kill Blade Squadron."

"Yes, Sky Eye," said the last members of Blade Squadron.

Though they won't remain the only members for long.

I'll be debriefing you here at Antaria Airbase.

The enemy that destroyed the base was an enemy super-weapon, and appears to be based on the super-weapon, 'Gandr', made during a war with Aurelia, although it appears to have been enhanced.

This means that the enemy is planning to resurrect the super-weapons of the past, and they apparently wanted to test out their first one on a small target.

You were lucky to have come back alive, much less defeat it.

You've earned your rest for now.

The people who were at the base and your squad leader will receive proper military honors, this we swear.

Sora received a room in the airbase, and laid on the bed, wondering why things had gone so wrong.

Whatever had happened no longer mattered, but one thing was certain.

"Iwajihiri, I will defeat you, one way or another, even if I have to do it alone," said Sora.

"Still the same hot-headed idiot knight like you were at the Academy," came a very familiar voice.

Sora remembered the voice, it was as clear as day to her.

She turned and looked at the open door, to see, standing in a pilots outfit.