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Bella blinked .. Refusing to let the tears fall as she looked down at the photo's she was holding on her lap.. Proof, she wasn't really sure it was something she wanted. It was amazing to her how a little black and white 5x7 picture could do so much damage. For Bella it was freedom, For him it would be the end of the lavish lifestyle he had so become accustomed to. The tears weren't really because she was sad, she was pissed off! A rather humiliating tendency of hers, her tears and temper seemed to be linked. After everything she had given to him and this is the thanks she got? Her boyfriend of 3 years fucking her close friend Tanya in her own fucking pool no less. As Bella looked down at the photo she couldn't help but think back through her life and how so much had changed for her. If this would of happened years ago Bella would of been devastated wondering what she had done wrong.

Bella had always been a shy girl with low self esteem partly because of her being a huge klutz, always to busy watching her feet to notice the people around her. But more then that a lot of her low self esteem and shyness stemmed from her mother. Bella has spent the first 15 years of her life being dragged around by her mother Renee. Renee took every chance she could to let Bella know she was a mistake and had ruined her life, telling her that no one wanted her even her own father had bailed as soon as he saw the plus sign on the pregnancy test. When Bella was 15 Renee and her newest boy toy Phil Dwyer a minor league baseball player, had both been trashed and tried to drive home, they never made it. Phil had been killed instantly, Renee had survived but soon found herself in jail for 15 years. Bella didnt feel an ounce of pity for her mother. She was scared of being placed in foster care, not knowing that her birth father Charlie Swan had spent the last 15 years searching for her.

Charlie Swan lived a quite life as police chief of a small town called Forks in Washington state with his wife Sue and her 2 teeange children from her first marriage. Sue's husband Harry had been Charlies best friend for years. He had been killed by a drunk driver shortly after the birth of the twins Seth and Leah. Charlie always had a soft spot for Sue, It was a few years later that they began a relationship of there own. Leah and Seth never resented Charlie for that, They had no real recollection of Harry so Charlie was always just dad to them. Seth and Leah were like night and day. Seth was a gentle giant at 16 he stood at an impressive 6'4 he was all muscle and not in the obscene way that makes you want to vomit. He had short cropped jet black hair, dark skin and dark eyes to match. He could of been intimidating if it wasnt for the perma grin on his beautiful face. Leah on the other hand was hateful and vindictive finding any way she could to make those around her miserable. For being such a tiny girl she could sure mange to put the fear of god in you standing just over 5'3 and like her brother she had beautiful dark skin and deep brown eyes. She often kept her waist length black hair in a low bun.

As soon as Charlie heard of the accident involving Renee and found out the location of his missing daughter he was on the first plane out of Forks Washington to Phoenix Arizona. It had taken Bella months to start opening up even a little bit to her father and Sue. But as time went on Bella grew to adore Charlie and Sue, Even Seth. Leah had hated Bella from the moment she stepped into the house, finding any way she could to put Bella down just like Renee had done for so many years. Truth be told Leah was jealous and used belittling Bella as a way of making her self feel better. With the love and support of Charlie, Sue and Seth , Bella was able to gain enough self esteem to just let Leah's cruel words roll off her back.

Bella didn't have many friends at school but the few she had she held them close to her heart. Esme Platt had taken an instant liking to Bella there was no awkwardness to there relationship they just clicked right away. Esme came from a very wealthy family but her parents were never around instead of showing love they bought her anything her little heart desired, never understanding that all Esme wanted was to be loved. Along with Esme came her boyfriend Carlisle Cullen and his cousin Tanya Denali. All 3 of them were stunningly beautiful, Bella never really understood why they chose to become friends with her, but with time she grew to appreciate her own looks as she grew into her own skin. Her senior year of high school she had taken up dance with Esme. It was a decision that she would never regret, she gained grace as well as confidence in herself. She didn't need anyone else to tell her she was beautiful. As long as Bella loved herself it no longer mattered what others thought of her. They spent much of there time together through out high school even all leaving to attending the University of Washington together, Esme was going into interior design While Carlisle was going to medical school to be a pediatrician. Tanya was taking acting classes, It was her dream to be the next big thing in Hollywood. She had no problem using her body to get what she wanted, leaving a trail of broken hearts in her path, Bella never judged it wasn't her place, she always kind of felt sorry for Tanya feeling it was necessary to use herself that way. Bella had decided to be an English major, She had always wanted to write a book.

All through college Bella had worked hard on keeping her grades up while working a part time job at a little bookstore. In the very few free minutes she had Bella worked on her own book. It was a story of a young girl and her vampire protector. The actual plot to the story had come to Bella in a dream many years before, from that little dream an entire world came to life in Bella's imagination. It was in her junior year that she started sending copies of her book out in hopes of being published. It wasn't until almost graduation time her senior year that she received a call from Brandon publishing company. Alice Brandon the owner of the small publishing company had adored the few chapters of the book she was given and immediately wanted to get Bella under contract. After many negotiations Bella was well on her way to being a published author. Bella loved Alice's spirit from the first time she met the pixie like women, She was nothing like Bella had expected not quite standing 5'2 with heels on, bright blue eyes and crazy spiked black hair. She was a ball of energy no matter how early it was. During all the phone calls and meetings Bella and Alice grew to become very close friends. She learned Alice also shared a love for dancing along with a massive love for her longtime boyfriend Jasper Hale. Jasper was opposite of Alice in every way. Where Alice was Short Jasper stood just over 6'3. Alice was brimming with energy and Jasper was always so mellow. His bright blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair always made Bella think of a stoned out surfing hippie. Where Alice loved her books, Jasper was a tattoo artist and covered in ink and steel. Bella had always loved a man with ink. Guess what they say is true, everyone loves the bad boys. Some how the two just made it work. She had only seen love this strong once before with her Father Charlie and his wife Sue. She prayed one day she would find her other half. It was during this time that Alice had set Bella up with an editor for her book.

The first time she met him she was like a lovesick teenager. He was one of the most beautiful men she had ever met. He was much Taller then Bella's 5'4 frame, standing just shy of 6'2 with broad shoulders and a gorgeous body. But it was his eyes that really got her, the oddest shade she had ever seen for eyes. Bella had never seen topaz colored eyes before. As the months went by they grew very close while he was editing Bella's book. It wasn't until Bella's book was all done and ready to go to print that he had asked her out. Without a second though she agreed. After that they were pretty much together all the time unless Bella was off doing a promotional thing for her book. If he wasn't at her place she was at his. They often went out on group dates with Alice and Jasper or Esme and Carlisle. Sometimes even Tanya would tag along with her flavor of the month. Before Bella knew it he was moving into her brand spanking new house she had bought after her book hit the New York times best sellers list. "Immortal Kiss" had been an overnight success making Bella quite a bit of money. She wasn't really in it for the money or fame, she just wanted to feel she had accomplished her dream. Regardless she never asked him to move in, it just kind of happened. As much as it just kind of happened that shortly after that he quit his job wanting to pursue his music. Leaving Bella to support him. It didn't bother her at first, she felt she was helping the man she loved to fulfill his dream just as she had with her books. But after a year of his mooching and often not coming home for days at time Bella began to get fed up. It was during this time that she started to suspect something was amiss. Bella had called her brother Seth with her concerns, Seth had wanted to be a cop just like Charlie, but somewhere along the lines he had changed his mind. Seth now ran a thriving business with his boyfriend Jake. You guessed it they were the best Private Investigators in Seattle. Jake was a massive man 6'7 all muscle with his dark skin and eyes. But you would never meet a more loyal and genuine man then Jacob Black.

With one final glance at the pictures on her lap Bella wiped away her tears and looked up at her brothers sorrowful eyes.

Seth hated to see his sister cry, She had been so fragile when she came to live with them and it killed him to think she could revert back into her shell. But there was no way he was going to let that asshole get away with treating his baby bell this way.

With a wry smile on her tear stained face Bella had only one thing to say… "Well brother dear, lets show these bitches who the hell they are dealing with."

Bella knew what she was doing was wrong, but she really didn't give a shit at the moment, she wanted to humiliate them just as much as they had done to her. With that thought in mind Bella jumped into her old beat up truck, yes she still had the same truck she had since being a teenager. She loved that damn truck and she wasn't getting rid of it till there was no other choice! As she drove to his parents house she almost felt bad enough to not do as she planned… almost. His parents never really cared for her so it was really no skin off her back to make them deal with this shit as well. It was twilight out side when she pulled up to the modest two story home. Perfect they should both be getting home from work in an hour. Bella had packed up his clothes while he was supposed to be out of town on a interview for a band. Actually he had been off fucking Tanya. Either way she wasn't about to give him anything she had paid for so it really wasn't much that she had to pack up. On the way to his parents house, Bella hadstopped off at Seth and Jakes to pick up her little surprise. Taking one last glance around to make sure no one would see her. Bella jumped out of her truck and grabbed the suitcase along with the posted sized pictures of him and Tanya fucking against the wall in a dirty ally, another one of them in Bella's pool. By the time Bella had finished hammering down the pictures she was actually laughing so hard she was sure she would end up with wet pants.

As for Tanya's humiliation she had something just as funny in mind. See Tanya had no problem sleeping her way to the top, So far her acting career had gotten her no where so she was working as a secretary at the local hospital. Never one to let anything go that may be important later, every man that Tanya had been with had been taped or had his picture taken during the act just in case the pictures were needed later to get her something she wanted. Many of the men had no clue until Tanya felt she needed leverage for something. Now being friends with her, Bella was one of the few people that knew of the videos and pictures and exactly where they were kept. With the help of a hacker friend of Jakes, they were able to make a very nice slideshow out of Tanya's photo's and sent them to everyone of the people in Tanya's email mailing list.

He had come crying to Bella shortly after getting an irate phone call from his parents, stating he was drunk and it was an accident. Really she tripped and fell on hisdick? Yea I'm not an idiot. As for Tanya her excuse was that she was trying to save Bella from the "idiot that's draining her dry". Bella wasn't buying that shit either. As far as she was concerned both of them could just fuck off and leave her the hell alone, she didn't need them. She had Jasper and Alice who stood by her side. It was a little strained with Carlisle and Esme at first. They were both on Bella's side but Carlisle couldn't really disown his own cousin, as much as he hated what had been done to Bella, Tanya was still his family.He just couldn't take no for an answer and for months he begged and pleaded his case. Bella knew he didn't really miss her per say but the life he had when he lived with her. She wasn't about to budge it was time that Ben Cheney got up close and personal with the stubborn side of Bella Swan. With the help of Jake and Seth they managed to scare the shit out Ben bad enough for him to finally see he wasn't going to weasel his way back into Bella's life. For the first time in along time Bella felt happy. She was 25, rich and had a close nit group of friends and a solid family that adored her.

Six months later.

"Alice I swear to god if you set me up on one more blind date with out even bothering to ask me first I will murder your happy little ass!"

In all her infinite wisdom Alice had decided Bella needed to get back out there and meet her soul mate just as she had with Jasper. First there was Mike Newton who still lived at home with his parents and worked the cash register at his parents sporting good store. Now nothing is wrong with that, but the fact he still had a curfew and had to check in with his mother every hour yeah that date ended before it even got started

Next came Tyler Crowley, He was a personal trainer at the gym that Alice went to. He was a good looking guy if you enjoy bulging muscles everywhere I mean really it was rather creepy how he kept making his Pecs bounce all through the date trying to be sexy with all the boob jumping and eye brow wiggling. He spent the whole date talking about himself and how great he was and how lucky Bella was to be out with him. By the end of the night she was ready to poke her own eyes out just to get out of there.

Last but not least the date she had just came home from was her last straw. James Hunter was an average looking guy, He wasn't much taller then Bella and had beady little brown eyes with long dirty blonde hair. The date had actually started off nice. James was a divorce attorney so conversation was actually quite interesting. It wasn't until they left dinner and headed to a karaoke bar that things had gone down hill. It just so happened on this night the theme was long lost love. The rest of the evening James had spent literally crying on Bella's shoulder over his ex girlfriend Victoria who had left him for his best friend Laurent. The date ended with Bella putting a still sobbing James in the back of a cab and sending him on his way.

Alice huffed into the phone.. "Really Bella they weren't that bad."

"ALICE! No more! First it was a momma's boy, a meat head then you stick me with the hot mess snot boy? Am I really that pathetic that you think I cant do better then that?"

By this point Alice's little giggles had turn into outright snorting laughter. It was infectious and Bella couldn't help but join her little Pixie friend in laughter. Once the laughing duo had settled down Bella sighed..

"Sweetie, I know you are just looking out for me but this really has to stop."

"Bella I just want you to be happy. I know your one is out there somewhere but if your not looking how will he find you?"

"If its meant to be then we will find each other."

"Alright I will lay off… For now! But mark my words Isabella Marie Swan this isn't over! I'm just giving you a little calm down time before I find someone else!"

"Thank you Alice, I gotta hop off here and get some work done, I've been itching to get the sequel started to Immortal Kiss."

Alice squealed so loud that Bella had to move the phone away from her ears.

"Oh Bella! I'm so excited I've been waiting forever for you to get working on that!"

"Love you Ali, give Jazzy a hug for me!"

"Love you too babe!"

As Bella stared at the blinking cursor on her screen her mind was a complete blank. She really had wanted to get started on this book, yet her muse was no where to be found. Giving up for the time being Bella decided to check her email to pass some time.. Junk mail.. Junk mail .. Chain letter.. Email from Renee, probably trying to mooch money, Renee had been released early for good behavior.. Yea that was almost laughable, more like the prison system was overcrowded and no other options. It wasn't the first time Bella had heard from Renee. Shortly after Immortal Kiss was published her mother had all the sudden shown a large interest in Bella's life. Quickly deleting all those she came to an email from an address she didn't recognize. Shrugging her shoulders she opened the email.

To: Bookworm (at) mail (dot) com
From: Green-Eye-Devil (at) mail (dot) com
Date: February 23, 2011 9:38pm
Subject: Forgive me?

Angie, Love! Please don't be mad at me! I cant handle you being mad at me. You know you're my favorite girl. I only went out with her to get her off my back I swear! She was only after me for one thing anyways you should know that. I left as soon as it was over. You cant believe everything you hear, You know I prefer brunettes anyways. She's not worth getting upset over, it was a one time thing that will never happen again. I'm swearing off all women but you! Please talk to me.I love you - E

Bella just started dumbly at the screen for a few minutes before becoming irate! This asshole not only cheated but expected to apologize over an email for Christ's sake! Every since the whole Ben and Tanya thing Bella had a burning hate for cheaters! Deciding she needed an outlet she formed a reply.

To: Green-Eye-Devil (at) mail (dot) com
From: Bookworm (at) mail (dot) com
Date: February 23, 2011 10:02pm
Subject: Forgive me not

So let me get this straight not only are you a cheater, but you're a dumbass one at that? Well I guess both go hand in hand so I should not of been so surprised. I mean really what kind of jackass cheats then sends an email as an apology and manages to fuck it up and send the email to the wrong person? That's what you get for being a coward and not taking it like a man and doing this "I'm an idiot but you should love me anyways speech." Whoever Angie is I really feel sorry for her! I've been in her shoes before and its no fun.

Men like you make it hard to believe that love is real and out is it so hard to be faithful? I will never understand people that don't give a shit about who is going to get hurt just as long as they get off! I believe there is a special place in hell just meant for cheating shits like you!

Bella felt much better after clicking on the send button. After her little rant at the cheating asshole Bella felt lighter then she had since she had found out about Ben and Tanya. With her little adrenaline high from telling the cheating asshole off Bella decided to channel her inner angst on her new book. Anthony was going to leave Marie.

Rubbing her tired eyes Bella powered her cell phone back up and noticed the time. She couldn't believe it was almost three in the morning. She had really lost herself in the world of Anthony and Marie. Walking through the house shutting lights off and headed for her bedroom Bella checked her missed texts.

Seth: Just checking in little sis.. Haven't heard from you in a few days.

Jake: Baby Bell call your brother he's wigging out thinking you have gone emo on us! *smoochies*

Alice: OMFG girl! Jazzy just hired a new tattoo guy at the shop. He is fucking gorgeous. 6'3 of sex on a stick, brilliant green eyes and this crazy fuckhot bronze sex hair. No one compares to my Jazzy but he's damn near close!

Rolling her eyes Bella climbed into king sized bed before shooting off her replies.

Seth - chill out I'm fine, been working on a new book! Love you.

Jake - I'm not going emo don't get your panties in a bunch.

Alice - don't even think about trying to play pixie match maker again. I'm not interested. It was just earlier that you agreed to let me be!

After sending off her message to Alice, Bella stared at her ceiling for a few minutes giggling quietly to her self thinking about her chew out session with the cheating asshole.

With a content smile on her face Bella drifted off to sleep.

As soft sunlight streamed through the window Bella slowly began to stir, She had been dreaming about Anthony and Marie again. It wasn't uncommon for Bella to dream about the characters in her book while she was in her writing mode, it often was the inspiration of her dreams that led the way for her books. Itching to get back to writing Bella sat down at her computer deciding once again to check her email before getting sucked into the wonderful world of fiction. She was quite surprised to see a new email from the cheating asshole. It was odd, but Bella was anxious to see what he had to say. With eager little hands she clicked on the email.

To: Bookworm (at) mail (dot) com
From: Green-Eye-Devil (at) mail (dot) com
Date: February 24, 2011 10:36am
Subject: Oops

Dear Ms. Cheater-Hater

I'm rather sorry you were at the receiving end of my email. Apparently I am a dumbass and not for the reason you so nicely accused me of being one for. You see the email I was going for was Bookwurm not Bookworm so my apology for that.

Now back to this cheating asshole business, Its quite lovely to see people looking out for those wronged in love! It's really none of your business who the email was to and what it was actually about. It's a good thing I was rather amused with your email and I'm having a good day so I will fill you in on a little secret.

First off the email was not to a wronged girlfriend. Angie is actually my sister. She was irate with me for going on a date with a women who is known and actually quite proud of her reputation for being a gold digger. Said women has been driving me absolutely bat shit crazy for the last few months trying to get her hooks into me. After one too many polite no thank you's, I gave in and accepted to be her date to a charity event. I figured that was safe enough! It was just as horrible as I thought it would be. After spending all night fighting off her advances watching her get drunker and drunker. By the end of the night thankfully she had passed out and I was able to get her home and get the hell out of dodge.

Second off I'm sorry you have went through shit with an ex? I agree that cheaters make believing in love hard. I have been there with my bitch of an ex. After 2 years together I came home early to surprise her only to hear "Oh yea Aro fuck me harder baby!" screamed out across my apartment. I was stunned stupid for a minute and just stood in the doorway like a total idiot. It was the mortified scream of Jane (the girlfriend) that brought me out of my daze long enough to kick Aro's ass and send him packing with Jane right behind him.

After that I was set up on too many blind dates that I had to put my foot down telling Angie no more! If I am meant to find my other half then it will happen. Sorry for spilling my life on you there lol. I'm not even really sure why I did other then the fact I don't know you. It makes it easier to spill ones guys when they don't have to look someone in the eye.
Until next time Ms. Cheater-Hater


Bella just stared at her screen for a long time before she muttered..

"Well shit….."