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Bella and Edward sat in the cold, little sterile room waiting for the ultrasound tech to come in. It had been 2 weeks since she told Edward about the baby.

To say he was excited would have been putting it lightly. He had immediately grabbed her in a tight hug, then quickly let her go for fear he was going to "squish his baby."

Then her hard core tattoo man had cried, while telling her over, and over how much he loved her.

They had tried to get into the Doctor right away, but was told Bella needed to be at least 10 weeks before she could get in, and by her calculations at the time she was only 8 weeks along.

A knock on the door brought Bella out of memory lane.

"Hello Ms. Swan. I'll be doing your ultrasound this morning. Are you excited?" The tech asked with a gentle smile.

"Nervous, but excited."

"Alright by your calculations you are 10 weeks. We should be able to get a good look at your baby with a belly scan, if not we may have to switch to a trans-vaginal scan."

Bella gulped.

Edward eyes grew wide. "What is that?"

The tech snickered. While pulling what looked like a giant dildo from her cart, and a condom. "This is the trans-vaginal wand. Sometimes you are too early along, and the baby is too small to be seen with a normal ultrasound. So we insert this wand to get a closer look inside."

Edward paled.

Bella giggled at Edward's reaction, then quickly shut up when she realized this was no laughing matter, that shit was going to be shoved in her poor hoo-hoo!

"Alright go ahead and pull your shirt up, and push your pants down to your pubic bone."

Bella did as she was told, anxious to get a look at her baby.

"Let's take a look shall we?"

Bella and Edward watched with rapt attention as the tech squirted gel all over Bella's belly.

The tech was quite for sometime, while the parents in waiting grew somewhat worried by her silence. Neither could really make out much on the grainy little screen.

"Ah there we are. See?"

Bella and Edward had no idea what they were looking at, but nodded regardless.

"Alright, when you see the little flicker on the screen. That will be the babies heartbeat."

Bella teared up immediately.

Edward wasn't much better.

"You see the baby and the heartbeat?"

Bella looked over at Edward to see his reaction before the tech interrupted her.

"You see the baby and the heartbeat?"

Bella's head whipped around to look at the tech. "That is the same baby right?"

Edward patted Bella's arm and spoke as one might to a small child asking why they couldn't play in traffic.

She wanted to kick him.

"Of course it is Bella. Why would y…"

Edward was interrupted by the tech.

"No it's not."

Edward lost the condescending tone with a quickness. "What?" he squeaked out.

Bella turned a smug smile in Edward's direction. "Not so smart are you now Mr. know it all?"

Edward was too shocked to notice Bella's smug smile.

"Looks like you're having twins." The tech stated, then went right back to doing the scan.

Bella gaped at the woman… That's it? She had just rocked Bella's world six ways from Sunday and she just goes about the scan like all is well in the world?

"It looks like you were correct on your progress. The babies are due around August 14th. With twins it's normal to go earlier, so I wouldn't be surprised if you have them in July sometime."

Bella nodded mutely. Not exactly sure how to feel about twins. God! She wasn't sure she would be a good mother to one baby, let alone two at the same time!

All it took was one look at Edward's soft smile and see the genuine happiness on his face that let Bella know, no matter what they would be ok as long as they did it together.

Fifteen more minutes of clicking and measuring before the nurse took Bella back to an exam room for the dreaded pap.

Edward chose to wait in the car, he had already been traumatized enough just looking at the damn dildo wand of doom.

Bella sat nervously on the bed, tapping her foot. She hated being a woman sometimes, and this just happened to be one of those times. I mean really who enjoys having a stranger stick a "duck bill" torture device up your hoo-hoo and crank it open?

She was slightly startled when the exam room door opened, without someone knocking first. That's just rude! What if she was naked? It wasn't like the nurse wouldn't see her naked eventually, but still it was rude!

Bella was relieved to see a short slightly overweight older woman walk in.

"I see you're having twins! Congratulations."

Bella nodded. Still not quite sure how to react to the thought of 2 babies growing inside her.

"I'll make this quick and possible, I'm bringing in someone to watch over your pap. Would you feel more comfortable with a male or female supervisor?"

"Female." Bella muttered out. If she had her way, no one aside from Edward would be all up close and personal with her hoo-hoo. Alas it looked like she had no choice, so a female would have to do.

"Ok sweetheart, you just lay back and put your feet up in the stirrups. I'll be back in just a minute."

Was she for real? She wanted Bella to sit with her legs spread wide open, facing the door no less, and just wait?

Bella opted to sit on the bed and wait for them to come in before messing with the stirrups.

Ten minutes later Bella was just finishing up her exam. She looked towards the nurse just in time to see her pull the torture device out of her and send goop flying across the room. Bella watched on in shock as the goop landed directly on the supervisors pant leg.

If this wasn't happening to Bella should would have found the horrified look on the supervisors face hilarious. As it was… It was her, so she was equally horrified when the supervisors first reaction was to reach down and try to wipe the stuff off her leg, before she seems to realize exactly what she was about to stick her hand in.

Bella was red as a tomato and wishing she was anywhere but sitting in this god awful paper gown with her legs wide open still…

After a few minutes of the nurse apologizing profusely and Bella avoiding eye contact she made her way to the car. Her embarrassment faded when she realized not only did she get to tell everyone she was going to be a mommy, but also she was having twins!

"You did what?" Bella seethed.

"I was excited baby." Edward replied sheepishly.

"That doesn't matter Edward! You could of just used your contacts! Not both of ours."

"I can't help it! I would hire a blimp with the news if you would let me."

Bella was not amused. Her happy mood was shot to shit when Edward informed her that while she was being abused by the nurse, he had sent a mass message to all his AND her phone contacts letting everyone know the news of the pregnancy and twins.

"You know what? I'm going to make the sex appointment for when you're working! Then I'm going to tell everyone what we are having before you know!"

"Come on Bella, that's not fair!"

Bella glared. "What's not fair is me not getting to tell anyone! Not even my own family."

The rest of the ride home was spent in tense silence. Bella understood his excitement… That didn't mean she had to like the fact she didn't get to share the news with anyone. He had even included Renee in the mass text! He hadn't done it on purpose, but it still freaked her the fuck out with Renee knowing she was pregnant. With her you never know what kind of reaction you are going to get.

Shaking out of her bad thoughts, Bella sighs. She couldn't stay mad at Edward, but that didn't mean she wouldn't milk it for all she was worth.

"I want some ice cream Edward."

Edward smiled, glad that Bella was speaking to him again. "Sure anything you want baby."

Bella giggled.

"I'll stop and get you some ice cream, but I think I want some KFC."

Bella rubbed her tummy fighting off the urge to vomit. "Please don't say that again." She mumbled quietly.

"Say what? You wanted ice cream, and I want KFC. What's offensive about that?"

Bella gagged, she couldn't tell him what to not say, because even thinking the words was making her have the urge to empty out her stomach.

Edward oblivious to Bella's dire situation continued on. "I'm really in the mood for some greasy chicken, ohh! Maybe one of those chicken bowl things."

Bella rolled down the window and stuck her head out. She was pretty sure right now she looked like a slobbering dog with drool coming down her chin and her hair whipping all over the place.

"What do you think Bella? You want KFC?"

Bella squeezed her eyes shut. "Pull over NOW!"

Edward finally stopped rambling about his greasy fried chicken to notice Bella was looking mighty green.

"You ok baby?"

Bella glared but remained silent.

Several dry heaves and a gag later:

"Ugh… Kill me now please." Bella whimpered.

Edward snickered. "Being a little dramatic don't ya think?"

"Excuse me! You try having 2 little life suckers inside of you causing your hormones to go spastic not to mention that every little smell makes me want to vomit!"

Edward decided to keep his mouth shut.

Once the nausea subsided Bella was feeling much better.

"I still want that ice cream."

Edward gaped. "You just spent 5 minutes puking, and you want ice cream?"

Bella shrugged. "I feel better, and I want some fucking ice cream."

Edward nodded. "Can I still stop and get my…"

"DON'T SAY IT!" Bella shouted.

Edward's brow furrowed in confusion, what wasn't he supposed to say? "What? All I was going to say was can I get my KFC?"

Bella gagged.

A little light bulb went off over Edward's head. "Does me saying KFC bother you?"

Bella gagged.

Edward grinned. "So I should refrain from saying K…F…C then?"

Bella gagged again, and turned slightly green.

"Baby? Remember when I had the stomach flu not too long ago and you called me a big whiney baby, and told me to stop acting like such a little bitch?"

Bella grimaced, she had been grouchy and didn't really mean it when she said it.

Edward snickered. "KFC, KFC, Oh how I love some KFC!"

Bella turned slightly toward Edward, then promptly threw up in his lap.

Later that evening as Edward tried in vain to get comfortable on the couch, he realized that maybe taunting a pregnant hormonal Bella wasn't the best idea he ever had.

His last conscious thought before he feel into a restless sleep? It's going to be a long fucking 9 months…

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