She knew she didn't need to breathe to survive but she always did it out of habit. And in that moment when she looked up at him and saw how intensely he was staring at her, he took her breath away. She pulled sheet up closer to her body, covering her bare skin and stared back. They both knew they weren't a forever kind of thing; their end was as inevitable as their bliss. His entire life consisted of hunting things like her, protecting the innocent and saving the world. She was one of the monsters that he despised with such passion, but in the moments when they gave in to the primal desire all of that faded away. When his hands ran over her she felt like a normal girl again. Less like a monster and more like someone who deserved having a man like Dean Winchester stare at her. She wished with all her un-beating heart that they had met before everything, that he could have felt her when her body was warm and she could have spent nights dreaming of the chocolate haired children they would have. But Caroline had learned a long time ago that wishes were useless. She began to leave but he reached for her, and pulled her back against him. Within minutes, none of that, not blood, or death or inevitability seemed to matter anymore.