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Chapter 11

The private place turned out to be an abandoned park that was rarely used. The paranoia of both groups turned out to be too much as neither of the groups wanted to be over heard. The walk to the park provided everyone a chance to silently think of how to explain things without revealing the boys to be the gundam pilots or to reveal the involvement in the mafia. The boys had to form a protective circle around the girls, just in case the four preventers would change their mind and take their revenge. "So Une-y darling, where's the adorable monster that you call a daughter? She seems to be missing in this group." Duo casually asked when the group had finally made it to the park. The question would hopefully ease the tension with the two groups and take Une's mind off of torturing Relena and Dorothy.

"She's with my parents. They took a shining to her, and would hopefully not corrupt her more than you five did by the time we get back. Now then, I think introductions are in order." Une spoke with seriousness and a commanding voice. "My name is Luce Une, I am the Head of the Preventers." It was going to be tricky dealing with the others, so instead she opted with saying, "these are my operatives, you'll have to forgive me because I want to keep their identities as anonymous as possible. We were not planning to go on a trip, but it would seem that Relena was very worried about her friends and she had to make sure that they were alright with their family." Une refrained from sending another glare at said girl and hoped that the adults would not start to asks things which she refused to answer.

Tsuna, seeing that this conversation needed to be dealt with a certain way, decided that he would be the one speaking for the rest of his family. He didn't want Une to get the wrong impression of them, or the right one and misunderstand them, and take away the kids that they spent a long time looking for. "That's quite all right. I understand that some things need to be kept private, and I also understand Ms. Peacecraft concern over her friends. I did not even know that our boys knew someone like her. I'm afraid that we haven't had a lot of room to talk about our more private lives and our pasts. We were trying to make them feel more at home here." Tsuna finished the sentence with a sincere smile that would make most people swoon, Relena and Dorothy resisted to let out a squeal.

Duo and Quatre were the ones in charge of their public speaking. Duo started out, "We met each other during the war. We didn't always stay together and chose to roam around in order not to get caught with what was going on." Duo chose to use his words well in order to hide exactly what they didn't wan to get caught with during the war.

Quatre then spoke next, figuring that he was going to have to explain the Maganacs. "When I was younger I met the Maganacs, and after a while the group turned to be very protective of me." He then gestured to the Maganacs that had protected them from the enemy attack. The teens decided not to mention the Vongola until after they were alone with their parents. "I'm afraid that they have also taken a shine to the rest of my friends after what we went through with the dangers of the war."

After the repeated mention of the war, the conversation started to get more tense. All groups were stuck in a conversation where if the wrong words were chosen, then a disaster could occur. The Vongola could not go into specifics; they didn't feel the need to be arrested at that time because they were a mafia family. They wished to express the dangers of what had occurred earlier to their children, but they preferred to do so in their own home, with less chance of someone from law enforcement listening in on them. Tsuna had a feeling that the training that he hope to avoid was going to happen quite soon. The preventers couldn't go into much detail without putting the boys in a tight position. They had yet to come up with a way of getting the boys emancipated and into the jobs they were so used to. And the teens were curious of what was happening, but preferred to find out about it in private, with their own research if necessary. If they deemed anything important that needed to be told to preventers, they would probably e-mail the information on a problem that they could not handle themselves. Quatre had yet to speak his last name, and wasn't planning to anytime soon. He wanted the other boys to have a safe haven to turn to without having to worry about their parents finding them. Any tracking device that they had on them was already detected and ready to be destroyed the moment that it was needed.

After a few moments of silence, Duo decided to take action once again. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired after all the excitement of this morning. I'm pretty sure that these lovely ladies are just as tired as I am. Why don't we call it a day and meet with each other again after everyone gets some rest?" Duo put his arms around Relena and Dorothy as he spoke and finished the question with a large catty smile. He looked at the adults around him. The hidden messages were clear, to the preventers and Maganacs, the message of calling them if there was a reason to, and to the vongola it was the message that they would have a long talk about what happened earlier without any outside family interference.

Tsuna agreed to the demand. "That sounds good. I'm sure it's been a tiring morning for all of you. We'll go back home and if you guys are up to it, we might come back and visit your friends here on the city. We might also do some shopping for clothes and other things while we're at it." The last part was mumbled as he wondered what the teens might need to buy in order to feel a bit more at ease.

"Agreed. The ride here was a bit long, and I do have a daughter to look for. You guys have Dorothy's and Relena's numbers so that you could make plans for this evening or for tomorrow." Une spoke in a clipped voice. She didn't like the plan, but she knew that it couldn't get any better without compromising things.