LG Fic: A Matter of Control

Rating: MATURE

Note: Well, Jade (my Lost Girl Mistress, as I've started to call her) has somehow expertly maneuvered me into writing her a multi-chapter Bo/Lauren fic. Which, it turns out, started with An Interesting Evening. This picks up the morning after An Electric Night, so you might want to go back and read those other two bits before you start this one.

Disclaimer: I still don't own them. *sigh*

Mistress' Note: Yes you all can thank me for getting Mel hooked on Lost Girl and convincing her to write a multi-chapter fic for it. *cough* Two multi-chapter fics actually. :D I'm that good. I'd also like to mention that this wasn't my first choice for a title. But Mel wasn't entirely convinced by my other suggestions, 'Doccubus Gone Wild' and 'Dawn of the Zombie Hookers', so 'A Matter of Control' it is. Anyway, enjoy, but remember to review. I have a faesar and I sorta know how to use it. :)






Kenzi reached out and stopped Bo just before the pair walked into Lauren's lab. She hiked a brow at the succubus as she waited for the few lab techs that were passing by to get out of earshot before she asked, "You're sure you want to do this?"

Bo looked around at the sterile while hall that was bathed in the prototypical utilitarian fluorescent lighting found in all large buildings such as this and nodded. "Yeah. I do," she answered quietly. If she was being honest with herself, she wasn't sure there was anything she'd ever wanted more.

"You're sure?" Kenzi pressed, her keen, perceptive gaze focused on her friend. Bo certainly looked serious. "Because, you know, I would hate to actually have to use this thing on you two," she waved the taser she was holding indicatively.

"Not Lauren," Bo corrected as she stared her quirky roommate down.

Kenzi rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Of course. That's what I meant."

Bo studied her friend for a moment. "I really want this to work, Kenz. Please don't shoot Lauren. The taser is for me. Not her."

Kenzi stifled a giggle because, really, who has conversations like this? Taser me, not the girl I'm kissing. "Okay, fine," she relented. "Geez. Where did you get this one anyways?" she asked as she turned the device over in her hands. "It's pretty fancy."

"Borrowed it from Dyson." Bo smirked. "And don't touch that button," she snapped as Kenzi's thumb traveled perilously close to the 'special feature' button she'd been shown earlier. Most tasers were simple point and shoot models designed for ease of use. This particular gun, however, was a little more complex because it had two settings – the trigger was for taking down humans, and the button on the side of the grip would shoot an extra set of prongs to take down rebellious Fae. "I just need to get it back to Hale by the end of the day before he notices that it's gone."

"I see," Kenzi laughed. "Alright my sexy succubus, go find your girl and explain the situation. If she's cool with it all, I can handle watching a little girl-on-girl action to keep you two safe."

Bo smiled. "You're awesome, Kenzi. You know that?"

"Yeah, I do." Kenzi grinned. "Now, go. I got things to do today that don't involve lesbian make-out sessions."

Bo shook her head and smiled as she turned to the swinging doors to Lauren's lab. "Fine. Wait here. And, for god's sake, don't shoot anybody."


Lauren slipped a new slide under the lens of her microscope and leaned in to have a look. She smiled victoriously to herself as she noticed the marked decrease in enzymes that had occurred over the last eighteen hours. Her experiment to find a way to reverse the effects of an Ababia bite was, by what she was seeing here, successful. She nodded as she turned from the microscope to write her observations down on her clipboard, the Ash would be pleased to hear that she'd found a an antidote to the crippling venom of the vicious eel that was attacking normally peaceful Merfolk along the north coast of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. Not that the Ababia was really completely at fault. Ababia were commonly known to be a notoriously protective class of Fae, and the Merfolk had been relocated to her lake due to the pollution of their own, so the fact that this one went on the offensive to protect what she viewed as 'her lake' was understandable. Poisonous and potentially deadly, but understandable.

Lauren was so engrossed in her work, in fact, that she failed to notice that she was no longer alone in her lab until a tentative hand landed lightly on her shoulder causing her to jump and squeak somewhat inappropriately in surprise.

"Sorry," Bo apologized, unable to keep herself from smiling. Lauren was just too adorable when she was flustered.

Lauren blushed as she took a deep breath and smiled at the brunette. "It's okay," she replied somewhat breathlessly, waving her left hand dismissively. "It's my fault. I didn't hear you come in. Are you okay?" she asked, the question bringing to mind the beginning of her dream from the night before. "I mean," she stumbled as her body physically reacted to just the memory of the dream, awakening her libido and making her think very inappropriate thoughts about the woman standing in front of her. "Is everything okay?"

Bo's eyes darted over Lauren's face as the blonde became more and more agitated, immediately taking in the woman's dilated pupils, flushed cheeks and increased heartbeat. The fact that the doctor's sexual desire had jumped from zero to twenty (on a scale of one-to-ten) in a fraction of a second also did not escape her attention, but after their encounter the night before at the bar she didn't have the heart to ask Lauren about it. "Everything's fine," she assured Lauren even as she fought to reign in her own reaction to the blonde's heightened desire.

"Okay, good," Lauren nodded as she drew a long, slow breath in and held it for a moment to calm her racing heart. When she blew the air out just as slowly she was relieved to note that she could feel herself calming down. "So," she hiked a brow and tried her best to appear cool and unaffected, "what can I do for you?"

"Well," Bo murmured, suddenly unsure of whether or not her bright idea really was such a bright idea. She took a deep breath and looked into Lauren's eyes, "I've been thinking about you, and that kiss, a lot, actually," she blushed. "And I… well… I want… I mean… I was wondering if you would help me learn to control myself so I don't...," her voice trailed off as she refused to utter those final two words.

Lauren stared. "You want me to help you learn control?" she asked softly.

Bo nodded as she reached out to cradle the blonde's face in her palm. She gently brushed the pad of her thumb over Lauren's cheek as she stared into the blonde's eyes. "I want you," she whispered, pausing for a moment as she watched Lauren's desire spike once more and had to fight to control her own in response. "But, before that happens I need to trust myself as much as you say you trust me, so… I was hoping we could, you know, maybe work on that together?"

Lauren licked her lips as she studied Bo. "What do you have in mind?" she asked.

Bo smiled her most charming smile. "Yeah, you see… about that."

"Do I want to know?" Lauren asked, studying the woman before her carefully. She was getting concerned by the brunette's hesitancy to just say whatever it was that was on her mind.

"I ah… um, yeah… you see, I want Kenzi to watch us… this first time," Bo stuttered.

Lauren drew a deep breath and closed her eyes. Out of every possible sentence she imagined coming from the succubus' mouth, that one was certainly not on the list. "Do you honestly think that we need a chaperone to try this?" she asked as she reached up to massage the back of her neck.

Bo bit her lip and nodded. "Just in case I need somebody to step in and stop me from hurting you."

Lauren shook her head slowly from side to side as she processed what was being said. "How is Kenzi going to be able to stop you?"

"I gave her a taser. If things look like they're getting out of control she'll be able to make me stop."

Lauren pondered the situation for a moment before she nodded. While she wasn't necessarily pleased with the idea of Kenzi watching, she was touched that Bo cared so much for her safety. "Okay. Sounds like a plan, then. When do you want to try it?"

Bo licked her lips and answered, "Well, actually… Kenzi's in the hall right now. You know, if you're not busy."

Lauren paused for a moment, surprised by the fact that the quirky girl was actually standing right outside her lab. But the hopeful look lighting Bo's face was enough to spur her forward. "Go get her," she told the brunette, smiling as the other woman looked up at her hopefully. "I'll just finish these notes and we can, um… get on with it."


Lauren laughed softly. "Really. Go get her. I'll be right here waiting for the both of you to come back."

Bo let out a small, victorious whoop and took off toward the double doors with a quick little skip in her step. It was only moments later that she was back, grinning like a little kid at Christmastime who had just opened the one present they had truly wanted more than anything else, with Kenzi on her heels.

"Kenzi," Lauren nodded at Bo's roommate.

"Hotpants," Kenzi replied, tilting her head in hello. "You're sure about this?"

Lauren eyed the gun in the smaller woman's hands speculatively. "You know how to work that thing?"

"Pretty sure," Kenzi nodded.

"Okay," Lauren turned to Bo as she waved a hand at the succubus' quirky friend. "That response does not inspire much confidence."

"How hard can it be?" Kenzi interrupted, sounding pissed that her ability was being questioned. "Point and shoot. Piece of cake. Just like my video game but, you know, real. And aiming at Bo instead of crazy zombie hookers. But, now that I think about it, the similarities are kinda…"

"Kenzi!" Bo interrupted Kenzi with a laugh before turning her attention to the suddenly (and rightfully) wary blonde beside her. "She'll be fine," she murmured, placing a reassuring hand on Lauren's shoulder. "Trust me."

Lauren gave Bo a look that clearly said 'I trust you, it's her I'm not so sure about' but nodded anyways. "Okay. Fine."


Lauren nodded and licked her lips as she looked from Bo to Kenzi. "Can she back up a little bit? I'm not used to having an audience."

"No problemo," Kenzi piped up. "Don't really want to see Bo sticking her tongue down your throat anyways. You two get your Doccubus thing on and I'll be over here," she hiked a thumb over her shoulder. "Out of the way but close enough to put a stop to things if you two get out of control," she said, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Bo rolled her eyes at her roommate. "Could you please try and behave? It's not like this isn't a weird enough situation to start out with."

"Tell me about it," Kenzi drawled as she tapped the barrel of the gun on her leg. "Sorry. I promise I'll be on my best behavior."

"Thank you," Bo sighed.

"Not a problem. So, what are you waiting for? Got get her, tiger," she winked.

"Oh God," Lauren groaned.

Bo just laughed and reached up to cradle Lauren's face between her hands. She smiled as she watched the blonde's eyelids flutter closed at her touch. That sign of trust, pure and unadulterated trust, was absolutely breathtaking. "You are so beautiful," she murmured as she leaned in and gently, chastely brushed her lips against Lauren's before pulling back and studying the woman before her.

Lauren opened her eyes and smiled at Bo, reaching up to wrap her hands around the brunette's wrists as she tilted her head invitingly. "Kiss me," she husked softly, rubbing the pads of her thumbs against Bo's inner wrists.

Bo licked her lips and leaned in to capture Lauren's lips in another kiss, this one deeper, more open and hungry as the two women gave-in to their desires. Lips parted under lips and tongues languidly explored each other's taste and texture, the kiss growing hotter and much, much more intimate with every passing breath, with every racing heartbeat.

Lauren moaned as her body reacted to the succubus' gentle caress and, needing to feel more, she dropped her hands to Bo's waist, gripping the brunette's jacket and drawing her in closer until they were pressed up against each other. She smiled into the kiss as she heard Bo groan softly as their hips collided and she was helpless to keep from whimpering as Bo pulled back just far enough to nip playfully at her lower lip, capturing it between dull teeth and tugging gently at it, before reclaiming her mouth with a barely controlled ferocity. She whimpered as Bo's hands slipped down her sides to grab her ass and pull her in even tighter, and she moaned wantonly as she felt Bo's hands begin kneading and massaging her in time with their deep, deliberate kisses that left her feeling lightheaded, weak-kneed, and absolutely desperate for more.

They fell into an endless string of hot, wet, hungry kisses and became so lost in each other that they forgot that they weren't alone, that they forgot everything except for the other. They fell deeper into each other's spell with every kiss and neither of them noticed Kenzi hopping around the lab like she was a secret agent in a bad spy movie, ducking around tables and aiming her gun whilst making soft pow pow noises as she 'shot' the bad guys. They were so lost in their kiss, in fact, that they didn't hear Kenzi's semi-panicked "Oh shit!" that squeaked through the lab before they were both brought down by the Fae setting of the taser.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" Kenzi chanted as she hopped in place, unsure of what to do to stop Bo and Lauren from twitching so violently against the sterile linoleum floor. She fiddled with the gun in her hands, pressing buttons and slapping it against her palm until whatever it was that she did worked and Bo and Lauren stopped twitching. "Ohmygod I'm so, so sorry," she muttered as she took a few hesitant steps forward until she was standing over the now unmoving women.

"Damn," she muttered, shaking her head as she knelt down beside Lauren and gingerly pulled the errant barb from the blonde's ass. "Of all the freaking luck, I have to hit both of them," she shook her head. Lauren, who had been knocked unconscious by the Fae sized mega-jolt, didn't react, but Kenzi visibly winced as the prong seemed to tear at the blonde's skin as she removed it. "I totally owe you a beer for this one Hotpants," she muttered as she finally worked it free of Lauren's slacks and dropped the barb to the floor.

"What about me?" Bo groaned as she stretched out on the floor. Her body was still pulsing from the electrical charge that had knocked her down and she didn't trust herself to stand.

"Well, technically I was supposed to shoot you – remember?" Kenzi offered hopefully as she watched Bo reach across her body with a shaky hand to pull the prong from the back of her other hand.

Bo hissed as it tore at her skin and dropped it to the floor as she looked up at her roommate with a look of absolute disbelief on her face. "Technically you were only supposed to shoot me if things got out of control," Bo corrected her as she pushed herself to a sitting position up. "We were just kissing."

"Yeah," Kenzi nodded. "Um… sorry?"

"Why isn't Lauren waking up?" Bo asked with a concerned frown furrowing her brow as she focused on the woman she had been kissing.

Kenzi ran a hand through her hair and shrugged. "I um, think she got the Faesar part of your specially modified taser."

"God," Bo groaned as she pushed herself up onto one knee. "My head feels like it's going to explode. Why did you shoot, anyways? Everything was under control – hell, I hadn't even tried to feed yet. What were you doing, getting your inner Bond on?"

"Please," Kenzi scoffed, waving a hand dismissively. "Like I would do something like that." She tried to hold firm, but buckled under the succubus' stare. "Okay, fine. So maybe I was allegedly playing super-secret-super-spy and the gun accidentally went off."

"Allegedly?" Bo asked.

"Ohhhh," Lauren moaned.

"Saved by the blonde," Kenzi muttered.

Bo looked down at Lauren and shook her head. "Just… go, Kenz. I'll see you at home. I need to take care of Lauren."

Kenzi nodded and backed away as she watched Bo scoot closer to Lauren and reach out to pull the woman onto her lap so she could hold her. "Tell her it was an accident?"

"I'll tell her," Bo replied as she tightened her hold on Lauren. "Don't know if she'll believe me or not," she murmured as she ran a soft, loving hand over the doctor's brow, smoothing away errant strands of hair and giving herself a better view of the blonde's fluttering eyes.

"Maybe I'll buy her some tequila shots instead?" Kenzi offered.

Bo sighed and dipped her head to press a gentle kiss to Lauren's forehead as the blonde moaned softly again. "You can try. You better get out of here before she comes around."

Kenzi bobbed her head. "Right. Sorry Bo, really. It was an accident."

Bo nodded. "I know Kenzi. I'll see you later," she dismissed her friend without even bothering to look up from Lauren's face as she watched the woman in her arms slowly come around.

Kenzi had barely left the lab when Lauren's eyes finally opened. "Hey," Bo smiled, a small sigh of relief escaping her as she saw that Lauren really was going to be okay.

"Hey," Lauren rasped. "What happened?"

Bo paused for a moment to give the blonde time to come around a little bit more. "Kenzi accidentally shot us," she explained, holding up her wounded hand as evidence.

"Ow," Lauren mumbled as she reached back to massage her wounded glutei. "She shot me in the ass?" For some reason she wasn't particularly surprised by the fact that that was where the younger woman had shot her.

Bo nodded. "Want me to kiss it all better?" she offered, trying to lighten the mood.

Lauren blushed and hid her face in the crook of Bo's neck. "God, you have no idea," she mumbled into the brunette's collar.

"I'm sorry," Bo apologized automatically.

"For what?"

Bo bounced her head from side to side as she sifted through all of the things she was sorry about. Not being able to just be with Lauren, putting the blonde into this situation where they were making-out under a chaperone's supervision, getting her shot with a Fae-sized taser jolt, not being able to kiss it all better… "Everything," she finally answered.

Lauren, who had been watching the brunette's thoughts flash through her eyes, smiled and lifted her lips to press a soft kiss to the point of Bo's chin. "It's okay," she murmured reassuringly.

Bo sighed and dipped her head down to capture Lauren's soft lips in a slow, sensual kiss. "I'm still sorry," she murmured against Lauren's lips before she placed one last chaste kiss upon them.

Lauren sighed and nestled her face back in the crook of Bo's neck, wrapping her arms around the succubus and cuddling in closer. "Just promise me one thing."


Lauren smiled and pressed a soft kiss to Bo's pulse point. "Next time can we try this without Kenzi acting as a chaperone?"

Bo laughed and nodded as she turned to press a kiss to Lauren's forehead. "I think that sounds like an excellent idea," she conceded, her heart taking flight with the knowledge that Lauren did want to try again and her stomach filling with dread at the idea of trying without somebody there to step in should she lose control.

Lauren, who'd noticed the way Bo's breathing had stopped, intuitively knew what was going through the succubus' mind. "We'll be fine," she murmured, pressing another soft kiss to the column of Bo's throat. "We'll start slow, and take as much time as we need. No rush, okay?"

"Okay," Bo agreed, not entirely sure that everything would be okay, but drawing hope from the blonde's surety. "Okay."