Warning: I do not own this story for it is from a game called Heroes of Might and Magic, on the other way, this will have a lot more scenes and will go way deeper than you'll find in the game. I hope you all enjoy!

The wedding

In the capital city of the human kingdom, a great event will happen for it is the wedding of Nicolai, king of the Griffin Empire and Isabel. Nicolai, a noble King with his golden armor, a cloak and sword, his face well lined at the age of 22, with deep brown eyes and blond hair comes to the front taking Isabel by his left hand. Isabel was a fair lady with a well lined body, dark eyes and hair. With everything ready, the priest starts the ceremony:

We are here today, to witness the marriage of our beloved son, Nicolai, King of our Holy Empire and Isabel.

Suddenly and before anyone could move, a large red archdevil with flames coming from his back, with a brutal armor suit and a large weapon appears suddenly inside the palace and attacks Nicolai. Panic installed and it was massive confusion, every single man and woman started running outside the palace, only Nicolai, Isabel and Godric remained inside. Nicolai immediately cast a spell around him with his sword and thrust it against the archdevil. The young King was very vigilant for he was a very skillful warrior, but he was also very concerned about the safety of his bride.

Take Isabel to safety! – shouts Nicolai to Godric who already was pulling Isabel outside the palace

- No…! – shouts Isabel.

Before she could finish, the archdevil Nicolai was fighting suddenly disappeared but luckly for Nicolai, Isabel still noticed the danger he could not see and she shouted:

- Behind you!

Nicolai turned back and went down just in time to avoid the strike of the creature, they fought until Nicolai was able to throw the archdevil out of the palace to the water grounds of the great castle finishing at last the creature.

Meanwhile, Isabel and Godric got outside the Palace.

- The city is under siege. – says Godric

- Nicolai is still there, we should do something! – shouts Isabel

- There is nothing we can do Isabel, this is war and you are not a warrior! – says Godric

- Perhaps I should be Godric…

And so Godric obeyed the order his King gave him and took Isabel out of the city and they were joined in the fields outside by Beatrice, the abbess that lived with Isabel for many years. Isabel, equipped with her suit of armor and her horse and Godric in the same way, they all start an argument in how to proceed in this war campaign.

- The young King is for the first time leading his army, forgive me to say but he might be too embarrassed to ask for help… - says Beatrice

- I was ordered to take Isabel to safety and young or not, Nicolai is the King and I owe him my loyalty. – says Godric

- Arrghh, there must be something we can do! Can't we ask our old allies for help? – shouts Isabel

- I shall take word of our request to the archmage Cyrus, I don't know if we'll succeed but we have to do something about the Demon invasion and I must admit the help of the mages of the Silver Cities would be very good – says Godric

- Then we shall take word to the elves near? – asks Beatrice to Isabel

- No, you take word to the elves Beatrice, I feel way more comfortable in the field recruiting a militia and you have much more diplomatic skills to deal with the elves in order to convince them to fight side by side with us.

While this arguing was being taken, Agrael, the commander of the Demons in the battlefield was already starting to conjure a trap…