"You hit me once
I hit you back
You gave a kick
I gave a slap
You smashed a plate over my head
Then I set fire to our bed"

- Kiss With A Fist, Florence + the Machine

Summary: Wally tries to master a new skill as Artemis looks on, are they a step closer to making amends?

A target, he just had to hit a target. How hard could it be? OK so kind of hard, Roy had grown up with the Navajo and Ollie had been shipwrecked on an island and that just makes you good at this sort of stuff. If you ever needed to kill a wild boar or something, GA was your man. Basically, those in the Arrow family had years of practice and loads of money to buy nifty boxing glove trick arrows. And he? Well, he had sophomore Phys Ed to fall back on and some harebrained scheme to mend fences or was it bridges? Wally West stood at the top of a shooting range, in his hands a borrowed bow; Red Arrow had laughed when he'd asked the slightly older red head if he could try. Of course if Roy had known this was all to impress a girl he might have understood, well, that all depended on the girl. And since when was he trying to impress? Wally frowned to himself before glancing over his shoulder to reassure himself that he was in fact alone. Robin was sneaky like that. Making sure the worn, battered arm-guard Roy had also lent him was firmly in place Wally raised the bow and pulled, wincing slightly he forced the string further back; no wonder Roy had such good shoulders. Shaking his thoughts Wally's eyes locked on to the target in front of him, steadying himself he let the arrow fly. To his surprise the arrow was cutting through the air with incredible speed, well it had nothing on Wally but it was something. However, Kid Flash's elation was short lived, instead of continuing straight and true, the arrow began to fall; landing several feet in front of the target the arrowhead embedded in the ground. Placing the bow on the floor Wally zoomed towards the fallen arrow, picking it up he twirled the shaft in-between his fingers marvelling at its balance and the striking red feathers Roy had chosen for fletching. Turning on the balls of his feet Wally headed back to the top of the range, his eyes widened slightly as he saw that he was not alone. He would have given his right arm for it to have been Robin and not her. Artemis was casually leaning against the wall, her eyes narrowed and her arms crossed.

"How long have you been standing there?" Wally asked, trying to judge how much damage control he had to do.

"Long enough..." Artemis spoke slowly, her arms gradually uncrossing and falling to her side.

"I was just messing around..." Wally scratched the back of his neck, bashful. "Besides, like I need to learn how to use a bow. I'm the Fastest Boy Alive." Wally proclaimed, running towards the blonde he dropped the arrow carelessly back into the quiver.

"And what, that makes you better than me? Because you're a ..." Artemis stopped, her mouth shutting abruptly. Breathing through her nose she gave Wally a hard look, the words were fighting to break through but apparently the blonde had wanted to get off on a better foot. "You let the arrow go too quickly..."

"What?" momentarily thrown, Wally showed a brief moment of sincerity in front of the archer.

"Yeah..." Artemis coughed, her cheeks taking on a pink tinge. Wally couldn't help but admire the flush of her skin or the way her eyes seemed to dance. "I can help you? I mean I don't have to... just an idea"

And before he knew it Wally's mouth opened. "I wanted to know what it would be like... if I could do it." His hands thrust firmly into his pockets Wally just about managed to make eye contact with his teammate.

"Why?" Artemis question as she notched an arrow, preparing to fire.

"Because you're like Robin, you rely on the skills that you've learnt. I just run, it might be at superspeed but I got that because I recreated an accident involving lighting and a load of chemicals. Kind of stupid of me, really." Wally paused, "What I'm trying to say is that I don't think I could do it, what you do."

Artemis smiled wanly just as the arrow landed with a thud in the bull's eye.

"And here I was thinking you thought you were better than me..."

"No!" Wally quickly exclaimed, "Its just that Roy's been my buddy for a while now, us second generation guys stick together you know? And well... I'm a little precious about the team."

"I'm not going to mess up if that's what you're worried about!" Artemis' tone became defensive once more.

"What? When did I say that?" Wally took a breath, "I'm trying to be nice to you here..."

"And I'm messing it up," Artemis whispered.

Wally chose to ignore her comment, "well I don't know about you but I'm hungry, wanna go grab a burger?"

"Sure..." the archer smiled. Taking a few steps towards the main complex she glanced over her shoulder, Wally quickly fell into step. "You're always hungry."

"Metabolism thing!" Wally defended good-humouredly. "Keeps me looking trim for the ladies..."

Artemis rolled her eyes - one step at a time it seemed.

A/N: So instead of updating another Wally/Flash fic I have I write this. I know Wally and Linda Park are major endgame but seeing as she's his lightning rod maybe he's allowed a spitfire too. So I hope you guys liked this and let me know what you think!