Summary: It's the end of Young Justice.

"You must remember this

A kiss is still a kiss

A sigh is still just a sigh

The fundamental things apply

As time goes by"

- As Time Goes By, Frank Sinatra

The six of them stood on a rooftop, the apartments surrounding the old department store were full of life and noise. But these six stood in a silence befitting the occasion. It was the end of days.

They were older now, stronger and perhaps wiser. A bond between them had been forged in the heat of battle and the sweet relief of peace. But now this bond was to face it's greatest hardship. To be tested beyond anything it had endured before. Fallen heroes, Earth shattering destroyers and the bittersweet trials of love; Young Justice had been tested and emerged victors.

"So that's it then?" Wally spoke up, dejected.

"You out of all of us needs this," Kaldur replied, his hand coming to rest on the speedster's shoulder.

Wally laughed humourlessly, "Seriously? I need you guys... this is like if you told me that I couldn't run anymore."

"Wally," a soft voice spoke out.

The red head quickly turned to face the speaker. Artemis Crock had matured, now in possession of a regal beauty; something that Diana insisted was a gift from her namesake. The blonde smiled wanly at Wally's acknowledgement, her heart swelling in her chest as she felt a wave of emotions hit her.

"You're headed for big things. The goddamn Justice League gave you an invitation to join them, you can't keep looking back – you have to move forward."

"Without you," Wally shot back.

Artemis' forehead creased into a frown. "I'm not League material, but Dinah mentioned something about a clock tower and Huntress."

"You'll have to clear that with Batman," the teasing voice of Dick Grayson commented.

"Clear it with him?" The archer quirked her eyebrow.

"Hey, Gotham's his city – any vigilante group wanting to operate out of there has gotta pay their respects." Dick grinned, his eyes undoubtedly dancing behind his stylised domino mask.

"You make him sound like a mob boss..." the blonde smiled faintly at the irony.

"You tell that to his face," Grayson dared.

"I would not do that Artemis," Megan interjected. "Batman's still a little scary."

"So you don't want to come to Gotham with me then?" the archer questioned good-humouredly.

"No, I'm still keeping an eye on Starfire, my uncle seemed to think that I would be best placed to do so." Miss Martian shrugged, "She's a little exuberant."

"This coming from you?" Artemis taunted.

Miss Martian merely glared; she was getting good at it.

"So is this really the end?" came Conner's abrupt tones.

"Yes," Kaldur affirmed. Turning towards Dick he added, "Maybe this should be coming from you?"

Dick looked up, his shoulders hunched. "Maybe... Young Justice has had its run; we're not the same kids we started out as. We're not even kids anymore. We did a lot of good but maybe we're ready for something different. This is Graduation Day guys."

Both Megan and Conner nodded, but it proved to be all too much for the Martian. Pulling the assembled group together she had them in a heaving mass of limbs. As various shoulders were squeezed and foreheads bumped Young Justice said their good byes.

Miss Martian and Superboy were first to leave, both floating up into the air as the full moon behind them hung eerily in the black sky, a beautiful reminder that there was something out there. Kaldur was next, one last nod and he was away, Atlantis was waiting for it's long lost son. In turn Dick gave a mock salute before diving off the side of the building, a d-cel jumpline growing taught and breaking his fall before allowing him to swing through the air.

And then there were two.

"S'long then," Wally whispered anxiously.

Artemis nodded her head, her eyes full of unshed tears. "We'll always have Paris?"

The speedster gave her a tight smile, "Right..."

"You're supposed to say: Here's looking at you kid." Artemis gave a shuddering laugh, tears dampening her lips.

"I've never seen the movie," Wally confessed.

"Classic," Artemis nodded emphatically.

"They don't get together do they," the speedster hedged.

The archer shook her head ruefully.

"But this isn't a movie," the red head said firmly. Reaching out he grabbed the blonde by her arm. Pulling Artemis towards him kissed her. It was straightforward and to the point. Wrapping his arms around her waist the two stood from a moment, moonlight bathing them in soft light.

"We never discussed us Artie. We just assumed that it would be over," Wally whispered softly against Artemis' cheek. Her warm tears leaving a salty taste in his mouth as he gently stroked her hair.

"I might hold you back," the archer muttered weakly.

"I can't do it without you," came Wally's simple answer.

Artemis smiled, before crushing the speedster's lips against hers once more. Her emotions were close to bubbling over and she was afraid to let go but she had him. Pulling back ever so slightly Wally gave her an earnest look.

"I can't promise you forever. But I'm the Fastest Man Alive, we can always have Paris."

A/N: Ok guys! I'm sorry this has been neglected but I was working on my other Wally/Artemis fic and well a proper storyline took precedent. I think this fic has had it's run. But maybe with this ending it's hopeful enough and leaves a giant question mark hanging in the air for what's next. Thanks to all of you who have continually reviewed and those who have read. It's appreciated!