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Chapter 1

Will Shuester was grading papers in his office, rolling his eyes at some of the answers off his students. He'd never admit it, but there's one students in particular he always looks forward to grading, their name? Brittany . Now, this wasn't for some weird teacher wants student way, it was purely for the fact that her answers are just so strange, it never fails to make him grin, and he's always tempted to mark it right just for the hell of it. His favourite answer this week was to the question: 'find the missing angle' Brittany had put "here it is" with an arrow pointing to a corner of a triangle. He almost hated himself for marking it wrong.

There was a knock on the door just before it opened, a tall brown haired boy came in. "Mr shuester?" he asked.

"Yes…I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me but I don't know your name?"

"Oh yeah, right sorry. My names Tyler, Tyler Baxter. I'm new here, and I heard about Glee club and I'd like to audition." Tyler replied.

"Really? That's great! And you're from England? That's awesome, we'd love for you to audition and I'm sure you'll get in…because everyone does." Will said somewhat awkwardly. "How about you come to the choir room tomorrow sixth period, and we'll hear you out?"

"Yeah that'd be great, Thanks." Tyler laughed out whilst heading out the door.

Tyler POV

Ok, first things first, how different is school here! Seriously I've been here 2 days and I've already seen a poor lad in a wheelchair get slush thrown at him…slush…at a guy in a wheelchair. That shit's just wrong. AND I've seen some sort of weird ass trend take over the girls and they all start looking like my grandma back in the day. But whatever. I've just talked to that weird haired teacher about joining Glee club, we don't have the back in the UK, well not where I'm from anyways, and getting to sing and cover some songs? Can't be too bad.

I ride my bike home, no not a motorbike; do you think I'm made of money? My BMX bike, yeah I know 16 and riding a BMX, but I really don't give one. When I get home I have an empty house for 5 or 6 hours until Sarah gets home. "Ty? Ty you home?" I heard.

"Yeah I'm up here. I'll be down in a minute!"

Walking downstairs I see Sarah struggling with some of those weird brown shopping bag things, why don't they have handles? "Hey, how was work?" I asked. Sarah turned round opened her mouth to talk, but as I took in her face, it made my heart drop. Her eyes had huge deep purple bags underneath them, her eyes looked like they had tears in, we'll just say she didn't look to good shall we?

"Sarah, you gotta sleep. Working this many hours cannot be good for you, cut down I'll get a job and help with the house. Just look after yourself. Please? I've lost the others, I can't lose you too." Yeah whatever, I'm a big softy really.

"Ty…I…I just don't want to let you down, you've been through so much these past few years, you need to have a chance to be a kid again. Anyways, how was school?"

"Not too bad, I joined the Footie team; it doesn't seem right people calling it soccer though! I joined Glee club too, for a laugh." Sarah's face lit up at this.

"Really? That's great! I love your singing voice, hopefully this means I'll hear it more now." I rolled my eyes at this.

"You will never guess what happened at work…"

The next day!

Walking down the corridor in the morning is possibly one of the dullest things in known to teenagers everywhere; for one thing it means 'No, you're not in your nice warm bed. You're at school learning crap that you're more than likely never gonna use again.' This in my opinion should be banned. Nuff said.

First lesson of the day is maths, I know awesome right? I get there late since once AGAIN I couldn't find the room. Opening the door I almost shit myself at the look at this teacher, I can't remember her name but she looks like a male version of the Andre the Giant. No exaggeration. To make it worse I can't stop looking at the mole on her top lip…it has a hair in it…just sitting there…staring at me. Nice.

"Sorry I'm late; I'm new and got lost." I muttered

"Name?" she almost shouted.

"Tyler Cruz, Miss."

"Sit at the back, next to ." Well that was short and sweet. I'm not sure but I'm gonna go ahead and guess that 'Mr chang' is the dude waving at me. Yeah, I'm gonna stick with that.

"Hey, dude. I'm Mike."

"Alright mate, I'm Tyler. Nice to meet ya."

The rest of the lesson went by pretty quick, Mikes an awesome dude and is in P.E with me next. We walk there together, him warning me of teachers I should be aware off. In the changing rooms we see some other guys there, who I'm assuming are the rest of the class.

"GUYS! This is Tyler, he's new here." Mike shouted…right in my eardrum.

A chorus of 'heys' went around. A tall guy, some prat with a Mohawk, and the dude I seen get owned by some slush in the wheelchair all came up to me…or two walked…one rolled.

"Hey Tyler, I'm Finn, nice to have you here. Dude I hope you don't mind me asking but I thought I was tall but you're like…taller?"

"Yeah, you're like Frankenteen 2.0. I'm Puck by the way. And this is Artie."

"Nice to meet you all and I'm 6"5."I replied, quite amused by this bunch.

We got out on the field, and it was like I've known these guys for years, they're pretty awesome.

"OK! Listen up, we're gonna play football today. But first I want two laps everybody. NOW"! I'm guessing that's coach bieste then.

We start running, I don't mind running. It gives me a chance to think without people talking away at me. I notice the girls cheerleading class at the far end off the field doing stretches. Now, I know this is pervy, but I'm a guy! What am I supposed to do? Ignore them? Pfffft like THAT'S gonna happen. So naturally I checked them out, and I'm telling you now, I've never seen so many pretty girls in the same place. EVER.

P.E runs smoothly, nothing exciting happen. Apart from the fact that I learnt that I can't play American football for crap. But no big loss. It's the end of the day and I'm starting to think I may like it here, but it's time for glee club, so that could quickly change.

Ok guys…What do ya think? I've never written anything before, but I had the urge too. I'd love for any type of feed back, good or bad. We'll learn more about Tyler, and his story. Which by the way is a good one. So I'll Put a OC Profile up as well. And Chapter 2 as soon as I'm done with it.