So, these are going to be a collection of one-shots (or drabbles, but they're a bit too long to be called that) which are all connected, in a way. They're going to be about the Warblers and I will focus more on the Warblers who already have canon names because I find it a little uncomfortable to make up names for them if they then later get canon names. But don't worry, it won't only focus on the ones with names, I will include the others. There will be some pairings, mainly Klaine and Jeff/Nick. If you have any other pairing suggestions, let me know.


Blaine sat on one of the sofas, rubbing his temples and waiting for the Warblers meeting to begin. Once it had begun, the next step was to wait for it to be over. Thad had called an emergency meeting and the Warblers were slowly gathering in the room.

It was the day after Rachel's party and Blaine had never been so hung-over before. He glanced at Kurt who seemed fine, after all he didn't drink much, and his eyes landed on Nick who was whispering something into Jeff's ear. They both then looked at Blaine and grinned. This couldn't mean anything good.

The three council members sat down loudly, or so thought Blaine. Wes banged his gavel and the room settled down.

David stood and said "Welcome to this emergency meeting." Blaine could swear he was speaking louder than he normally did and adding emphasis on every vowel. "We felt the need to practice a number, so if anyone has any suggestions, please share them."

Nick raised his hand "I think we should do a number on food." Blaine didn't know if he was just crazy or if everyone was yelling. He heard a few Warblers laugh.

"On what?" Thad called.


The laugher grew in the room and Blaine started feeling nauseous. He stared at Nick, who was trying to keep a poker face, but was failing due to Jeff, who's face was practically buried in Nick's thighs and his entire body was shaking from laughter. Nick's face was red, either from blushing or trying to hold back his laughter.

"I think we should also MAKE A LOT OF NOISE! And we should totally TURN ON EVERY SINGLE LIGHT IN THIS BUILDING!" Said Terry, the group's beat-boxer.

Blaine's stomach felt more upset now and his headache was getting worse, he was sure if this would continue, he would throw up. Oh, why did he have to drink so much? Blaine turned his eyes to David, pleading for him to stop this madness. David only smirked and stood up.


Wes stood up and started clapping and singing (more like shouting, Blaine thought) "Oatmeal! It's wet and flavor-y! It's so delicious! And very water-y!"

The other Warblers started to sing along, repeating those words over and over again, getting louder with each word. Finally, Blaine couldn't take it anymore. He clapped his hand over his mouth and ran out of the room, hoping he could make it to the bathroom before throwing up.

Things started to settle down after Blaine ran out. The Warblers who had stood up while "performing" sat down and David stood up.

"This, my fellow Warblers, is why you shouldn't drink irresponsibly."

David sat down and Thad piped up. "And this is also a great example to why Wes should just stick to singing, not song writing."

"Hey, I had to improvise on the spot!" Wes said, trying to defend himself.

"No offense, but my six year old sister could write a better song than you." Jeff pointed out.

"Kurt, however," David said "is a great example of responsible drinking. That is, if you did drink"

Kurt smiled a little. "I did, but like you say, I drank responsibly."

"Now, could you go check up on Blaine, to see if he actually made it to the bathroom?"

Kurt stood up and said "Gladly."