Red Riding Hood

Summary: The Wolf was coming. It would kill. She was the only one who could stop it. But Hinata Hyuga did not know what to do to stop it, until it starts talking to her. The big bad wolf wants her, and he will do anything to get her.

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Chapter 1

Hinata sighed, her legs hanging over the branch of her favorite oak tree. She watched as the girls ran around underneath, talking of boys and marriage. Hinata was quite annoyed with them. She had no friends, and she preferred to stay away from everyone. She was the weird girl of the village.

"Hey look, there's that Hyuga girl again," one of the blond haired girls whispered to the other.

"I think she's the wolf," the pinkie answered, staring at Hinata. Hinata shifted her lavender eyes to glare at the girls, before they gasped and ran away. She sighed, running her fingers through her midnight blue hair. Sure, she was the tomboy of the village, but she liked her hair long. And so did her family, if that's what you called them.

Her family was like a clan inside the village, which was quite normal. There were a few others, the Inuzuka, Abarame, Nara, and a few Uzamaki. None of them compared to the size of the Hyuga though. There was one, but it was wiped out. By the Wolf. The Uchiha clan. Known for their red eyed offspring, some of the toughest men in the village. Even the women were stronger than normal. There was one left, the other known Uchiha was a traitor. Most suspected he was the wolf. In fact Hinata knew he was, she had met him. He smelled wild, and looked feral. Hinata avoided him up until the murders, he was dangerous.

The younger brother wasn't much better, and she believed he may have been bitten by his brother Itachi, which would make Sasuke Uchiha a Wolf too. She had spoken her thoughts, but no one seemed to agree with her. The Uchiha boy was too adorable to be a Wolf, they had said. But most thought Itachi was the same way.

"Hinata, come down this instant!" Hinata snapped her head to the direction the sound came from, to see her angered father. She jumped out of the branch, falling five feet to the ground. At the last moment she twisted, landing gracefully on her feet like a cat. She looked around; making sure no one else saw her. If they did, she would be accused of being the Wolf. Again.

"Hinata come, your mother wants you," he said steering her into the direction of the Hyuga compound. Her father was the leader of the clan, but that didn't mean she didn't have to chores like anyone else. She arrived at their hut-a very large hut- and opened the wooden door. It creaked in protest as she walked inside. She closed it with force, alerting her mother of her arrival. She spotted her mother and sat down next to her at the table.

"As you know Hinata dear, tonight is the full moon. It's our Clan's month, and it's our turn. You have to prepare one of the goats, is that understood?" Her mother asked, looking down. She knew Hinata hated the job, but she had to do it. The oldest daughter always had to.

"Yes mother," Hinata answered stiffly. "Does it matter which one?" she continued, hoping it would be a no.

"No… just pick one of the meatier ones, we wouldn't want it to not have enough to eat," she said before shooing her daughter out the door. Hinata grumbled, before heading to the family's' barn. She skimmed the stalls for one of her least favorite goats before she spotted it. She named him Juden-ki, (Charger) because that was all he did to her. She sighed before entering his stall. She put the rope around his neck before leading him to the preparation stall. After tethering him there, she put as much food as she could fit in the pale. She dumped it in his trough; it was an extra they gave to the Wolf. A recently well fed plump goat, always a tasty treat. Hinata made a face at the thought before giving him some water. She then led him outside, where she tied him to the pole, which she called the Feeding Stick. She patted his head before leaving him there to be devoured by the Wolf. Tonight she decided she was going to watch the Wolf eating the goat. Tonight… she couldn't wait.


Hinata looked up at the moon; it was at its peak. The Wolf would come soon, very soon. She could barley control her excitement, but she did. The Wolf would smell her, and Hinata wasn't ready to die. Of course being around the Dog clan would have its benefits. But in truth, Hinata already knew most of this without them. She liked the wolves of the forest, they generally left everyone alone.

Hinata's head snapped up as she heard a branch snap. The Wolf had arrived. She knew immediately this was the wolf, it held a gaze that was neither animal nor human. It was a new look, with a demonic tint to it. The yellow pupil less orbs found her own eyes; she was found. Scrambling back in shock she ran to the house, daring to look behind herself to see if it was following her. The wolf itself wasn't, but its gaze was. It sent shivers through her spine, and they racketed through her body. She did not make it to the house; instead she fell to the ground, unconscious.

My, what big eyes you have.