TITLE: BROWNVERSE: The Heartless Men And Mystery



CATEGORY: Parody \ Humour \ Adventure \ Mystery

SPOILERS: Solely the "Brown Betty" episode.

WARNINGS: Do not archive without my knowledge. Written by a non-native English speaker. Not proof-read. Pardon me.

SUMMARY: SET ON THE BROWN BETTY UNIVERSE. After splitting his heart in two, Peter goes back to work with Dr. Bishop, in order to fix the damages he had done. Meanwhile, an unexpected client walks in Olivia Dunham's office, making her investigate once again the mysteries involving Peter Bishop's glass heart - only there is more behind Massive Dynamic than the detective can imagine.

DISCLAIMERS: Nope. Peter belongs to Olivia, and they both, along with their gang, belong to JJ Abrams, FOX and everything in between.

NOTES: I'm really nervous about starting this project. I've been mulling over this idea for quite a while, since I first watched "Brown Betty", and after months of reading fanfiction and not finding ONE that was set on the BB's Universe, I felt like I had no choice but to write my own story.

And besides, we don't actually know how the story really ends. What will the Watchers do? Will Nina Sharp let go of the glass heart so easily? How Walter plan to fix all the damage he has done? Detective Duhnam will keep up her work, partnered with Esther? Will Duhnam and Peter go out for a dance?

Those, my friends, are the questions I want to answer here. I have no idea how long this will take, or even how long this will get, but I'm up to the challenge. At moments like these is that we writers really need some comments, because I don't know if I'm doing this right. I'm always open to suggestions and all, so feel free to speak your mind.

As you guys can see, I'm still working on a title...

A cookie to anyone who spots another fandom in between the lines of this teaser (it ain't easy, only if you know the other fandom very well!)!


On a dark and dirty alley, a bald man wearing a fedora hat lurks.

The noise of muffled jazz tune infiltrates the quiet city night, and a red sign indicating BETTY BROWN'S BAR blinks on and off. A dog barks from a distance, and on the main street, not many cars pass by, for it's too late and this area of Boston is too dangerous and too unattractive to the night life. Even so, Betty Brown's Bar always has its costumers.

And some quite strange costumers.

At this very moment, a black limousine pulls over in front of Betty Brown's, a sight quite out of the ordinary, even for the bald man, so accustomed to the extraordinary. A short, red-haired woman comes out of the vehicle, her stern face showing that even though she is a woman, and even though she has clear age signs on her brow, she knows exactly what she wants – and she always get what she wants.

Her mobile telephone start ringing from inside her purse. She sighs, exasperated, while opening her purse and picking up the telephone. "What is it? I'm at Betty Brown's, and he is already inside", a beat, while the other person talks, "Look, this is not the time for this, I'm on my way to meet..." and she is silenced by the other person. "I'm sure we can talk them out of it, we did it before." another beat, this time, longer. "I know, and that is precisely why I'm here, remember? When I get back we can set up a meeting with Mr. Taurus and talk about our conditions. Now I have to go."

Nina Sharp hangs up, takes a deep breath and walks in the bar, to be swallowed by cigar smoke and jazz tunes.

Inside, she searches for someone. It is pretty crowded for the Betty Brown's standard, but Nina manages her way between drunk fellows and the wooden tables, until she reaches the far end of the bar, where only one person sits, away from the big crowd and the smoke.

"I'm sorry for the late hour, I had to make sure I lost my tail".

"It's ok." the man with grey hair says. "Please, have a seat."

Nina Sharp smiles and sits down next to him. "So, how's everything, Walter?"

Walter Bishop raises his head to her, and smiles. "Wonderful, my dear. Wonderful."

Outside the bar, the bald man observes Nina and Walter through the glass window, while they share a friendly hug and she orders a drink for herself.

He turns around and disappears on the shadows of the alley.