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She couldn't help but feel a little jealous of Fleur.

It wasn't the fact that she was stunningly beautiful (though that didn't help improve her likening towards her) what with her cloud of silver hair (she would be blonde, wouldn't she?) and tiny waist (in fact, she was certain she could probably close her hand around it), or the fact that she was a little on the famous side (though that didn't make her any more fond of her either). Ginny Weasley was jealous of her because she was supposed to be the only important girl in her big brother's life.

She had been used to being babied by Bill, both teased ruthlessly and protected from others who taunted. He had always talked to her the most (bar Charlie, but Charlie was a guy and so that didn't count) and bought her the most expensive birthday presents. Childish, really, but Bill had been her favourite brother for a long time.

And now Fleur was here, and Ginny felt that she should really warm to her; after all, she would be her sister-in-law soon (too soon for Ginny's liking). And she had tried, she had tried very hard to make jokes with Fleur and smile at her when she entered the room and strike jovial conversation over Quidditch and the Weird Sisters. But she couldn't help it. Nothing could stop her from hating Fleur.

Or perhaps hate was a strong word. "She disliked Fleur" might have been a better way of phrasing it.

She felt so childish and silly for feeling about Fleur like this; the same way she had felt ridiculously immature when she couldn't even glance in Harry's direction without flushing a furious red. But she had controlled that; he had no idea now. Perhaps she could control her dislike; perhaps Fleur would view her as a friend.

Perhaps Bill would leave Fleur; perhaps he would come back and live in the Burrow...

Ginny snapped at herself for even letting the thought enter her head. If there was one thing Bill was at the moment, it was happy. And he wouldn't be happy if he left Fleur, if he was back at the Burrow with five of his six squabbling siblings. He wouldn't be right without her, not anymore.

And that was why she hated Fleur the most; because she was right for Bill. She was right, and now she was taking him away from their family. But she didn't even realise she was doing it. They were perfect for each other, they didn't need anybody else.

And for that, she couldn't help but feel a little jealous of Fleur.