Umbrella Memories

By: Witch Baby

A/N: I was originally just gonna leave it a one-shot, but I really wanted to put something from Kanou's perspective. I hope I didn't make it too OOC, but my vision of Kanou and Ayase for the future is one with Ayase a little more confident and Kanou a little more soft. I hope I made it work... Surprisingly, no smut again... YOUR VIRGIN EYES ARE SAFE!

"Ayase, whats this?"

The blond turned at the questioning tone of his lover, looking over at the small pile of bags and boxes tucked away into a corner of the living room. The younger male smiled. "Well, seeing as how you were, thankfully, otherwise preoccupied yesterday, I was finally allowed to get some cleaning done."

Kanou frowned to hide his smile at the blonds teasing tone. It was still amazing, the change he could see in Ayase. No longer the scared and weak youth he had first laid eyes on, what greeted him every morning was a confident and compelling young man. Yet, still just as caring and sweet, despite all the things that had happened between them. "I still say it wasn't my fault that I was so distracted the day before."

A blush instantly bloomed on the blonds face, and he turned quickly to hide it. Kanou smirked at his ability to still make his angel squirm like that, ever after four years. "W-well, regardless of that, I need you to go through all that and decide what you want to keep." Ayase instructed.

Kanou sighed. He really hated cleaning, finding the whole idea tedious and boring. Especially when he thought of so many other things he would rather be doing with his morning. Still, he could deny his precious nothing, and so begrudgingly began to sift through the pile.

"Junk...junk...junk..." he mumbled under his breath, shoving things away with hardly a look, too busy staring at his cute little blond. From this vantage point, he could see right into the kitchen, where Ayase was fixing lunch. It wouldn't be so bad, if he wasn't humming and shaking his sexy little ass to some tune Kanou didn't recognize playing on the kitchen radio. 'This is pure torture.' he thought, growling in frustration.

His hands then closed around something definitely not a book or paper. He looked down and, in a shock of recognition, forgot everything else. In his hands, was a small, light blue umbrella. His fingers brushed over the worn handle, tracing over the fading, delicate hand writing on the side. It had been forever since he last held this in his hands, thought about the time when his life had changed forever...

"Just fucking great..."

My Gods he could laugh right now if it wasn't so damn pitiful. Of course, it had to rain. On the shittiest day of all his 23 years of life, it had to fucking rain. His dad would be tickled to see him, if the bastard was there. His son, bleeding and beaten to a pulp in some alleyway. The asshole would probably just smirk and kick him while he was down.

Then again, Kanou had brought it upon himself. It had been pretty stupid to provoke that gang of punks while he was unarmed and alone. He'd just been so frustrated and angry, he needed someway to release the tension. Still, he'd held his own all right. It wasn't until they had run off like the scum they where that he realized that they had messed him up pretty bad.

He struggled to sit up a little better, and growled in pain. One, maybe two ribs where defiantly cracked, and his body felt like one giant bruise. Damn could he go for a cigarette right now.

His dark eyes closed, exhaustion and pain taking its toll. He knew it was a really bad idea to sleep, especially in this part of town and in the state he was in. But he was just so damn tired. He should probably call someone to pick him up, but the effort to lift his cell from his pocket just seemed too great at the moment. And knowing his luck no one would answer. No one cared where he was or what he did. No one would care if he didn't make it home. He could die, right now in this alley, and there would be no one in the world who would even cry.

With the pain he was feeling, he wouldn't be surprised if he was dieing. 'Perfect, just fucking perfect.' he thought bitterly, 'Take me now Angel of Death, I'm fucking waiting.'

Suddenly, the steady fall of rain that had been beating on his face ceased. Slowly opening his eyes, he looked up into the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Soft, gentle, with skin that seemed to glow in the weak light of the street lamps. "Excuse me. Are you all right?" the stranger asked.

"W-who... are you?" Kanou asked, dazed by this creature. An Angel, he had to be. He was to perfect to be human. And if this was indeed the Angel of Death, answering his prayers, he'd be willing to jump into the abyss in a heartbeat.

"My name is Yukiya Ayase. What is yours?"

He took a deep breath, scenting a sweet vanilla scent underneath the heavy smell of the rain. He closed his eyes again, letting it clear his head. When he opened them again, he made a careful observation of the male in front of him. Big plain jacket, a warm scarf wrapped around his neck, and a light blue umbrella in his hand, currently sheltering them both from the light rain.

No, not an Angel, a human. Fuck, he must be more out of it then he thought. "Doesn't matter..." he replied, resting his head against the wall. He was too tired for nosy people.

There was quiet for a moment, and for a second Kanou thought the younger male had left, until he heard the same soft voice say "My apartment is only a little ways away, I have a medical kit there. If you would like, I could bandage up your wounds."

Now that was worth a laugh, if it wouldn't put him in extreme agony from his cracked ribs. Even if he was gonna follow him, did that boy even stop to wonder why he was bleeding and stuck in an ally? He eyed the boy, searching for some type of ill intent. Maybe he recognized Kanou and thought to blackmail his father for money. "What do you want?"

The boy looked genuinely confused at his question. "Want? Nothing. You're hurt and it would be wrong of me to just leave you. And it's pouring outside, you could get sick and... and worse..."

Kanou gave him another once over. No, Ayase didn't seem the type for scheming. He looked really scared for Kanou even, and that touched something inside the older male. Even those he was close to, those that where supposed to care about him, didn't give a shit. Why would some weak, scared looking boy give a damn?

'He must be crazy to try to help me.' Kanou though with a smirk. "I could be some crazy person kid, are you sure you wanna invite me to your house? What would your parents think?"

The younger male's enticing blue eyes flashed with pain for the briefest of moments, and Kanou pushed aside the illogical urge to reach out a comforting hand. "I live alone," he said quietly. "And... if you were a bad person, you wouldn't warn me now, would you?"

Kanou guessed that was true enough, though it surprised him that Ayase lived by himself. He expected someone so naively trusting to come from one of those deliriously happy, cliched families. Like on TV, with a happily married mom and dad, and brothers and sisters that where close and never fought with one another.

"If you want to, how about it?" Ayase asked, extending his hand, "No one should be walking around alone tonight. Especially if they're hurting."

He stared at the offered hand, wondering how soft it would be. The long delicate fingers, the perfect pink fingernails. He wanted to touch that hand, he just knew it would be warm. "All right." he found himself saying without thinking, "I think I'd like that."

The walk to the apartment was a struggle, Kanou trying to remain upright and walking, without leaning too heavily on the younger male. Ayase never once complained, no matter how many times he had to stop to catch his breath. He only hesitantly rubbed the older male's shoulder, giving him an encouraging smile.

When they finally made it, Ayase was quick to sit him down and attend to his wounds. It was cute to watch the shy boy from the ally way turn into a busy little housewife. The blond cleaned his scrapes, rubbing in some cooling medicine and taping up his ribs. Kanou was feeling better already, though he contented himself in watching Ayase as he concentrated on cleaning and bandaging every cut.

"There." he said with a satisfied smile, eyes flickering up to meet Kanou's in a warm gaze, "I think that should do it. Are you hungry?"

Kanou nodded, and without another word Ayase took his hand and led him into the kitchen area of his small apartment. The taller male was sure he could move on his own now, though when offered the warmth of the smaller male's hand, he found it hard to refuse it.

Something as simple as another persons touch, Kanou should have been freaking out at the thrill it gave him. Instead, he contented to watch the sweet stranger move around his kitchen, retelling tales of his family and friends. Kanou didn't miss how most of those he talked about where spoken in a past tense, and Kanou found himself frowning. It was okay if he was alone; he was a no good son of a twisted yakuza boss. He had no friends, didn't want friends. Friends were a weakness.

Ayase was so different from that. He was bright, and sweet. Innocent in a way only few people are in this world, with a quite understanding about him that was like a balm to Kanou's tattered nerves. He deserved a loving family and good friends. As Ayase sets a bowl of something delicious smelling in front of him, Kanou wonders what it would be like to know Ayase. Really know him.

He drew the line at staying the night. The rain had let up enough, and his wounds didn't hurt as badly. Gods only knew what would happen should he stay. Ayase seemed reluctant to let him leave, and it caused the warm feeling in his chest to grow. Offering him a jacket and the umbrella, they stood quietly by each other on the small porch. "The coat might be a little small for you, it was my fathers. But it's warm and should keep you dry."

"Thank you." he replied, breathing in that vanilla scent and soaking in the warmth he felt emanating from Ayase's delicate body.

Kanou didn't want to leave, and the knowledge surprised him. He hardly knew this boy, outside of his kind naivety and the few stories he had shared. He was scared to realize how much he'd like to get to know him. How much Ayase felt like coming home when he was already so weak and weary.

"I'm sorry if I sound forward but...if you need help again you can stop by anytime..."

Kanou smiled bitterly, knowing such things were impossible. "I'll keep that in mind."

They came from two different worlds, and if Kanou involved himself with Ayase, it would only end in tragedy for the both of them. He was still so young, a fact his father never failed to point out. He was unable to protect himself, let alone someone so precious as Ayase.

But maybe one day...

On impulse, his hand reached out, tracing the delicate curve of Ayase's cheek. He learned forward, whispering a final farewell. "Good night then, Ayase..."

Right then and there, as he disappeared into the cold darkness of night, he made his promise.

Kanou was startled out of his thoughts by a delicate touch to his arm. He looked over to Ayase, those blue eyes he loved so much filled with warmth and affection. "I wasn't sure if you wanted to keep it or not." he said softly, brushing his fingers of the pale blue material.

Kanou's eyes widened in surprise. "Ayase? You... you remembered?"

The younger male blushed, nibbling his lip. "Yes. Yesterday when I found it."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

He shrugged, eyes downcast. "I didn't think it mattered if I remembered or not. I mean, we're still here, together, right? It doesn't make much of a difference."

Kanou smiled, looking down at the simple object that had started something so monumental. He remembered days when he would simply hold it in his hands, remembering the ghost scent of vanilla under a heavy pour of rain, and be reminded why he promised himself to get stronger, to be someone worthy of Ayase.

A flash of guilt tore through him, and he had to look away from Ayase's warm gaze. He had gotten stronger yes, but in the worst ways possible. In the beginning, he only wanted to protect Ayase. Instead, for the longest time he had ended up hurting him. Ayase, of course, had forgiven him, but that didn't make it right. "I know I've said it a million times before,"said quietly, "but I'm sorry for what I've done to you."

Ayase's face softened, and he pulled Kanou down to kiss him chastely on his cheek. "I know."

Cupping Ayase's cheek, he leaned in to give him a deeper kiss, tongue flicking out teasingly across his bottom lip. He smirked as he pulled away, noting the dark blush and lust glazed eyes. Kissing him lightly, he glanced at the umbrella still in his hand. "I don't think I have the heart to throw it out now."

Ayase smiled, chuckling softly. "You're such a softy." he teased, plucking the umbrella from Kanou's hand and setting in the counter.

"Only for you." he replied as Ayase led him to their bedroom, "Only ever for you."

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