"Rise and shine, Lin!" an energetic Rin said, bursting into her brother's room.

She wore a black and yellow, bear themed hoodie shirt with a skirt and socks. Lin slowly poked his head out from under the covers of his bed.

"Oi, Rin," Lin said, sitting up and rubbing his eye. "Why are you so hyper this morning?"

Rin smiled big and said, "We're going shopping today!"

Lin looked at her as if she had gone delusional or something.

"What about school?" he asked.

"Momma called school and told them we were sick!" Rin said before running over towards her brother's bedside. "Now hurry, hurry! Momma's almost done making breakfast!"

"Hai, hai," Lin said, slowly getting out of bed and over to his dresser.

Rin ran out of the room and into the kitchen/dining area. Her mother was busy finishing up cooking the small family of three's breakfast. She wore a purple and silver, cat themed hoodie with jeans.

"Lin's up!" Rin said cheerfully.

"Did you tell him that breakfast will be ready soon?" their mother asked.

"Yup!" Rin said.

Their mother nodded her head and continued with her work. Lin soon came walking in, wearing a similar outfit to Rin's but with pants and the yellow being a shade darker than hers.

"Morning, Momma." Lin said with a yawn.

He walked over to his seat at the table and climbed into it. Rin followed suit as their mother put their food onto plates.

"Looks like someone's still sleepy." she said.

"That's because I kept having weird dreams, Momma." Lin said.

"What kind of dreams, dear?" their mother asked, putting the plates in front of them.

Lin's was a banana themed one while Rin's had images of cat heads on it.

"It was about this girl me and Rin met last night," Lin said while picking up his glass of milk. "She was dying in the dream and it looked like it's somewhere in the future."

"You met a girl?" their mother asked. "What was her name?"

Lin finished taking a sip of his drink before speaking, "Her name was Kita Michiru. She looked like she attended the school we were at last night. That is considering the uniform she wore looked like the ones me and Rin saw while investigating. Right, Rin?"

"Right," Rin said.

"So you had a dream of her dying in the future, huh?" their mother asked.

"Yup," Lin said, grabbing the syrup bottle and pouring it on his pancakes.

"Did you dream of how she was going to die?" she asked again.

"She was killed by this woman who's the zombie me and Rin were hunting for last night." Lin said, "I think someone in the dream called her "nurse"."

Their mother went into deep thought as her children ate their breakfast. Rin looked toward her with a look of curiosity and concern on her face.

"Momma," she said, "is everything alright?"

Their mother quickly snapped out of her thoughts and looked toward Rin.

"It's nothing, dear." she said with a smile, "Let's just finish our meal so we can go shopping, yes?"

"Yes!" Rin exclaimed, digging into her breakfast even more.

Lin let out a sigh before finishing up his own breakfast. Their mother laughing at her little girl.