"Raise and shine, Lin!" an energetic Rin said as she burst into her brother's room. She wore a yellow shirt hoodie with two fuzzy balls on it. The hoodie was black and had bear like ears on it.

Lin slowly peak his head from under the covers of his bed.

"Oi, Rin, why are you so hyper today?" Lin said as he sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes.

Rin smiled and said, "We're going shopping!"

Lin looked at her as if she was delusional.

"What about school?" he said.

"Momma called school and told them that we were sick." Rin said as she ran towards her brother's bedside, "Hurry, hurry! Momma's almost done making breakfast!"

"Hai, hai!" Lin said as he sleepily got out of bed and went to his dresser.

Rin ran out of the room and into the kitchen/dinning room where she found a light plum hair girl wearing a purple and sliver cat eared hoodie cooking what seemed like their breakfast.

"Lin's up!" Rin said to the girl in a cheerful voice.

"Did you tell him that breakfast will be ready soon?" the girl asked.

"Yup!" Rin said.

The girl just nodded her head and continued cooking. Just then, Lin came walking into the room wearing the same thing as Rin but only that the yellow was a darker shade then Rin's.

"Morning momma." Lin said as he yawned and walked over to his seat at the table.

"Looks like someone is still a bit sleepy." the girl, Rin and Lin's mother said as she began putting food onto three plates, one decorated with bananas and the other oranges and the other with cat heads.

"That's because I kept having weird dreams, momma." Lin said.

"What kind of dreams, dear?" Their mother asked as she laid the plates full of food in front of Lin and Rin and herself.

"It was about this girl me and Rin met last night dying four days from now." Lin said as he picked up his glass of milk that was in front of him.

"You met a girl? What was her name?" Their mother asked.

Lin finished taking a sip out of his glass of milk and said, "Her name was Kita Michiru. She looked like she was attending the school we were at last night considering the outfit she wore was like the one me and Rin saw when we were investigating the school. Remember?"

"I remember. So you had a dream of her dying in four days, huh?" Their mother said.

"Yup," Lin said as he poured some maple syrup onto his pancakes.

"Did you dream of how she was going to die?" Their mother asked.

"She was killed by this woman who happened to be the zombie me and Rin were looking for last night. I think someone in the dream called her "Nurse"." Lin said as he took a bite out of his pancakes.

Their mother went into deep thought while her children continued eating their meal. Rin looked towards her with a look of concern on her face.

"Momma is everything alright?" she asked her mother.

Her mother quickly snapped out of her thoughts and looked towards Rin.

"It's nothing, dear. Let's just continue eating our meal so we can go shopping, yes?" their mother said with a smile.

"Kay!" Rin exclaimed as she continued to eat her breakfast.