By: S.K. Knight

A/N: This is a short story set in chapters about one of my favorite movie couples: Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I know the chapters are short, and story name is not very creative, so forgive me. Hope you enjoy! Reviews are greatly appreciated! :D


Disclaimer: I do not own Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or any of the characters because, if I did, I would stop messing around and make a sequel after five years, even though Angelina has said there were no good ideas for a sequel and that the possibility was explored.

Chapter 1: Secrets

Jane's POV

I still don't know how in the hell John convinced me to try and have a child with him. After getting divorced, and trying to kill each other, I remarried him like a fricking idiot! I love him, but we have absolutely no time for a child! Our jobs are definitely not conducive to raising a child, and I'm positive that jumping off the roof of a twenty story building, and rappelling down the side of it while trying to avoid a hostile Chilean sleeper cell agent is not something you're supposed to do while pregnant. John doesn't know that I'm pregnant, we had sex three weeks ago, I just have to figure out how I'm going to tell him, and then we have to figure out what to do when it comes.

John's POV

So, Jane and I tried to have a child three weeks ago, and I'm still trying to figure out what the fricking hell was going through my mind. I should've known Jane and I couldn't raise a family, you know, being what we are. My life is so screwed up right now, I remarried the woman who tried to kill me, and now we tried to have a child. Well, ok, I tried to kill her too, but hey, all's fair in love and war. I have no idea why I'm thinking about all this shit while I'm trying to escape a holding cell of a dangerous African cult in the Mojave Desert. Well, when I get home, we'll talk.

Jane Smith threw her keys on the table, and locked the door behind her. "You home, baby?" she called, slipping on her wedding ring, and walking into the living room. I am so going to kill him for getting me pregnant, when I see him…she thought. "Hey, sweetheart." he said, pressing his lips to hers. "How was work?" she asked, when they broke apart. "Good. Stopped an African cult that was trying to mass bomb the US operating the Mojave, and you?" he asked. He put an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. "Good. I apprehended a Chilean terrorist group operating in New York." she responded, putting her face closer to his. His mind flew suddenly back to Bogotá. "Wanna try again tonight? After dinner?" he whispered, starting to kiss her neck. Jane pulled away and walked into the kitchen putting on her apron, starting to prepare dinner. "Jane! What the hell is wrong with you?" John asked, following her into the kitchen. "Jane!" John yelled, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her to face him. "No. I don't want to try again, John. Not tonight." Jane said, firmly. An hour later, Jane and John sat across from each other, eating fish, potatoes, and broccoli. Jane looked up. "I'm pregnant, John." she said. John's forkful of potatoes stopped halfway to his mouth. "You are?" he asked.

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