Chapter 4: Accidents

Jane kissed Brooke's forehead, as she John came in and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I just put her down." Jane whispered. John kissed Brooke's forehead, taking his arms off Jane. They watched Brooke sleep for a moment, and then they went out in the hall, and closed the door. "So Jane…" John asked with a grin, "remember Bogotá?" he asked, as he moved closer to her, and they started to kiss, getting more and more serious. "I love you, Jane." John whispered, taking her into the bedroom, and laying her on the bed. "Mommy!" they heard Brooke call. Jane gave John a kiss, as he got up. "I'll be back, baby." Jane whispered, going to check on Brooke, buttoning her shirt as she walked. "What, sweetie? I'm here." Jane said softly. "Bad dream, Mommy." she responded, as Jane picked her up. "It's ok. Daddy and I will protect you." Jane whispered, rubbing her lips against Brooke's brown hair. "Ok, Mommy. I love you, and Daddy too." Brooke murmured, her eyelids growing heavy. "I love you too, sweetie." Jane whispered, putting her gently back to sleep, closing the door behind her. Jane found John waiting on the bed. "Is she asleep?" he asked, as Jane padded in, barefoot. "Yes, I think so." she whispered, getting on the bed, and crawling toward him. "Now, where were we?" John whispered, starting to unbutton her shirt and kiss her. "Right here." Jane breathed, smiling.

"Morning, honey." Jane said, leaning up to kiss him three weeks later wearing one of John's work shirts over her underwear. "Morning, sweetheart. Morning, princess." John replied, kissing Brooke's forehead while she sat in her high chair, a bowl of cereal on her tray, and a spoon in her hand. Jane grabbed her orange juice, and sat at the table across from Brooke, beginning to feed her. "John…honey?" Jane said, as he sat down. "Yeah, sweetheart?" John asked, looking up. "I'm pregnant." Jane told him. John looked at her. "Well, what in the hell are we gonna do now?" he asked.

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