Massive headache.

These were the first words that entered his mind as he woke, still showing no outward signs that he had done so.

He had a giant headache.

What could have given him such a headache? He tried to remember what had happened before he had lost consciousness, or fallen asleep, or whatever must have happened, but to no avail.

He couldn't remember anything.

From any part of his life.

Not his family, not his friends, not even his own name.

It was all blank.

He gradually became aware of someone dabbing a cool, damp cloth on his forehead. Moaning softly, he slowly opened his eyes. The silhouetted figure of a young lady directly in front of some kind of a light was the first thing that he beheld.

"Oh, you're awake!" She turned to face him so that she was no longer backlit and he saw her long, lean frame in its entirety for the first time, her wavy, jet-black hair cascading beautifully to her shoulders, several locks falling between her deep brown eyes. He felt his heart begin to race.

Noticing that she seemed a bit nervous, he reached toward her in what he meant to be a calming gesture. This made her jump, which in turn caused her hand to knock over a glass that sat upon a table beside the bed. Water spilled in a large puddle onto the floor. Now in what seemed to be a state of panic, the poor girl bent to clean the mess up.

"Miranda Lotto!" She flinched as a thin woman who seemed to be having a bad day walked over.

He cleared his throat. "I-it was my fault," he tried to explain to the bad-tempered person. "I…"

The woman gave him a look that stopped him cold. "Be sure it doesn't happen again," she warned sternly before leaving.

Miranda looked at the floor. "Th-thanks," she whispered, barely audibly.

His heart faltered, nearly missing a beat. "You're welcome," he replied, every bit as quietly as she had.

A silent moment passed in which she cleaned up the mess, then began to stand. "I-I'd better go," she told him with a smile. "I'm under strict orders from Lavi to tell him the moment you wake up."

He watched her receding form, then sat back in the bed with a sigh. Miranda Lotto… what a beautiful, exquisite name… so fitting, so absolutely perfect for her…

His thoughts were interrupted by a virtual stampede leading into the door of whatever room this was, straight toward his bed. "Krory?" One particular boy with surprisingly white hair and a mark over one eye pushed toward the bed. "How are you feeling?" Perhaps this was that Lavi person.

"Fine, I guess," he responded. This was drowned out by the crowd, however, ironically leaving him relatively free to himself.

Krory, he mused. That must be my name... or maybe a nickname? Unsure, he let this thought aside and listened to the conversation going on about him.

"Now that's what I call lucky!" someone with a patch over one eye exclaimed. "A building falls on top of him, and all he gets is scratches!"

A building fell on top of someone? He greatly pitied the poor person that had been under it, even if the person in question wasn't very hurt… Before he could comment on this, however, a doctor - who was, oddly enough, wearing a strange, floppy hat - was shooing everyone out, claiming that he 'needed his rest.' This didn't make much sense to him. After all, he'd only been awake for a few moments. Did he really sleep that much? Well, he reasoned, maybe I wasn't asleep for that long… Shrugging it off, Krory rolled over to get some more apparently well-needed rest.

Just as he was getting comfortable, however, the man wearing the hat returned with an enormous grin that he, not remembering a thing about this person, found rather creepy. It seemed that he didn't actually intend to let him get some rest.

Oh, well. He smiled. Perhaps I'll find out more about that person that was under the building…Krory closed his eyes.

He did not like the man with the hat.

After having said that he "needed his rest," the man had spent almost an hour talking about how grateful they all were that he was okay and had not actually been hurt by the building that had apparently fallen on him – not letting him get a word in edgewise to tell the man that he really couldn't remember anything – and about how, when he had gotten some rest, he should really get checked out to make sure that he was okay.

Krory sighed. On top of everything else, he wasn't really tired. Hat Man had seemed to stress that it was important that he get some rest – but he couldn't even go to sleep because he wasn't tired. Well, he thought, there's no use wasting time trying to sleep here when I'm not tired. He sat up and swung his legs off of the bed, then pushed himself to a standing position.

Looking down, he saw that his clothing was quite interesting. He wore a regular outfit, consisting of a shirt and pants – beneath an enormous cloak. Odd as this outfit was, he found that he rather liked it, and besides, it seemed to suit him. He grinned, walking to the mirror to see what he looked like.

And gasped, staggering back in surprise.

Unlike the teeth of every single person he'd seen here, including the large multitude by his bedside and Hat Man, his teeth were large, pointed fangs that almost protruded from his mouth. On top of that, his ears were also unique among all of those he'd viewed. As opposed to what seemed to be at least in this building the normal, rounded ears of everyone else, his ears came to a sharp point, sticking out to the sides ridiculously. Something deep within him told him that this was not what a normal person looked like, even to the point that he might be the only one in the world with these differences.

He cringed, also viewing the white shock of hair that was hanging in front of one eye. Had he always been this different, this… deformed? His mouth still hanging open, he fell back onto the bed that Hat Man had been so kind as to let him use, here in what he guessed was some large sleeping place, judging by the actions of everyone here. One wary eye staying on the mirror, he frowned deeply, uncertain of what he should do now. Hat Man had left him alone to get some sleep; perhaps he should try to do that.

Once again, just as his eyes were closing, the door opened and someone walked in. "Kro-chan?" the person whispered. Cracking an eye open, Krory saw that it was the person with the eye patch. "Hello?"

Hmm… he can't be talking to me, Krory decided. I'm Krory.

"Kro-chan? Are you awake?" Eye Patch began walking toward… his bed? No, it must have been the bed beside his. After all, if he were talking to him, he'd say 'Krory.'

This person, Krochan, must be asleep, Krory decided. Everyone around me is. Perhaps I should tell him that. Krory sat up.

"I think he's asleep," he whispered helpfully.

"Uh… very funny, Krory," he smiled. This confused Krory considerably.

"I don't think you understand, sir," Krory frowned. "You were calling Krochan and heading this way. I figured that, since everyone's asleep over here but me, then he must be asleep, too."

"Krory?" Eye Patch now seemed more confused than Krory himself. "Are you all right?"

"I- I think so," he nodded. "It's just that… I'm terribly sorry, sir, but I'm afraid I don't know your name."

Eye Patch blinked, apparently taken by surprise. "Krory… it's… me. Lavi."

"Oh!" A grin burst onto his face. "You're Lavi!"

"Y-yeah…" Lavi frowned deeply. "Krory… um… how much do you… ah… remember?"

Krory frowned. "Well, I remember you, and the crowd by my bed earlier, and Miranda, and that man with the hat… why?"

"Okay, how about before you woke up?" Lavi almost didn't want to hear.

"Um… well… hmm." Krory thought as hard as he could. "I don't remember anything."

Lavi swallowed. "Nothing?"

"Nope." Krory shook his head.

"So…" Lavi hesitated. "Eliade… doesn't ring any bells?"

"No." Krory grinned in curiosity. "What's an eliade?"

"Oh, boy."