Here's chapter twenty two of my Pokémon song fanfic. Taking a slight detour from the course Andrew loses his memory and now only has recollection of trying to find the Odd Keystone and that he is a criminal wanted in nearly ten countries. Now getting back on track Iain and Jon travel to Roswell, New Mexico on the premise that there is a secret facility run by Pokémon and their top secret project, Rotom.


International Tournament File 022: In Roswell, Pokémon Catch You; Catching Rotom

Running down the halls of a steel lined building Iain and Jon panted all the way as they were being chased by a rolling Electrode. As the Electrode began to gain ground on them Iain looked off to one side and motioned to Jon. Nodding to him Jon turned to the Electrode and pulled on his eye and stuck out his tongue.

"What's wrong, fathead? Can't roll-over a moving target?" Jon asked tauntingly.

A vein popped on the Electrode's face and then rolled even faster and harder and tried all the more to run them over. More focused by his speed Electrode stopped slightly to find them no longer in front of him. Looking back and forth from where it had started Electrode stared at a video camera that looked back and forth and then looked back at Electrode. Blinking twice Electrode looked forward and rolled down the hall.

In a small hallway that led to a supply room filled with nothing but Pokémon food. Sitting down Iain and Jon propped their legs on the bags of Pokémon food and relaxed.

"If only our PokéBalls weren't taken when we got here," Jon said.

"Well the fact of the matter is that we don't," Iain said. "But aside from that, look at this place," he said in amazement. "This place is literally the pinnacle of Pokémon technology. Aren't you glad we took that guy's story seriously?"

"Currently, no," Jon said disgruntled. "Just look what's it gotten us into so far."

"Okay, point taken," Iain admitted. "I will admit this place has a drawbacks; like a giant electromagnet that not only took our PokéBalls, but our belts as well," he said pulling his pants up. "But the fact of the matter is we're probably the only humans ever to see this kind of place in history…minus the old guy."

"Yeah, for good reason," Jon said. "That old guy was so mentally unstable I'm surprised humans let him walk the streets."

"But he was right about this place, huh?" Iain said.

"That's beside the point," Jon said. "This entire city is full of people with conspiracies," Jon finished going into a flashback.

Coming into the streets of Roswell Iain and Jon felt misplaced amongst the people in stands along the farmer's markets selling memorabilia of several urban legends concerning aliens, Pokémon from space, and how either one of them could've taken Elvis with them for private concerts.

"Okay, I'm leaving," Jon said turning around.

"Hold it," Iain said placing a hand on his shoulder. "We came here for information, and that's what they're going to give us. I mean come on, we all know that truth is stranger than fiction…but I think Starmies abducting Elvis only for him to be playing the same songs for all eternity is a bit off the deep end, but hey, let's give it a try."

Walking past several booths all concerning Clefairy and Starmie and maybe Solrock and Lunatone Iain and Jon found themselves at a stall that was simply an old man with a Xatu sitting next to him. The man looked up and smiled at them and motioned for the two of them to sit next to him.

"Could I trouble you two boys with a story?" the old man asked.

"Sure, how about a story about a factory run only by Pokémon?" Iain asked.

The man's eyes widened and then he laughed looking at the two trainers lifting his eyes to meet Iain's.

"Not only have heard about it, but I've been there!" he declared.

"Are you serious!" Iain asked excitedly.

"Yes, they have a secret entrance in the outlands of the desert, and I'll tell you more if the proper favor is appreciated," the old man said as Xatu pushed a ceramic dish towards both of them.

After both placing a small amount of coins into the bowl Jon and Iain sat down next to the old man with the Xatu looking down at the three of them.

"It happened twenty years ago when I worked for a small firm specializing in tabloid journalism. I was the oldest man as an on-street reporter and I was investigating the very facility you're referring to," the old man explained. "It's out in the backlands of the desert, and it's behind an invisible barrier. When I stumbled upon it the Pokémon attacked me and preformed experiments on me and then tried to erase my memory with electricity. I was able to escape with my memory intact, but I promised myself that I would never go there again. Why do you boys want to know?"

"We have to find a Pokémon inside its walls; Rotom," Iain answered.

"Interesting," the old man said. "That Pokémon is there top secret project and they were almost done with its final developments to make it the most powerful electric Pokémon in history. Be careful, those Pokémon don't like intruders."

Xatu pointed to the desert to the eastern side.

"It's over there," the old man said. "Past the sculpture of Stonehenge."

"This alien thing is getting old," Jon said in the background.

"Have you told this to anyone else?" Iain asked.

"No," the old man said. "I won't make that mistake twice."

"Then why tell us?" Jon asked.

"You could be the ones to defeat Andrew and Spiritomb," the old man said. "This is a sketch of the Pokémon you're looking for," he said handing a piece of paper and then disappearing into a sandstorm

Standing there in a daze Jon and Iain looked at each other, and then out into the desert.

Walking for hours in the eastern direction both began to fatigue in the sun above and then began to think about Chase and both believed it was his fault.

Iain and Jon combed the desert line for hours without finding anything while looking at a composite sketch of the Pokémon. Which looked like a three year old could have done better.

"The next time I see Chase," Iain said. "I'm gonna take him to the open sea and throw him overboard!"

"I'll build the plank," Jon said. "For now let's find that secret facility run by Pokémon entirely."

"Please don't start," Iain said.

"We've been combing this desert looking for this factory and what have we found? A lot of nothing!" Jon shouted and then tripped.

Falling over a series of rocks Jon disappeared behind what seemed to be a gelatin. Iain's eyes widened and looked at the gelatin with a slight touch only for Jon to appear seconds later in a daze.

"Okay," he said. "I stand corrected."

"What'd you see?" Iain asked kneeling down next to Jon.

"When I went in there I found a room in front of me with reinforced glass windows and a whole bunch of Pikachu and Raichu typing away at computers and letting out a constant stream of electricity to power up those computers," Jon explained. "Also, there was a monitor right in front of me that read in big bold letters, 'ROTOM PROGRESS-98%.' They're almost done."

"But that can't be right," Iain said. "The old man said they were almost done back twenty years ago."

"Maybe it's like a computer," Jon said standing up. "The further along it is in programming it slows done to get to the more complicated programs on it for full effect."

"Maybe," Iain admitted. "But nonetheless, we do need to go in there to get Rotom."

The two looked at the invisible barrier and both lunged forward going through it. Landing on the main floor of the main floor the two looked around and found the Pikachu and the Raichu typing away at the computers and then stretching in between typing. Trying to sneak past the control room one of the Pikachu noticed their movement and panicked into pressing a large button on the side of the room. The room began to flash red and then shouted out, "INTRUDER ALERT!"

A large magnet appeared out of the wall and pulled at Jon and Iain's belt unclipping them and then retrieving them from the two of them.

"And that's how we got here," Jon explained coming back from the flashback. "After they stole our belts they sent out that giant bowling ball that chased us right down to this storage room."

"Yeah, I got it," Iain said getting up. "We better keep moving or we're really going to be in trouble."

Hearing a small sound from the air the two looked up to find an Emolga holding a video camera and snickering. Flailing around the room Iain threw a PokéBall and hit the Emolga on the wing trapping it inside. Putting up a tremendous fight the Emolga tried but failed to release itself from the ball. Iain sighed and picked up the ball and sent out the Emolga.

"Think you can help us?" Iain asked.

Emolga helped up a "V" with its fingers and then flew to a part of the storage grabbing two earpieces that Jon and Iain placed in their ears and then looked at Emolga.

"This should help you," the Emolga said.

Shouting out of surprise Jon and Iain backed up into another box.

"What are these things?" Jon asked.

"We developed them for other life forms to understand our language," Emolga said. "Those are the prototypes so they won't work forever but the project was abandoned for the Rotom project."

"Think you can get them to stop chasing us?" Iain asked.

"Maybe, but only for a little bit," Emolga said turning to the fallen camera. "Sorry guys, my bad, they're not in here."

In the control room the Pikachu and Raichu fell over in their seats looking at the picture of the Emolga scratching his back out of embarrassment.

"Next time, be sure!" one of the Pikachu shouted out.

"Sorry 'bout that," Emolga said cutting off the communication. "That should hold them off for a little bit," he said turning to Jon and Iain.

Sighing out of relief Jon and Iain fell in their seats and then looked at Emolga.

"Can you tell us where Rotom is?" Jon asked.

"I don't know that much, I'm just a sentry so I don't go into the main experiment hall," Emolga explained.

"Well where is this room?" Iain asked.

"In the east wing of the facility," Emolga said pointing out of the storage room.

Following the path out of the storage room Jon, Iain, and Emolga all looked around corners either to find the coast clear or the Electrode still searching for them. Making their way to the back rooms Emolga pulled a map out of a small GPS device under his wing.

"We're about fifty meters from the place where Rotom is being experimented on," Emolga said.

"And here we thought that Americans would never use the metric system," Iain said still following Emolga.

"So what are you guys planning on doing with the Rotom, and is he still an in-progress Pokémon?" Jon asked.

"No, not really," Emolga said. "What I do know is that we're seeing if he can multiply like other Pokémon. Rotom has a special body composed of entirely of sub-solid substance plasma and can enter and take control of a technological device. So far, we've been able to have him possess a microwave oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, electric fan, and a lawn mower."

"Where in the heck did you get a dish washer and refrigerator down here?" Iain asked sarcastically.

"We stole them," Emolga said plainly with Iain and Jon falling over.

"Great," Jon said to himself. "First we got a secret facility run by electric Pokémon who want to kill us, and now we're being led by a bandit, I love it."

"We do to!" a different voice came from behind.

Looking back Jon, Iain, and Emolga looked back to find an entire, for want of a better word, fleet of Pokémon including Pikachu, Raichu, Voltorb, Electrode, Magnemite, and Magneton. Emolga chuckled nervously looking at one of the Pikachu with a scarred ear.

"I guess now is not the right time to ask for a raise?" Emolga asked nervously.

"Attack!" the Pikachu yelled as the other Pokémon in the room lunged forward at Jon and Iain.

Emolga and Iain ran into the next door with Jon standing in front of it.

"Jon! Now's not the time to be a hero!" Iain shouted to him as Emolga continued to lead the way to Rotom.

"We promised that pain in the butt Chase we would find and capture Rotom," Jon said. "If we don't stop them here we don't stop them period."

"Without a Pokémon you're as good as extra crispy!" Emolga said about to run out there with Jon.

"You're absolutely right," Jon said lifting up part of his sleeve.

A PokéBall rolled down his arm which he caught and then threw. The receding light revealed the Pokémon as Gliscor that roared at the rest of the Pokémon.

"I thought you were more muscular than usual," Iain said.

"Just go and get that Rotom! Gliscor, Whirlwind!" Jon shouted.

Turning to face Iain and Emolga Gliscor flapped its wings bring out a large gust of wind that blasted Emolga back to its PokéBall and Iain down the path faster than the Pokémon could follow.

"Alright, guys, I'm your opponent! Earthquake!" Jon shouted.

Gliscor charged the group of Pokémon and forced its body onto the ground causing the entire room to shake and most of the Pokémon being blasted back by it. Gliscor then charged other Pokémon with an X-Scissor attack and roared which was heard from the far hallway Iain had finally stopped flying to and now proceeded to walk the rest of the distance.

"Emolga, how close are we now?" Iain asked.

"This is the door but I never knew how to get it open," Emolga explained.

Kicking the door Iain kept a smug look on his face as the door automatically opened and Emolga's jaw dropped.

"Sure, if I had long enough legs I could've done that too," Emolga said folding his arms.

Going inside the room the entire area was filled from ceiling to floor with large tubes each with an electric appliance inside. In the center of the room was a large holding cylinder with a floating Pokémon seemingly unconscious. Tapping the glass Iain looked studiously at the text below written in plain English.

"It is on everyone's best interest that this project becomes top secret among all other secrets. The process of forcing a Rotom to be able to change forms between the five auxiliary it has access to can be a very slow and potentially painful one. But when all else is done it will be the perfect weapon against our enemies in Team Rocket."

Walking around the room Iain found a small diary and flipped open to the last page written on.

"Date June 17

My worst fear has been realized. Number one, I have become absorbed by my research and my family now remains meaningless to me, number two, the Rotom project is nearing completion and if it succeeds I may be forced to sell it to the man who has been searching for the remains of the Mewtwo project instigated by my grandfather, and number three, the entire facility has been overrun by electric Pokémon that have been afflicted by our machinery and are beginning to take the place. In the future should a person find this, take the Rotom for you and never let anyone get their hands on it.

Sincerely yours, Amber Fuji II"

Iain looked at the glass tank and peeked inside to find the floating figure was floating not in liquid but of its own power. Walking to the other side of the room were two belts with a PokéBall attached to each one.

"Good to have you back," he said to the unopened PokéBalls.

Emolga began pressing random button and appeared to be dancing in the process. Pressing a last button the tank opened up and the form of Rotom looked down at Iain and floated down. Reaching down next to him Rotom slowly pointed its head downward and motioned for Iain. About to touch its body Iain was blasted back by a pressurized water attack straight into the wall.

The Rotom changed from its washer mode to its original form and then to a form reminiscent of the electric fan. Using Air Slash Rotom had pinned Iain down and slashed at his arm almost breaking it. Throwing a PokéBall on the belt Iain sent out Garchomp that faced the Rotom with anger in her eyes. Rotom chuckled and switched back to its original form to one that looked like a refrigerator. Blowing a blizzard at the Garchomp and at Iain Garchomp ran in front of the entirety of the Blizzard and fell to its knees.

"F-forgive me," Garchomp said unaware it could be heard.

"Don't be sorry," Iain said returning it with his good arm.

"Hee-hee-hee-hee," the Rotom chuckled. "A Pokémon and its human, how touching."

"That Garchomp has been more of a parent to me than my real mother, you piece of plasma," Iain said. "How would you know what it's like to watch your friend being hurt and being powerless to stop it?"

"Exactly," Rotom said sneering. 'I don't need friends. I have my power and I have only myself to thank for that."

"Idiot," Iain said. "There was a girl here trying to stop the same people that drove her and her grandfather to insanity. She slaved over your development and that's how you thank her?"

"A necessary sacrifice," Rotom said.

"Let me read you something," Iain said opening the book to a later page. "'But it is in my best interest that when the Rotom be completed he be completely aware of who it is. I don't, no; I won't make the same mistake as my grandfather did all those years ago. Rotom, I want to be a friend to you, but I can't do that until the project is done. When we get the chance let me show you this great hardware store in my neighborhood with as many computers as there are plasma cells in your body. Sincerely yours, Amber Fuji II.'"

Rotom stayed silent and then looked at the pages, "B-but, that's impossible. I was a lab rat, nothing more than a specimen?"

"No," Iain said. "To that little girl, you were the whole world; she thought about you all the time and wrote everything in this book that she felt when it came to you."

Walking away Rotom returned to its original form and placed a hand on Iain's shoulder.

"Is it possible to give back?" Rotom asked out of realization.

"It is," Iain said pushing an Ultra Ball to its body. "But you have to be willing to fight for a cause that will employ every plasma cell of your being to try and stop."

"I accept this responsibility," Rotom said disappearing into the ball.

"Come on, Emolga," Iain said returning it to its PokéBall and grabbing Jon's belt.

Back up on the main floor the head Pikachu and Gliscor were still panting from a long battle when Iain came back up and handed Jon his belt.

"'Bout time," Jon said. "I was getting bored," he said wrapping the belt around his waist. "Well, Pikachu, it's been real."

Falling down and panting Pikachu chuckled and looked up saying, "I think I might get to like humans."

Taking the earpiece out Jon and Iain both sighed out of relief and walked down the desert path to…well, not even they know. Screaming at the top of their lungs both swore they would kill Chase the next chance they got.

Location: Sargasso Sea, Atlantic Ocean

Ashley and Daisy both lied at the bottom of the boat completely sick to their stomachs and both said the same thing.

"If that thing don't show up, I'm going toss my cookies."

Chapter twenty two complete. Check one more off that list, the current standings are Andrew with three pieces of the Odd Keystone and the rest of the trainers have five out of the fourteen Pokémon. Better make some coffee because it's gonna be a long time to come before the final battle.

Next time: Many legends surround the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic. One of which being that it is a home of the most fearsome creatures ever; the sea serpent. Sure it's all fun and games to talk about, but when you find yourself as part of that legend watch out. Next time: Yo-Ho-Ho, and a Great Big Scream; Catching Gyarados.