The Stars Above, Chapter 4

If The Courier thought that outside was beautiful, he was absolutely shell-shocked by the inside. Velvet, gold, and mahogany lined everything. Old masterpieces lined the hallways, old rulers looking down on him as he moved by.

The Courier walked behind the crowned man, whose cape billowed behind him regally. The two boys walked on either side of him, inspecting his recon armor, which The Courier had been wearing under his power armor. They kept reaching in, but The Courier was always able to deflect their attempts. The black man and two guards flanked them.

"What's this do?" The blue clothed one raised another finger, and The Courier again deflected him.

"Sam, Logan, behave your selves." The crowned man interrupted. The two stood stock straight. A cough came from somewhere behind them.

Not long after, they reached a room with a big table in the middle. The crowned man walked to a chair at the edge and sank into it. He motioned to the others to follow him in.

The table was very realistic. It looked to The Courier as if someone had shrunk down a real area. He noticed what looked like little black dots moving around on the roads, and saw that each cluster of cities had a banner. All the banners were blue except one, over the largest city on the map. A large cluster of the little black dots had collected around that city, and smoke was rising from them.

"This is Albion. " The Courier jumped. He had forgotten how close he was to the man who had minutes ago held a sword to his neck. "That-" he motioned to the dots surrounding the large city, "is your doing." He looked back up to The Courier, fire in his eyes.

The black man stepped up to them. "Now don't be like that. Chances are he didn't know what he was doing."

"That is irrelevant, Garth. The fact remains-"

"Excuse me, would somebody please explain what the hell is going on?" All eyes turned to The Courier. He reddened. "Sorry, but I don't even know where I am. What did I do? …Who are all of you?"

The black man frowned, throwing his tattoos into disproportion. "You really don't know a thing, do you?" After a pause, he continued. "My name is Garth. I'm the man in charge of running the campaign against your army. Er, well, it's not yours obviously, but- oh never mind. This is the King. He prefers to go by Hero, or King Hero, if you absolutely must."

Hero shot a look at Garth. "Call me King Hero, once. The dungeon was looking a bit empty this morning." He turned back to The Courier. "These are my sons, Sam and Logan." The blue one and the purple one bowed in turn, respective to their names.

Hero turned back to The Courier. "Enough with the introductions. I need to know what you know. First of all, are you this 'Courier?' The famous Christopher Corning?"

The Courier flinched at the mention of his full name. He hated when people called him that. "Actually it's not Christopher, it's Christophe."

"How sophisticated. Anyway, I want to know why there is an army of people running around killing my people screaming your name."

"A- a what?" Christophe looked at the map again. Those black dots must represent people. And the flags… wow. Looks like the king here was in dire straits.

"An army, Mr. Corning. With guns and armor like we've never seen before. And monsters, giant insects and horrific undead. Reptilian monsters the size of balverines. They came slowly at first, a few friendly, albeit confused men appearing and claiming to be from a place called 'HELIOS one.' Then the monsters came, along with more confused individuals, who often became outraged. They gathered strength, and they've been attacking my cities, taking them out one by one. Garth here has managed to slow them down, but they've got us cornered in Bowerstone. We captured a few of them, and they all have one thing in common. The last thing they saw in their world was the infamous Courier."

Before anything could be said, a guard dashed into the room. "Sir, they're attacking the city!"

Hero cursed. Garth smiled. "Let's give 'em hell."

Hey guys, so the next upload will probably be a rewrite of the first chapter. Looking at it, there's a lot about it that I'm just not happy with. Unfortunately, due to time constraints that means chapter five is being pushed off until Wednesday, and Tuesday is going to be painful as I read 14 year old me's terribad writing. Adios.