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A week later…

Julian's plan had been progressing slowly. He was going to Warblers rehearsals now, and had openly flirted with Logan on more than one occasion. They had gone out for coffee which was actually a disaster with people recognizing him. They'd ended up just grabbing their coffee and running to the nearest library, where they'd found a quiet corner to whisper in. It was actually surprisingly romantic and cheesy, and Julian's self-proclaimed victory date.

He'd noticed that Logan's smiles were becoming less forced and his stare these days lingered a little longer, curiously, as if he were rediscovering Julian entirely. Every glance he caught Logan in made his stomach flutter and his grin grow larger.

Julian's new Hanover friend, Adam, turned out to be surprisingly supportive, for a fan, and Julian made him swear not to leak it to the tabloids as he gushed. Adam only laughed and asked him more about how he had fallen for Logan and about the situation between Logan, Kurt, and Blaine.

"Logan and Blaine... They were together last year. Well until Joshua… Joshua messed everything up, really. It ended violently, to say the least. Which is why it was such a trainwreck when Logan decided to chase after Kurt this year. Blaine and he almost got just as violent again. It's just a mess. I… I tend to leave. When things get rough. I couldn't stand to see him pining after another guy. Because, hey. I've been here the whole time. So I usually just accept the latest movie offer and leave." Julian ranted, stirring his coffee absently.

Adam looked at him curiously, "Well, what kept you from leaving this time?"

Julian looked shaken for a moment. "Well… I mean… I couldn't. I realized I was just being a coward."

Adam nodded, "Yeah, I know how you feel, anyway. Hey, anyway, I've gotta get back to doing some homework. Murdoch. Killer. I'll see you soon, Julian." Adam retreated quickly and Julian gave him a distracted wave as he thought about Logan and their date and if Logan could be in love with him yet…

That night found Derek, Julian, and Logan studying together for another exam the next day. They'd holed up in Logan's room with a full pot of coffee and their notes spread across the floor like a vast mosaic of scribbles.

Julian loved to watch Logan focus. His eyes were so intense, yet his face was calm and his finger followed line after line so delicately. They would break the silence once in a while, and eventually at midnight they agreed that they all required some sort of sustenance.

"Alright, who's going to pick up some pizza or something?" Derek said. Julian shrugged.

"If I go, I'll just get hoarded by people wanting autographs for their daughters or wives, most likely," he said nonchalantly, "So it'd take much longer for us to actually get the food and, therefore, would result in cold pizza."

"Fuck you, Jules," Derek said. He looked to Logan.

"Nose goes!" said Logan quickly, finger flying to his nose before Derek even moved.

"Oh, now you're just cheating. FINE. I'll go," Derek said, disentangling himself from the notes strewn across his lap.

As Derek left, Julian pretended to be looking at his notes. But now that Derek had gone, he noticed a change in the room. Logan and Julian alone. In Logan's room. With about a fifteen minutes to wait for their friend to get back. Julian's eyes gravitated automatically to watch Logan.

Logan looked up and caught him staring. "Jules… Unless you've somehow written your notes on my shirt, I'm not sure staring at me will help you study." He smirked. Julian's heart raced.

"Well, it's not like I'm exactly hiding anything anymore. I'm just looking recreationally." Julian said, shrugging.

"And maybe I've been looking recreationally at you for the past half hour." Logan said quietly. That got Julian's attention. He could feel a blush rising in his cheeks.

"How have I been doing?"

"With winning me over?" Logan asked, to which Jules nodded. Logan thought for a moment. "I'm not sure how I feel. But I feel more of whatever this is."

Julian nodded, "Any way that I can help?"

Logan considered him for a moment. He clambered down from his bed and sat nearer to Julian, staring thoughtfully. "Mind if I experiment for a minute? I just want to see how this… I mean- how it would feel…" and Logan took Julian's hand and threaded his fingers though Julian's.

Julian's breath hitched. His pulse raced. Logan seemed focused as he pressed their palms together. Logan looked at him with a smile.

Julian vaguely noted that Logan was closer. And closer. Julian felt himself gravitating toward Logan…

Their lips met.

The position was all wrong. It was awkward, clumsy, and yet, Julian's whole brain went blank. It was short, just a press of lips to his. They pulled away, eyes on each other, their faces still so close. Logan smiled- a real smile.

Their hands were still joined.

There was a knock at the door suddenly, forcing the boys to look away. Derek had returned with pizza, and they were once again engrossed in studying and pizza for a few more hours. Maybe with the occasional glance up.

It was 3 in the morning when a noise disturbed Julian. The sound of paper hitting the floor. He'd always been a light sleeper, but these days… He turned his light on to have his suspicions confirmed.

On the floor lay a letter covered in rose petals. Julian carefully unfolded it, hands trembling.







Julian shook with rage and terror as he read. His mind flew, and his body screamed. There had to be a loophole. Some way to stop this. Either Logan died and Blaine and Kurt were safe… Or Blaine died leaving Logan to pursue Kurt… but he wouldn't… Not if Blaine…

Julian couldn't process anything.

He couldn't move. He breathed slowly, forcing the air in and out. He sat down on his bed, staring at the letter and trying not to move. Slowly his logic kicked in…

People who gave in to creeps like this just made it too easy.

Julian had lost time and waited for years to get his man, and he wasn't about to take a threat lying down. He had to tell Logan. He had to get help. At least if the stalker killed him, no one else would have to be hurt.

He closed his blinds tightly shut and crept out of the room, careful not to make a sound. Whoever it was likely not still around, but he wanted to be sure. He tucked the letter in his pocket and sped down the hallway, careful not to disturb anyone. He could tell Logan was still awake from the light emanating from beneath the door. He tapped lightly, hoping Logan could hear.


He tapped again and slipped the letter under the door. That must have gotten his attention, because he immediately opened the door. Without a word, Julian pushed him inside and closed the door behind him.

"I have a stalker. He gave me that note. I'm not letting either thing happen, so help me figure out a plan." He said quickly and softly. Logan's brow furrowed in confusion. He grabbed the paper and started to read.

"What? Blaine or me? He's- What?" Logan turned and sat on his bed, pondering the paper.

"I've seen movies and read stories and where they give in, everyone loses. I'm not losing you, and I'm not living with any guilt." Julian said, defiance sending adrenaline pumping through his veins. Logan looked up at him, green eyes searching his. For the first time, Julian realized he was shaking.

Logan stood again, dropping the paper. He strode toward Julian. Strong, warm hands took Julian's own and Logan's eyes looked forever into Julian's.

"Listen. Whatever is happening, we're going to fight this together," Logan said softly, his voice low and comforting. "I- I've never seen you so freaked out. Or… or so strong. And I know you're strong. You put up with me." This got a slight smile from both of them. Logan released his hands and put his arms around Julian's waist.

Julian's heart raced. This wasn't fair. First a shock and now straight into Logan's arms. His night was getting so stressful.

"You've waited for me. You've shown me more than I deserve." Logan whispered.

Julian smiled sadly. "You deserve everything. That's all I want to give you."

Logan leaned in and kissed him again, slowly, softly, growing more passionate as their lips moved. Julian opened his lips slightly and their tongues fought for possession of each others' mouths. Julian felt his head just floating. He forgot his nervousness and his troubles, and focused instead on the warmth of Logan's mouth meeting his and their noses crashing awkwardly together as they kissed.

As they let go, Julian realized that somewhere in the mess his hands had circled up around Logan's neck. Logan rested his head on Julian's, his eyes closed.

"I think you've won." Logan said. "But I won't let this person- whoever it is- win too."

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