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Dan took a deep breath as he stared out the window, the sun just barely starting to rise over the horizon. It was going to be a beautiful day in the Hamptons. Perfect for a wedding.

Today was the day. Today was the day that Dan was finally going to make Blair Waldorf his wife. This was the day he had been waiting for since he found out that she was pregnant. Actually, scratch that, this was the day he had been waiting for since he was 18 years old and they were attending NYU together. Looking back, Dan could see the that he was in love with her then, even if he didn't realize at the time. Blair Waldorf, the Queen Bitch of the Upper East Side, was going to become Blair Humphrey in just a matter of hours. The thought made his heart race just a little bit and he fought the urge to go track her down. Of course, Blair had wanted to be traditional and refused to spend last night together, opting instead to stay with Serena and Jenny at her parents summer home down the beach, and somehow Dan doubts that Eleanor would appreciate him barging in at 7 a.m. demanding to see his fiancée.

As he looked at his watch, Dan couldn't help but wonder what she was doing right now. Once upon a time, she would have barking orders at everyone and being the textbook version of a Bridezilla, but he knew that wasn't the case anymore. Blair had come into her own since the twins were born. Watching her with Audrey and Ethan made him want to drag her to the nearest bed and make ten more just like them.

She still had her insecurities, Dan knew that. There were still times when he would find her staring at herself in the mirror, grimacing at her reflection, critiquing herself, counting the imaginary flaws that no one but her saw. But he's not going to lie, he liked the fact that all it took to pull her from her slump was for him to wrap his arms around her waist and whisper that she was amazing just the way she was. She'd roll her eyes and tell him to get some new material, because really, Humphrey no one listens to Bruno Mars anymore. But she'd always smile and brush her lips across his with a murmured 'I love you' and that was enough to make Dan feel pretty awesome.

Suddenly fidgety and eager for 2:00 p.m. to finally get here, Dan looks up at the sound of a knock on the door and turns to see Nate stick his head in with a smile.

"Hey, just making sure you're still here and that you haven't skipped town." Nate laughs at his own joke and Dan just shakes my head with a smile. "How you doing? Nervous?"

"No." He shakes his head again as Nate makes his way across the room. "Just eager."

"Well, I just talked to Serena and I can tell you that you're not the only one. Apparently, Blair has been up since 6 complaining that the two of you should have scheduled the wedding for 9 instead of 2 because, and I quote, 'this is the longest damn morning in the history of time'."

"She's not wrong." Dan sends Nate a look and the two chuckle. "So, what's up man, what are you doing in here so early?"

"Well, Ethan woke up a little while ago so I gave him some breakfast."

"Oh, thanks man. You didn't have to do that though. You just have just woken me up." Dan grabs his robe and pulls it on quickly.

"Please, you know I love spending time with that little guy." Nate smiled again and Dan once again knew that he and Blair had made the absolute right decision in our choice of godparents for our kids. Nate, Serena, Jenny and Eric loved those kids more than anything and it was a comfort to both of them to know that, god forbid, anything ever happened to them, Audrey and Ethan would be surrounded by people who loved them.

"Yeah, I know." Dan slapped his best man's shoulder. "Come on. I need some coffee." I make my way out of the room with Nate close behind.

"Listen, Dan, there's one more thing." Nate says and Dan glances over his shoulder, pausing at the peculiar look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Both men stop when they reach the main level, Dan turning to look at Nate. "What didn't arrive? The flowers? The cake? Look we need to handle this because I want this day to be perfect for Blair."

"No, it's nothing like that…" Nate shakes his head but before he can finish they hear Ethan's laugh coming from the kitchen, followed by a deep voice that doesn't belong to Rufus or Eric.

"Are you serious?" Dan shoots Nate a look before heading toward the sound of his son's laughter, turning the corner and freezing when he sees Ethan being hoisted in the air with one hand, a squeal of delight escaping the three year old, by none other than Chuck Bass.

Chuck laughs himself before swinging Dan's son over his shoulder easily and turning to Dan with that same shit eating Bass grin he's had since the day they met.

"Daddy, look, Unca Chuck is here!" Ethan grins, still upside down over Chuck's shoulder and Dan can't help but shake his head. Sometimes it still shocks him to hear his kids refer to Chuck Bass of all people as 'Uncle Chuck'.

"Gees Humphrey, this kid weighs a ton, what have you been feeding him." Chuck grins again before setting Ethan on his feet and striding across the room.

It had taken some time but at some point over the last three years, Chuck had found his way back into the fold so to speak. He still lived in Europe, settling in Paris after he had reconnected with Eva, but still made a point of being in Manhattan on a semi-regular basis.

When he had shown up at Audrey and Ethan's first birthday, everyone had been weary but Dan was actually happy to say that Chuck had proved him wrong and he hadn't missed a single family event since. The entire group had made the trek to France when Chuck and Eva wed in an intimate ceremony at Chuck's country home last year, just a few months before the birth of their son, Henry.

"What the hell are you doing here? I thought you and Eva couldn't make it because Henry was sick?" Dan couldn't stop a grin from spreading across his face as Chuck held out his hand and he shook it quickly before the two did a quick man-hug.

"Eva's not here." Chuck says when they've separated. "Henry's better but he still can't fly until his ear infection is completely gone. I was going to stay home with them but Eva insisted I come alone. Besides, Blair Waldorf is about to marry Lonely Boy from Brooklyn. I couldn't miss that." Chuck smirked.

"Oh how I've missed your wit Bass." Dan rolled his eyes. "Well, it sucks that Eva and Henry aren't here. But I'm glad you are." Dan slapped Chuck on the back as he made his way toward the coffee pot, still marvelling slightly that not only had those words come out of his mouth but that he actually meant them. "Blair's going to be ecstatic when she sees you."

"Yeah, I'm pretty excited to see her too." Chuck gave a genuine smile and Dan paused, watching the other man over the rim of his coffee mug as he drank.

He wasn't stupid. He knew Chuck still had feelings for Blair. He remembered all too well the words he had overheard Chuck say to her the night they told him about the pregnancy. It doesn't matter who else comes into my life, they will never mean to me what you do. Dan remembers the conviction in Chuck's voice that night and knows that he meant every word of it. But he also knows that while Chuck will always harbour feelings for Blair in some capacity (they've got too much history for him not too), he loves his family and is no longer the kind of man that would destroy everything for something that was best left in the past.


"Oh Blair, you look beautiful." Serena gushes from behind her and Blair locks eyes with her blonde best friend in the mirror, a soft smile spreading across her face.

Glancing at the clock, she took a deep breath. It was getting close now. She could hear the 20 guests she and Dan had invited mingling in the back yard. It was a small wedding by any standards, but absolutely minuscule by Upper East Side standings. Her mother had initially started making preparations for an elaborate wedding but Blair had quickly put the kibosh on that, explaining that she and Dan wanted something small; just them and the people they loved. Eleanor had simply smiled, pulling her into an embrace and telling her how proud she was of the woman she had become.

"Is Dan here yet?" Blair turned, smoothing down her simple, satin wedding gown, and Serena nodded with a smile.

"Yeah, they just got here. There's someone else who wanted to see you too." Serena says mysteriously. She opens the door again and Blair can't help but gasp when she sees Chuck appear in front of her.

"Oh my God! Chuck what are you doing here?" Blair stares at him shock and Chuck can't help but laugh as he makes his way across the room. "You said you weren't coming. Henry…"

"Eva and Henry are still in France, but I couldn't miss this day." Chuck envelopes her in a hug, mindful of her dress.

"Thank you Chuck." Blair smiles up at him. "It wouldn't have felt right without you here."

"Hey Blair, everyone's ready when you are." Serena appeared in the doorway again and Blair looked up, nodding.

"OK, I just want to run to rest room really quick. Could you round up Audrey?" Blair doesn't wait for an answer as she makes her way to the en suite, closing the door behind her.

"Why did you really come today Chuck?" Serena says when they're alone and Chuck turns to her slowly. "Last time we spoke you said that even if Henry wasn't sick you still didn't think that you could watch her marry Dan…"

"It's not Dan." Chuck interrupts, shaking his head. "I don't have a problem with Dan anymore, you know that. I just didn't think I could watch her marry anyone." Chuck pauses for a second, his shoulders slumping and Serena's expression softens. "I know that Blair and Dan are meant for each other and I love Eva and Henry more than I ever thought was possible, but Blair will forever be the one that got away. The way we ended will always be my biggest regret, my biggest fuck up, and I just didn't think that I could sit there and watch her promise forever to someone else, even Dan, without wondering what might have been."

"What changed your mind?" Serena asks quietly, glancing at the bathroom door before pulling Chuck out of the room and into the hall because the last thing Blair needed to hear was any of this.

"Eva actually." Chuck let out a short laugh. "That woman knows me better than almost anyone." Chuck glances back toward the room where they can hear Blair still moving around. "She told me straight to my face that I had to put my personal feelings aside and be there for my friends because if I didn't I would regret it."

"Seriously, she actually said that?" Serena looked sceptical.

"Eva knows that I will always love Blair, but she also knows the way I love her and Henry is something completely different." Chuck smiled a little. "And she was right. I would have regretted not being here. Blair is a part of me. The same way you and Nate are a part of me."

"The Non-Judging Breakfast Club." They both look up at the sound of Blair's voice and find her standing in the doorway, holding her small bouquet of flowers. "S, can you give us a second?"

"Yeah. I still need to get Audrey anyway." Serena pats Chuck's arm before hurrying downstairs.

"I didn't mean for you to hear any of that." Chuck says when they're alone, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"I'm glad I did." Blair moves toward him slowly. "I had a similar experience when you and Eva got married. It wasn't that I wanted to be the one marrying you, but I did wonder what if, so I understand. I should call Eva and thank her for knocking some sense into you. She makes you want to be better person, Chuck, which always made her the better person for you."

"Just like Dan did for you." Chuck wraps an arm around her shoulder, pressing a soft kiss on her temple. "Come Waldorf, let's go get you married."


Blair smiled as she slipped her arm into her father's and Harold patted her hand as they began the walk down the aisle toward Dan. As their eyes met, it took everything in Blair not to pull away from her father and run the rest of the way, eager to put the last piece of the puzzle of her family into place.

"Congratulations baby." Harold whispered as he kissed her cheek before shaking Dan's hand and taking his seat next to Eleanor.

"Hi." Blair looked up into Dan's eyes, unable to stop the smile that spread across her face.

"Hi." Dan smiled back. The ceremony was quick, simple; the complete opposite of everything that Blair had always thought she wanted for her wedding but it was perfect and when the minister pronounced them husband and wife, Blair didn't hesitate before launching herself into Dan's arms and crashing her lips against his, causing the small crowd of witnesses to laugh and burst into applause.

"Mommy are we married?" Blair feels a tug on her dress and grins as she scoops Ethan into her arms and Dan swings Audrey into his.

"Yes, baby, we're married." Blair settles Ethan on her hip, slipping her hand into Dan's as they make their way down the aisle toward the house where a small reception has been organized.


"Are you happy?" Dan murmurs into Blair's ear as they sway gently to the music later that night.

"The happiest I've ever been in my life." Blair pulls away to look at him. "Well, except for the day Ethan and Audrey were born."

"OK, well, I'll be number 2 after the twins." Dan leaned down to press his lips to her. "Speaking of, where are the twins…" Dan looked around the room before looking back at Blair.

"Jenny and Eric put them to bed about an hour ago." Blair rolled her eyes. "I'm glad it took you that long to notice they were missing."

"Well, I was distracted…" Dan buried his face in Blair's neck. "I keep thinking how I'd like to take you to bed."

"Dan." Blair swatted his arm as the song came to an end. "Stop it. We have guests."

"Dan!" Serena seems to appear out of no where. "I'm going to take off soon and I still haven't stolen you for a dance. Blair, may I?"

"Of course, S." Blair pecked Dan's lips. "I'm going to rest my weary feet." Dan watched Blair walk away before he turned back to Serena, moving her into his arms and the two of them danced silently for a few moments.

"Congratulations Dan. The ceremony was beautiful. I'm really happy for you and Blair." Serena smiled up at him.

"Thanks Serena. So, how are you and Nate doing? He's been pretty lipped about it. Won't tell me anything." Dan asked and Serena's face broke out of into a grin.

"Good!" Serena nodded enthusiastically. "We're taking it slow considering our history, but yeah. It's really good."

"I'm glad to hear that." Dan smiled, glancing over to see Blair swaying gently with Chuck across the dance floor.

"Are you OK?" Serena asked and Dan looked back the blonde for a second before looking back at Chuck and Blair.

"Yeah, of course, I mean Chuck is our friend." Dan paused for a second. "Yes, he and Blair have a history, but in our little group there aren't many of us who don't."

"Fair enough." Serena laughed. "Fair enough."


"They look angelic when they're sleeping, don't they?" Blair whispered late that night after the reception had wound down and Dan slid his arms around her waist, the two of watching their sleeping children.

"Just like their mother." Dan murmured back, chuckling as Blair swatted him playfully.

"Today was a great day." Blair leaned back against him. "I'm glad that we're finally a family." Blair looked down at her wedding ring, picking up Dan's hand to kiss his matching ring lovingly.

"We were always a family." Dan whispered, pulling her out of the room and closing the door quietly.

"Well, I'm glad that it's official." Blair turned in Dan's arms once they're locked away in their room. "Especially seeing as that family is going to be getting bigger soon, in about 9 months to be exact." Blair looked up at her husband, biting her lip to stop from grinning as realization spread across Dan's face.

"Oh my god! Are you serious?" Dan's voice was barely a whisper as Blair nodded and Dan placed his hand on her still flat stomach. "How long have you known?"

"I actually just took the test this morning." Blair laughed as Dan gathered her in his arms, burying his face in her hair. "So I take it, this is good news."

"This is amazing news." Dan pulls away from her, kissing her softly, lifting her easily into his arms and carrying her toward the bed.

"I love you Dan Humphrey." Blair brushes the hair from his eyes as he settles himself next to her on the bed.

"I love you Blair Humphrey."