Okay Guys here's a new Twilight Story for you all. Its ALL human. Anyway, Jasper and Rosalie are twins, and Emmett, Edward and Alice have no relation, but they are all Carlisles and Esme's adopted kids!

So, Alice and Bella are 16. And Edward, Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett are 17.

Rose and Emmet are together, and Jasper and Alice are.

Their all best friends, they've all known each other since they were young, and yeah best friends.

So, as the school have a 4 week break, their Geography and English teacher decided to pair up and take their classes camping for 4 weeks.

If you have anymore questions, please don't be afraid to mail me, or review!

Beep, beep, beep.

Ergh, today's the big day! That may sound like I'm excited to go on this stupid bloody camping trip but, quite frankly I feel like smacking my Geography and English teacher, so bad. So instead of chilling out, relaxing and reading for 4 weeks, I am forced to go on this stupid camping trip. Alice, Jazz, Emm, Rose and Edward are going so it won't be terrible, I will have my complety and utterly best friends there, but that only makes it a tiny bit better.

See, I'm Bella Swan, the klutz. I can walk across a completely flat surface and still find something to trip over, so yeah camping doesn't sound like a very good idea, unless I wanted to commit suicide, which I don't.

I can hear something going on downstairs and instantly know its my best friends, waiting to drag me to my death. Looking at the alarm clock I nearly screamed, but didn't as they would know I'm awake and force me from this warm bed, its only 6:30! And the bus is picking us up at 8!

Somehow, Alice knew I was awake, - I call it her sixth sense, she thinks its because she knows me all to well, which she does - and at that moment flung open my bedroom door.

"BELLAAAAAAA! Your awake, good. Now get your butt downstairs and eat while I pick out your outfit for today! Did you pack everything?" Alice said, in an overly cheerfully voice.

"Yes Mom" I answered, sarcasm dripping from my voice.

"Okay"! Alice smiled, ignoring my grumpy attitude, and nearly threw me down the stairs.

"Thanks Ali" I muttered, yawning and running my hand through my bed head.

Still half asleep I stumbled into the kitchen, thankfully not falling, and began making cereal, completely unaware of the fact that the rest of our gang were sitting at my kitchen table.

Behind me I heard snickering so I slowly turned, and nearly had a heart attack.

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed jumping out of my skin "Don't ever do that again! Haven't you known me long enough to know not to creep up on me!".

"Morning Bella Bear"! Emmett sang, using his favourite nickname for me.

"Morning" I grumbled, "Anyway how are you here so early, shouldn't Rose still be tempting you from bed?" I sneered at Emmett.


"Yeah, and the death of me" I groaned, shoving down my cereal.

Then I looked up at the utter Adonis that was sitting opposite me, Edward. I'd loved him since we were young, and I still do now, forever. His bright green eyes, that I can read so easily, his perfect shaped face, with the stunning pale skin. His sexy bronze hair that spikes in every direction and looks completely amazing, makes me wanna run my hand through it. His pale pink lips that look so luscious, that I could so easily kiss...

No Bella, I scolded myself you know Edward doesn't think of you more than a friend, who could love a plain Jane like me?

But the truth was I secretly hoped that he did love me back, because I do with all my being. I am simply in love with Edward Cullen, the Greek God, so amazing in so many ways.

"Alice dragged you from bed this morning too?" I asked, staring into Edward's eyes, that I could get lost in forever.

"Yeah" he sighed, "evil little pixie". He looked back into my eyes, and it seemed that everything else didn't matter anymore, it wasn't gravity keeping me to the ground, it was...Edward. "BELLA, EDWARD! EDWARD, BELLA HELLO? EARTH TO MARS?" Rosalie yelled, reaching over from Emmett's lap and snapping her fingers in front of my eyes.

I flinched and shook my head "Y-yeah w-what?" I stuttered, my cheeks feeling like they were on fire.

"Alice wants you upstairs" Rose smirked "to shower and change"!

I nodded quickly hurrying from my seat "She's more like my mother than a life long friend" I muttered, and they laughed around me.

"BELLA"! Alice called from the top of my stairs "HURRY UP!"

I sighed and followed her voice, only 4 weeks, only 4 weeks, I chanted, you'll be fine, you won't die...yeah right.


She walked into the kitchen, with her bed head and big doe like eyes and never looked anymore beautiful. Her mahogany brown hair so soft, I wanted to twirl it around my fingers. Her brown eyes, that I could be lost in forever. Her full pink lips, that I wanted to touch against mine.

She's everything in my life, my best friend, my, dare I say soul-mate? I love her, much more than anything, but I can't just walk straight up to her and shout "I LOVE YOU"! But I know she doesn't love me back. I mean, were just friends right? Bella's obviously more interested in other boys than me. I guess she doesn't feel the same way.

Finally after Alice and Rose played "Bella Barbie", the bus had finally arrived and we were heading out of her house, towards the school bus, and Bella was having second thoughts.

She backed away a little, trying not to be noticed and made a dash for her front door. I ran after her and threw Bella over my shoulder, turning around and heading for the bus, again.

"BUT-BUT, I DIDN'T SAY GOODBYE TO CHARLIE!" She yelled, trying to get free.

"Yes you did, you said goodbye last night, because you knew he would be working early this morning" I replied, grinning like a hyena.

"Emmett you gotta her bags?"

"Yep, just threw em' in the boot" He chuckled, along with the rest of us.

"BUT I'LL DIE IN THE WOODS" Bella yelled, attempting to pinch my neck.

"Bella you'll be fine, I promise I won't let nothing happen to you" I smiled, placing her on the first step of the bus.

"You promise" She asked, raising her eye-brows.

"I promise, now Bella, get on the bus".

She blushed, the blush I completely adore, and she turned and climbed into the bus.


Riding along to "hell on earth" as Bella described it, the gang were sat at the back. Rose, Emmett, Jasper and Alice took the back row, and Bella and Edward sat together in front of them.

Pulling out her IPod Bella offered if Edward wanted to listen to, and he agreed, popping in their ear phones, a song started playing, Clair de Lune.

"Debussy?" Edward asked grinning as it was his favourite.

"Love it" Bella sighed contently, blushing and looking down.

"Me too" Edward grinned, lifting up her head gently with his finger, to show he meant it. Bella smiled, and gently leaned against Edward, letting the music entrance her.

Behind them, the four were gossiping.

"But they looooveee each other" Alice groaned quietly.

"Thanks for stating the obvious Ali" Rose replied, snuggling further into Emmett.

"Glad to be of service" Alice answered sarcastically.

"They'll get together when were camping" Emmett interrupted.

"Yeah, and how do you know that?" Jasper asked, rolling his eyes.

"My gut tells me so" He grinned.

"Emmett are you sure your gut is not asking for food" Jasper joked, grinning.

"Hardy har-har, you so funny Jazz! No, I just know that they will okay?"

"Okay Emm, we believe you" Rose smiled, kissing his lips.

"Ewww, Guys! No making out in my line of sight" Alice squealed, and covered her eyes jokingly.

Back to Edward and Bella sitting in front of the gossips, they were laughing away happily, until "it" showed up.

"So Bella" Jessica sneered with a very nasally voice "Did you do something to your hair? Its still flat and boring".

Bella sighed "So Jessica, has your right leg met your left leg yet?"

The whole bus erupted with laughter at the quote, well apart from Jessica. She huffed and turned away before saying "Hello Edward" with an attempted sexy voice.

Bella then felt incredibly jealous, Edward wouldn't like Jessica, would he? "She has no self respect, she'd jump into bed with anyone she met" Edward whispered, angrily.

"I know, such a slut" Bella answered, using the same tone, very glad that he hated her just as much as she did.

"Anyway, we're here now"! Edward announced, and everyone started piling off the bus.

After everyone collected their luggage, they stood in a circle, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by many cabins, some large buildings that were food halls, games rooms, chill rooms etc.

"Okay guys listen up!" Mr. Barns the English teacher barked.

"You guys sorted your cabin mates before we left right". Everyone nodded, "And we know some cabins will have boys and girls, so there are two bathrooms, one for boys and one for girls. There is one large bedroom, filled with single beds, and the front room is your lounge room! Okay since we got that cleared, here are your cabin mates" And then he and Mr. Jones, the Geography teacher, started calling out the cabin groups.

"... Rosalie and Jasper Hale, Emmett, Alice and Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in Cabin 4. And Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie, Angela Webber, Jessica Stanley and Lauren Edwards in Cabin 5".

"But I wanted to be with the Cullen's and Hales" Jessica whined like a grumpy three year old.

"Okay lets go, fast"! Edward called hurriedly, and nearly ran for the cabin. The life-long friends laughed at his antics and followed him along. Emmett and Jasper caught up with him carrying their loves suitcases as their own, and Edward was carrying Bella's, as his. The girls had ran on, and were jumping around, messing about like kindergartens.

"Soooooo Eddie, Eddie-Eddie Edward" Emmett started, teasing Edward as he hated being called Eddie.

"Emmett, you know I hate that nickname" Edward growled, glaring daggers into Emmett.

"Okay chill bro, anyways, you like Bella don't you"?

"NO!" He answered to quickly, instantly regretting it.

"Yes you do, we've seen it in your eyes" Jasper grinned.

"But-" Edward tried, but didn't succeed.

"Its okay bro, your secret is safe with us" Jasper promised.

"Thanks" Edward sighed contently.

"So you DO love Bella" Emmett cheered.

"Okay fine, yes I do love Bella, happy now?" Edward yelled.

"Yes very" Jasper answered, very happy that they easily broke their brother.

Then they arrived at their new home for four weeks, struggling with their bags and the girls.