So, I finished up watching the 2004 version of Phantom of the Opera during French class today and I began to wonder exactly why Christine kissed Erik twice at the end. Well, here's my (short) explanation of a possible reason. I'm new to the Phantom fandom, so please excuse my misinterpretation of facts or lack thereof.

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The tense air was stifling, she decided through her hazy mind, far too stifling for her or anyone else's tastes. She glanced over at Raoul, looking quite uncomfortable with a lasso around his neck that could end his life at any given moment. Her eyes drifted over to the Phantom. He stared at with a hungry sort of stare, the type that he had had for quite some time now.

Christine began to walk toward him, her feet making soft thuds on the stone floor. "Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you; you are not alone!" Her voice was timid, yet strong; it was a surprising combination that Erik didn't know how to react to.

His heart began to beat faster as she approached. He let the rope go slack in his hands. There were questions in his eyes as to what she was going to do. In the deepest part of his mind, he wished and hoped and prayed for it to be her vow of love. His breath hitched as she reached up to lightly touch the left side of his face.

All traces of hesitation and fear were lost as she forcefully kissed him, sending fires of confusion and passion licking up and down his body. She felt ashamed, kissing another man when she was engaged to Raoul (whom, she noted painfully, was standing right behind Erik). Mere seconds later she ended their touch.

Erik's look of helplessness returned to his eyes. It was obvious he enjoyed the token; what man deeply in love with a woman wouldn't? He seemed to be begging for her to do it again. Pleading with his eyes, nodding his head as if to say, "Go on; do it again. Please, do it again!"

Christine felt a sudden rush of the old feeling she had had for him. It was tearing her apart, and she began to wonder if she didn't really love the man before her or the one tied to a portcullis. To satisfy this strange feeling, she pulled him into another kiss.

This one was different than the first. It spoke of eccentric desperation, of sorrow for a fault that could never be righted. She fought the urge to press herself against his torso and ask him to never let her go. Such youth's heart should never be tampered with like this, she thought suddenly. It will never turn out the way I want it to.

When she pulled away this second time, she was relieved to see tears pooling in Erik's eyes. He let a choked sob escape his still-warm lips as he stumbled up to his bedroom, barking orders for them to leave and never return.

Christine DaaƩ watched him disappear into his bedroom before releasing her beloved, both prepared and unprepared to leave her one true Angel of Music forever.

Hope you enjoyed that little bit of theory on one Christine's various strange actions.

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