I just wanted to let my readers know, I'm still definitely working on this story! Life's been so busy with finishing up classes, working (my roommate moved out, so now all the rent's on me), and I got two cats that require my attention. Of course, I'm very happy to give it to them, haha.

And here's my big exciting news: this Sunday, I'm meeting Misha! I'm going to the Supernatural convention in Nashville and get to meet him and get my picture taken with him. Isn't that awesome? It's okay, you can be jealous Anyway, my classes will be over next week, so I plan on getting back into my writing. Seeing Misha can only help my muse, right?

I hope everyone's doing well. Sorry, I know you probably came to this and expected a long chapter, and instead I give you a short, boring author's noteā€¦but it's coming, I promise!