Just playing in the sandbox!

Several people discover something about Darth Vader.


Commander Daine Jir entered Lord Vader's private office in the Imperial Palace.

To his surprise his commander was nowhere to be seen, or heard.

He stood there for a few minutes before noticing a holo album laying on the floor.

Curiosity got the better of the commander and he found himself picking it up.

He hesitated before turning it on.

He was surprised to see a beautiful, pregnant woman smiling at him.

I wonder who she is.

The holo shifted to show the same woman on the Senate floor; deep in a debate. It shifted again to a still holo of the woman and a familiar looking man with dark blond hair and blue eyes. It shifted again to show her pregnant form, still as death.

Daine swallowed and deactivated the holo and after a moment's thought placed it on Vader's desk.

I hope no one notices it.


Admiral Firmus Piett couldn't even to begin guessing why there was a holo album of a pregnant woman in Lord Vader's private office.

Maybe someone dropped it. He thought as he set it on the small table in the room.

He hesitated then.

What if it belongs here?

With that in mind he quickly, but carefully placed it on Lord Vader's desk.


Mara Jade carefully went through the things in Vader's private office.

There wasn't much, just a desk that was barely used, a datapad that had a dozen passwords on it, some datacards and a holo album of a pregnant woman.

Mara changed that holo until it returned to the first one then she ran them through her datapad searching for any hidden holos.

Her search came up empty.

Maybe someone misplaced it Mara thought.

Or maybe she was Lord Vader's lover or something like that. Her romantic side suggested.

She carefully placed the holo album back where she found it on Lord Vader's desk and made her way back to the emperor.

"There was nothing connected to Luke Skywalker in the office." She told her employer.


Luke and Leia silently walked into Darth Vader's private office and looked around.

Their eyes found the holo album.

'Should we do this?' Luke asked his twin silently

Leia nodded. 'It's the only way to keep our secret, for now.'

Luke was glad that the Empire had neglected to put security cams in his father's office, it made what he was about to do much easier.

He made his way to the desk where the holo album lay.

Luke hesitated for only a second before he picked up the album.

"Is it . . . ." Leia trailed off.

Luke activated the album and watched as holos of his mother slowly shifted by.

He turned so that she could see as well.

Leia's throat constricted at the sight of her mother's life less body.

"He must have really loved her to have made this." Luke commented softly.

Leia nodded.

Luke deactivated the album and placed it in a shielded pocket of his robes.

"Let's go." he said when he was finished.

The Skywalker twins turned and left the room.


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