A/N. My first Glee fanfiction :) I hope it's okay! I have to say, I've fallen a little in love with this pairing. 3 Set in Kurt's point of view. I wrote this entire fanfiction in my head on the way to university this morning. Let's hope I can write it as good on my computer as I wrote it in my head :) Things in italics are Kurt's flashbacks. Sort of meant to be like a blog post. Just a short drabble. :)

Warning: Homosexual Klaine, T rated.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, nor any of the associated characters.

Something Bigger

Blaine and I aren't dating. We're not. Sure, I may be in love with him, and I'm sure he feels the same. But we're not dating. He's my best friend, and I'm as reluctant to screw anything up as he is. But, then there's our secret. The secret that no one apart from us knows.

Once a week, completely at random, we give in to secret, deeply hidden feelings. Hidden so deeply, that most of the time we manage to convince ourselves that they don't exist. But every now and again, they just bubble up under the surface and we cannot keep them in any more. And that's when things like last Sunday happen.

We were sat in my bedroom. Just hanging out, like we do every Sunday. You were playing the guitar, and I was singing along. Call it an impromptu rehearsal. You got your guitar out, started playing. I couldn't help singing along. I remember I was smiling, enjoying myself. And the next thing I knew, your guitar was on the floor, you were next to me and your lips were on mine. It was how every one of these scenarios go. You kiss me, and we have a 10 minute make out session. You sat on the bed beside me, my hands were on your waist, one of your arms had me in an embrace, and the other was entwined in my hair. And I was responding. Pressing my lips eagerly against yours, holding you just as tightly. Then, seemingly as soon as it started, it stopped. You were back in your chair, guitar back in your hands, playing the same tune as you had been before it started. And, as usual, neither of us mentioned it.

To be honest, I was getting sick of it by that point. I was fed up of making out with you. I wanted to love you, and be loved by you. But as long as I was a coward, nothing would ever happen between us.

Our friends would be shocked. They would automatically assume we were using each other. 'Friends with benefits', they'd say. But that's not how it is. We know we care deeply about each other. But we're too afraid about it going wrong. Neither of us want to lose our best friend.

Maybe one day, we'll finally confess. Maybe one day, we'll be together. Until then, we'll keep being best friends. And we'll keep kissing until one of us breaks down and tells the other how we feel. Maybe I'll even tell you about it. If you're lucky.