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Saiyan in Mahora

Period 1: Prelude to Adventure! Son Gohan Returns!

Gohan grumbled in complete and utter misery. Why? Why do super hero's always get the short end of the stick? He asked himself repeatedly. He'd missed so many days of school fighting crime and saving the world, that he'd been transferred into a different school! And his mother had agreed to it! Now he would have to get used to going to a new school all over again, make friends all over again, and get used to fighting crime in a new city! To top it all off, Videl thinks this was all his idea, and now she isn't speaking to him! Could life get any worse?

"It's not fair!" He yelled off the top of his lungs. He lay back onto his Nimbus cloud gloomily which was currently speeding toward the city he would be going to school at. Looking down, he could see the city was only a few miles away now. At Nimbus speed, the trip was six hours. Who knew how much longer it would have taken by car, train or even by boat. It's not all that bad, he said to himself. His mother allowed him to get temporary residence in the city. So he got to be away from his nagging mother, insisting that he study and work his life away as a scholar.

He sighed heavily as the cloud began to descend towards his new city home. Feeling too gloomy to think straight, he hopped off his cloud a hundred feet from the ground and landed on in the street as soft as a feather. He noticed the disbelieving looks of the people walking past him. All they saw was what looked like a leap off a twenty- story building to a soft feet first landing on the ground! He bid them all a good morning and began jogging quickly to the school so as to avoid being stared at. Heh! Forgot where I was! Gohan said to himself while rubbing the back of his neck as he walked.

While walking, he pulled out a piece of paper that had the directions written for the apartment. "Well, I got to make the most of this situation. I wonder what the new school will be like?" he muttered to himself as he had arrived to his destination. "Well, this is the place, but…there is nothing here!" It was true. It was just an empty lot! How could this have happened? Did his mom pay for the wrong thing? "Great, where am I supposed to stay now?" he asked himself. "Well, no point of getting down. I guess I should check out this new school." Gohan flipped the other side of the sheet for the directions on the school called Mahora Academy.

As he walked through the town, he noticed the different shops and stores that the city had to offer. "This place isn't bad," he muttered as he took in his surroundings. He then made his way to where the address was located, with a little help from the crowd, giving him some directions of course. He finally got to where he needed to be and when he arrived he stood before a three to four stories tall building all the way on top of the stairs. Gohan looked amazed not at the size the building, but the fact he had to climb all those stairs. Well, it shouldn't be a problem for the demi-saiyan who saved the world a couple of times.

He turned his head around to make sure no one was looking. After the all clear, he dashed up the stairs quickly and in super speed. He didn't even break a sweat. He smiled and went running towards the building, but little did he know that someone, very small, furry and white was watching Son Gohan the whole time.

Inside the building, Gohan wandered around aimlessly, a bit lost till he found an office filled with adults working at a desk or going table to table with papers in hand.

"Can I help you with something?" Someone spoke out to him. Gohan looked and turned his attention towards a tall man with slick dark brown hair, combed back with some strains sticking out and brown eyes; dress in a suit with his jacket undone with a cigarette in hand.

"Yeah, I'm looking for a person under the name of Takahata Takamichi?" said Gohan, handing him the piece of paper. "I was told to meet him here."

"That's me," said the man called Takahata. The man gracefully took the paper, unfolded it and started to read it. He looked at the boy and asked, "Are you by any chance Son Gohan?" The demi-saiyan nodded. "Good. We've been expecting you. Right this way," he said, leading the way. Gohan looked a little dumbfounded before following the man. How did they know that I was coming?

They continued walking through the hallways and then found themselves facing the big double doors as Takahata knocked politely. "Excuse me, headmaster?"

Inside, there was a man looking out a window and sighing. He had an oddly shaped head, with a long goatee and ponytail; he also had very large brows that would put some manga characters to shame. He wore Japanese priest robes and he was having troubles lately with one of the students in his school. However, he would have to deal with them later as he heard the knocking from outside the door. He then heard Takahata's voice. "Come in."

The doors were open and the headmaster, Konoe Konoemon was introduced to the young demi-saiyan Son Gohan. "Welcome Son Gohan. My name is Konoe Konoemon, the headmaster of Mahora Academy. It's a pleasure in finally meeting you," spoke the old man as he walked up to Gohan.

"Thank you Konoe-san," said Gohan, bowing politely. "This academy is huge. I can't wait to start studying here!"

The headmaster titled his head to the side a bit in confusion. "Study? What do you mean Gohan?"

"Well, didn't you transfer me here to study at your academy? That's what it said in the sheet of paper that the academy sent me to my house."

"Ohohoho," laughed the headmaster. "You must be mistaken. This is an all-girls school. You are here to teach."

Gohan blinked for a few seconds and then he yelled, "WHAT?" Mom is so going to kill me when she finds out! "B-but how can I be a teacher when I am not qualified yet?"

"Well, actually, you're going to be an assistant teacher to a new teacher that recently came here to teach at this academy. He is pretty young for his age, in fact he is only 10 years old. He will need all the help that he can get."

"But what about my studies?"

"Oh don't worry about Gohan. With your study skills, I am sure that you wouldn't need to go to school anymore," said the headmaster with a smile.

Gohan looked at the headmaster intently. He wasn't buying this. Why would they need a 17 year old boy, who still needed to go to high school, to help out with a teacher in another school? It didn't make sense, especially with the weird ki signatures that he had been picking up ever since he got here. "Okay, what's the deal here?" he said sternly. "What is this really about?"

The headmaster's smiled turned into a serious one. This boy is good. "You caught on pretty quickly Gohan-kun. I am impressed and I'm sure you are curious to what those ki signatures are ever since you arrived, correct?"

Gohan flinched. "What are you talking about?"

"You don't have to hide it Gohan-kun," said the headmaster as he started to pour some tea in his cup. "I know about your abilities. Why do you think that I brought you here?" Gohan was silent in his response. He wasn't sure how to respond without revealing too much. "Tell me Gohan-kun, what kind of ki signature can you sense from me?"

Gohan looked at the old man as he closed his eyes in concentration. "It's weird. You're ki is unlike anything that I have felt before. It feels similar to Baba in a way. I'm not sure how to explain it."

"Well, then let me explain Gohan-kun. But before that, would like some tea?" asked the headmaster. Gohan nodded as he walked to the headmaster's desk and picked up a cup of tea. He sat down on one of the chairs in front of the desk and started to sip some. "Let me begin. I am a Magi or some would like to call a wizard. I practice the arts of magic."

"Magic?" said Gohan. "I'm pretty sure magic doesn't exist…that's not possible. There's no such thing as magic-"

"Actually there is Gohan-kun," the headmaster interrupted, "There are lots of people who are able to use magic through "wands", wooden sticks that amplified their abilities. They walk and live in our world without revealing themselves out of secrecy, operating with other magic-users. Besides, how can you of all people not believe in levitating something with a wand when you have faced things no one would think are possible?"

Gohan was silent as he thought about everything that ever happened to him. From when his evil uncle Radditz came to Earth and told him about the Saiyans, to when he reached past a Super Saiyan and beat Cell. He couldn't deny that logic. Yeah, he could see how a little thing like magic could exist in the universe when aliens and cyborgs have landed in his life on more than one occasion.

"Okay, so what does this have to do with me then?" asked Gohan.

"I want you to be the assistant teacher to Negi Springfield. Help him teach his class graduate this year, tutor them and so on."

"Ok," responded the demi-saiyan. "What else?"

"I need you to protect this class. Some of them are magically aware and tend to get into trouble. I want you to guard them with your life. You don't need to tell them you are protecting them. You can do it from the shadows, whatever helps you out. I need your word on this Gohan. My granddaughter is in that class and I want her to be safe. Do I have your word Gohan?"

Gohan pondered for a bit as he thought up of his response. He had come here to study and if his mother found out differently, she would beat him with the legendary frying pan of death. But on the other hand, he couldn't turn a blind eye to helping out someone in need. After all, he was a super hero and Goku wouldn't like it if he found out his son didn't help out those in need. He opened his eyes. "Of course, I will protect the class with all I have," Gohan stated with his serious face. All was silent for a good couple seconds, until Gohan's stomach grumbled. Scratching the back of his head sheepishly he said "Sorry about that. I haven't had anything to eat since I arrived. Is there any good places to eat around here?"

Konoemon was laughing at the boy's antics, serious one moment, cheerful the next. "Sure thing Gohan-kun. Here is a map on where all the restaurants are located. May I make a recommendation?" Gohan nodded. "Choose this one. I hear that they are serving up a buffet at this hour."

"Sure thing Konoe-san," Gohan said running out of the room. Only to come back in a few seconds later scratching his cheek rather embarrassed. "I kind of need money and a place to stay?"

The headmaster smiled and chuckled a bit, "No worries Gohan-kun. You can stay at the hotel that is on the other side of the island." Gohan chuckled nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck, wondering what was so funny.

Later that day

After eating out the entire buffet of the restaurant that the headmaster had recommended, Gohan came out with a satisfied look on his face. "Man that was good. I am glad that the headmaster recommended that place or I would have to pay a huge bill," he said to himself out loud. As Gohan began to walk around the district, he noticed how the place looked very gloomy at night. Then he caught sight of a person wearing a mask. Very suspicious.

Gohan smiled as he looked around him to see if anyone was near. He then teleported to one of the rooftops in the district and slid his sleeve to show a watch. He pressed the button on it to get encase in his Great Saiyaman costume. "Alright! It's good to be back in these clothes again," said Gohan as he practice his cool poses before heading out and saving the city.

Kakizaki Misa, student number 7 of class 3-A, was walking home alone at night, her purple hair fluttering in the wind. She had on a green tube top and a white skirt. Her feet had on some sneakers. She and her boyfriend were having fun at karaoke, when his dad called saying that she had to come home because of some emergency. He had offered her a ride but she declined saying that she can take care of herself, and that she should hurry home.

"I wish I had accepted that ride now," Misa said. "My feet are killing me." She continued walking the dim streets of the academy navigating her way back home, when she heard a noise behind her. Turning to around to see nothing, she decided to pick up her pace. A few steps later she heard footsteps following behind her. Once again she turned around to see nothing.

Misa then decided to run as fast as she can back to her dorm. After a couple of feet running she heard a crash behind her. She turned around to see a cat down an alleyway had knocked over a trash can. "Kitty, you scared me there," she said letting out a sigh of relief. She started to turn when she felt two hands grab her and drag her into an alley.

A burly man had grabbed pushed her into the wall of the alley, a gun at her throat. "Give me all your money!" he demanded.

"I-I-I don't have any!" Misa replied. "I used it all!"

"Don't lie to me!"

"P-please, let me g-go!" she pleaded, tears coming from her eyes. The man growled. He then eyed her up and down.

"You know for a middle school student you have a fine body. Maybe I should just take that instead," the man gave a dark chuckle. Misa's eyes widened and she started to struggle. The man pushed the knife to her throat drawing some blood to make his point. She stopped struggling but her eyes were watering. "Good now, let's see what's under this shirt of -ACKK!"

Misa felt the pressure around her neck go, and she fell to the floor. The man was holding his chest and on his knees. She then saw two feet in front of her. They were clad in white boots. She looked at the figure and saw a man doing a heroic pose dressed in a green tunic with a black undergarment. He also was wearing a turban with…sunglasses? What the hell? "Don't worry citizen, your hero has arrived," said the man. Misa blushed a bit and couldn't help but feel that everything was going to be alright as she watched the man walk up to the robber.

"What the hell man! You are going to pay for that!" the robber shouted. He charged the figure with his knife, only for it to grab his wrist with his left, and knock out the knife. "Screw this!" He pulled out his gun and started to shoot at the figure. Misa ducked for cover from the gunfire. She expected to hear a thud from a body falling but instead she heard a crunching sound. She turned around to see a ball of crushed bullets fall to the ground. What the? How did he do that?

The robber fell on his butt, shaking in fear. "Wh-who the hell are you?"

The figure smiled as he spoke, "I am…" The figure started to do a series of poses that he thought were cool as he spoke in a hero accent, "The new hero in town – the champion of justice!" He finished his poses by putting his hands in front of him like in a V shape. "I am the Great Saiyaman!" That was awesome! Gohan said to himself.

Silent was the alley. The robber was turning blue and started to laugh loudly. "HAHAHAHAHA! That's so lame, it goes with the lame outfit though!" Misa wanted to laugh but decided not to when she saw the man blush and clenching his fists. Sensitive isn't he? She said to herself, sweat dropping a bit.

The Great Saiyaman didn't think that his name was lame as he clenched his teeth in anger. "This is no joke!" he yelled as he pounded the floor in anger, causing a huge crack and wide-eyed shocks from the witnesses. "I worked very hard on that name!"

The robber couldn't help but tremble in fear and accidentally pee his pants. "A-actually, now that I think about it, it's a cool name…" I am so going to die! "I promise I won't hurt any other soul," he said as he ran away as fast he could from the Great Saiyaman.

The Great Saiyaman stood with a heroic pose and smiled. "Another day in the life of a hero." He turned around and saw the girl looking up at him with glinting eyes. "Shouldn't you be going?" he asked.

"I-I just wanted to thank you for saving me," she said bashfully, blushing as she spoke.

"You're welcome law-abiding citizen. Remember guns are bad. You shouldn't walk alone at night so next time be careful." She nodded then ran off thinking how she would tell all her classmates what occurred. The Great Saiyaman smiled and jumped into the air, onwards to the hotel.

The next day


The alarm clock sounded as Gohan turned to his side and pushed the snooze button on it. He got up and let out a loud yawn. He then put on his Son grin as he got out of the bed and changed into a suit that he bought yesterday. He then looked at the time and flinched. "Dammit! I am going to be late!" He grabbed his suitcase and went off running. As soon as he ran a few miles away from the hotel, Gohan looked around to see if anyone was around. Once he saw that he was alone, he took off in the air and went speeding to where he went down yesterday.

As soon as he got to the district, Gohan slowly went down and landed softly without drawing suspicion. Gohan then ran towards the train as he barely managed to get a ticket for this train. The suit he was wearing made it harder for him to actually run. Sure his all blue clothing and white button up shirt underneath looked fashionably, and hey the nice dress shoes were too, but he didn't like it. It didn't give him enough mobility to do what he needed. Now I see why Dad doesn't like to wear suits.

He then saw the doors starting to close. "Hold the door!" he shouted. Gohan saw a hand hold it and he skidded in. "Thanks for holding the door. If you hadn't, I'd be late for my job on the first day," he said to the person.

"It was no problem," a female voice said. He looked up to see a brunette girl a few inches shorter than her. She was in the Mahora Middle School uniform. Her chestnut eyes shone while she gave him a comforting smile. She gave off an aura of friendship and kindness, just like Goku.

Gohan returned the smile with his own Son grin. This caused the girl to blush and look away. "My name is Son Gohan. Thank you again," he said while bowing politely.

"It's nice to meet you, Son-san," the girl replied. "My name is Konoe Konoka."

"Konoe? You don't happen to be related to the headmaster of the school by any chance?"

Konoka nodded. "Yes he is my grandfather…"

"Hey Konoka!" another female voice interrupted. Both Gohan and Konoka looked at the source of the voice. It was a female in the same school uniform as Konoka, except it was larger in order to fit her frame. She had orange hair put into two pony tails, held together by bells. What caught Gohan's attention were her eyes. They were heterochromatic: her left eye was a dark blue while her right was an aquamarine. Next to her was a short red haired boy. He had glasses on his face, and wore a green suit. On his back was an odd stick. The orange haired girl finally took notice of Gohan standing next to Konoka. "Hey what are you doing?" the girl asked angrily.

"I was just thanking Konoka-san here for holding the door," Gohan replied still smiling. "Isn't that right Konoka-san?"

"Hai," nodded Konoka. "Gohan-san here was going to be late for his first day for his job and asked for someone to hold the door," Konoka explained.

"That was quite nice of you Konoka-san," the red headed boy said.

"Thank you Negi-sensei," she replied smiling.

"You're Negi Springfield?" Gohan asked pointing at the boy.

"Why yes, yes I am," Negi said.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Son Gohan, and I have applied to work at Mahora and will be helping teachers there starting today," Gohan offered extending his hand to the boy. Negi gladly accepted it and shook it. Gohan heard the orange girl scoff at the scene. "May I help you?"

"You expect us to believe that you are going to teach at the school? You're like what 16?" the girl known as Asuna said.

"I'm 17," Gohan said. "Besides the kid right here is younger than me and teaches. You don't seem to have a problem with that."

Gohan then got smacked on the head with a fist. He ignored the hit but to act normal, he pretended to be hurt. "What was that for?"

Asuna was tending to her fist as she glared at the dark haired teenager. "Baka! Of course I have a problem with it! By the way, my name is Asuna! Kagurazaka Asuna! And what is your head made of, lead?"

Gohan was silent in his response as he tried to figure out on how to explain it to her or even to the other two. Luckily though, the train stopped which made him not say anything. But on the other hand, the train had come to an abrupt stop, sending Asuna crashing into him, the proximity to each other made them both blush. Asuna got up and mumbled an apology and Gohan did the same thing with some bowing. His mother had taught him well.

"Well see you later Gohan-san," Konoka said as the doors opened and the people stampeded out.

"Yes, it will be a pleasure working with you Gohan-san," Negi input as he too ran out the doors.

Gohan then looked at Asuna who was glaring at him. "Aren't you going to run off too? You'll be late for class," Gohan said to her. She rolled her eyes and ran off. Gohan shook his head and stepped out. The stampede only grew bigger outside of the train. "You have got to be kidding me," Gohan grumbled as he was pushed down onto the floor. After the stampede was cleared, Gohan got, scratching his back. He then looked at the watch on the street and yelled, "Aw! I am going to be late." He looked around to see if anyone was watching, which no one was. He then got into a sprint and dashed quickly to the academy, more specifically the headmaster's office.

Meanwhile, Konoemon was patiently waiting for his new employee to arrive. He wasn't late yet, but he wanted the boy to be here on time. I wonder where he is right now. He thought. The headmaster heard a whizzing noise go through the air and thunk on his door. He examined the door and then suddenly felt a big breeze come in. He turned around to see Gohan stopping himself.

"Phew! I made it," said the demi-saiyan. "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything."

"Don't worry Gohan-kun it's alright," Konoemon said. He entwined his fingers together and rested his chin on it. "You know what to the job requires you to do right?" Gohan nodded. "Good. Shizuna please ask Negi to come to the office please."

At the same time

"I can't believe the headmaster let an idiot like that be a teacher at this school!" Asuna whined as she, Negi and Konoka walked into the building.

"He's not that bad Asuna," Konoka said. "He was just trying to make conversation with us."

"I agree with Konoka-san, Asuna-san," Negi replied.

"Negi, not you too!"

Negi quickly sprung into action as he tried to change the subject or be subjugated to Asuna's punishments. "Hey I have to the teacher's lounge to see if I have mail. See you in class girls."

"Bye Negi!" Konoka said.

"See you later," Asuna mumbled as she and Konoka entered the classroom. The class of 3-A was never a normal class, with all of their odd quirky students in it, so it came with no surprise to both of the girls to see all of their classmates huddled around one desk. Asuna and Konoka put their stuff in their seats and went to the crowd. "What's happening here?"

"You mean you didn't hear?" Saotome Haruna asked. This girl had on glasses and long hair like Konoka, but it was a lighter shade and had two antennae like hairs sticking out of her head.

"'Hear what?"

"Misa was attacked last night on her way home after her date."

"My goodness, nothing bad happened to her right?" Konoka asked concerned.

"I'm alright, thanks for asking," Kakizaki Misa replied. "I managed to get away from the man, but he was really scary. He even threatened me with a knife and a gun."

"How did you manage to get away?" asked a buxom red head, with her head in a ponytail. This girl was Asakura Kazumi, 3-A's very own budding reporter.

"I escaped with some help. Though the guy that helped me was odd…" Misa said getting into a thinking pose.

"Why do you say that?"

"He just came out of know where, and I think he kicked the guy in the chest or something. He wore this strange green outfit with a turban on his head and he wore sunglasses. He told me to stay back."

"So it was a he that helped you? Are you sure it wasn't some she who can change her voice? " Asakura asked again. Misa glared at her, making her put her arms up in defense. "Sorry, sorry please continue."

"As I was saying, he told me to stay back. I then saw the robber attack him, but he just easily stopped the attack and then the robber took out a gun. He started to shoot the man. I ducked for cover and thought that the man was going to die. Instead, he was unharmed and had the bullets all crumbled up in a ball. The robber shook in fear and ran away. I thanked him and then he was gone."

"That didn't sound weird at all, except for him appearing out of nowhere and his outfit," Asuna said getting into the conversation.

"That wasn't what made it weird," Misa defended herself. "What was weird was his name and the fact that he flew. He said his name was the Great Tireman or something like that. Maybe it was Great Saiyaman?"

"Don't tell me you fell for the hero thing. You have a boyfriend Misa," Asakura reprimanded her.

"NO! I didn't fall for him like that. It's just that I heard that name from somewhere before," Misa concluded.

"So you are telling me that we have vigilante out there on our campus, who can easily knock people out, and catch bullets?" Asakura concluded. Misa nodded. Asakura replied by laughing out loud. "You really expect me to believe that? I mean what kind of person can do that, a magician? You know magic isn't real."

Asuna was sweating bullets as soon as she heard the last part of the conversation. She was one of the very few who knew of magic actually existing in her. The other's she knew about were Evangeline and Chachamaru, because one was a vampire and the other her servant. She tuned out the rest of their conversation as she thought of who the hell did that.

Her train of thought was broken when the door slid open. All conversation stopped as the teacher, and Negi stepped in. Miyazaki Nodoka led all of the class to greet Negi. After their greetings everyone sat down and Negi spoke up. "Everyone! Next week, class 3-A is going on a school trip to Kyoto and Nara. Is everyone prepared?" A collective "Yeah!" was the answer. As everyone was talking amongst themselves about it there was a knock on the door.

"Negi-sensei, the principal is calling you!" Shizuna said.

"Ah, okay"

A few minutes later

"So the school trip will proceed as planned. I'm counting on you, Negi-kun."

"Yes sir!" Negi replied. He just heard that he had a mission to do in Kyoto. He had to settle a dispute between the Kansai and Kyoto magic associations. Even with this, Negi will still have a chance to look for info for his father. He was about to leave, when the headmaster called out to him.

"Oh Negi before you leave, I forgot to mention we are sending you with some back up." the headmaster called out.

"Back up?"

"Yes he will be helping you out during your trip, as well as the rest of your career here."

"When do I get to meet this person?" Negi asked.

"Right now, he was in the room listening. Let me introduce you to your new helper and assistant…" Konoemon hesitated. A dark haired figure appeared and stood in front of Negi. Onyx eyes met red ones. "Son Gohan."

"Gohan-san!" Negi shouted surprised.

"It's good to see you Negi-san," Gohan said as he bowed politely to Negi. "Please take care of me."

"Of course."

"Now I am sure that Gohan-kun would like to meet your class right now, correct?" asked the headmaster.

Gohan nodded. "I hope you wouldn't mind Negi-san."

"Of course Gohan-san," replied Negi happily. "Follow me please." The duo then left the room, leaving a chuckling headmaster.

"So Gohan, are you a mage?" Negi asked as he and Gohan walked the hallways.

"No I am not," Gohan answered. This got a surprised look from Negi. "What are you then?"

Gohan was silent. He wasn't sure how to answer that question. He didn't want to reveal too much information to the kid. However, trust is a two-way street. "I'm not sure how to explain it but I guess you could call me a martial artist."

"Oh ok Gohan," Negi said.

"He is lying!" Gohan looked around the hallway to find the voice. He then noticed a small bundle in front of Negi's suit move around. Out came out a head of a white…ferret?

"I didn't know you kept a pet ferret Negi-san," Gohan commented.

"I'm not a ferret! I'm an ermine, get it right!" the white ermine called.

"Cool, I am sure that Goten would love you," said Gohan as he patted the ermine. Gohan saw a tick mark appear on the ermine's head as the ermine brushed Gohan's hand aside.

"This guy is lying nii-san!" yelled the ermine.

"Why Chamo?" asked Negi. "How is Gohan-san lying?"

"This guy is definitely a mage!"

"What makes you say that?"

"Because he climbed the 'steps' in front of the academy at super speed and treated it like it was nothing!" Gohan flinched as soon as he heard that last part. Dammit, Gohan cursed himself.

"Is that true Gohan-san?" asked Negi with a disbelieved face. Gohan was unsure how to respond to this. It was like Satan City all over again.

"Well, I'm just a really…very athletic guy," said Gohan nervously, hoping they would buy that excuse. Negi and Chamo looked at each other for a while.

"Ok I'll accept that," Negi responded with a smile. Chamo was unsure, the guy looked suspicious.

"I'll take it for now. But later you will have to tell us who you really are. The name's Albert Chamomile by the way," the ermine said with a cigar in his mouth. "But call me Chamo."

"Nice to meet ya, name's Son Gohan," replied the demi-saiyan.

"Gohan-san, who is this Goten that you mentioned before?" asked Negi.

"He is my little brother and I think he is about your age," responded Gohan. "I hope you get to meet him. He will definitely like you."

Negi blushed at the compliment. "Thanks Gohan-san."

While Gohan and Negi were walking back to the classroom

"Did you girls hear?" Asakura asked her classmates. "We're getting an assistant teacher for our class."

"When did you hear that de gozaru?" asked a tall lightly tanned girl. She had olive green hair and her eyes seemed like they were closed.

"I heard it yesterday, Kaede. He was supposed to be here yesterday too, but he got caught up with the headmaster about some business."

Asuna decided to tune out the rest of the conversation of the girls, trying to sleep in the class. Negi had given them free time since he didn't want to stress them this week so he was going light on the work. This gave the girls time to chat up like the girls in some parts of the room, or just mind themselves like others. She looked up to see Miyazaki Nodoka, a shy purple haired girl, being pressured by her two friends Ayase Yue and Saotome Haruna into asking Negi out.

She let her thoughts drift again, but they kept going back to the dark haired teacher. She was wondering if she was crazy since she had a dream about him and her doing rather intimatethings together. She became flustered and shook her head.


"What!" she snapped. She then saw the rest of the class looking at her. She looked away embarrassed. "What do you want Asakura?"

"What do you think the new assistant will be like?"

"A dark haired idiot…" Asuna mumbled.

"You think so?" Asakura asked. She didn't get an answer as she saw Asuna's eyes go out the window again. The reporter sighed at the girl's expression. She needed more info on this guy.

All commotion stopped as there was a knock on the door. Takahata-sensei then entered the room and stood in front of the class. "Hello girls. As you may have heard, you are getting an assistant for your class. He will be helping Negi-sensei for the rest of his career at this school so please take care of him. You can come in now," Takahata finished speaking towards the door as Negi entered first then came Gohan.

The girls looked in anticipation as they saw a boy, no young man walk in. He had dark hair with a couple of bangs in the front. He was wearing a blue suit and a white shirt inside with a blue tie. He got in front of the class and faced the girls. Most of the girls blushed at the person. He had stunning onyx eyes as he stared out at them. His mouth was put with the trademark Son grin. "Hello! My name is Son Gohan, I hope we can get along well," he said while bowing politely to the class.

Gohan noticed that most of the girls had blushes on their faces, some had hearts in their eyes and a very few nosebleeds. After his introduction all hell broke loose. The girls swarmed him and kept asking questions.

"How old are you?"

"Where do you come from?"

"What is your type of girl?"

"Can I get your number?"

While this was happening Gohan was trying his hardest not to get crushed. He didn't know what to do in these kinds of situations since he didn't have much experience with girls growing up. Well, except Videl but that was different. However, that didn't stop his face from blushing red. He was saved when Takahata broke up the group. Gohan was still on the floor greedily taking gasps of air and put his hand on his face to hide the blush. He got up and steadied himself on the table. "Thanks Takahata-sensei," Gohan said.

"No problem," he replied. "If you need me in in the lounge right now kay?" Gohan nodded as Takahata walked out the door.

"Hello Gohan-sensei," a red head said as she put a microphone to Gohan's face. "I'm Asakura Kazumi Class 3-A's very own reporter. Do you mind answering a few questions?"

"Ummm…sure," Gohan answered even though he sweat dropped.

"How old are you?"


"Where do you come from?"

"Far away, a house in the mountains somewhere up north."

"What's your favorite color?"

"I'm not sure actually."

"What type of girl are you into?"

"Come on Asakura do you think he would answer that kind of question?" Asuna shouted defensively. "He is blushing red for Christ's sake!"

"Kazumi-san can you please stop questioning Gohan-sensei, I think he would like to use this time to get to know the class," Negi said coming next to the teen. "Wouldn't you Gohan-sensei?"

"Yeah that would be nice. Please continue whatever you were doing before I got here, and I'll get to you shortly okay?"

"Hai sensei!" the girls replied as they got back to talking. Gohan then looked to the back to see two chairs empty.

"Hey Negi, who sits back there?"

"That would be Evangeline-san and Chachamaru-san," Negi explained. "They left early to meet up with the headmaster." Gohan nodded.

He then walked up to talk to someone else when he felt something in the air. A ki signature. And it was a strong one. Gohan turned serious as he looked around to see who it belonged too. He finally realized who it belonged to as he turned around only to see Negi almost going to sneeze in front of him. Gohan felt that this sneeze was going to be disastrous. However, he failed to realize how disastrous it was going to be.

Negi then sneezed in the general direction of Gohan. The sneeze was so powerful it ripped off most of Gohan's clothes, leaving him in his teddy bear underwear. All the girls looked at him, resulting with some getting nose bleeds and passing out. The few who didn't either were either glaring at him or taking in his figure. He then glared at the sheepish looking Negi who was stuttering out apologizes. "It's going to be a long year," Gohan muttered.

Later that day

Gohan sighed out loud as he walked out of the academy. "Man that was a long and it was only the first day." He was wearing his training gi that he luckily brought along. "Now where is this place that the headmaster told me that I could stay at?" He was looking at the sheet of paper that the headmaster gave him directions to his new living quarters.

He had been walking around the district aimlessly trying to find the place. As he looked around, he saw a ball roll down the street with a young middle school girl chasing after it. However, an incoming train was coming at full speed, unable to stop for the girl. Gohan saw this and sprang into action. Without considering the watchful eyes, he dove in front of the train and stopped it with his bare hands. He did all very quickly, without having anyone suspect a thing as the girl continued to chase after the ball. The train conductor had been knocked unconscious. Everyone turned their attention to the scene as everyone went out to help the train conductor and the passengers on board.

Meanwhile, Gohan was on the other side of the street. He let out a sigh, thankful that everything went ok. "Good, no one saw me stop that train."

"So it was you?" Gohan turned his head to see Asuna running towards and carrying him into the forest. "Ok, spill it! Who are you? How were you able to stop that train?"

Gohan blinked a few times in confusion. "I have no idea on what you are talking about Asuna-san."

Asuna then pulled up close to Gohan's face with menance on her face. "I saw you stop that train. Explain!"

Gohan's face was washed with alarm, unsure on how to respond. The whole atmosphere was dead silent with the wind even succeeding. This was truly, truly bad for Son Gohan.

Author's note: Well I hope you like my opening chapter. I was browsing the site and noticed there were a lot of stories of Naruto acting as Negi's assistant and thought...What about Gohan? So I tried to do something similar to those stories. I was wondering who I should pair Gohan up with? Don't worry about the Asuna part although she is a candidate for a harem even if Gohan doesn't want to. Leave some reviews and let me know if you liked it or not. Peace!