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Period 59: A Powerful New Foe Appears! Tullece's Rebellion!

Back on Mundus Magicus…

It had been a few minutes since Kotarou had left the battlefield, leaving Piccolo and Kagetarō behind. The two of them were standing on top of rooftops, distant from each other. Piccolo was relaxing his muscles as he cracked his neck one last time. The shadow man only continued to stare. The warriors stared at each other intently, waiting for someone to make the first move. Piccolo decided to do it as he went into a horse stance.

Kagetarō was a bit surprised by this sudden action. "What are you doing?" he asked.

Piccolo grinned. "It wouldn't be fair to you if I didn't go all out on this fight. It's been a while that I fought against someone like you," the Namekian stated as he then began to power up. As the building shook and cracked beneath him, a white aura sprung up around him, debris joining it as the warping energy ripped up the ground beneath him.

Kagetarō watched with interest as Piccolo's white aura suddenly flashed pure blue and bolts of white electricity began shooting out of him, chewing up the rooftop at burning it at a five meter radius from him. The building shook even more and, when it seemed that the building would collapse, Piccolo finished his power up, his energy level resting, balanced. Feeling his strength pulsing through him, the green warrior growled and took a fighting stance, his feet crunching into the building and forming heavy foot marks. The shadow fighter was definitely intrigued.

Ready to put it to the test, Kagetarō dashed from his spot and went into super speed. He went on the attack as he sent out a high ribbon to Piccolo's face, then an upwards left kick that launched him farther up in the sky. Kagetarō quickly followed pursuit as his ribbons landed a few blows on Piccolo's chest then to the face and to finish it off, a roundhouse kick. However, Piccolo was ready as he had waited for the counter, landing a kick to Kagetarō that sent him flying across the sky.

Piccolo disappeared and then reappeared quickly above Kagetarō's position as he laid out a forearm attack on the shadowy fighter. Kagetarō was sent flying to the ground, crashing through a couple of building before he landed on the ground on all fours. He quickly stood up and looked around for the Namekian. Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him. He turned around to see Piccolo with his knees bent and his two right fingers on his forehead with sparks of ki coming out. "MAKANKOSAPPO!" screamed Piccolo as he launched his signature technique.

The ki beam coursed through the city, powerful enough to make a large trench on the ground. Kagetarō watched as the beam hit him, creating a large explosion that rocked the entire area. As the smoke began to dissipate, there was no sign of the shadow fighter, only a large black ball. But Piccolo knew better. Kagetarō had survived that blast.

He had put a defense using his black ribbons just at the last second. Plus, the Makankosappo didn't have much power behind it. Piccolo didn't want to get innocent people involved. If it were the previous Piccolo, that would be a different story.

Kagetarō put down his defense as the black ribbons retreated back to him. He glared at the Namekian while Piccolo simply smiled as the two warriors went into super speed. Shock wave after shock wave exploded into life, sending ripples of energy coursing through the ground and then the sky as both fighters locked fists. The brawl continued on, shaking the skies and earth. With every blow that made contact from the attacker to the opponent, the show of force cracked the ground, raising dust and debris.

Everyone in the city could feel the earth shake from the very fight that was taking place. It was incredible. The two of them blurred into focus and then disappeared again, having launched an attack but quickly moved into either pursuit or retreat. They broke every chance they got, returning to a quick cat and mouse chase before returning for another engagement. They tore through the skies like rockets, moving across the skies above the city before moving back down and taking the fight to the ground. You could see clouds of dust rising everywhere they ran, moving at too great speeds to see.

Explosion after explosion occurred, the two fighters making on brief appearances in the form of blurs. Every time they kicked off the ground, their energies pushed into their flight and springs, as well as leaps, jumps and attacks, which sent rippling shockwaves. As a result, the buildings in the city started to crack under the pressure. People began to flee in panic, wondering what the hell was going.

All in the while of this panic, stood a small girl as she was looking up at the sky, seeing these two fighters going at it. Even though she couldn't follow them, she did know that they were fighting as they moved around constantly, not letting up and giving it their all. Kagetarō was pushed to his limits, not forced into a tight corner just yet, but managing to keep up with his opponent. Flurries of fists and kicks were unleashed, barely grazing their targets at some points but most of the time making contact with parries or blocks. Both of them were putting up hard defenses that not even a swing of a bat could break.

Reappearing, Kagetarō hurled across the city streets and sent several powered-charge black ribbons at his opponent. Piccolo crossed his arms over his face, blocking the ribbons from making any mortal wounds but was cut up by some stray ribbons and eventually, staggered back by the momentum. Incidentally, this had broken his guard. He back-flipped, landing on his feet before pushing off and jumping into super speed once again.

The two reappeared again, Kagetarō spinning through the air and throwing a right roundhouse kick. Piccolo blocked it with his arm but was knocked back by the force, the attack breaking his guard once again and sending him staggering to the side. Knocked off balanced, he fell, only to flip, pushing off the ground with his right hand just as his opponent sent his black ribbons at him, only to miss. The Namekian disappeared into super speed, Kagetarō turning his eyes skywards and growling through gritted teeth.

Suddenly, Piccolo appeared right behind the shadow man. Kagetarō shrieked but it was too late as Piccolo had put his right hand forward with his left holding it as this upcoming attack was aimed at the shadow man's back. "BAKURIKIMAHA!" A giant blue ki ball appeared in Piccolo's hand and was pushed against Kagetarō's back, sending the shadow man up into the sky.

Kagetarō let out a loud roar of pain as the attack was very powerful and was tearing his back apart. He needed to do something quickly and fast. In mid-flight, Kagetarō moved to his side and let the attack pass by him. The blast tore into the sky and let out a humongous explosion that lit up the entire blue sky! It was a sight to behold.

Kagetarō, meanwhile, glared at the Namekian in complete surprise on how easily Piccolo was dealing with him, especially on how that last attack almost finished him off. He glanced at his body, noticing a few differences. The black cape was no longer with him as it had been ripped to shreds. Various cuts and tears were all over him but most importantly, his mask was beginning to crack. He couldn't allow that to happen. Not he was so close to avenging for what happened in the last war.

With that kind of thinking in mind, Kagetarō fazed into super speed, hoping that Piccolo would follow. And he did as he pursued, zapping into super speed. More flashes, shock waves of bursts of dust occurred along the ring and at low altitudes above the city. They locked horns again, engaging in a brawl that dragged through the skies with the two of them gaining and giving their share of attacks. From here, every blow managed to land, mostly on defenses. They rarely struck their targets.

Piccolo decided to change tactics, pursing his opponent and chasing him across the city. They leapt down from the skies, Kagetarō pushing from the ground and retreating as Piccolo came down, crashing to earth with a kick which resounded in a shock wave before he chased, also disappearing into super speed yet again. They flashed in and out of focus, with Piccolo obviously on the attack.

As the fight continued, Piccolo's speed and strength had been increasing to a new level, just to shake things up a bit. He'd been outpacing Kagetarō blow for blow; the two of them moving at incredible speeds through the air and clashing with intense fury. When Piccolo reappeared, he spun around, seeing Kagetarō reappear behind him and send a punch. Kagetarō phased out, followed by Piccolo. This was quickly followed by Kagetarō reappearing with a few black ribbons, only his attack landed with an afterimage.

But Kagetarō wasn't going to give up as he sent black ribbons everywhere. By chance, one sent a drive punch into Piccolo's stomach which sent him skyward. Kagetarō flashed into super speed and appeared behind him in his path, bringing his right hand back and throwing a few black ribbons into his back. Piccolo disappeared just as his fist passed through. The shadow man gritted his teeth and glared ahead of him in frustration. He was battered and bruised, bleeding from the lip and looking worse. Without needing to contemplate anything, he flashed into super speed too, following his opponent.

After spotting his target, Kagetarō mustered all the strength he could and powered up. At an amazing speed, he flew at his opponent, letting out a cry of anger before being hit full on by an invisible blast. The force of the attack sent Kagetarō falling back, spinning out of control.

Piccolo had his left hand held out and down at him, the hot breeze blowing by him. Downing his opponent, he gave chase, flying after him. Spinning round, regaining his composure and balance, Kagetarō powered up and shot off in another direction, eyes firmly plastered on Piccolo, who was quickly gaining ground on him.

Within moments, the Namekian reached him, throwing a powerful jab at him. Kagetarō turned around, blocking the punch while the two were still in mid-flight. It was here the two of them engaged in a furious battle, Kagetarō 's black ribbons lashing out at Piccolo. The defense that Piccolo was putting up was strong, with his counter attacks being far more lethal. They flew on before changing course, beginning to drift upwards whilst locked in that battle.

Seeing that a girl was standing still amongst the panic, a few people started to join her as they looked up as shockwaves occurred with blows landing on each other, explosions of force ringing out everywhere. Kagetarō knew he wasn't going anywhere. It was time to use one of his ultimate attacks. And even though the Namekian had witnessed it, it was better than being beaten. Charging up his fists, he let out a loud roar. "CENTUM LANCEAE UMBRAE!" Kagetarō cried as he unleashed his assault. He showed Piccolo no mercy. But Piccolo had managed to block several of the blows before cranking back his right fist and sending a hook across Kagetarō's face, sending him flying back to the ground.

A loud cloud dust appeared as the shadow man laid in his own crater. He glared up and noticed Piccolo descending towards him. The shadow man struggled to get up to continue the fight but found himself unable to do so. He cursed at his predicament. "Dammit! How is this possible?" he shouted.

"Simple, I am much stronger than you," Piccolo said. "Besides, I have seen and battle against opponents the likes for which you have never seen before. I had fought to the death. Those two boys had never felt that experience until now."

"Why are you complimenting me?" Kagetarō asked.

"Because, you were a worthy adversary that's why," Piccolo stated. "I usually never say that."

"Tsk! This sucks," Kagetarō said, grabbing a bit of Piccolo's interest. "I had hoped to have finished off that 'Nagi Springfield' before the Ostia tournament, but I guess I am going to have to go along with Rakan's plan after all."


"Rakan, the Master of a Thousand Blades," Kagetarō stated. "Surely, you know of him."

The Namekian shook his head. "No, I don't," he responded. "But tell me, what is this plan of his? I wish to know more."

Meanwhile, on Planet Minerva…

As one of his alien servants was bringing back the crystal from its temple, Kureeza couldn't help but let out a small grin. "Now there are four of them left," he said. The alien then handed the crystal to one of Kureeza's bodyguards, Raboli. Raboli was large red alien who some would call a large ball of putty with a mechanical interior. His ears were pointed like those of a Namekian and he had no eyebrows; just a brow. He sported the standard uniform the Kureeza's army with large shoulder plates with long pants. However the battle armor had been greatly expanded due to his weight. He also sported some tentacles out of his chin, four to be exact. But his demeanor was that of a balloon ready to pop.

Once the soldier that carried the crystal gave it to Raboli, Kureeza spoke without looking at his faithful bodyguard. "Hold on to those carefully, Raboli-san," Kureeza stated. "It appears that Tullece is after them, as well." The red alien blob nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, the other soldier next to Kureeza, Ringune looked at his Scouter. "Kureeza-sama, Manudara has just landed, in pursuit of Tullece," spoke the more 'handsome' of the group of villains. Ringune was much, much thinner than his counterpart, Raboli. He shared many physical similarities to his late distant cousin, Zarbon. However, his hair was blue rather than green which matched the color of his skin and it was braided. He did not sport any earrings, for his family had been disgraced following Freeza's defeat. He did, however, sport a long black cape along with his battle armor. He also wore very cultural leg and arm-wear to keep with his disgraced family clothing.

He continued to look at his new master, Kureeza, expecting some kind of reaction after hearing the news that Manudara had landed. But no such response came. Ringune continued. "Also, the four large power readings that appeared shortly before Tullece arrived suddenly disappeared, and remain so," he said. "Our men are searching the area where the readings came from which is incidentally where the famed 'Transport' is located, so we should find out their source momentarily."

"Tell them to destroy the 'transport', Ringune-san. Our only concern now should be on how to deal with Tullece, who has turned against me."

"In that case, you need not worry," Ringune responded. "Manudara is on his way to dispose of Tullece. The two of them have always hated each other, and their abilities are just about evenly matched. Whatever happens, Tullece will not come out unharmed."


At the second crash site, which was incidentally next to Tullece's crash site, a Hulk-like alien appeared from the crater. It was Manudara! "Tullece, you won't get away! Heh heh heh," chuckled the alien as he pushed the red button on his Scouter, looking for Tullece's battle reading. Within a few seconds, the Scouter had pinpointed Tullece's location.

"I found you, Tullece," grinned the Hulk-like alien. "I have orders from Kureeza-sama. Do you read me, Tullece? Now I can kill you, without any reservations!"

"Don't make me laugh, Manudara," spoke Tullece in Manudara's Scouter as the Scouter was now acting a two way radio between the evil Saiyan and Manudara. "Do you really think you can kill me? Hurry up and get here. I'm waiting for you."

"What are you, blind? Take a good look at your Scouter!" Manudara boasted as a blue blazing aura surrounded the Hulk-like alien, enhancing his speed. "My battle power is clearly higher than yours!"


Asuna, Kotarou, Setsuna, Konoka and Kaede were still standing in shock at seeing the second pod land on the Planet Minerva. Things were turning for the worse. Asuna fell onto her knees in sadness. "Why is this happening?" Asuna asked out loud. "We were just going to collect the Calicem Crystallinum to give extra strength to Gohan and Negi. What the hell is going on?"

"I'm not sure, Asuna-neechan," Kotarou replied. "But it's best that we get out of here and get help. I have a feeling that these people have come for the Calicem Crystallinum to get their evil wish. We have to stop them, especially Tullece."

"You are right, Kotarou-san," Setsuna said. "But how are we going to do this?"

Everyone pondered on that. However, at that single moment, Kaede felt something or someone approaching their position. "Everyone, someone is coming de gozarou!" Kaede shouted. At Kaede's command, everyone tried to find somewhere to hide so as to not be spotted.

On the other side of the cliff, where the building that housed the Transport was not easily seen, the three scouts that Ringune had sent recently landed on the ground softly. "The readings vanished right around here," spoke Bukati, an alien with lilac-pigmented skin, horns, gray hair with a mustache and a blue Scouter adorned over his face.

"Probably one of the Minervans," spoke one of his companions, Fujiri said. He had pink-pigmented skin, a fin atop his head, a skull-like nose and wore a red scouter which his arm cannon connected to. The other solider, Sutafu, simply nodded. Sutafu was vaguely reptilian with green skin, pointed ears, and dorsal fins coming out of the battle armor on his back. He had a green Scouter but didn't have an arm cannon attached to it like his companion Fujiri.

Back with Negima group, everyone was in hiding as the atmosphere was tense. "Who is it?" Konoka asked as she hid at the corner of the Transport building.

"It's probably one of the residents of Planet Minerva," Setsuna replied as she stood in front of Konoka, ready to protect her like she should had done since coming to Mundus Magicus. But because of Fate screwing over everyone, she had been separated from her childhood friend. She wasn't going to allow that to happen again.

Asuna relaxed her guard a bit once Setsuna had said that. "Let's hope you are right, Setsuna-san," she said. Kotarou and Kaede, meanwhile, didn't relax their guard as they felt something evil about this upcoming presence. Their suspicions turned out to be true when Bukati, Sutafu and Fujiri appeared from behind the cliff. Everyone's eyes widened once they got a good glimpse at Ringune's scouts. "That's not a Minervan!" Asuna exclaimed.

As the three scouts were walking, Bukati noticed the Negima group in front of building that housed the Transport. "Who's that?" The gray moustached alien asked.

The fin headed alien prepared his arm cannon as he also got a good glimpse of Asuna, Kotarou, Kaede, Setsuna and Konoka. "T-They're not Minervans," Fujiri said.

"Who are they?" Sutafu asked.

"It doesn't really matter," Bukati said. "We've got orders to kill everyone on this planet. Plus, I just got the order to destroy the 'Transport' as well. Where do you think it is?"

"I'm sure it's in that building over there," Sutafu commented.

"Are you sure?"

"It doesn't matter," Fujiri said. "One destroyed building is not going to matter anyways. Not after Kureeza-sama has his wish fulfilled."

The Negima group, in the meantime, was a bit confused by these turn of events. They were strange aliens and normally Konoka would be extremely happy in seeing such creatures, but something about them was not appeasing to her. Plus, she noticed something on the three scouts. "Look at their outfits!" Konoka commented.

"They're just like what Vegeta, Tarble and Tullece wear. But they aren't Saiyans!" Asuna stated.

"Didn't those two aliens, Abo and Cado, wear something similar too?" Kotarou asked.

"That's true but somehow I got a bad feeling about this," Setsuna said as she gripped the handle of her sword harder while at the same time, backing Konoka away from a potential fight.

Kaede open her slit eyes and furrowed her eyebrows. "Kotarou-bozu, Setsuna-dono, Asuna-dono, build up your ki, but keep your presence masked de gozarou," commanded the Mahora Ninja.

Kotarou, Asuna and Setsuna all nodded. "Right."

The three scouts, Fujiri, Bukati and Sutafu all ascended into the sky. "You see that?" Fujiri said as he used his Scouter to get a reading on Kotarou, Kaede, Setsuna and Asuna. "Their battle power is pretty much trash. Are these guys just tourists?"

"We won't have any fun if they get away from us," Sutafu said with an evil grin on his face.

Bukati chuckled. "Take out the 'Transport' first. After all, it's part of our orders."

"With pleasure," Fujiri responded as he charged up his arm cannon. Lashing his arm out, he sent several powerful blast at the building that was housing the Transport. The Negima club could only watch in horror as Fujiri kept on sending powerful blasts at the building. Kaede knew full well what was going to happen next once she started to sense something strange from the building.

"Everyone! Get as far away from the building as possible!" the Mahora Ninja shouted. "It's going to blow!"

Sure enough, the building looked like it was going to do just that. The infrastructure of the building began to crumble, encasing the special transport. However, a strays of magic began to escape from the debris until finally a bright light engulfed the entire area. The scouts remained still while the Negima group went for cover.

The blinding light lasted for a few seconds. As the light began to dim, everyone saw that the building was no longer standing. Plus, pieces of the Transport were shown in the debris. "Oh, no! The 'Portal Transport'!" Asuna shouted. Kotarou, Konoka, Kaede and Setsuna were shocked as their hope in returning back to the Magical World was now gone.

"These guys are unlucky to have come here at a time like this," Sutafu said as the three scouts laughed at the expense of the Negima group.

Kotarou clenched his fists angrily. He somehow knew something like this was going to happen. If only these guys didn't show up, they probably would be going back right now. "Setsuna-neechan, Asuna-neechan, Kaede-neechan, let's release our ki," the hanyou commanded as he glared at the three scouts. "These guys aren't all that tough." Setsuna, Asuna and Kaede all nodded in agreement as they all believe that these scouts were nothing if they were going to use such uncivilized attacks.

"Hey, did you hear that?" Bukati said.

"Not that tough?" Sutafi added.

"Does he mean us?" Fujiri asked, pointing at the three of them. Within moments, the three scouts began to laugh. They laughed so hard that they had failed to notice a sudden breeze surrounding Kotarou, Kaede, Setsuna and Asuna. Then, Fujiri's scouter picked up on something. It was a high battle power reading and it wasn't coming from any Minervans but from the Negima group!

"W-What's with these battle power readings!?" Bukati stuttered, in complete shock at how easily the Negima group control their battle power.

"Let's get them!" Kotarou said with a grin on his face. Everyone nodded as they disappeared into super speed except that Asuna was a little slow on command but she was able to get into super speed. Then, within moments, Kotarou, Kaede and Setsuna appeared in front of the three scouts and unleashed their attacks.




The three scouts screamed out in pain as the attacks landed directly on their chests. Within moments, they all fell into the water while Setsuna, Kotarou and Kaede landed safely on the ground. Kotarou gave a thumbs up to the group with a smile on his face. It seemed that everyone had been improving their skills since the last time he saw them.

"That was so cool!" Konoka said with sparkles on her eyes. Kotarou and Kaede grinned while the scratching the back of their heads while Setsuna blushed at such a compliment from her childhood friend.

Then, Asuna landed on the ground with a dissatisfied look on her face. "Hey! How come I didn't get any?" pouted the orange haired girl. "I wanted to kick some butt and show off too. Jeez!"

Kotarou blinked a few times in confusion. "What's with her?" he asked to Setsuna but the swordswoman shook her head, telling the young hanyou to let it go.


Ringune was silent. He had been communicating with his scouts and then suddenly, the connection went out. It was very concerning for the fallen alien prince. "Is something the matter, Ringune-san?" Kureeza asked as he noticed that his subordinate was unusually quiet.

Ringune immediately snapped out of his state of mind. "Yes, Kureeza-sama," he replied, giving full attention to the mighty Emperor. "It concerns the scouts that were sent out earlier. Apparently, these guys are not your average people. For a moment, their battle powers rose, and then, after defeating our two scouts, their readings disappeared again."

"Ho, that is unusual," Kureeza commented. "It doesn't appear to be Tullece, either."

"No, Tullece's reading is separate," Ringune stated. "Two of these battle powers were around 500 Kurezecs, another one had a battle reading of 3,000 Kurezecs while another was unreadable."

"Unreadable?" Raboli asked.

Ringune nodded. "Yes," he replied. "I couldn't get an accurate reading from this person. His battle power was fluctuating and had a peculiar reading to it."

"500 Kurezecs and 3,000 Kurezecs, you say?" Kureeza repeated. "Nothing would come of it if we left them alone, but their attitude seems poor. The next time they appear, eliminate them."

"But what about this strange reading, Kureeza-sama?" Ringune asked. "Shouldn't we look into this?"

"There is no need to be concerned about that, Ringune-san," the mighty Emperor replied. "This mysterious battle reading is of little importance to me, but you can never be safe. Eliminate this person with the others." The two loyal soldiers nodded at Kureeza's request. Looking at Ringune once more, the son of Freeza asked, "And has the transport been destroyed?"

"Yes, Kureeza-sama," Ringune responded. "The scouts said that they had destroyed an odd looking building that seemed to house some kind of metallic structure before they were defeated. I'm sure it was the famed 'Transport' of the Minervans, based on the details the second Minervan told us."

"Oh, good, good," smiled Kureeza. "We wouldn't want any unexpected visitors to come in and disturb us now, would we?"


Back with the Negima group, Asuna was on her knees as she watched the continued dismantling of the building that housed the Transport. She picked up one of the broken pieces and gripped it hard. She only wanted to collect the Calicem Crystallinum for Gohan and Negi to gain more strength and possibly wish everyone back at Mahora Academy so they try again another time in finding Negi's father, Nagi Springfield. "Asuna-neechan," Kotarou spoke up, snapping the orange haired girl from her thoughts. "We need to get moving."

"What?" Asuna asked quietly, a little unprepared on Kotarou's statement. "Why?"

"If those scouts reveal our location, there could be trouble de gozarou," Kaede replied. "Someone stronger might be coming."

"She's right," Setsuna added as she collected what remained of their things. "Those many ki signatures that we sensed earlier were apparently not the residents of Planet Minerva, but friends of Tullece, so we have to find someplace to hide."

"But how are we going to get home?" Asuna asked.

"We'll manage something," Konoka said with a bright smile on her face. "I'm sure the Minervans will fix the 'Transport'."

Asuna sighed, regaining her lost smile. Thank you, Konoka, Asuna said to herself as they all got their things and started to move away from the destroyed Transport.


Tullece stood on a cliff, overlooking a large area of land. Then suddenly, he turned his head around with a smirk on his face. "Hmph, you're finally here…" Tullece said as he was looking at an approaching figure. This approaching figure was no other than the Hulk-like alien, Manudara.

Manudara was laughing hysterically as he came charging at full speed with his blue blazing aura. Passing by the evil Saiyan, Manudara turned in mid-air as he went for his Bomb Strike attack. Tullece, however, dodged the attack with ease as he jumped into the air. The cliff and the surrounding area weren't as lucky as it had crumbled under the pressure of the Hulk-like alien's massive power.

Manudara gave a quick smirk at the evil Saiyan as he quickly turned his body towards the descending Tullece. "Ha ha! The time is finally here, when we can settle the score, as rivals," Manudara said. "I suggest that you transform into a Super Saiyan if you want to survive."

"Hmph, are you sure about that, Manudara?" Tullece taunted. "I could easily kill right now without even having to transform."

"Ha ha ha! You Saiyans are all the same. Always boasting, saying that you have greater strength than your opponent," Manudara said. "I'm sick and tired of hearing that. Just transform so I can crush you at your very best."

Tullece chuckled. "Very well, if you insist on dying so soon, I'll gladly do so." Suddenly, in a flash of blinding light, the evil Saiyan powered up. Balling his fists, Tullece let out a shrill cry of anger and pain as his golden aura exploded around him. In a whirling wind of ferocity and an outstanding display of flashes, the Saiyan transformed, his hair spiking up, standing on end and flashing gold, at the same time his eyes turned jade, hovering in his sockets. A galling wind occurred before it subsided, leaving him standing in a pure, powered up state. The now transformed Super Saiyan Tullece smirked at his opponent as he dropped his blazing golden aura. "Now, what do you think?"

Manudara had a nervous sweat slide down on the side of his face due to the impressive Super Saiyan transformation. He had never seen one transform before and it was quite an experience in seeing one in person. But once he checked Tullece's battle power using his Scouter, Manudara had nothing to worry about. "Ha ha ha!" laughed the Hulk-like alien. "Is this really the fabled Super Saiyan? It seems you've lost your touch. With that battle power, you have no chance of beating me. A Super Saiyan? What a joke."

"Lost my touch, you say?" Tullece said with an evil grin on his face. "Well, let me show you something. When I was on Earth, I picked up something interesting from them."

"What, how to run away quickly?" Manudara taunted.

Tullece chuckled as he got himself in a horse stance. "How to control my battle power."

"How to control your battle power?" Manudara repeated, confused on what Tullece was referring to.

Balling his fists, Tullece let out a war cry as he brought forth his blazing golden aura once again. "Take a good look at my battle power rating on your Scouter!" Tullece yelled.

Manudara indeed do just that, not out of fear but out of curiosity. However, that curiosity was soon overlapped by fear once the readings on Tullece's battle power were increasing to new unimaginable heights. "I-Impossible!" Manudara shouted. "Our battle powers have always been evenly matched!"

"You imbecile! I have been constantly engaged in actual combat!" the evil Super Saiyan stated. "The fight I had on Earth nearly killed me. Did you think I would remain evenly matched with you, with you staying all curled up next to Kureeza and eating the fruits of the Shinseiju!?" Tullece continued his power up as his body was trembling. However, as this strange shaking began, bursts of wind began to explode from out of him, sending dust and debris flying at a rhythmical rate. A crater formed beneath him and it grew at a phenomenal rate with the increase of the winds of energy radiating off of him.

Manudara could only watch in horror as he counted off the numbers from his Scouter. "19,000 Kurezecs… 20,000 Kurezecs… 21,000 Kurezecs… 22,000 Kurezecs…!" But before he could get the final reading on Tullece's battle power, his Scouter exploded!

At the same time…

Back with Kureeza and his soldiers, Ringune's Scouter suddenly exploded just like what happened with Manudara's Scouter. "What happened, Ringune?" Raboli asked.

"I-I think it was a malfunction, but the Scouter I had set to Tullece had a rating of around 22,000 Kurezecs," Ringune responded with a nervous sweat on his face.

"22,000 Kurezecs?" The red blob questioned with a smirk on his face. "That really must have a malfunction. Your Scouter is an older model, after all. I'll get the correct reading with mine." With that, Raboli pressed the button on his Scouter as he went to see Tullece's reading. Then, within moments, his eyes flung wide open in surprise.

Curious, Ringune asked his fellow evil companion. "What's the rating?"

"T-That's impossible!" Raboli stuttered. "Is my newer model malfunctioning, too? It's risen to 24,000 Kurezecs!"

"24,000 Kurezecs? Are you saying that his battle power is higher than ours?"

"I-It can't be," refuted the red alien blob. "His battle power topped out at 18,000 Kurezecs. After all, we made sure to limit his supply of the Shinseiju fruit. We then took his share for ourselves. We made sure that he wouldn't become more powerful than us."

"Heh heh," chuckled the mighty Emperor, Kureeza. "There is no reason to be surprised. Tullece has been fighting at the forefront, trying to reclaim what was lost from my father's empire after all as well as planting the seeds of the Shinseiju tree across the universe. He, after all, had recently transformed into a Super Saiyan and I'm sure he must have come across some trick while he was on Earth."

"But sir…" Ringune pleaded.

"It is only 24,000 Kurezecs," Kureeza interrupted. "At that level, if you fight him together, it will be enough to beat him, will it not?"


"W-Wait, Tullece!" pleaded the Hulk-like alien as he now stood no chance against Tullece's new found powers. He kept wailing his arms around like a coward and nervous sweats running all over his body. "I just had an idea! Let me team up with you! I-I'll help you! I've never been fond of Kureeza-sama – I mean, Kureeza!"

Tullece didn't pay attention as his smirk never disappeared from his face, enjoying greatly at the sight of Manudara cowering before him. "N-Not a bad idea, right?" continued Manudara. "W-With your battle power, if we teamed up, I think we could handle Ringune and Raboli!"

"Just keep spouting your worthless lies!" shouted the evil Saiyan. "You are one thoroughly sickening bastard!"

"Believe me, Tullece!" Manudara pleaded once more but the evil Super Saiyan was having none of that. There was only one option. Looking behind Tullece, Manudara shouted, "Ah! Kureeza-sama!"

Tullece turned his head around. "What?!"

Manudara grinned as Tullece was distracted by that ruse, he charged up a huge green ki ball in his right hand. "You fool!" Throwing at Tullece, the evil Super Saiyan was engulfed by the blast. Manudara, however, didn't finish there. He then threw a barrage of ki blasts aimed at where Tullece was located. He kept on sending blasts, enhancing the effectiveness of his Manudara Pressure attack. And to add topping to the cake, Manudara raised both arms up in the air and created a massive ki ball that was bigger than the land mass that they were standing on. With enough power collect, the Hulk-like alien threw his finishing move at the area, creating a large explosion that shook the planet momentarily as the blast could be seen from outer space.

Once the explosion died down, Manudara landed on what remained of the area. Seeing no sign of Tullece, Manudara let out a victory laugh. "I don't care how much your battle power has risen, if you took that unawares, you don't stand a chance!" boasted the Hulk-like alien.

"You wish," spoke a voice that completely shocked Manudara to the core. Looking over to his left, Manudara saw the evil Super Saiyan standing and without a scratch too! "That was a perfectly pathetic strategy, coming from someone like you. I'm stunned."

Manudara was shocked. "W-When did you…?"

"If my battle power has risen, it means my speed has risen, too!" Tullece stated with an unhappy look on his face. "Which means, you've completely enraged me with that move! And here I was going to leave some part of you to bury but now I'm going to completely destroy you, leaving no trace of your existence!"

"N-NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Manudara shouted like a coward as he began to run away from the evil Super Saiyan. But Tullece wasn't going to allow that to happen. Manudara needed to be made an example of for crossing paths with Tullece.

Using super speed, Tullece appeared in front of the Hulk-like alien and landed a devastating punch to the gut that it impaled him. Manudara grabbed his falling innards as he stepped back from the evil Super Saiyan. Tullece grinned evilly as he formed a ring of energy with electricity sparking around it between his palms. "Die!" Throwing his Kill Driver attack, Manudara was engulfed in a massive explosion that rocked the entire area. The smoke dissipated, revealing no trance of the coward. Just like Tullece had promised.

Thanks to their Scouters, they'll know what action I've taken, Tullece said to himself as he landed softly on the ground after dealing such an attack on a pathetic weakling. Even if I'm careless enough to get close to them, though I may be able to take Ringune or Raboli, not even I could beat Kureeza. Judging by the transmissions from Kureeza's men that I heard on my Scouter, the Crystals don't any effect unless you have all seven of them together to form the Calicem Crystallinum. All right.

"I'll find just one of them," Tullece said. "Once they've gather the other six, I'll find an opening to steal them." If it goes right, I'll have them all, and gain eternal life. Then defeating Kureeza will be more than just a dream. A huge evil grin appeared on the Saiyan's face. "Once he's out of the way, I'll be Number One. I, the Saiyan, Tullece-sama, will rule the entire universe!"


"T-Tullece's rating of 24,000 Kurezecs was genuine after all," Raboli stated as he could no longer detect Manudara's battle power. "He defeated Manudara like it was nothing."

"It is no great concern," Kureeza responded. "Now, to look for the fourth Crystal."

"Kureeza-sama!" shouted one of his solider, pointing to a certain direction. "I am reading ten or so Minervans in that direction."

"Very well. It sure would be nice if they have the fourth Crystal. Wouldn't want to make too much of a mess now, would we? Please be sure not to let your guard down. After all, it appears that there are some other curious fellows out there besides Tullece."

"Yes, sir," responded all the soldiers of Kureeza's army with a nod at their mighty Emperor.

"Now, let us be going." With that, Kureeza and his army engulfed themselves with blazing auras as they jumped into the air and flew with great speeds towards their next location.


"I don't understand why we can't fly," Asuna commented as she, Konoka, Kotarou, Kaede and Setsuna were trekking across the vast land of Planet Minerva. "We can definitely cut out the time to do so. It's not like we are in the Magical World where we are wanted people."

"True," the swordswoman said, "but Konoka-ojou-sama doesn't know how to fly and besides, we have to walk to mask our presence."

Asuna let out a sigh. "Damn those Scouters," she muttered under breath as the Negima group continued their trek until finally Kotarou spotted something in the landscape."

"Hey, everyone. Up there is a good place," the young hanyou said, pointing to a cave residing within a hill. "It will be hard to spot us inside that cave."

"Good job Koto-kun!" Konoka praised as she excitedly ran towards the cave. "Maybe there is something magical inside."

"O-Ojou-sama!" Setsuna yelled as she ran after her childhood friend. Asuna decided to join in as well as she wanted to get some rest after all they had been through.

Kaede smiled. "I think we should set up camp inside the cave de gozarou," she said. "At least we have some place to return to once we do some scouting." Setsuna nodded in agreement while Asuna was trying to convince Konoka to not go any deeper into the cave.

As everyone was heading towards the cave, the young dog boy, Kotarou, sensed something towards the distance. "Kaede-neechan," he said, trying to grab the slit-eyed girl's attention, "are you sensing this?"

"Sensing what de gozarou?" The Mahora Ninja replied as she stood next to Kotarou.

"There are some ki signatures over there," pointed Kotarou towards a certain direction. "Don't you feel it?"

Kaede began to look deeper into the direction to which Kotarou was pointing at. "You're right, Kotarou-bozu," The Mahora Ninja replied. "These ki signatures feel different from those others earlier de gozarou. They could really be Minervans this time." Suddenly, her danger senses picked up something approaching them and fast! "Hide!" she shouted. "There are some other ki signatures coming this way from over there!"

Everyone looked at her before they realized the seriousness in their voice. Setsuna grabbed hold of Konoka's hand as she and the others rushed towards the cave. "Ojou-sama, hurry!"

"What's going on Se-chan?" Konoka asked with a confused look on her face as she and everyone were inside the cave.

"Please be quiet Ojou-sama," the swordswoman said, as much as she hated saying to her childhood friend to be quiet in such a manner.

The young dog boy clenched his fists strongly, his body trembling a bit. "They're coming this way," Kotarou stated.

"What is coming?" Asuna asked before she too sensed something approaching. And the ki signature was huge and… evil. Looking at Kaede and Kotarou, the orange haired girl asked, "Do you think they know about us?"

"I don't know, Asuna-dono," Kaede replied. "But we better not take any chances de-gozarou." Then, the Mahora Ninja felt it. "They're here!"

And sure enough they were. It was a large group of lights passing by the cave at quickening speeds. Kaede, Kotarou, Asuna, Setsuna, and Konoka hung tightly to the walls of the cave so they could not be seen. Konoka tried to get a look at who was bypassing them but they were going so fast, it was hard to get a good look. But little did they know that it was Kureeza and his army passing through!

Within a few seconds later, the speeding lights were gone. Konoka stepped out of the cave to see what had bypassed them once again, but no luck. "They're gone. Thank goodness. Apparently, we weren't what they were after. But then, what exactly was that just now?" Konoka questioned out loud, hoping for someone to give her an answer. However, all she saw was everyone shaking uncontrollably as if they were in fear. "What's the matter, you four? Asuna? Kaede? Kota-kun? Se-chan?"

Setsuna had to get outside the cave to get some air and so did the slit-eyed girl. "Kaede, you saw them didn't you?" the swordswoman asked.

Kaede nodded nervously as she let out a deep breath as if she were holding on to it for a long time. "They were carrying three objects that were shiny de gozarou," the Mahora Ninja mentioned. "They moved so fast so I wasn't too certain."

"I knew it," Setsuna said. She then turned her head to see if Asuna and Kotarou were okay as well. "Asuna-san…" The swordswoman called out. Kotarou was able to snap out of it but Asuna was still in shock at what just happened. "Asuna-san!"

Finally, the orange haired girl snapped back into the reality. "Yeah?" she said.

"Asuna-san, Kotarou-san, did you guys see him?" Setsuna asked. "The strange one who was flying second from the front?"

Both Kotarou and Asuna nodded. "Yes," Kotarou replied with a nervous sweat sliding on his face. "I sensed a tremendous power from him."

"Y-Yeah, t-the moment I saw him, I was petrified," Asuna said, trembling in fear. "I have never felt anything like that. H-He could be much, much worse than even Tullece."

"It looked like there were some other heavy hitters there as well, but he, for one, is in a league of his own," Setsuna added.

"Worse than Tullece? Oh, no. Who was he?" Konoka asked worriedly.

"I don't know Ojou-sama, but I think they were Tullece's friends," the swordswoman replied. "They all had on the same sort of clothing."

"Damn it! How are we supposed to get our wish now?" protested Asuna. "You said it yourself Kaede that they probably have three of the crystals. This is bad!" Falling onto her knees, Asuna punched the ground in frustration. "I'm sorry for this everyone. I didn't mean for this to happen."

Then, the orange haired girl felt a pat on the shoulder coming from the young hanyou. "It's okay Asuna-neechan. Don't worry about it," Kotarou said. "However, it's best that we check it out to make sure. We need to be absolutely certain about it."

"So what is our next move?" Setsuna asked.

"We follow them," Kotarou replied. "It seems that they were heading towards the ki signatures that I sensed earlier. Let's check it out and see what's happening."

Setsuna, Kaede and Asuna all nodded in agreement. "Right!"

"I'm coming too!" Konoka shouted.

"Konoka-neechan, I'm sorry but you would only slow us down," Kotarou stated as he started to unpack a few things like his weights so as to travel easier. "It's best if you stay behind."

"But… but what will happen if you guys get injured?"

"Don't worry, Konoka," assured the orange haired girl. "We are just going to do some scouting. It's not like we are heading into battle or something."

"Let's keep it that way," Kotarou added. "We don't want to make ourselves known yet. If they really do have some Crystals, it will make it much easier to sneak around and grab them later on."

"I agree with you, Kotarou-bozu de gozarou," Kaede said. "Setsuna-dono, are you coming with us?"

The swordswoman shook her head. "I'm going to stay behind and guard Konoka-ojou-sama," she said. "I wasn't able to do so in the Magical World. I'm not going to let that happen here."

Konoka smiled brightly as she went ahead and hugged the swordswoman. "Thanks Se-chan!" she said happily. Setsuna tried to push off her childhood friend, a heavy blush on her face. But it felt good for her.

"Okay, we're off," Kotarou said.

"Hurry back, okay?" Konoka said.

"Remember, Asuna-dono, Kotarou-bozu, hurry, but suppress your ki as much as you can," Kaede mentioned. "Can you guys do that?"

"Of course," grinned the hanyou. "I would bring shame to Piccolo-san if I wasn't able to do that much." Asuna nodded. After all, she had been trained by Piccolo, even though it was only for a brief moment. Plus, she got additional training from Setsuna on how to deal with ki during their short time together in Mundus Magicus after the Gateport incident.

Kaede grinned. "All right! Let's go!" And with that, the three of them went off, running quickly through the lands of Planet Minerva, ready to search for answers to their unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, back on Mundus Magicus…

Natsumi let out a sigh as she stared up at the sky once again on the balcony. "You're late, Kotarou-kun," she muttered as the sky had turned bright. Night had passed and day was now once upon them. "Where are you? You said you'd back soon."

"Be back from where?" asked a voice. Natsumi shrieked when she heard that voice as it was all too familiar. Turning around, she saw her assistant teacher, the demi-saiyan, Son Gohan standing before her. This was not good! "Be back from where, Natsumi-san?" Gohan asked again. "What were you talking about?"

"N-N-N-Nothing!" Natsumi stuttered, wailing her arms around. Me and my big mouth. "I-I didn't say anything. Pretend you didn't hear anything."

Gohan blinked a few times in confusion. "Okay," he said, allowing Natsumi to breathe a sigh of relief. "By the way, have you seen Kotarou-san? We are supposed to get ready for the next match."

Natsumi shrieked again. "I-I haven't seen him anywhere," she said nervously, sweat pouring from her face. "Have you asked Tosaka-san?"

The half saiyan nodded. "Yeah. Tosaka-san hasn't seen him anywhere," Gohan replied. "Man, where could he be? I have been looking everywhere for him."

"M-Maybe he went off to do some training," Natsumi lied, trying to get Gohan to buy it. "After all, he really likes to fight."

Gohan put his hand to his chin as he pondered on that. "I guess that's true," he said. "But if he were training, I would have sensed his ki."


"Yeah. Everyone has ki energy to them; it is essentially their life force in a way. Through training, you can harness that power for your own uses. However, you and some of the class have very low ki levels which are very hard to detect for me, Kotarou-san, Negi-san and some of the other girls," explained the demi-saiyan. "That was the whole reason on entering this tournament and meeting at Ostia."

"So what does this have to do with Kotarou-kun?" the freckled girl asked.

"Well, ever since that incident with Negi-san in which he got his arm cut off, I been keeping a check on everyone's ki signature," Gohan replied. "Kotarou-san's ki signature was always here but ever since last night, it has disappeared out of thin air. It's very concerning to me."

"Well, maybe he went very far away or something?" Natsumi suggested which got an interested look on Gohan's face.

"Natsumi-san, is there something that you are not telling me?"

"I… uh… um…" Natsumi was unsure what to do. Kotarou had told specifically not to tell Gohan about his or the girls' side trip as he called it. Otherwise, the half saiyan would quickly rush towards them without any concern about anything else. She couldn't let that happen. Not after everything they have done so far. Luckily for her, something happened.

"Hey Golden Warrior!" shouted a voice. Gohan and Natsumi turned their attention at the voice which was coming from Tosaka. "Your match is up! And where the hell is Kojirō? You guys are going to be late!"

"Well…" Gohan trailed as he looked one last time at Natsumi's face. She was turning away and her body was trembling. The half saiyan let out a sigh. "Kojirō-san is not going to join us. He went off to do some training."

"Training? Now?" Tosaka exclaimed. "God dammit! Now what are we going to do? You need to have two fighters in the arena."

"Well, you could join me," Gohan suggested, getting a surprised look from Tosaka. "You of course wouldn't be any danger as I will make it quick."

"Are you sure?"

Gohan flashed his family's signature grin. "Of course."

"You better! Otherwise, if I die, I'll haunt you forever!" Tosaka then went ahead to get changed for the upcoming match, leaving behind Gohan and Natsumi.

"We'll talk later, okay Natsumi-san?" Gohan asked. The freckled girl nodded to her assistant teacher as he rushed towards the arena to get ready for the upcoming match. Natsumi then stared at the sky one last time before she had to go back to work. Kotarou-kun, she said to herself, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to tell Gohan-sensei about you and everyone going to Planet Minerva. Please forgive me. And wherever you are now, please be careful.

Back on Planet Minerva…

Kaede and Kotarou kept on running across the lands of Planet Minerva with Asuna in tow. They had been running for quite a while and had been keep a lid on their ki levels so they wouldn't be detected. "We're close de gozarou," Kaede stated. "Surpress your ki completely now. We'll walk up and approach from here."

Kotarou and Asuna nodded as they stopped running. Once the three of them stopped running, they started to walk. Kaede noticed a cliff in which they look over everything without being spotted. After all, she was the Mahora Ninja. "They're on the other side of that cliff de gozarou," Kaede stated.

The three of them started to walk the cliff, the atmosphere being very tense around them. Asuna was sweating bullets as the closer they got to the edge of the cliff, the clearer the massive ki signature was. Kotarou, although not sweating as much as Asuna was, was thinking the same thing. "That ki is incredible!" He commented.

Kaede couldn't but agree with the young hanyou but right now was not the time to be discussing about the ki. They needed to get a good view of what was happening. After successfully walking up to the edge of the cliff without being spotted, Kotarou, Kaede and Asuna glanced around and saw Kureeza and his thugs surrounded by normal looking houses; except they shared some similarity with another building that was recently destroyed. "Those houses are just like the Mundus Magicus building that had the transport in it," Asuna commented.

Kaede nodded in agreement but the architecture of Planet Minerva's buildings would have to wait. "What are they up?" the Mahora Ninja questioned as she took a look at Kureeza and his goons.

Kotarou wondered about that. "The other guys are one thing, but those three…" motioning towards Kureeza and his two bodyguards, Ringune and Raboli. "Especially the one in the middle, inside that round vehicle… have a frighteningly strong ki."

"I-I can tell," stuttered the orange haired girl. But then she noticed something in the hands of both Ringune and Raboli. "Look at what the two guys on his side are holding in their hands! Those look like the same crystal that Ku:Nel-san showed us before when he invited us for tea!"

At that moment, Raboli took a glance up at the cliff where the three of the Negima club were resting. However, the red alien blob didn't see anything. Luckily, the group had hidden away just in time.

"Is something the matter, Raboli-san?" Kureeza asked.

Raboli shook his head. "No, there was just a small power reading up on that cliff," he said. "It is gone now. It must have been a small animal, or an insect."

"Kureeza-sama, we have only found five of them," spoke up one of the soldiers as they finished searching through each house and were now outside the main building. "The others appear to be out at the moment."

Kureeza grinned as everyone turned their attention to the main building of the village that had a Latin inscription for Ice over the top of the main door. There was also the sign for Ice. But that didn't matter to Kureeza's thugs as they were more concerned about the people inside the building. "Come on out of there, unless you'd rather die," one of the soldiers said, pointing his arm cannon inside the building, motioning for everyone to come out.

And within a few moments, the Minervans all got out. Asuna, Kaede and Kotarou's eyes widened when they got a good look at the people. There were five people in total: Two elderly men, a woman and two children. One of the elders adorned a purple jacket and wore big round goggles on his face. His gray hair was unbalanced but at the same time straight. The other elder wore loose fitting clothing and a bright, red cape. His white hair was different than his companions where it was styled in a sort of Mohawk. He also had large bushy eyebrows, a large white mustache and beard.

The woman had light blonde hair styled as a half updo with long bangs that framed her face. She wore a long-sleeved and floor-length white gown with small horned pauldrons and a silver belt around her waist. She wore fingerless gloves, gray sandals, and a decorated pink and purple cape. The children, though twins, were of different gender. The male twin wore a striped green and white costume, which is worn underneath a blue coat with a shoulder pad and a white scarf with green stripes. His hair was brown and long which was pulled into a long ponytail. The female twin had a different hair color which was pink. She also had a ponytail but not as long as her brother's. She wore an ensemble of a mini-dress, striped stockings and a cloakr5.

Once the Negima group got a good look at the Minervans, they noticed something about them that was a bit shocking. "They look like humans!" Asuna commented. "I thought, them being from the Magical World, they would have some of the visible characteristics that we have seen so far."

"What are they planning to do with those people?" Kaede asked.

"Are they all Saiyans? They are wearing the same armor as Vegeta-san, Tarble-niichan and Tullece," the young dog boy said.

"No, they aren't," Asuna responded. "They all have the same battlewear on, but they aren't Saiyans. Come to think of it, Gohan mentioned something when he was talking about the Saiyan's past."

"What did Gohan-niisan say?" Kotarou asked.

"Uh, umm, well… I can't really remember because it sounded very complicated at the time," Asuna said, causing Kotarou to sweatdrop.

"I can tell you what he said de gozarou," Kaede said.

"Eh! Since when did you know?" Asuna asked, surprised that Kaede knew the story when only Negi, Setsuna and Asuna were present. But then again, she was a Ninja. It wouldn't be too hard for her to eavesdrop on a conversation that was private.

"Gohan-kun told me," Kaede replied with a smile on her face, causing Asuna to face-fault but not too loudly. Kotaruo shook his head but motioned the Mahora Ninja to continue on with her explanation. "Gohan-kun told me this,

"Saiyans were known as planet brokers due to them being war-like people in that they share an innate enjoyment for conflict and fighting; choosing violence over peace with other races. Thus, when an extraterrestrial race wanted a planet, they would hire Saiyans to go and destroy the races inhabiting the planet."

"I think that the Saiyans worked in an organization that would deal with different alien races. It would make sense with all the technology that they have de gozarou," Kaede explained.

"Then, are Vegeta-san and Tarble-niichan part of this group? Tullece seems to be friends with these guys," Kotarou commented.

"But I don't see Tullece around anywhere. Is he off looking for the crystals someplace else?" Asuna questioned. Kotarou was about to respond to Asuna's inquiry before Kaede silenced them as she wanted to hear what was going on down below.

Meanwhile, the two Elders, Tera and Stragos Magus, and the woman, Rosa, noticed the three Crystals in the hands of both Ringune and Raboli. The mighty Emperor, Kureeza, grinned upon seeing their reaction. "As you can see, I am collecting the Calicem Crystallinum. My name is Kureeza," the mighty Emperor said. "Now then, where are the others who were here? According to our search, there are supposed to be ten of you."

Tera, Stragos and Rosa were silent. But Kureeza knew that they wouldn't have long before they talked. "Do you intend not to say anything? I will kill you. Now, let me have your answer," Kureeza stated. Then Tera began to speak in an ancient language that none could understand for it was an Ancient Minervan tongue, passed down through generations.

Kureeza chuckled at Tera's feeble attempt of trying to not speak to him. "Speak in a language that we can understand as well, not in your primitive one," the mighty Emperor stated with a grin on his face. "I know that you can speak it."

"The others have left to work the farms," Tera said. "All that are left are myself, another elder, a woman and the children."

"Yes, if I can have you answer me straightforwardly like that, I will not do anything to you. Now then, let me have you continue to answer my questions. Where is your crystal? I believe the Ice Crystal is here, as well."

Tera was shocked that Kureeza knew that the crystal was here. He needed to buy some time. "I-I don't know! We don't have anything like that!"

Kureeza grinned evilly. "Raboli-san…"

"Yes, sir?"

"The second Minervan we killed, as I recalled, said something quite interesting, did he not?"

"Yes, something about him not being able to hand over the crystal that he was entrusted, except to one judged to be a man of valor by passing the crystal's test," recounted the red giant alien blob.

"Yes, yes. That man proved to be quite stubborn," Kureeza added. "We simply could not get him to cooperate with us, until we killed one of the women in village, to serve as an example." Tera and the Minervans jerked in surprise and in shock as did the Negima group that was watching the whole thing. Asuna couldn't believe that someone would kill an innocent woman. It was not right.

"Once we did, he told us all sorts of things," Kureeza explained. "That the Queen Mother, the absolute leader of this world, was entrusted by her ancestors to protect and care for the Calicem Crystallinum as they had split the crystals into seven. She then gave them to seven elders to hold with great care; and that each of them would ask to match wits, extend tests of strength, endure each crystal's test and discuss the reasons for one's wish. Then, once one has passed each crystal's test and is judged to be a man of valor by each elder, one would finally be able to obtain them. However, even though I tried to do as was asked of me, I was told that he would never hand it over to me, you see? So I could not help myself but to kill him. As such, it took a great deal of effort to locate the first one. The next two were quite easy. Everyone was quite accommodating."

"A-Accommodating, you say!? You are lying!" Tera said angrily.

"Yeah!" Stragos added with a clenched fist. "There's no way the other elders handed them over to you without any protest!"

"I beg to differ. Once we did this, they quickly became amenable," Kureeza said. "Ringune-san, if you would show them."

The 'handsome' alien nodded. "Yes, sir." He then putted his crystal on the floor and within in an instance, he went into super speed. The Minervans looked around, trying to locate Ringune but it was impossible for them as he was going at incredible speeds. Suddenly, he appeared but behind the group of Minervans. He let out a small evil grin as he was directly behind Rosa. The woman shrieked upon seeing him and tried to do a spell but it was too late as the 'handsome' alien gave a swift to her neck, snapping and killing her instantly.

Stragos clenched his fists angrily as Ringune landed on the ground after killing his daughter. "Why, you…! CANTUS BELLAX!" Stragos chanted as a bright aura surrounded him, ready to take on revenge for his beloved daughter.

But Tera knew better. If Stragos were to succumb to his emotions, he was going to be left wide open for attack. "Stop! Stargos!" shouted the goggled old man but it was too late. Stragos had begun his incantation.

"VENIANT SPIRITUS GLACIALES! EXTENTANTUR AERI TUNDRAM ET GLACIEM, LOCI NOTCTIS ALBAE! CRYSTALLITATIO TELLUSTRIS!" Stragos chanted as all the moisture near where Ringune was standing instantly froze, which caused jagged pillars of ice to shoot up from the ground. Ringune, however, jumped at the last second and avoided the pillars. But one of Kureeza's men wasn't so lucky as he was impaled in various parts of his body by the ice pillars.

Stragos gritted his teeth as he glared up at Ringune. Ringune let out a small chuckle before lifting his hand up in the air. He then charged up a ki ball that could easily destroy this area. The Negima group was shocked as they sensed the massive power behind it. But Ringune knew better as he began to focus the massive ki ball into his arm and pointed at Stragos. With a war cry, he shot his ki beam like bullet as it speeding towards the old man. Stragos was helpless as he was engulfed by the blast and killed.

As soon as Stragos's charred body hit the ground, Tera grabbed hold of the children, Palom and Porom, tightly.

The Negima crew was shell shocked at this sudden turn events. First, they killed an innocent woman and then burned an elderly man to crisp. "W-What fiends!" Kaede said.

"H-How awful!" Asuna gritted her teeth. She clenched her fists angrily but as result, her ki was starting to get out of control. A white thin aura surrounded the orange haired girl.

Kotarou immediately sensed the increased ki coming from the orange haired girl. "Asuna-neechan, control your ki!" commanded the hanyou. "They'll know we're here!"

"But if we don't do something…"

"You want to go back to Mahora Academy with everyone, right? There's no way we can take on someone like that," Kotarou commented. "As much as I hate saying this, if we show ourselves now, we'd only die in vain. Besides, we only came here to scout."

"You have definitely improved Kotarou-bozu," Kaede said.

"It's true that back then I would have jumped in without any consequence but after training with Piccolo-san, it's better to have cool heads than those lost to their emotions," Kotarou explained.

Kureeza, meanwhile, chuckled as Ringune returned to his spot next to the mighty Emperor. "What do you say? Are you feeling a little more compliant now? Hmm?"

"What is your purpose in collecting the Calicem Crystallinum?" Tera asked.

"Oh, it is quite a frivolous little wish. I was thinking of gaining eternal life."

"The likes of you will get the Crystal over my dead body!" shouted Tera angrily. "My family has guarded this crystal for generations! There is no way someone like one will get it!"

"Ho ho ho. So you are saying you would rather choose death than give your Crystal to me? I see. The people of this planet seem to be very stubborn, indeed. But then… can you still remain stubborn after the death of those children?"

"W-What!?" Tera jerked, immediately looking at the children that were behind him. "You'd even go after children as well?! How low can you get!?" Asuna couldn't agree more as she began clenching her fists even more tightly, releasing more of her power.

Raboli's Scouter then began to read something. "There's a strong battle power," he said. Kotarou let out a small curse. It was probably Asuna's. He needed to stop the orange haired girl from doing something stupid before it was too late. But luckily, the reading that Raboli's Scouter picked up wasn't Asuna's but something else. "Kureeza-sama, over there!" Raboli shouted pointed to the sky as three figures were fast approaching to this location.

Tera's face lit up brightly with a smile as he knew who these three mysterious figures were. "Ah! It's them! The Red Wings are finally here!" he shouted excitedly.

And soon enough, the three figures touched down on the ground, glaring at Kureeza and his goon squad. It was the infamous Red Wings of Planet Minerva, defenders of justice on the planet. They all wore a suit of armor, each one a different color. The two outliers, Biggs and Wedge, wore a colored brown and dark gray suit of armor while the middle one, Ceodore, was wearing a blue suit of armor with a red and white scarf around his neck.

Ceodore, the leader of the Red Wings, noticed the dead bodies of Rosa and Stragos on the floor. Gritting his teeth angrily, the blonde haired mage glared at Kureeza. "Damn, that ill foreboding I felt proved true!" he said.

Kureeza let out a sigh of disappointment. "We cannot have this, can we? I was finally about to have another Crystal brought out to me, too," he said before giving the evil look at the Red Wings. "Imagine, you interrupting your work, so that you could come here and be killed."

"I see now," Ceodore said. "The rumors of people attacking the villages and stealing the Crystals are true, are they?"

"You'll pay for this!" Biggs shouted.

"How dare you trample the peace of Planet Minerva!?" Wedge added.

"Ho, you intend to fight us?" Kureeza asked. Turning over to the red alien blob, the mighty Emperor asked, "How great is your battle power? Raboli-san?"

"Yes, sir, I will check," replied Raboli as he pressed the red button on his Scouter, measuring each member of the Red Wings's battle power. Tera was a little surprised once he heard Raboli say this, "Please do not be disappointed. All three are below the standard level of Kurezecs. There is no need for us to even fight them."

The rest of Kureeza's army laughed as they also measured the Red Wings's battle power. So that's it, Tera deduced. I now understand how they are able to so precisely locate our villages, which dot the land across the vastness of Planet Minerva. They are able to search, using those devices!

"How laughable! You want to tangle with us, warriors that have eaten the fruit of Shinjisu tree?" spoke up one of Kureeza's soldiers.

Up on the cliff, Kotarou shook his head. "He's wrong. Those three are just suppressing their energy. Don't these dudes even know that much?" the hanyou questioned.

"Tullece told us that, even though he was using a Scouter, he could tell that we were hiding our strength," Kaede added. "But Tarble-dono was surprised by that fact de gozarou."

Meanwhile, Kureeza's soldiers prepared themselves for battle as they rushed towards the Red Wings. "Let 'em have it!" One of them shouted.

Ceodore looked at his companions and said, "Remember, go to the maximum! They desecrated our beloved peace!" Biggs and Wedge both nodded in agreement. The three of them began to charge up their Mana as they all shouted, "CANTUS BELLAX VIS MAXIMUS!" A huge aura of magical power surrounded the three Red Wings as they went on the offensive.

Once the battle had started, the Red Wings were beginning to make quick work of Kureeza's soldiers. Using a variety of magic spells, the soldiers of Kureeza's army stood no chance. Biggs was specialized in Fire magic while Wedge specialized in Water magic. Ceodore, meanwhile, specialized in Wind and Ice magic.

Biggs chanted a powerful Fire spell to take out many of the soldiers. "PAREO PACTUM QUOD SERVO MHI. RECOLLIGO, PHASMATIS FLAMMA APES IGNIFERAE!" As he finished his chanted, he threw out his hand and sent out several wasp-like projectiles at some of the soldiers, creating large explosions.

Wedge also chanted a powerful spell as he summoned the water that was nearby for this spell. "MAGNA CATARACTA!" Upon finishing the chant, a large-pillar of water was summoned. He then directed it at the approaching soldiers and soon enough, Kureeza's men were submerged by the giant pillar of water. Wedge let out a small grin as he and Biggs continued to fight off Kureeza's men.

A few of Kureeza's strongest men then approached the standing Ceodore. They went ahead with punches, kicks, ki blasts and even used their arm cannons but the leader of the Red Wings dodged everything. By the time the last attack came in, Ceodore had jumped into the air. Above the soldiers that were battling him, the leader of the Red Wings began to chant a powerful spell. Once he finished the incantation, he shouted the name of his attack, "MALLEUS AQUILONIS!" It turns out that Ceodore had summoned a giant mass of ice as he hurled it at his opponents. Kureeza's men stood defenseless against the crushing blow of Ceodore's attack.

As more of Kureeza's men joined the fight, Ringune's eyebrow was twitching in anger. He turned to his companion, Raboli with a disappointed look on his face. "What is this? That's what you call a battle power below a Kurezec?" Ringune exclaimed, getting a confused from Raboli.

Raboli went ahead to check their battle power once again but this time around, they were completely different! "What's going on here?" he questioned. "All three have increased their battle power tremendously!"

"Well, well, they are pretty good, are they not?" Kureeza commented.

"I get it.," the red alien blob said. "The people of this planet are a race that is able to control their battle power. Such is a very rare type."

Meanwhile, Tera had finished his preparations. All right, he said to himself as he glanced at the remaining Scouters. Including the red alien blob's, there are only three of those devices that remain unbroken. "Children, stand away from me," Tera said. "Quickly!" Porom and Palom nodded at the elderly man as they backed away from him.

Kureeza was starting to get irritated that this wasn't finishing sooner. He really wanted to get that wish quickly before Tullece got the chance to steal a Crystal right underneath him. Turning to the red alien blob, he said, "Raboli-san…"

Raboli knew what that look meant. It was time for him to get into the action and finish the Red Wings once and for all. "Yes, sir," he said as he put down the crystals that he was carrying. "You guys are pathetic. You're going to trouble me with this, are you?" Turning to the mighty Emperor, Raboli asked, "May I take care of all three of them?"

"Feel free."

"IACULATIO GRANDINIS!" Tera shouted as a dense ice spear went towards Raboli, more specifically, his Scouter! Once the spear hit the mechanical device, it was destroyed completely!

Raboli felt a slight sting on his face. However, he was mighty pissed. "Y-You bastard!" he said, his brow twitching in rage. "Did you think you could defeat me with such a petty technique?" Despite the threat, Tera jumped into the air and launched two more ice spears at the remaining Scouters, effectively destroying them!

"Oh, no!" Ringune shouted as he realized what the old man was doing. "He was going after the Scouters!"

"Scouters?" Kotarou asked the rest of the Negima crew.

"Those devices that can tell an opponent's strength and location de gozarou," Kaede explained.

"So that's it!" Asuna added. "Then they can't determine the precise location of the Calicem Crystallinum after all! They use those Scouters to look for the Minervans, and then strong-arm them!"

"Then that's why, when the old-timer there figured it out, he destroyed all of their Scouters!" Kotarou commented excitedly.

Raboli got easily pissed that such a tactic was used, especially on him! "Why, you…!" He then jumped into the air, speeding towards the defenseless Tera. "I-I'll kill them all! I'll kill every last one of them! Starting with you!"

"Elder Tera!" Ceodore shouted as he was about to rush in and protect the old sage, but luckily someone interrupted the red alien blob's flight path.

"Raboli-san! Just a moment!" Kureeza shouted, stopping the red alien blob in his tracks. "Begin by first killing the three younger ones!"

"Damn it!" Raboli said, gritting his teeth. He then went full force to the ground, shaking the earth that stood on for a bit. Raboli then cracked his knuckles as he headed towards the Red Wings. "I'll put all three of you away in ten seconds!" the red alien blob stated.

"Ridiculous! Do you think you're a match for all three of us?!" Biggs exclaimed.

"Am I a match for all three of you, you ask?" Raboli said with an evil grin on his face as he went into super speed and disappearing entirely. Biggs looked around for the red alien blob but couldn't find him until he felt something punctured through his chest. He looked down and saw it was Raboli's arm as it had gotten through his chest. "Such an amusing joke," the red alien blob whispered to Biggs's ear before giving the finishing blow of breaking his neck.

"Biggs! You bastard!" Wedge shouted as he went on the attack.

"Wedge, no!" Ceodore commanded but it was too late as his companion went ahead with his attack.

"Take this you fat ass! EX SOMNO EXSISTAT EXUNDANS UNDINA INIMICUM IMMERGAT IN ALVEUM! VINCTUS AQUARIUS!" Throwing his hand forward, Wedge launched his capture water spell so he could deliver a more powerful spell upon the red alien blob since he knew that he could move fast, despite his size.

However, Wedge had underestimated Raboli's speed as he dodged the Red Wings's attack. He then appeared behind Wedge as he prepared his own attack. Putting his right hand forward, he charged up a red energy sphere and then fired it in the form of an energy wave at Wedge, inflicting a huge amount of damage that Wedge could not survive.

Ceodore gaped as he watched his burnt companion fall to the ground. Glaring at the red alien blob, Ceodore then chanted up a spell that he had hoped not to use at all. Summoning upon Ice and the Darkness within his heart, the leader of the Red Wings chanted, "VENIANT SPIRITUS GLACIALES OBSCURANTES! CUM OBSCURATIONE FLET TEMPESTATS NIVALIS! NIVIS TEMPESTAS OBSCURANS!" Upon finishing the incantation, Ceodore sent a giant magic beam at Raboli.

The red blob alien looked at the incoming blast with a grin on his face as he faced his entire body towards it. Everyone was curious as to why he was doing that when suddenly the blast hit him in the stomach but instead of exploding, it was receding inwards! "What!?" Ceodore exclaimed, shocked by this.

Raboli grinned evilly. "Such a nice technique," Raboli taunted. "How about you take it back!" With some flexion of his abdominal muscles, Raboli sent Ceodore's ultimate attack back at him! The leader of the Red Wings could only watch in horror as his own attack engulfed him in a mighty blast that killed him.

Tera gaped in shock. Within minutes, the mighty Red Wings were easily crushed by one red giant blob! How could this be? His body trembled in fear. "Ho ho ho," Kureeza chuckled, knowing full well the reaction that was overcoming the elderly man. "You must now realize that defying me or trying to run away will do you no good. But, in any event, come on down here."

Tera, instead of protesting, did what was asked of him. "You have finally become compliant," Kureeza continued. "That will do. You destroyed our precious Scouters. What do you say you produce the Crystal for me, to apologize?"

"I've got no other choice," Tera said. "But promise me on thing: that you will not harm the children, no matter what!" Kureeza didn't respond verbally to Tera's promise; just giving a nod to the elderly man. Tera then went ahead inside of the building that had the symbol for Ice on the top.

Meanwhile, up on the cliff, Asuna clenched her fists angrily. "Why, those lousy…!"

"H-Hey, Asuna-neechan, don't go getting any funny ideas," Kotarou stated. "As much as I want to beat them, we are just no match for those guys."

"But…" Asuna trailed as Kotarou shook his head once more. However, Asuna couldn't let this one go. Curse their predicament.

Within a few seconds, Tera had come out of the building with a crystal in hand. "Now, take this, and leaver here at once!" Tera commanded to the mighty Emperor.

"Good work," Kureeza said as he commanded the remaining few of his soldiers that weren't killed by the Red Wings. As soon as his soldier grabbed the crystal and brought it back to the Kureeza, the mighty Emperor continued to speak. "While we are it, how about you tell me where the other three Crystals are?"

"Don't be absurd! We Minervans would die before doing anything like selling each other out!" Tera said. "Now, hurry up and get out of here, like you promised."

"My, my, not you, too? No one on this planet ever says anything about their companions," Kureeza said, letting out a sigh of disappointment. "Sure enough, I must have you die, along with the children."

"What did you say?!" Tera exclaimed, gaping in shock at Kureeza's declaration. "That wasn't out agreement! You said if I gave you the Crystal, you wouldn't do anything to us!"

"But unless I have all seven Crystals together to form the Calicem Crystallinum, there is no meaning, is there?" the mighty Emperor asked. "You have destroyed our Scouters, so I must ask you to tell us where the remaining three crystals are."

"I told you, I'll die before telling you where my people are!"

"Is that how badly you wish to die? In that case, I will do as you ask."


Looking at Raboli, Kureeza gave out his order. "Kill all three of them, starting with the children," the mighty Emperor commanded.

"Yes, sir." Raboli nodded right away as he went towards Tera and the two twins.

"You two run away!" Tera shouted. "Run away from here!"

"R-Right!" Palom nodded as she took her brother, Porom with her as they tried to run away as far away as possible.

Tera then prepared himself in a mystical magic arts stance. "Let me show you the powers of the Guardian of the Ice Crystal!" Tera boasted.

However, Raboli did something unexpected as he opened his mouth and shot a ki beam! Tera prepared himself for the incoming blast as he began to chant quickly, but by the time the ki blast came, something happened. It went by him as it hit an unexpected target, Porom! The male twin was killed in an instance. Palom's eyes watered up with tears as she tried to wake up her brother. "Porom… Porom…! Wake up!"

Tera gritted his teeth. "You low life scum! How dare you attack an innocent child?" The elderly man prepared himself to attack but quickly found himself at the mercy of Raboli as the reb alien blob appeared right before him. Tera tried to attack quickly but Raboli was too quick and got him in a head-lock. Within moments, Tera's neck snapped and it was done.

Raboli chuckled. "You never had time to show us your so-called 'powers'!" the red alien blob said as he turned to his next target. "It's a trivial matter to crush a kid like this. Well, be that as it may, die!"

Asuna couldn't take it anymore as she stood up. "Stop it! I can't take it anymore! ADEAT!" the orange haired girl shouted, grabbing the attention of both Kureeza and Ringune. Upon grabbing her summoned sword, Asuna went on the attack. Jumping down and using her momentum for the attack, the orange haired girl swung her sword at Raboli's back, leaving a giant gash on his back and sending him flying. "That'll show you!" Asuna said as she stood in front of Palom.

Raboli shook his head as he took off the debris that was on top of him. He glared hatefully at Asuna, without noticing that there were a few electric sparks coming out of his back. "W-Who are you?!" the red alien blob asked.

Asuna stood her ground. "I am going to belt you!"

"You're going to do what?" Raboli said as he was about to go on the attack and destroy the orange haired girl. But suddenly, he was hit by a large black wolf-dog, now more solid and robotic in appearance covered in a blaze of fiery black ki. Asuna wondered who did the attack for a bit before realizing that attack was one of Kotarou's.


"Y-You dumbass, Asuna-neechan!" the young hanyou shouted as he grabbed Palom bridal style, not caring for the blush that was on her face as he didn't have time to think about how to properly hold a girl. "Get out of here, quick!" Asuna nodded as she noticed Kaede was already in the sky, ready to escape. She jumped into air and followed the dog boy and the Mahora Ninja as they sped quickly across the sky.

Raboli, meanwhile, was stuck underneath a huge pile of debris. Upon one pebble falling down, Raboli broke out of his 'tomb'. Grabbing his face, Raboli gritted his teeth as he was royally pissed now. "D-Damn it…"

"Go after them!" Kureeza shouted as he was interested in learning more about these mysterious people. "Raboli-san, catch them!"

The red alien blob nodded. He grinned evilly as he too jumped into the air. "You fools! Do you think you can get away?!" Raboli shouted as he quickly went after the Negima crew and Palom. This had become a chase that Planet Minerva won't soon forget.

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