Dark and dangerous.

Those were the two words used to describe Cameron Briel. Everywhere he went, obscurity and gloom seemed to follow him. After all, he was part of the dark side. He was evil, and with evil came death. When it came to the meaningless turmoil of others, he just sat back with a smile. But that's what evil was, heartless and inhuman. Just like Cam.

At least, that's how he presented himself.

Deep, deep down inside Cam's black hole of a heart lies something that no evil or savage being would ever feel. He would never admit it himself, unless it was to cause pain to Daniel, which it did, but he knew it was there. Every time he looked at her, it made itself known.

He would reach in with his hand into the darkness of his soul; he would tear it out and rip it into pieces. He would extinguish the fire the moment it flared up again.

He would, if he could.

But he can't. He can't help how he feels about her. About everything that has to do with her. If he could, he'd never see her again. But he has to save her. He has to protect her from those who are more evil than him. He promised, he made a truce with Daniel. He intends to keep that promise until the truce runs out.

And when the truce runs out, then maybe he won't be bound to her anymore. Maybe then he will finally be free of the absurd sense of affection he feels for her. He can't stand that he feels that way about her. Once the truce is over, he'll go back to his side and Daniel will go back to his. They'd be enemies again and he can forget about saving Luce. That would be Daniel's job, all Daniel.

He could be Cam: the uncaring, unforgiving, evil spirit he was.

No, the uncaring, unforgiving, evil spirit he is.

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