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Black Light Ch1

Silence. It seemed that there was nothing but silence and death in the street. The sky was dark grey, blanketed by dark clouds that section of New York was quiet, the buildings looked like they were in disrepair, cars abandoned in the middle of the streets and strangest of all, red and black tendrils started growing all over the cars.

A squad of soldiers wearing black gas masks, wearing black and white uniforms with a strange insignia indicating those soldiers belonged to a group known as Blackwatch, slowly walked down the abandoned street.

The leader of the small scanned his surroundings, the rooftops, and the abandoned cars "All clear, no sign of him yet" he said into his radio. "Keep a sharp eye out" came the reply on the radio.

Above on a rooftop watching them, perched on the edge was a figure wearing a black jacket over a hoodie "My Name is Alex Mercer, I'm the reason for all this. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist, I'm all of these things" Alex stood up and walked over the edge of the building, he landed on the pavement with a loud crash leaving a large impact crater in the street.

Alex stood up looked at the direction of where the soldiers went he turned to the other direction and took off running faster then humanly possible. He ran, passing a decaying corpse being devoured by a flock of crows, he passed more abandoned cars and trucks he jumped onto a large SUV and leapt over a large barbwire fence with ease he landed, hitting the ground running.

"A few weeks ago someone released a lethal virus in Penn station, I woke up in a morgue, now I hunt, I kill, I consume, I become, I'm going to find who did this to me and I'm going to make them pay" Night fall came quickly, The soldiers marched down in a formation weapons poised to fire at a moments notice, the night was silent they passed an ally where they heard a woman shriek, her clothes were torn and she had bruises and cuts on her face "Help me, Help me!" she begged and collapsed into the arms of one of the soldiers.

There was a loud roar and the soldiers saw a large group of infected creatures charge towards them, The Soldiers quickly formed a line blocking the way out of the ally and they open fired on the creatures, the bullets tore through the infected and they fell quickly within seconds the creatures were eliminated.

The Commander of the squad pulled out his sidearm and shot the woman in the head, then they all saw a figure standing in the shadows, with their night vision goggles they all know who it was "It's him, Open fire!" yelled the commander and they all started shooting at the shadowy figure, the figures arms shifted and turned into large black claws and he impaled the commander within seconds, he turned and grabbed another soldier by the head and slammed his head into the concrete pavement with a loud crunch.

Out the corner of his eye he noticed a soldier holding a bazooka, he turned his arm into a large blade and blocked the missile before the soldier could reload his weapon he slashed the soldier in half, causing blood to splatter onto the street with his internal organs.

Satisfied he smiled and the last soldier of the squad had a larger bazooka and shot Alex then there was a big explosion. As the smoke cleared, the soldier saw another soldier lying on the ground he helped the other soldier up and asked, "Are you alright sir?" "Yeah I'm fine, can you point me to the nearest command post" "Sure, the nearest one is at Main square, I'll call a chopper-" but the soldier was interrupted when the other soldier impaled him with his blade arm "That won't be necessary" he pulled the blade out of the man's chest.

Alex changed back to his normal form and he took the dead soldiers radio, he walked away from the scene then he heard something flying through the air he turned and looked around, then cursed to himself "Damn, they must have called for back up" Alex then burst into a sprint to get away from the scene.

A few minutes later Superman, Martain Manhunter and Red Tornado landed at the scene, street lights destroyed, cars torn in half and burnt, the street and sidewalk cracked and had a large crater, "Manhunter see if you can pick up any infected" said Superman looking at the mutilated remains of the Blackwatch soldiers "I'm trying but there is no infected within five blocks radius" said Manhunter

"I doubt the infected did this, there wouldn't be any remains, this is the fifth squad this week" said Red Tornado then asked "Who do you think could do this?"

Superman shook his head "I'm not sure but I think BlackWatch knows more then they let on about this virus and this mysterious killer"

"Shall we launch an investigation on BlackWatch incase they know about the killer?" asked Red Tornado Superman nodded "But we must keep it quite, BlackWatch distrusts the League already we don't want them to get trigger happy" "How about we assign Robin and his team with BlackWatch, just small assignments until we finish the investigation" suggested Martian Manhunter.

After a minute of consideration Superman agreed "Alright" then the three heroes flew away into the night.

End of Chapter 1

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