This is something new I'm trying, it takes place after the battle at the Valley Of The End arc. After being defeated by Sasuke, Naruto is unexpectedly taken by a strange girl and is given a new task and goal in life. He will protect Konoha, he will protect the world and all its inhabitants with his new power and abilities from The Akatsuki organization and demons and strange beings known as the Mikura who hide in plain sight as humans. To truly achieve his goal, he will become a Guardian. He will become…Karas

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Running through the area as fast as he could was a Shinobi of the Leaf Village known as Konoha. He moved as fast as he could hoping to find the two boys he was looking for and praying he wasn't too late.

Every second counted to him, Hatake Kakashi, renowed Jonin who was said thanks to the special eye he had, given to him by a friend on his deathbed years ago had mastered a thousand techniques and jutsus.

As he made his he looked up at the raining clouds and pressed on. He had to find them. And he prayed to all the gods in the world that they where both still alive.

He stopped suddenly and looked ahead and his one uncovered eye widened at what he saw.

Lying on the ground was a boy, a blond haired boy. He was unconscious and had a hole in his chest. A wound suffered no doubt by the one he was chasing after and attempt to rescue and return to their home.

"Naruto…" He said as he walked over to the unconscious boy and kneeled to him. He checked him and the boy was still alive. He was still there but barely.

"You did your best Naruto. It's not your fault. I know you wanted to save Sasuke from Orochimaru." He said to him as the boy he and four others where sent after was being taken to Orochimaru, The Snake Sannin Traitor and enemy of Konoha. He looked around and could imagine the sight as the two rivals turned friends had engaged themselves in battle. Sasuke in his desire for power had ran off to Orochimaru's grasp and Naruto had tried to stop him.

Kakashi looked down at the boy and saw the discomfort in his face, as if he was being plagued by nightmares of his failure.

Bandaging his chest and wounds Kakashi then picked him up and prepared to take him home. Who knows what would happen when he woke up?

"His place is not with Konoha…" A voice said unexpectedly. The voice surprised Kakashi and he looked around as he hadn't detected anyone else's presence here.

He turned around and saw standing in front of him a girl. The girl had appeared from nowhere and he was caught off guard. Surely he would've detected her presence yet here she was, appearing as if from thin air. As if she materialized.

He looked at her and studied her. She had white hair and weared on her head a pair of goggles with one eye open and one eye closed that had a tear falling out. Her clothes where of an odd style. She looked to be in her teens but Kakashi seeing how she appeared and by her appearance knew she was no ordinary girl.

"Naruto has a greater fate than you or anyone can imagine, Hatake Kakashi the Copy Nin of Konohagakure The Hidden Village of Leaves." She said to him and he narrowed his eye. She knew who he was and he did have a reputation but just who was this girl?

"I will take him from you." The girl said to him.

"What? You think I'm going to let you take him? Listen miss…I don't know who you are or what village you're from but this boy is hurt." Kakashi said to her defensively. "You can't just expect me to hand over-"

"You will if you don't want the world to be destroyed." She said to him and caught him off guard. "Three years from now, the world shall be endangered and if the threat is not stopped all shall be ruined." She said and he looked at her in disbelief. "Naruto shall be this world's guardian, for all the people of this world, not just Konoha. There is more going on than you can ever hope to know."

Kakashi stared at her. What was she talking about? The world being destroyed and ruined? Sure those was the threat of Orochimaru as well as those Akatsuki men but he didn't get it.

The girl walked towards him. "Naruto Uzumaki is the one who shall save this world. I alone can teach him how to harness the power that can save this world from those who seek to destroy it. Three years, that's how long this world has left if he does not stop the threat."

"I don't understand…" Kakashi said and the girl smiled.

"Trust me, This boy who I see you care about will be the one to save the world. I must teach him how to harness the power he will need in order to save it." She said to him.

Kakashi then saw to his surprise the boy levitating out of his arms and towards her. Taking him in her arms she looked at the wounded boy and gently stroked his face.

A beam of light appeared behind her and Kakashi saw what appeared to be a portal. She started to turn and enter it.

"Wait!" Kakashi called out to her and she turned around. "What, who are you? Why are you doing and telling me this?"

She smiled at him. "My name is Yurine and for the past centuries I have watched over this world like those before me. Do not worry Kakashi, I promise you will see him again in three years." She said and entered the portal.

The light flashed and disappeared and Kakashi covered his face. When he looked again he saw that it was gone and so was the girl and Naruto.

"Y-Yurine?" He said in disbelief. "So the legends where true? She does exist?" He said still not believing all that he had just witnessed.

One month later…

Blue eyes slowly opened as the occupant of the bed woke up. A light from above was beaming down upon him. His eyes opened fully and he glanced around.

The room he was in was unlike any he had ever been in. It was bathed in a golden light from above and he was on a bed. Was he in a hospital? Where in the world was he?

"Where am I…" He asked himself as he got out of the bed he was in. His clothes where still on at least that was a relief.

"So you're awake," A voice said and he wiped around and saw standing in a doorway a young girl with white hair.

"What the? Who are you? Where the heck am I?" He asked speaking in a fast tone.

"Calm yourself Naruto." She said and it caught him off guard that she knew his name. "We have much to talk about."

Naruto stared at her confusion in his eyes when a loud rumbling sound was heard. He clutched his belly and felt a hunger come over him.

"Come with me, there is food for you to have." She said and walked out the door. Hesitantly he followed her not sure if she was friend or foe.

As he followed her he looked out and saw a plain of grass and that the area was engulfed in a luminous light. As he followed her he saw what he thought where small children picking stuff in the field, but when he looked closer saw that they weren't children. They looked like monsters!

"Don't worry, they are my helpers and friends." The girl said to him "They help me pick herbs and medicine." He looked back at her and them and followed after her.

Coming to a room Naruto saw a plate filled with sushi and vegetables. She mentioned him to eat and he sat down and gripping the knife and fork began doing so. He ate hungrily and the food was alright. He could really go for a bowl of Ramen right now but anything was good.

Finish eating he thought he saw something in the mirror. He looked and his eyes widened in shock.

"My whiskers!" He shouted in disbelief and clutched at his face. "Their gone!" The whiskers that had for many years symbolized him as the vessel for the Nine Tailed fox where gone. As if they had vanished from his face.

"Kyuubi is no longer inside you Naruto." The girl said and he looked at her.

"What did you do? Where am I? Who are you?"

"My name is Yurine, like those before me I have watched over the world. This place, this is the world that lives in between your world."

"Huh?" He said not understanding. It sounded like something out of a fairy tale. He looked out again and then into the mirror and saw the scar like whiskers that where gone.

"Here," Yurine said and laid on the table an amulet. He looked at it and she spoke into it. "Pick it up and look into it." She said and he did so.

At first there was nothing there but he suddenly lurched backwards startled by what he saw.

Glaring back at him was the Nine Tailed Fox that had appeared in it. Kyuubi was inside it, the Demon Fox was sealed into the amulet.

"While you where unconscious I took the liberty of extracting Kyuubi from you and sealing him into the Amulet that you hold. You are no longer a Jinchuurki as people called you. He gave a great struggle and tried to break free during it but I managed to subdue him."

Flashes appeared in her mind as she was at the bed he was in. The room had turned a bright red The seal on Naruto's stomach had been removed and a roaring sound was heard as she using her powers and jutsu removed the Beast from him without harming the unconscious boy. Sealing him into the amulet that would house him she looked at it and saw the roaring beast struggling to break free from his new prison that he was sealed in.

Back at the present Naruto looked over it and Kyuubi was still trying to break free.

"That amulet now holds him and will be the key for you to harness his power from now on." Yurine said to him.

Naruto looked at her and the amulet. Was this all just a dream? Cause it was one of the craziest if it was. He thought back to what happened between him and Sasuke. He thought of everyone at Konoha. Iruka, Jiriaya, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Hinata, Lee, Tsunade, Sasuke…Sakura. Do they all think he was dead?

"Naruto," She said to him and he looked back at her. "I know you are thinking of your friends but there is a looming threat that is coming. Come with me." She said and walked away and he stood up and followed after her.

The two came into a large room that had many drawings on it. As he looked around he noticed that there where different carvings of animals on it. a bear, a hound, a lion, a ram, and a crow as well as many others. He stared at the crow the longest as it seemed the most recent and latest.

"Yurine, just what is going on here?" He asked her not sure what to make of all this. One minute he was facing Sasuke, the next thing he knew he was in a strange room with a girl and Kyuubi had been removed from him.

"Naruto, you are the next in a line of guardians who have protected the world for centuries. You have been chosen to be the next one." She said and he looked and saw next to the crow was a fox that was being made. Above it looked like a stone picture of him.

"In three years there will be much danger, the world will be threatened by a great power and I fear your friends and family lack the strength to defeat this menace. Only by obtaining and using the power of the guardian and becoming the next Karas can you stop this danger. I have seen it in my dreams and it is happening more often. You are the one who can save us all."

"I don't understand…" He said to her.

"All will be made clear in due time. I have three years to train you, to teach you to harness the guardians power. With the guardians power as well as Kyuubi's as well you can stop this growing threat. You can save the world."

(Save the world? But I can't even save Sasuke, how can I be expected to save the world?) He thought to himself. After what had happened Doubt was in his head. "What if I'm the wrong person, what if I screw things up and ruin everything. That's basically all I did before." He said looking down.

She placed her hands on his shoulders. "I wouldn't have chosen you Naruto Uzumaki if I didn't believe you can save us. I know you can do this. You can save your friends, you can save all those who are dear to you and the world."

(She really believes in me huh? Heck, this maybe the second chance I needed after my stunning failure. Maybe, maybe I can do it) He thought again and looked at her.

"Alright Yurine. I'll do it. I'll become the next Karas." He said to her and she nodded her head. He looked at the amulet that Kyuubi was sealed in and back at her.

"Very well, now then we have work to do." She said to him and he nodded prepared to face whatever was ahead.

Three years later…

"Is it time?" The fifteen year old blonde asked the girl who he was now taller than.

The girl nodded her head in response. "Our target is in Sunagakure. We must hurry before its too late."



The pink haired fifteen year old kunoichi breathed hard. There was only seconds left until the antidote she had taken weared off. She stared at the red headed puppet master who had removed his cloak and disguise revealing his true body.

She along with others had been sent to Sunagakure the Hidden Village of Sand to try and save its Kazekage, Gaara who had been abducted by the Akatsuki and attempting to extract Shukaku from him. Now she was caught in a perilous game with this deranged puppet user.

"Sasori, please stop this." His grandmother the woman who she had been fighting with against this devious puppet who had come close to killing them on several occasions.

Sakura Haruno looked at the elderly woman, Lady Chiyo and back at this puppet like man who had turned his whole body into a puppet.

"…Girl, it's time for you to die, you have twenty seconds left at the most before the antidote expires. Then I will end your human life and add you to my collection." Sasori said to her and she recoiled.

Sakura's eyes hardened as there had to be a way to defeat him. As the seconds counted down she tried to think of a plan to defeat him.

She only had ten seconds left, she had to do something fast

"One…Two…" A voice said unexpectedly that caught them off guard and the three combatants looked around.

"Three…Four…" The voice continued as it came from an unknown source.

"What's going on?" Sakura asked herself

"Is this another one of your art Deidara?" Sasori muttered to himself not sure what to make of it.

Suddenly Sakura looked at the entrance she and Chiyo had came in from and saw a fifteen year old blond standing there. She looked at him and saw he was wearing a red and black outfit and on his head she noticed was a hitai-ate with the Leaf on it. For one moment she could've sworn she saw a twelve year old blue in orange and blue in his place.

"Five…Six…" The voice kept going on. "Seven…Eight…Nine…" And it then stopped.

"N-Naru-" Sakura started to say when the voice spoke again.

"And it is ten, sway to and fro, sway…"

Watching from afar Yurine made the symbols necessary for the process to begin. "Go Karas…" She commanded.

The figure nodded. "As you wish Yurine."

Revealing an amulet, he tossed and flipped it into the air as he became surrounded by a red light. As it flew into the air you could see a snarling fox in it. He caught it with his other hand and thrust his fist forward. A series of Kanji and Symbols surrounded him and a portal appeared in front of him.

Stepping into it his body began to become covered in red and black armor that fully covered him. A mixture of armor that in some parts was as Red as fire and in others Black as coal. A katana formed in his hands covered in a sheath that was covered in a chain. A full helmet covered his face and two glowing light blue eyes appeared in the eyeholes. Emerging from the portal fully armored he leapt into and air and landed as steam came off from his body.

Sakura and Chiyo looked on in disbelief at what they where seeing. Never had they ever seen anything like this, not even Chiyo in all her years had witnessed a transformation like that.

The armored figure did a series of slashes and tossed his sword into the air and caught it.

"Eliminate him." Yurine said to him from afar and he got into a fighting stance as he faced the puppet wielder as the chain around his katana broke off and he pulled it out.

"Who is he…" Sakura said out loud not sure what to make of it. He seemed familiar. As if she knew who he was. But it couldn't be, he disappeared three years ago.

Sasori stared at the new figure with an amused look on his face.

"Alright then, since you know what I truly am I guess there's no point in keeping this disguise up." Sasori said and suddenly grinned psychotically. "I hate waiting so let's make this short!" He shouted and suddenly transformed shocking both of the women. His body had changed and had transformed into a grey colored giant scorpion and stood on two feet and was over nine feet tall dwarfing the unknown figure. "I don't transform for the average scum, so you better make it worth my while!" He shouted and roared at him.

The figure charged him and the two prepared for battle.

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