After she had seen the figure of Ethan, or Patrick, or whatever the hell he was called in the corridor Jess had sounded the alarm. Keeping one eye on the screen she saw the drama unfolded in front of her. First Emily and then Becker arrived, she was calling for more backup even as she saw Ethan fired. Once, then twice, her body responding to each shot as if it were her and not Becker that had taken the impact. Now in a voice that had a barely contained edge of panic she summoned medical assistance too.

On the comms she heard Matts voice, he was speaking to someone, it took a couple of seconds before she realised it was her and she crashed back down to her reality. It seemed like forever as she talked to Matt, listened as he spoke to Danny, as the events unfolded in front of the two anomalies. A spark of curiosity ran through her as she knew he'd taken out his comm link and severed his contact with her. What was happening?

Once she was satisfied he was safe she headed down to medical, one casualty was enough for the day. She knew that Matt would come and check on Becker on his return but she needed to be there now.

He was still, pale, his eyes closed but he was breathing. There were tubes and wires headed in all directions and a small whimper of pain escaped before she sat down in the chair next to the bed. One of the medical staff paused next to her and told her quietly they had been lucky, this time, he would be fine it would just take a while for him to wake up. Her head nodded in thanks at the words but she couldn't speak, not quite yet.

Her fingers brushed stray locks of hair away from his face before she took his hand in both of hers. Jess spoke quietly to him, she'd heard that even when someone was like this they could still hear you, besides it made her feel better to talk. If she talked it was as if he was just trying not to listen to her. It hadn't escaped her that he did listen to her, he'd remembered the type of chocolate she had wanted when Matt hadn't, even with everything that had happened that day. Becker was a good man.

Eventually she'd fallen asleep, curled up in the chair still holding on to his hand. A cup of cold tea rested on the cabinet next to the bed perhaps someone had brought her it, even woken her in order to get her to drink it but she didn't remember. All Jess remembered was the blackness of her dreams and the image of his prone body on the corridor floor.

Feeling a pressure in her hand she glanced over and saw that Hilary's eyes had flickered open, "Jessica," he managed in a weak voice that was the best sound she'd ever heard. Leaning down she gave his forehead a quick kiss, "I'm here." Turning but not letting go she called out for someone, anyone to come see he was back.