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Every action, every moment has an aftereffect. Change one thing and you could change the world-hopefully for the better.

495 days later...

He didn't know how he was supposed to go about doing this. Land first. That went without saying. He would land soon, in seconds probably, and then what? His mother's words echoed in his head. Yes, that was it. He would land and find Son Goku without screwing up the timeline too much. Well, at least in ways that wouldn't mean a better future.

In a sharp flash of light, Trunks felt his breath leave his entire body, eyes watering from the sudden impact of sunlight. He had finally arrived. The teenaged boy placed the time machine back into a Capsule case and took off into the air, purple bangs flying.

He would have to wait, of course, for his mission to start.

About 573...Point 18220...

He nodded to himself, clicking his wristwatch off, "Should be around here, then..."

Trunks steadied himself onto the ground and flipped through his Capsule case. It would be about three more hours until Son Goku arrived, which meant about three more hours until Frieza got here too. I wonder what he's like...

Not Frieza, of course. Trunks could really care less about some alien that he could take out with one Burning Attack. He was nothing compared to the androids, though his mother said they had a rough time with that alien guy on Namek.

I can't sense his ki anywhere.

Maybe the ship was too far away, though Trunks had thought his ki sensing abilities were a little better than that. If he were specifically looking for Frieza, even though the alien was relatively weak, he should have been able to sense him.

But the only powerful kis he felt were not in space. Maybe Frieza already landed...and Son Goku too. It would explain why the kis were so close together, yet...

He immediately froze, recognizing the location instantly. The teenager didn't hold back. Trunks immediately powered up, hair streaking gold, and dashed west.

His body flew over the desert and smaller cities instantly. Gohan had trained him well. A small smile appeared over Trunks' face at the thought of his old master. He wondered what it would be like to see Gohan again. But he wouldn't be the same. This was a different timeline, a different world. And the Gohan he would meet here would be much, much younger. Can't help but be excited though.

He only hoped his mother's plan would work, that is, if Frieza wasn't already wiping out his home.

He wasn't sure if he had ever seen his city like this before- maybe only from the forgetful eyes of an infant. It was perfect. Pristine. Tall skyscrapers and thousands of small kis hundreds of feet down. There was no one screaming or running, no fires or buildings collapsed from energy blasts. This was how his home was meant to be, and Trunks allowed himself to take in the peace for a moment.

It didn't take long to get to where he had sensed the large kis, and when his blue eyes caught sight of the familiar dome shaped house, he cringed. Mother...

Ignoring the possibility of being spotted by normal humans, Trunks speedily landed and started running, orange scabbard clanging on his back.


The young voice made him stop dead. The purple haired teenager turned around to see a boy with black hair in a fighting stance. Gohan! He suppressed the inward laugh wanting to escape. The Gohan he knew was tall with scars on his face, not some four-foot kid. It was funny how a thing like time could completely change a person.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

His mind froze at the questions. Trunks hadn't really thought about what he was going to say. He was really only supposed to speak to Goku himself. Telling the truth was always an option, but it seemed to be a stupid one. He didn't want to risk his existence, even if that did mean that this 'saving the alternate timeline' thing would be easier. He was a Saiyan too, and perhaps an important asset in the future. He couldn't risk that. "Nobody that concerns you."

"Then why are you here?" Gohan sounded more curious than anything. "...You...your ki is strange."

The older boy ignored the statement, "Gohan, where's Frieza?" He was surprised his own mentor wasn't more concerned about the evil alien, but perhaps, his initial defensiveness towards him was a result of Frieza's presence.

Gohan's eyes widened at both statements, "...Huh? Frieza? And how do you know my name?"

Reddening at his slight slip up, the teenager sighed and crossed his arms. "That isn't important right now. What I need to do is defeat Frieza and wait for Goku to arrive."

"Arrive? What are you talking about? Oh!" Gohan jumped a bit. "You must have met my dad while he was on that other planet! Did he tell you about Frieza? You don't need to worry though. Frieza's dead."

"I'm sorry, but you must be mistaken. You thought Son Goku killed Frieza on Namek, but it wasn't enough. Frieza's father reconstructed his body and he should be here..." The purple haired boy clicked his watch, "...in 2 hours and 24 minutes."

Gohan sat on the green lawn, face contorting in confusion. They were far from the main yellow house of Capsule Corp., probably in an isolated area reserved for meditating or, perhaps, where his grandmother had kept all those animals. "You're the one that's mistaken, Mr. ..."

The teenager blinked, "...Um, what do you mean?"

"My dad wasn't the one who defeated Frieza."

"...Then how did he..."

"Uncle Vegeta destroyed him on Namek. Did my dad lie to you? That's not like him at all..."

What! "...my...I mean, Vegeta was the one that killed..."

"Yeah. And then he had my dad bring him to where Frieza's dad was, and I guess they were destroyed too." Gohan shrugged, "I know fighting and killing is wrong, but they were pretty evil."

Had his mom been lying to him this entire time? She had always seemed to idolize Son Goku. That was the reason for this whole mission, wasn't it? To give Goku medicine because he would be the answer to defeating the androids. It always confused him why his mother, a self proclaimed and proven genius, would think that one person could defeat the monsters that made his life a living Hell.

He had always wondered where he had come from-the Saiyan half, the half that allotted him so much strength and power. His mother had said his father was a prince and that he was stubborn and proud and arrogant and a whole mess of words he wished he never heard. She went a little too detailed into their situation for Trunks' liking, but he had to admit, he was grateful for the honesty. He didn't exactly expect to see his father and mother as a happy family here or anywhere for that matter. It was simple attraction that led to his birth-nothing more. He still remembered what she had said to him right before he had left.

"Don't get your hopes up."

But how could he not?

Now he was thinking that there was something deeper behind his mother's feign apathy. Is she resentful? Over what, Trunks didn't know. But it would explain why she told him Son Goku killed Frieza when he clearly did not.

Then why say he came back to Earth? Why not admit that he died on Namek?

"...That explains why I don't sense his ki."

Gohan raised an eyebrow, "You can sense ki too? Yours is suppressed right now, isn't it?"

Trunks nodded his head, but didn't offer any answer to the question behind those words. Gohan was very intuitive, and that seemed to be the case even when he was a child.

A shadow of a man rounded the corner behind a gathering of palm trees. "Gohan! We're not finished yet!"

He didn't recognize this voice at all, not that he expected to. But this man's appearance also wasn't familiar. He had seen Goku before, his photos plastered over the living room when he had visited Mt. Paozu a few times. Is this him?

Trunks stared a long time at this new guest. He had long black hair and dark eyes, obviously Saiyan. No...it isn't my father, but who is he?

He was wearing a normal t-shirt and jeans, looking comfortable yet strangely out of place. His eyes narrowed at Trunks, "Who are you?"

Gohan turned towards the older Saiyan. "I don't know, Uncle Raditz. He just flew over here looking for my dad."

Raditz? His mother never told him about another Saiyan. Trunks coughed, not exactly knowing how to go about this at all. "Is Son Goku around?"

"He doesn't appear to be threatening, but his ki is really high." Raditz crossed his arms and nudged his head to the side. "You can talk to my brother. Just wait a moment."

"Your...your brother?"

"Yes, Kakarot or 'Goku' is my brother. I'll go get him so you don't disturb the party."

"Thank you." Trunks nodded his head down in respect, "Your trust means a lot. I promise I am an ally."

Raditz nodded, scratching his head, "Yeah, for some reason you seem very familiar." The older Saiyan moved away from the two half-Saiyans and back towards the main house.

So Goku is on Earth already?

Another factor his mother got wrong. Perhaps her memory was worse than Trunks thought.

Gohan shifted down to the floor, wiping his brow. It was then Trunks realized that his master had been training. The young boy seemed to acknowledge his silent question, "Uncle Raditz likes to use the Gravity Room whenever we get a chance to. So does Mr. Piccolo. Did my dad tell you about him?"

"No." Trunks sat down. He couldn't really lie, especially to Gohan. "I'm...I can't really tell anyone why I'm here except for your dad."

"Oh, why?"

"I...it could affect the future in a bad way." He ignored the confused look on his mentor's face and opted for redirection. "You were training during a party?"

"...It's not really a boy sort of party. I was kind of forced to come or study. Oh! Here he comes!"

Goku turned the corner, bright orange gi standing out against the mostly green landscape. Trunks stood up at his appearance, bowing his head slightly in respect. But Goku just looked baffled. "Who are you?"

"You mean, you don't know him, Dad?" Gohan's concern grew.

"Nope." Son Goku approached the teenaged half-Saiyan, "But...you do look familiar. Have we met?"

"Not exactly." Trunks reverted to his serious face, pushing away all of the confusing and conflicting thoughts. He had a mission to accomplish and a warning to give. "Can we go somewhere else so we can talk in private?"

Goku nodded and touched Trunks' shoulder. With two fingers raised to his forehead, he teleported the both of them away from West City.

Trunks hated being the bearer of bad news, but Goku seemed surprisingly...excited. He supposed that was the Saiyan in him. Trunks could feel it too sometimes. That undeniable urge to fight, to face someone that could potentially over power you. The sensation was the strongest whenever he turned Super Saiyan, a transformation he happily showed Goku to prove his lineage.

"You trust me then? You'll prepare for the androids?" Trunks powered down. There was something unsettling about Goku's reaction to all of his news, and it wasn't just the excitement part. That was understandable. It was reasonable for Goku to also freak out about the whole time travel thing, but the full blooded Saiyan only nodded when Trunks told him his name.

"Yeah, 'course I trust you, Trunks. Why wouldn't I?"

Because you don't know who I am... He let the thought slide, digging through his pocket instead to hand Goku the heart medication. "I suppose you're wondering why there's another Super Saiyan."

Goku seemed to search Trunks' face for a moment. "Your future is really different, isn't it?"

The teenager didn't exactly know how to answer that, and Goku never really gave him a chance to. In another flash, they vanished from the deserted wasteland Goku had brought them to and were back on Capsule Corp. grounds.

They were closer to the house this time. Trunks could see the blue and white balloons framing the doorway of the patio. No one was outside, except for a green alien Goku introduced as Piccolo.

Trunks remembered the name from his mother's stories, and was happy to put a face to the name, even if he wasn't very talkative.

"He's not really the party sort of guy. Vegeta's better, but only by a little. He had a hard time adjusting to Earth." Goku scratched his head, laughing, "Well, not too hard a time, but you'll see."

What is he doing? "Son Goku, with all due respect, shouldn't we be telling the others about the androids? They are much more powerful than Frieza..."

"Frieza didn't seem all that powerful."

Trunks narrowed his blue eyes. "Did...Vegeta tell you that?"

"Yeah, he did, but I could sense it while I was still on Namek too."

"You didn't have any issues trying to get back to Earth?"

The tall, dark haired Saiyan laughed again, "Oh! You must have heard about that. Yeah, I had a little bit of a problem, but as soon as I learned Instant Transmission I came right back to Earth. I probably would have had a difficult time finding it though if Vegeta wasn't a Super Saiyan. I needed a powerful ki to sense for location."


He hadn't realized his father had the ability to transform too! From all he knew, Goku was the only one who could transform before Gohan and himself. "Your timeline really is different, isn't it?"

"Just wait." Goku led Trunks to the patio door, knocking softly before opening it to reveal a gang of people, huddled around a couch. "Hey! I'm back!"


Trunks recognized the voice and turned, expecting to see a petite, yet tough, Chichi coming towards her husband. It was rare for Trunks to see Chichi mad in his timeline, things were too depressing to ever be mad at anything, but there were some instances when Gohan was still alive when her fiery nature would show.

But he hadn't been expecting this.

She didn't look that angry at her husband. Nope, that wasn't what made his jaw completely drop. I...I don't get it.

Even at first glance it was noticeable, but she couldn't have been too far along. Trunks looked to Goku and then back to Chichi, confused and almost alarmed that he hadn't know about this. The Saiyan was smiling brightly while his wife looked as if she were about to punch him. "Leave during your own son's baby shower to train. Your lack of manners still amazes even me, Goku."

"Sorry, Chichi. You know I can't pass a chance to train. Especially since Vegeta seemed to actually let me use the Gravity Room this time."

At his father name, Trunks looked around the room, but neither of his parents was there. Weird. What was even weirder was that there was another baby half-Saiyan that his mother failed to tell him about. He searched the baby's ki, looking for any kind of defect that could lead to a miscarriage or any other reason why this baby wasn't in his future. But he found none. The fetus seemed to be healthy and most likely male.

"Hey, who's that?"

Trunks turned to the short, bald man asking the question and immediately gulped. This must be Krillin. He wasn't supposed to be meeting all of these people! As much as he would have loved to see his father, he was starting to think that his presence alone had affected the future in unpredictable ways. Maybe this new baby was replacing him. Maybe in this timeline his parents didn't get together at all, and he would never exist.

"He's just a friend, Krillin. Wanted to stop by and give Chichi his blessing." Goku patted Trunks on the back, "Isn't that right?"

Trunks nodded and bowed politely in front of Chichi. "I hope your pregnancy goes well, Mrs. Son."

"He's gonna stay here for a while. He has something important to tell us. But it can wait until tomorrow." Goku gave Trunks a pointed look. "Let himself enjoy today."

His mind was completely boggled. Trunks had so many questions, but he followed Goku's wishes and sat on the couch, a fair distance away from Chichi who was looking at the pile of nicely wrapped presents in front of her. Gohan and Raditz soon joined the crowd of people, the small boy taking a seat right next to his mother. "I'm excited to have a little brother. You sure it's gonna be a boy, Mom?"

"I could sense it with you, and I can feel it with this one too."

"You have a name yet?" The scarred man said this one. Trunks thought he recognized him to be his mother's ex-boyfriend.

Chichi shook her head, "I have some ideas. It needs to be special though. I was lucky that my husband was alive and came back to Earth. This is a gift from heaven." Chichi smiled at Goku and grabbed a present wrapped in gold paper from the coffee table in front of her.

"Don't you dare, Chichi!" A blue haired woman moved through the door leading to the kitchen, a large, white frosted cake in tow. "No opening presents until after cake! I'm throwing you a proper shower."

Bulma set down the cake on the table, blue eyes suddenly meeting that of Trunks'. "...Oh! Hello!"

He couldn't count how many times he had been speechless today, but that number seemed to only grow. "H-hello."

"My aren't you a shy one. A friend Goku picked up on one of his adventures?" Bulma offered.

Trunks nodded immediately. This wasn't supposed to be so difficult, was it? Bulma seemed to be staring at him, eyes wide as if trying to decipher who the heck he actually was. She wasn't prodding though, which was strange for the mother he knew and loved, but Trunks took whatever luck he could get. He turned down the offer of cake, and stood up. He had his fill of awkward tension. "...Please excuse me, but is there a bathroom I can use nearby?"

Of course there was, but he asked anyway. He was supposed to be a guest here.

"Yeah, sure. The one down here is being remodeled. Use the one upstairs. Second door when you turn right."

Trunks nodded to his mother. "Thank you." And immediately headed upstairs.

The second door on the right was conveniently next to a room with two kis inside. And after washing his face at least five times and assuring himself that he had used the time machine properly, Trunks concentrated on the nearby energies. Both were powerful, obviously not human, though one dwarfed the other easily. He walked towards the closed door, knowing already who was inside. It was obvious. Right there. Yards-no-feet away from him. And yet all he could do was stand there.

He exhaled slowly and just listened to the slight murmurs from the other side of the door.

"You're...you're him, aren't you?"

Trunks froze in the hallway, turning timidly towards the voice behind him. His mother, well, a younger version of his mother, looked at him, a large grin painted on her pale face. She continued softly, "It's okay. He won't mind if you go in. You can see him."

"...Excuse me?"

"Trunks, do you think I can't recognize my own son?" She walked forward to him, moving his purple hair behind his ears. "You have my dad's hair and your father's eyes. You know that, don't you?"

"You tell me that all the time."

Bulma laughed, "I'm sure I do."

He moved away, shaking his head. "But...how do you know me? I'm not supposed to be born yet. How did you..."

"Goku told me who you were. You don't have to hide yourself from me. I am your mother after all." Bulma placed her hands on her hips. "And I got to admit, I have pretty good looking children. I'm glad you grow out of that scowling thing you like to do now."

"So I am...I mean..."

"Of course you are! You think Goku would say anything if it hadn't happened yet?"

"I thought that because Chichi's pregnant..."

Bulma shook her head, "Yeah, after seeing you, she must have wanted another one for herself. Not that I blame her; you are sort of adorable. And it gives you a nice playmate too, doesn't it?" She narrowed her blue eyes at Trunks' paling features. "Are you okay?"

"This is just all too..."


Trunks shook his head, "Early. You and my father weren't supposed to..."

"I don't see why not." Bulma shrugged. "We are married."

MARRIED? "What?"

"Were we not in your time?" Bulma raised an eyebrow. "Huh. Weird. We certainly knew each other long enough. Since I was sixteen."

Okay. That wasn't right at all. His real mother had told him all about Vegeta's trip to Earth, and that happened much later than when she was sixteen. "...But when he came to Earth..."

"We got married. Totally took me by surprise too. Didn't think Vegeta would go for the whole human custom thing. But he's a proud guy. That at least must be true in your time. He didn't want a 'vulgar, dishonorable, relationship'. And I guess..." Bulma paused, blushing slightly. "I guess I was ready."

It took a while to process the information, but Trunks eventually smiled at his mother. Maybe this world had already changed for the better-well, a little bit at least.

"Goku told me you don't remember him." Bulma placed a hand on Trunks' shoulder. "I don't know what happened in your world, but for whatever reason...if Vegeta..." She shook her head, "You're welcome to go in and meet him."

He hesitated before moving forward. "You sure?"

"I want you too. Go!" She pushed his back eagerly, and Trunks grabbed the metal doorknob, turning it slowly-inch by inch.

The small baby's room was coated in powder blue pillows and blankets. Numerous toys were littered all over the floor, and in one corner was a Saiyan prince in a pink shirt and yellow pants, looking down at a purple haired baby on a changing table. "Woman, I will never figure this out. I don't know why you insist on me doing this."

Bulma leaned on the doorframe after pushing the teenaged version of her son deeper into the room. "Vegeta we have a guest. This is Trunks."

Vegeta turned around, black eyes seemingly emotionless. He crossed his arms and went up to Trunks, leaving the baby diaper-less and half asleep. "How old are you?"

That wasn't what he was expecting. Maybe a 'where the Hell did you come from?' or a 'what the fuck is going on?'. But Trunks found this question a bit easier to answer. "Seventeen."

"And already a Super Saiyan."

"You know that?"

"Hmph." Vegeta turned back around and wrapped the diaper sloppily around Baby Trunks. "Your ki. I was tracing it ever since you landed on Earth. Where did he come from?"

Bulma shrugged nonchalantly, "The future."

"I guess that would be the only option. Some invention of yours, I'm presuming. That or those stupid dragon balls." Vegeta held the chubby, frowning baby away from his face and looked to his teenage son, "Want to hold him?"

He didn't really have a choice in the matter. Vegeta dropped the baby in his hands, repositioning a small, blue cap on top of the small wisp of purple hair. The baby reached forward and grabbed teenaged Trunks' nose, laughing happily to himself. As if this day could get any weirder...

"You're obviously not here for a house call."

Trunks nodded his head, still a bit in shock. Maybe he thought his father would be taller or bigger, but there was something still majestic about how Vegeta held himself. He coughed and placed Baby Trunks back into his crib. "No, I'm not."

"I suppose there's some threat in the future that took my life then."

Bulma bit her lip, and Trunks slowly nodded. "How did you know?"

"It's the only explanation as to why you're staring at me like that."

"I'm...I'm sorry."

Vegeta grunted, "Don't apologize. Woman, this is why I can't leave you alone with the child for too long. This one's far too polite. Completely un-Saiyan."

His own time mother's words echoed again through his head. Trunks lowered his eyes. His hopes were already too high to try to bring down.

Bulma didn't say anything. She moved up towards her husband, planting a small kiss on his temple and then retreated from the room, closing the door behind her.

Baby Trunks' crib stood under a closed window, blinds drawn to let the sunlight stream in. Vegeta moved to close the blinds and then pressed the nightlight on the side dresser. An array of light shaped like stars and planets started revolving around the room.

"I never thought I would end up like this."

It was so soft, Trunks didn't even think he heard it. "Excuse me?"

"Come closer if you can't hear me, boy!"

He did as he was told, yellow boots sliding across the hardwood floors. "Yes, sir."

Vegeta didn't turn to face him, but he didn't have to. His dark eyes were focused on the baby wriggling below. "I was a prince of a dead race. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to make it grow again. You are really my son, yes?"

Trunks immediately answered, "Yes."

"You are strong. We are the most powerful warriors in the universe. And whatever monster is haunting you..." He glanced up at the rotating lights on the ceiling. "I want you to know that you can defeat him. Maybe not today, but you will. I never want you to think that you are anything less than you are. You are a Saiyan prince. You are my son, and you earned the right to be a Super Saiyan."

"Father..." He knew the water in his eyes wasn't Saiyan-like, so he forced them back down, chest rising.

Vegeta finally turned, "I will never be the type of man to kill you with praise and affection. You have your mother for that. But I want you to know, Trunks, that in this world and yours, I would do anything and everything for you. Do you understand me?"

"I understand."

"Good." Vegeta sighed and crossed his arms. The baby was finally snoring, but that didn't stop the older prince from talking. "I suppose you want to get to know me." Vegeta gestured to the rocking chair to the side of the crib. "Take a seat. This may take a while."


Trunks deserved to know his father. That's what I always thought. A little note about the marriage bit. In the manga translation I read, when Trunks saves Bulma and his baby self from blowing up in the skycar when the androids attack, Trunks actually yells at Vegeta for not saving his wife and child. Which I found completely suprising since most fics don't have them married until Trunks is like...5 or whatever. But anyway, that made me think it was appropriate for them to be married now.

So after a long time and a few scattered updates, this is the end. Thank you all once again. I will be sure to check this account a little too often, obsessively reading over the stats for this story. Until next time!