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Mana was not a happy camper. No, she was most certainly not her normal happy self. Not. At. All.

She absolutely despised ignorant, rude, insufferable people who got angry about something that she was sure that she'd already said she was going to do. She wasn't sure if any of her friends had noticed, but she took great offense at being called a bitch, and idiot, and a bastard all in one breath.

Mana was not the best person to have angry at you for two reasons: One, she could just have any one of her friends, or have Bakura go crazy psychotic about defending his sister's reputation. And two... Bakura was her brother. She knew how to throw a punch. If she wanted to, she'd probably give Joey or Tristan a run for their money.

So, when she was insulted in that manner, she didn't keep quiet about it. First, she heard the comment addressed to her, and then she stewed about it, planning a nice form of revenge. Then she finds her best friends, vents at them, and they plan revenge together. Then at last, they exact revenge by doing some evil dastardly plan that a gigantic group of angry, insulted, psychotic, and bloodthirsty friends had plotted.

Of course, Mana wasn't sure exactly what they were going to do this time around. Public humiliation would be nice, but then again, so would a slow, personal torture that would leave her victim maimed and emotionally scarred for life.

No, Mana wasn't vindictive at all... Not one little bit. What would make you think that?

MBP: That's that! Hope you liked it, seeing a bit of Mana's darker side. Bye bye!