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Chapter One

What is the worst thing that a teenage girl can do during high school? The answer is fall in love with her best guy friend, who has no idea how she really feels, and when he himself only likes her as a sister.

I did that when I turned fifteen. Atemu still has no idea, and it's been a whole year since.

And do you know what the worst thing a sixteen year old girl can do over the summer? Because I think I'm about to find out, and it's not pretty...

The answer is wreak havoc in a foreign country when you're accompanying your brother on his business trip because you want to avoid your unrequited love during the entire summer.

And no, wreaking havoc was not my intention...

-A diary entry from Mana Tsukiyomi, dated after the summer of 2012


Mana heard the shrill shrieks and slammed her pillow over her head, unable to rid herself of the sound. A little irritated, she knocked her alarm clock off her nightstand, effectively silencing the evil thing. Of course, she also broke it too, so that wasn't good.

"Mana, time to get ready to go!" Mahado called from downstairs, inciting a groan from his younger sister. Didn't he remember that teenagers generally slept in during the summer?

"I want to sleep..." Mana mumbled as she trailed into the kitchen after the scent of frying meat. It would be so bad for the diet she was thinking of starting, but at six in the morning on the first week of summer, she was beyond caring.

"I'm sorry, really, but I'm not leaving you home alone for three weeks," Mahado said unsympathetically. Mana fastened a glare at his back that he didn't notice. "We could always ask the Motou family to take you in, but I feel bad asking last minute..."

His last sentence woke Mana up effectively as she shook her head frantically. "No, that's okay! I don't mind going, I'm just a bit sleepy, that's all! Don't bother them! I can sleep on the way, no problem!"

Mahado watched, unable to get used to his sister as she ran back upstairs to get dressed. Up until a year ago, Mana would have been begging to stay with Atemu and Yugi, and he'd have to find a way to calm her down before dropping her off. Now she was avoiding the Motou house like the plague...

Mahado put it down to female hormones and continued cooking. They'd take their breakfast to go...

Mana sighed at the close call she'd just had. No, there was no way she could be near Atemu this summer. She loved him, much more than he thought she did. And if she was around him this summer, the last summer here before he left for college, then it was sure to come out and ruin their friendship.

She quickly grabbed the first outfit she could find: a jean miniskirt and a white blouse. She just ran a brush through her hair, leaving it messy, but under an amount of semi-control. Mana was beyond caring about shoes, so she grabbed a pair of mismatched socks and tennis shoes.

"Mahado, is Isis here?" Mana shouted as she skipped steps coming down. "Oh, hi Isis!"

"Hello Mana," Isis said, sipping a cup of coffee Mahado had made. "Are you all packed?"

"Duh! Big Brother here made me pack weeks in advance!" Mana complained, sneaking a piece of bacon. Mahado sent a look of slight annoyance and Mana sent him a grin. "I packed the important stuff: phone charger, laptop, laptop charger, phone, some stationary if I have nothing else to do, and the portable tv!"

"What about clothes?" Isis asked, raising her eyebrows expectantly. If there was anything she knew about her boyfriend's sister, it was that she never went anywhere without at least one change of clothes.

"I just packed the entire closet!" Mana grinned teasingly, taking another bacon. "So, when are we going? We're going soon right?"

"Just as soon as I finish cooking breakfast... Mana, hands off the bacon!" Mana snatched her hand away from the bacon as Mahado issued the order, ignoring Isis' calm smile at her reaction.

"Jeez... and you thought I'd make us wait..." Mana settled for mumbling, unable to sit still.

Mahado rolled his eyes discreetly and finished cooking breakfast. "You might want to hunt down that motion-sickness medicine while you wait," He warned his sister, who began to look green at even the thought of needing it. "It's a long plane ride."

"Ewww..." "Just think Mana, it could have been a boat ride," Isis reminded the younger girl, who actually began to turn green.

"I'm looking for that medicine now!" Mana ran off, leaving the young couple alone in the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later, the three of them were in Isis' car, on their way to Domino's airport. Mana curled up miserably in the back seat, closing her eyes and praying she wouldn't throw up on Isis' leather seats.

"Bye Mana... I'll see you in a few months," Isis said quietly as Mana escaped the car.

"Yeah... bye!" Mana left and went ahead to give her brother some alone time with his girlfriend. If she was lucky, he'd manage to miss the flight and they'd have to find alternative transportation... like teleportation! Yeah, that would be cool!

"It's impossible," Mahado said, reading his sister's mind as he came up behind her and ushered her to the plane. "Come on, it's time to get on." Mana turned green, and then very pale.

"It's a metal death-trap," She whispered as she was forced to get on. She sat down and put on her seatbelt shakily, holding onto the armrests tightly. "Human beings were never meant to fly in giant metal things that people call planes. Same with boats. Giant metal tubs that go against nature."

Mahado chuckled and let his sister get the rant out of her system before ruffling her hair gently. "Don't worry sis," He said, showing the affection he rarely showed to her. "Just go to sleep. I won't let the plane fall out of the sky."

"Promise?" Mana asked, getting sleepy again, and reverting back to the gullible five year old she'd been, believing her big brother could do anything. "Pinky promise?"

"Of course..." Mana smiled as she fell asleep, relaxing as Mahado covered her up with a blanket. She'd be alright as long her brother was there... nothing could go wrong...


Mana was not pleased with her brother. Not. At. All. Not only was she forced to watch two little boys, aged 12 and 13, she was getting babysat by Mahado's business associate. Stupid Mahado!

"You're the CEO for Kaiba Corp., right?" Mana attempted another stab at conversation, only to receive a grunt and a nod in response. He may have been rich, and damn well rivaled Atemu for hottest guy on the planet, but he was the biggest ass she'd ever met!

"He's only CEO until I take over..." The green-haired boy, Noah, muttered under his breath, just loud enough for Mana to hear. The idea of the little boy kicking this Seto Kaiba off his position was hilarious, so Mana giggled. Of course, she was also supporting Noah, but still... the mental image was funny!

Noah glanced at her, surprised, but pleased at the attention. His younger brother, Mokuba, shook his head and sighed quietly, obviously used to it by now.

"So, you're Mana, right? Your brother speaks highly of you," Mokuba said quietly and Mana scoffed silently in her head. Mahado? Highly of her? Who was he and what had he done with her brother?

"He also talks about fires, floods, explosions..." Noah muttered, and Mokuba hit his brother discreetly to be polite. Mana faked a gasp and covered her heart in mocking dismay of the two.

"He didn't mention the time I made the wall fall down? It was my best work!" (A/N: It's Mana... do you need an explanation? She's very... imaginative...)

All three boys sent their attention to her, two in admiration, the other in annoyance. Mahado coughed to clear his throat as he approached, already knowing what his younger sister had been talking about.

"Perhaps we should go to the hotel," Mahado suggested quietly, breaking the tension effectively.

"Noah, Mokuba, the car will take the two of you home." Seto's words were instantly met with protests, and his eyes turned cold for a moment before softening.

"Mokuba, you said you needed to work on that computer program," Seto reminded his youngest brother, ruffling his hair. "And Noah, didn't you say Mr. Hawkin's grand-daughter was coming and you needed to get ready?"

"Oh yeah!" The boys chorused, and then said their goodbyes, bowing to Mana and Mahado before dashing off towards the car. Seto followed Mahado and entered their rental, leaving Mana to sit in the back while Mahado drove, a fact she didn't particularly enjoy. Shotgun was her spot, and if Mahado hadn't preached about good behavior, she'd have claimed it and kicked the no-good rich boy out of her seat in a moment. For the moment however, she was willing to take the backseat for her brother. But just for the moment...

Mana glanced out the window and then stared. It was gorgeous! Cute shops, really cute cafes, extremely cute guys... Mana shook her head. No, that wasn't a priority! She can appreciate the good-looking guys, but her main priority was to avoid thinking of a certain guy in particular, and she knew that if she obsessed over a different boy, then she'd end up comparing the two, and that wasn't fair to anyone involved. And despite what people think, she wasn't the type of person to callously hurt someone, even if it wasn't intentional.

"Enjoying the view?" Mana snapped to attention when Mahado spoke, grinning when she actually comprehended what he was saying.

"Yeah! It's beautiful here!" Mana was returning her attention to the landscape, wishing she had her camera on her instead of in her luggage. She'd be taking pictures nonstop!

Mana spaced out for the rest of the car ride, skipping through the hotel to their room, laughing when Mahado and Seto followed her, and hopping impatiently for them to unlock the door. Now that there was no trace of motion-sickness left, she was her normal hyper self... actually, she was worse, because she had to make up for it.

Mana dragged her bags into the better of the two rooms, claiming it instantly. She hadn't planned on it originally, but it had a bed full of pillows. Covered with pillows. Mana loved pillows; she could just jump on them and then she could live happy.

Plus, it had a nice bathroom, and what girl didn't want that?

Oh, and the other plus... a really good view of the pool. A very good view of the pool from the window, where she could observe and no one would see her unless they were trying to.

"Mana, I'm heading down to meet with some people. Would you like to come?" Mana cringed mentally. Go down and meet with a bunch of likely old people that would all be business-like and most likely boring? Her brother must be on some kind of drug if he actually thought she'd say yes.

"No, I'll stay here!" Mana gestured to her bags. "Unpack, rest, enjoy the very nice bathroom facilities they have here! You know, the works!" Mahado nodded and left the room, and Mana attempted to unpack before she got extremely bored and just tore her luggage apart trying to find her laptop. She would have texted people, but for some reason she got some stupid, Text talk is unavailable, please try again later message. Worldwide service? Lies!

Mana sat herself down on the bench conveniently placed near the window overlooking the pool. "Thank goodness the internet still works..." she muttered to herself, opening up an email. She paused for a moment, thinking about who to send an email to. Finally, she just went through her contacts list and made her own little group.

Sent To: Everyone but Atemu

From: Mana

Subject: Greetings from England!

Hello my friends! Before I begin, I am swearing you all to secrecy. You may tell no one of my correspondence to you, not even your family, even if they were on their deathbed and it was their last wish. Okay, that's all!

England is... pretty. Cute shops, cafes, and just for you Miho, I'm telling you that the guys here are really cute too! It's almost too pretty to be real. It's almost fake, and it's kinda creepy. Something needs to be wrong with this place! But, oh wells! Free vacation for me!

Right now, I'm sitting in the best spot of the hotel... right over the pool! The view from here is much better than the best tourist spot... yummy guys with bodies, all wet from the pool.

I take that back. I see my brother down there, so it means that his business associates are down there swimming... Just ignore the paragraph before this.

Anyways, I gotta ask some people stuff, and I'm too lazy to send more emails, so... if you're not the person listed, then you skip it and go to the bottom! :D

Yugi: I meant that whole family thing by the way. Don't tell anyone. And games. Can you think of any you want? I'll send you some from England!

Miho: I will attempt to take pictures for you, I promise! Lots and lots of pictures! We'll drool over them together when I get back!

Duke: Can you send me the information from that game you were teaching me? If I get totally bored, I can try teaching myself!

Rebecca: Are you coming too? Or is there another Mr. Hawkins in the business with a grand-daughter? Please tell me it's you so we can hang out!

Kisara: Send me some patience, my dear wonderful friend! I'll need it if I have to deal with Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp. every single day of this vacation!

Okay, well, that's all folks! I'll be sending emails daily, so you'd better be checking and replying! And my phone's not working, so send an email! XD

Bye byes! See you all in a few months!


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