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Chapter Three

Garden parties. The first thing that comes to mind to me is old-fashioned dresses, tea, and the romance just able to be touched. I mean, you can almost touch the romance! The whole idea of a garden party is just so romantic!

Never go to a real garden party. For the most part, they're completely boring. Seriously. It's a lot of old people talking about business and not much else. I mean, there are a few good things, like... well, some of the people there are just as bored as you are and they're willing to talk...

Not to mention, there are cute people there! I mean, that's so not what I was looking forward to, or what I was looking for, but hey! You take what you get right?

~Diary entry of Mana Tsukiyomi, first week of trip to England, summer of 2012


Mana sighed, reaching for her phone to text someone on the way to the Ishtar Manor, only to get the same stupid, Text is not available right now, please try again later message.

She really needed to talk to Mahado about her so-called worldwide service.

"...and please don't cause any trouble with Marik, I'm begging... Mana, are you listening?"

Mana looked up at her brother innocently, not sure what he was talking about, having zoned out the entire time. "What? I won't do anything!"

Mahado didn't look convinced, but seeing as they were already at the manor, he couldn't really do much.

Mana jumped out of the car quickly and stretched as well as she could in the dress she was wearing. She favored light colors, especially bright colors, so she'd donned a light green sundress for the day. However, she couldn't do much in it, seeing as it only went down to her knees...

Oh well... it looked cute!

"Mana!" Both Mahado and Mana looked up to see Amane waving in a light pink dress from the gate. "Hello!"

"Hi!" Mana skipped right over, leaving her brother behind without a second thought. "How are you?"

"I'm fine..." Amane said quietly, leading Mana to the actual party. Mana looked around excitedly, seeing a majority of them were people she'd met before.

Marik and Bakura looked up at exactly the right time and saw the pair of girls standing at the entrance to the garden and scrambled to make an opening. Both girls giggled at the same time at the way they moved so quickly and walked over there, sharing a conspiring glance.

"Brother... I kind of wanted that seat..." Amane said, almost unnoticable mischief in her voice, pointing to the seat that Marik was sitting in. Bakura immediately began pushing Marik off the chair, who protested and started fighting a mini-war for possession of the chair.

Mana giggled with Amane, impressed at her deviousness. "So, this is the place that Mahado was tormented?" She asked, grinning at the other girl, already sure that she'd found a good friend. "You know... pink suit, superglued phone... all that stuff?"

"You mean Marik and Bakura didn't tell you about the time they locked him in a storage closet with all the paint?" Amane asked wide-eyed. "He came out all covered in different colors!"

Mana burst out laughing and shook her head, turning to the boys. "Why didn't you tell me about that?" She scolded them gently, stopping their fight. "That's amazing! How'd you even manage to lock him in a closet?"

"Mana..." Mahado appeared out of nowhere, shocking the entire group. "Don't get any ideas." He disappeared just as quickly, leaving the four of them greatly disturbed.

"Mana, did you know your brother's creepy?" Marik stated after a moment. "Just showing up like that..."

"Makes you just want to do something to him, just to make sure he's human," Bakura mumbled, making sure that Mahado wasn't going to pop in behind him. The girls giggled at the boys and nodded.

"Well, I know he's human!" Mana laughed, unknowingly attracting attention by at least three different areas of the party. "Only a human can react to floating in a pool three miles away!"

"Wait, what's this about?" Amane asked, her eyes wide in wonder. With a brother like Bakura, she'd learned to appreciate pranks in all their little ways.

"Oh, at home, me and a bunch of friends had a game to see who could prank Mahado the best!" Mana said proudly, grinning at the memory of Mahado's reactions. "Of course, that wasn't my prank, but it was still amazing!"

"What was your prank?" Bakura asked curiously, sitting across from the girl as she smirked.

"Well, mine was more of a revenge thing," Mana admitted, shrugging her shoulders. "He wouldn't let me join the soccer team, so I found out how to knock down just his bedroom walls, and he was relaxing in there when I kicked my soccer ball into the wall, knocking it completely off!"

She earned herself incredulous stares. "How's that even possible?" Marik asked out loud.

"It's not possible," Bakura said in response. "We'd have done it already."

"That's amazing!" Amane exclaimed surprisingly, leaning forward in excitement. "How'd you do it?"

"A true prankster never reveals their secrets!" Mana grinned teasingly, grabbing herself a pastry. "Though I might be willing to share a few minor ones if you're interested..."

Mana noticed Mahado sending her a rather deadly look and wilted a little in fear. "Um... but that might have to wait for a time Mahado's not around... he's kind of scary when he's mad..."

Amane turned with a sweet grin and waved at Mahado, instantly making him relax. She shrugged at Mana's shocked look. "It helps to be considered the sweet one," she said nonchalantly.

Mana watched Amane for a moment before smiling sincerely. "I like you," she stated simply.

Amane giggled. "Why thank you... I like you too!"

Both girls completely ignored the silent boys, who were actually content to just watch the girls talk about girly things, like dancing and flowers. Which was totally weird, but they also included pranks in there as well, so not much was lost.

"Mana?" Valon appeared out of nowhere, with Kaiba not far behind. "Your friend's looking for you."

"Huh?" Mana saw Rebecca and grinned. "Oh! Rebecca, come over here!"

Rebecca followed her orders, bringing Noah, Mokuba, and another boy with her. "This is Leon!" Rebecca introduced the boy happily, holding onto his arm, which Noah noted unhappily.

"Hi! I'm Mana!"

"Amane." Amane smiled reassuringly at the obviously nervous boy.



"Hello... it's nice to meet you..." Aw, what a polite little boy... Mana planned to make sure that boy wasn't too polite by the end of this trip.

"Seto, Valon, why don't you join us?" Amane asked politely, ignoring the quiet groans from Marik and Bakura. In fact, Mana was pretty sure she'd kicked the two to make them shut up.

Valon sent them a grin that Mana hadn't seen, and nearly made her swoon. He really was good looking... "Sure, why not?" he said in response, taking the seat nearest Mana.

Seto just sat down at the first empty seat, and Mana began searching for conversation. "Um... so, how have you both been?"

"Fine." Seto was such a great conversationalist... Not!

"Just fine, since we saw each other last night," Valon sent back flirtatiously.

Oh wow... much more talkative! Mana found she liked having Valon talk... made conversations much more interesting!

She found herself shifting her attention between the entire group, taking pictures the entire time, until Valon had to go back to Dartz and Seto decided to go do whatever it was he did as CEO. The kids left sometime to go run around and entertain themselves, leaving the original four at the table.

"So, who wants a tour?" Marik offered after finishing off the food on the table.

"I do!" Mana cheered excitedly, grabbing Marik's arm. "I want a tour, I want a tour!" They discreetly left the party area, Mana still holding onto Marik and laughing cheerfully. He lead them out of the gardens and into the actual manor, pointing out things he thought might interest the only stranger to the house.

"And this has a lot of the ancient Egyptian items we've watched over the years," Marik said, opening the door to one of the lower rooms. "Of course, a lot of them are missing, or in museums now, but we still keep these."

"Lots of gold!" Mana said, stating the obvious, resisting the urge to take a picture. Amane noticed this and pointed it out to Marik, who gladly let her squeeze the group into the room to take a picture.

Mana was super excited during the tour, asking tons of questions, and taking even more pictures.

"Oh, you'll be interested in this..." Marik opened the door to one of the many storage closets and Mana looked at him with confusion in her eyes as the other two in their party started laughing uncontrollably.

"It's a storage closet..." Mana said, wondering what was so special about it.

"Not just any storage closet," Bakura gasped out during his laughing. "It's your brother's storage closet."

"My brother's... oh!" Mana began laughing with the rest of the party, and she insisted on taking a picture of the closet, and let the rest of them pose inside it, laughing even harder when Marik and Bakura began their own little reenactment of the prank they'd played.

Marik and Bakura pointed out where they'd performed their numerous pranks on her brother, and Amane showed Mana places that they neglected, such as the balcony with a view of the rose gardens.

"How do you forget to show a girl the prettiest areas of the house?" Amane scolded gently, laughing as the boys berated themselves for the same thing.

"Hey, it's blue! How do you do that?" Mana squealed in excitement, zooming in on her camera to take a picture of the blue rose. "And that one! They're so colorful! Does a rose even come in green?"

"Want to see it up close?" Marik offered.

"Yes!" Mana squealed, pulling on his arm to make him take her there faster. Amane laughed at the girl's excitement. It was hard to believe she could fit in so well with the rich, but she barely knew anything about their kind of lifestyle.

Mana ran wild in that garden. She stopped at every rose bush and took pictures, and then she ran back to them, dragging one of them to pose in front of the roses. Bakura finally told her to give him the camera so she could get in some pictures herself.

Amane felt herself get dragged in front of the blue roses and posed with Mana, laughing with her, the excitement contagious. Amane took the camera when Mana dragged Bakura in front of the green roses, and then Marik in front of the multi-colored ones. Amane giggled and snapped a picture of both boys giving Mana roses they'd cut quickly for her.

"This is so much fun!" Mana laughed, walking ahead of the group back to the party. "It's so big, but it's so pretty here! I thought it would be all business-like, but it's not!"

"Want to come to our house tomorrow?" Amane asked, glancing at her brother for a nod of approval after she'd made the offer. "We can send someone to pick you up."

"Really? I'd love to come!" Mana's eyes widened in excitement. "That would be amazing! You're sure it's alright? You don't need to ask anyone? Not that I'm mad or sad or worried or anything, but I don't want to get you in trouble, and..."

"It's fine. You coming or not?" Bakura asked gruffly, earning a playful frown from Mana.

"I'm coming!"

Mahado watched the group reappear, feeling both irritated and pleased that his sister was doing so well fitting in. Of course, he could just be too over-protective, wanting to make sure that Mana was alright, but he really did wish that she didn't automatically fit in with other pranksters.

Of course, Amane was a good influence...

Mana noticed Mahado watching them and waved cheerfully, grinning wide enough to dissuade any of his worries. As long as Mana was happy, then he'd deal with any troubles that came along.

"Wow, Amane, you're right! I just have to make it seem like I'm not doing anything wrong and not avoid him and he backs down!" Mana said, happily surprised. "Hey, do you think fake tears work too?"

Amane lowered her voice conspiratorially so that her brother couldn't hear her. "If he's yelling at you, then yes. You've got to make it seem like you're really sorry, and that his yelling is hurting your feelings. Guys are suckers for tears."

Mana laughed quietly. "Man, and I had you down for being the sweet quiet one! Well, you know what they say... it's always the quiet ones!"

Amane smiled shyly. "Well, next to Bakura, who isn't sweet?"

Mana nodded in agreement, but then contradicted her new friend. "Marik isn't."

"Good point."


"Bye! See you tomorrow!" Mana called as the Bakura siblings left the party, and then returning her attention to Rebecca and her little entourage.

Leon had already gone home, as well as Dartz and his group, but all the Kaibas had remained, as well as a few other choice companies that Mana didn't care too much about.

"No way is the Blue Eyes better than Red Eyes! Red Eyes looks so much cooler!" Rebecca was obsessed with dragons at the moment, and so she was even more obsessed wtih the dragons in the Duel Monsters game.

"I'm more fond of the magicians," Mana put in, only to be shushed. She laughed good-naturedly, eating Rebecca's food unnoticed.

Marik had disappeared, something Mana only just then noticed. She looked around curiously, and saw Seto standing alone in a corner. Making sure she wasn't missed, she made her way over to him.

"Hey! What are you doing here all alone?" Mana asked curiously, standing in front of the boy, marveling at the height difference. Since she didn't get an answer to her first question, she continued to talk. "You're really tall! I bet you're taller than my friend Kisara! And she's super tall!"

"I came because I like the quiet." Mana recognized his sentence as a response to her first question, and she frowned, feeling a little insulted.

"Well I'm sorry I interrupted your quiet time," Mana muttered, disappointed that the boy couldn't be more social like his younger brothers. "I'll just go then."

"Why'd you come?" Seto's sudden question stopped her in her tracks.

"Why'd I come where?" Mana returned, seriously confused. Did Mr. Anti-social actually ask her a question?

"Why'd you come to England?"

"Huh? Oh, Mahado didn't want to leave me alone and I didn't want to stay at my friend's house. He doesn't let me stay with just any friend so..." Mana shrugged, unconcerned and unwilling to give Seto the whole truth. "I came to England."

"I see..." Mana had the idea that he thought he saw what she was talking about, but he really didn't. She grinned at the idea that Seto Kaiba wouldn't know everything. "Hey, can I ask you a favor?"

Seto sent her a suspicious glare. He had spent far too much time listening to Mahado's tales about her. "It depends on the favor."

Mana's grin grew as she held up her camera devilishly. "Can I take your picture?"


Mana uploaded her pictures from the camera into her laptop, fidgeting nervously as she waited. She grinned at the roses she put on her bedside cabinet, remembering Mahado's face when she told him she'd gotten them from Marik and Bakura.

After what had to be forever, but was really only fifteen minutes, the pictures saved on her computer. Mana organized them all into folders: Marik & Bakura, Amane, Bakura, Marik, Valon, The Kids, and Seto. Of course, she only had one picture to put for Seto, but it was always nice to be organized since she needed to send these to people.

After she'd gotten sorted through, she opened up her email so she could read what they'd sent back. Her happy smile fell when she saw an email from Atemu, asking her what she'd been up to and if she was feeling okay. He had noticed her missing at least...

She shook her head and decided not to even reply. The whole idea was to stay away from contact with him. He'd find out she was in England eventually, but hopefully she wouldn't see him again until his college breaks.

She started up a new email, getting back into happy mood to write to the rest of her friends.

Sent to: Everyone but Atemu

From: Mana

Subject: Garden Parties

Attachments: Lots of pictures

If you can find a nice big, pretty garden at home, I highly recommend having a garden party. If you avoid having business owners at the party, it will be a blast! Have lots of kids and teenagers there, and you will have the time of your life!

Attached are pictures I took (there's a lot) at the garden party I went to today! Yes Miho, I put in pictures of every guy I've mentioned, and more. Just for you! And don't worry, if you want me to take pictures for you, I will! Just tell me! :D

Anyways, not much more to report besides the fact that strangely colored roses are really cool and we should try to find some! So, private messages for all of you!

Mai: No, I did not mean to insult Joey when I said Valon was a serious version of him. I just thought it was kind of funny, and guess what? Valon actually talks more! It's amazing! He talked today!

Tea: Did you get it? Don't open it before your birthday silly! You need to wait still!

Duke: I'm confused! Simplify these instructions! Don't try to cheat by making me confused!

Kisara: I miss you! Seriously, I'm homesick for everyone, but I really miss you and your awesomeness and the way you totally fit in everywhere! I'd call or text, but my phone company lied when they promised me worldwide service!

Joey: As I said to Mai, I did not mean to insult you! It was a good thing! I liked having someone remind me of home! You should feel honored! Really!

Miho: I got the pictures! I got the pictures! And you know what? I still have a lot more time to get even more! I hope you enjoy all the hot guy images I'm sending you!

That's all! I'll see you all in a few months! Remember, don't tell anyone about where I am! (Especially you Yugi!)

I'll send another email tomorrow! Don't forget to reply everyone! I need replies to live! Don't let me die! XD


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