Author's Note:

My second fanfic ever. I'm a bit more into this one then the teen titans story sort of ditched... Probably because I've seen every TMNT episode known to man, and some parts of teen titans are still a mystery to me…Anyways…

"Leo! Leo!"

Leonardo was aware he was being called, but he couldn't bring himself to open his eyes.

"Leonardo! Wake up!"

Leo could hear urgency in the gruff voice. He slowly lifted his hand in a small wave to signify he was awake. "M'okay…" he muttered almost too quietly to hear.

He then heard a loud sigh of relief. "Boy am I glad you're okay, bro…" The speaker cleared his throat. "Are you hurt?"

Leonardo could detect a slight accent. "Raph?" Leo asked groggily. "Is that you?" He was slowly but surely regaining consciousness. He was aware he was lying down. On hard, cold, damp stone. He slowly lifted his head and opened one eye. He couldn't see anything. He opened the other one. Still nothing. "Raph?" He asked again weakly, rising panic taking over his voice. "Raphael, where are you? Raph!" Now fully conscious, he scrambled to sit up, and then wished he hadn't. He ached from head to toe, as is his body was just one, giant purple bruise. A surge of pain ran up his spine, but he ignored it as he turned his head back and forth looking for his brother.

"I'm right here, Leo!" Raphael answered form a distance. "Can you see me? Cause, I can't see you. Is it just me? Or-"

Relief washed over Leonardo after hearing his brothers' voice once again. "No Raph, I can't see anything either. I guess it's just dark." He said. "Where are we? How did we get here? Are Michelangelo and Donatello here too?" Leonardo was very confused. He stiffly shuffled back an inch, and found a cold wall to lean on. His head was swimming.

"Okay, bonehead, I'll dumb it down for ya." Raphael snapped. He was trying to hide his own confusion. "I woke up in here about 20 minutes ago, and I don't know where we are, because I can't see. And I don't know if our bros are here, because I can't see." He paused for a moment and furrowed his brow. "I can't remember exactly how we got here, but I guess we musta been fightin'."

"We were? I don't remember much up until now…hey how do you know we were fighting?" Leonardo's eyes narrowed. "Are you hurt?"

"Well…" Raphael began and then stopped.

"Are you hurt?" Leonardo snapped, raising his voice. He needed to know. He always felt responsible for his brothers' safety, being the eldest brother.

"No, Leo! I'm okay! It's just…" again he stopped. Leonardo was about to ask again, when he heard something. He closed his eyes and listened. It sounded like two things being rubbed together.

His eyes opened, and he still saw nothing, but he opened them wider as he strained to find his younger brother. "Raph, what are you doing?" he asked suspiciously.


"Raphael, we're trapped who-knows-where, with who-knows-who, who-knows-how. The only way we can possibly figure this out, is by helping each other. You might as well tell me. I can help."

From a distance, Raphael sighed. "I don't exactly rememba' fightin', but we must've cuz…I can't feel my feet, bro. I think I mighta broken em." He let out a loud, shaky breath he hadn't realized he had been holding in. "And they hurt like shell! That, and they're really itchy."

"Where are you?" Leo asked, suddenly feelingly terribly worried and uneasy. This can't be good.

"Follow my voice." Came Raphael's reply.

Hesitantly, Leonardo pushed himself off the wall he'd been leaning on, and began to slowly crawl forwards. Pain surged through what felt like every bone is his body, with every movement, but he figured it was better than getting up and walking.

"I can hear you…I think you're coming up beside me."

Leonardo cautiously crawled forward, not wanting to hit his brother by mistake. Instead, his head suddenly collided with a wall. He hissed.

"You okay, bro?" Two cold, three-fingered hands helped Leonardo up again and helped him sit beside Raphael who had also been leaning on a wall.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Put one of your feet up on my lap." Raphael rolled his eyes, but did as he was told. With the help of Leonardo, he managed to get his right foot propped up on his brother. Leonardo gently placed his hand on it. Raphael flinched and drew back a little. Leonardo removed his hand. "Raph?"

"I'm fine. Get this over with, nurse-boy." Pain shot through his foot and up to his knees with every of Leo's movements. His green skin burned and felt as though it would come right off if rubbed too hard, but Raphael sat quietly, biting his lip to help keep from crying out.

Leonardo carefully felt around his brother's foot. It was bumpy with hives, and tender and damp. He felt his heel. It was in an awkward position on his lap, probably twisted. But it didn't feel broken. He removed his hand and then felt around for Raphael's toes. He placed his hand on the first one.

"Leo...Leo…Gaaaahhh! Quit it Leo, you're killin' me!" Raphael roared.

Leo jumped a little. "I-I'm sorry, Raphael. I didn't mean to hurt you." Leonardo drew backs his hands as Raphael cradled his foot. "I-I don't think your feet are broken." He stammered awkwardly.

"They aren't?"

"No, but…I think your toes are…and your ankles might be…."

"Oh…" Raphael's face fell.

"Stay off of them, okay? Don't move much, and don't try to stand, alright?"

"I'll be fine, Leo. It's not too bad." Raphael growled, trying to salvage his tough-guy image. "Whadda bout you? You hurt at all?"

"I'm fine." Leonardo assured him. That was a lie. He felt like there were tiny men hacking at his bones with sledge hammers, but he wasn't about to tell his brother that. He used the wall to help himself stand. "I'm going to try and figure out where we are." He said quietly. He slowly inched his way around the room, keeping his hand on the wall. He kept a silent count as he went.

Three steps, corner. Ten steps, corner. "Raph! Stop scratching!" Six steps, corner. Ten steps corner. So six steps…

"Watch it!"

"Whoops. Three steps Raph."

"What'd you discover, captain coordinated?" Raphael asked sarcastically, still holding his feet.

Leonardo sat down slowly. "Small room. Roughly ten feet by six feet. No windows, and…just us."

Well, what'd you think? A lot of dialogue, I know, but I think I did okay. Hopefully future chapters will be longer. Any comments appreciated!