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He couldn't breathe.

Lungs burning, he dare not slow down.

Bright, colorful lights blurred through his teary eyes, the busy streets yielding to him as he weaved through.

"Watch it!" Ignoring the yell, he threw himself into a back ally; trying to hid himself.

A bar of light from a dirty streetlight shone onto his hands, revealing the crimson.

He would try to wipe it off, but his clothes were already soaked in it. Trying to calm himself, he closed his dark eyes in a desperate attempt to forget about the liquid. But it was still there, where it would always be with the memory of the night.

Blood, so much blood.

His night had not started like this, it had actually been pleasant. A play with his parents, one that he had begged to see. Afterwards, after a stop for ice cream, at a late hour; they had started home. Walking down the street between them, he had been happy. Joyful, bliss filled, whatever you wanted to call it; he was all of those emotions and more.

So happy...

That's when the gunshot had gone off.

His father had gone down first, protecting himself and his mother. A shot to the chest, the first drops of blood. Then, a moment after telling him to run, she had to fallen. Pressing his hands to the wound in a foolish attempt to stop the bleeding, it transferred to cover him. His eyes had then turned up to see the shooter glaring at him

"Why?" He had asked, no screamed.

"An eye for an eye, a life for…" He had never heard the ending, running as fast as his legs could carry him.

Now, trembling behind a trash can, a tear ran down his cheek. Hitting his stained hands, the blood flowed down his forearms; one of the only places that he wasn't covered. He had to move, had to find them; but…perhaps it was shock, he refused to move.

Footsteps made his own life water run cold, was it them?

"I found you little one"

Resisting the urge to scream, he tried to stay quiet. More tears had followed the first; he shivered as a slight breeze blew into his wet body. It wasn't them, where were they?

"Come out, make this easy"

Why was he alone, why were they not here to protect him? They had said that they would, where were they? A dark shadow blocked out the bar of light, he looked up to see the same shooter. Grabbing him by the cuff of his shirt, his head soon smacked against the concrete.

"Get to your feet, now"

Better to obey, he knew that he was going to die. Fighting the lightheadedness making him stumble, he stood to stand on his own two feet. Narrowing in on the only part of his attacker's visible skin, two dark eyes, he knew what was coming.

The gun was raised, aimed between his eyes.

It was a perfect, clear shot; there would be no chance for him. A black, gloved finger tightened around the trigger. Blood covered, he would join his parents, never to see his…


His eye darted to see them, rage in their eyes.

But the sound of the shot filled his ears and all he heard was their screams…

"NO!" He screamed, jerking up to stare into a dark abyss

On the edge of hyperventilating, he sat righted himself so that his feet touched the floor. Rubbing his eyes, he found them to be wet. Damn it, he stared at the ceiling. Memories of the past had always haunted him, but thankfully they had decreased over the years. But the darkness still invaded, no matter how he had tried to forget.

Looking down at his hands, they were clean.

But he still remembered the feeling of them being covered in blood, every line of his palm being filled with the crimson of his family. Drops dripping between his cracked fingers…

5:20 in the morning, that's what the clock bedside announced.

The red numbers seemed to mock him, it irritated him. The sounds of smashed plastic reached his ear; he wearily smirked in satisfaction before falling back into bed. Falling asleep was going to be a challenge, his heart still beating so fast. If he did fall back to sleep to get the rest he so desperately needed, he hadn't slept well in days, the dreams would come back. Trying to block them out, he was still unable to sleep soundly. Britt didn't know, coffee and energy drinks helped to keep him up and awake for everything that happened, nor would he find out anytime soon.

The green hornet would want to know the source and there was no way in hell that he was sharing that. He had kept it hidden for 15 years; there was no way it was coming out now. Even if the playboy was his Xiong-di, there are certain things that he couldn't…wouldn't share. And that's the way it was going to be.

Britt…he mentally groaned.

His 'man' as Britt called him, although it was just a platonic use of the word, was expecting him at work at eight. Well he wasn't expecting him, but that's the time that he was always there. It was right before the million (perhaps billion, didn't matter though) –are woke up, giving him just enough time to make his specialty coffee and put it beside the bed before a groggy groan sounded. His leaf coffee (as Britt called it) was excellent, he should know. He made the machine, also making the coffee everyday, and he had been drinking far more than the green good villain had been. The dreams, more like nightmares, had gotten worse in the last few weeks.

What was he going to do?

Britt would know something was up if he was late, he was never late; perhaps he could just lie his way out of it. He was very good at it, just another skill taught to him on the streets. Well actually, that had been the handiwork of…he tried to block the person out.

Wrapping the twisted mess of covers around him, he closed his eyes; wondering what he should do.

Screw Britt, he snuggled…err sunk deeper into the covers (he did not snuggle, it wasn't the type of thing kickass sidekicks did according to his boss), he would lie.

Perhaps he could sleep now without dreams.

Forget about everything.

Just once, just maybe…


Something was up, he knew without a doubt that something was wrong.

First of all, his cup of crap was dripping down the wall from where he had thrown it; his typical response when faced with horrid drinks trying to pass as coffee.

That one fact told him that Kato, his man, his nameless sidekick, and his awesome coffee maker was not here yet. Most employers would fire the person, most of his workers would be told not to be late again; but it was Kato.

The guy who was predicable in an unpredictable way was never late.

It was kind of disturbing that he wasn't hearing the sounds of machine gun fire or the smell of a running motor coming from the garage; or it was better known as (at least to him) as Kato's man cave. It was appropriately named; it had cars, beer, and his partner's naughty drawings. The Chinese man insisted he wasn't a pervert, but he was; Britt just knew it. All the room needed was a flat screen, which he was considering putting in, but there was one just in the next room.

It was already ten, he had awoken with a headache at nine; his man was usually here by eight, so the maids said.

Where was he? The question kept echoing in his mind, he wasn't sure how he would get through the day without Kato by his side. If anything important happened at the newspaper, like a meeting, the dark haired male would remind him. Was he even supposed to go into the office today? The aspirin seemed to be working finally, but he wished he could crawl back into bed.

"Sorry I'm late" A smile came to his face, before fading, at the entrance of Kato. The shorter man looked like shit, wrinkled clothes with large circles under his eyes; it kind of reminded him of himself sometimes after a late night part session.

"Don't worry about it" He waved off the apology, Kato didn't need to apologize for shit. If anyone needed to, it was him; he was still apologizing (even though Kato had said he didn't need to) for how the Bloodnofsky thing had gone down, him being a dick and everything.

"I overslept, alarm clock didn't work" A thick accent filled in the answer he wanted, although he took the response as a cover up. Barely slept at all is more like it, he thought as his partner went into the kitchen. It took at least a minute to make the coffee; he had two minutes to look.

Not rushing, but taking large steps, so that Kato wouldn't hear, he went to the garage. His mechanic kept some personal affects here, mostly just drawing books that were full, maybe it would give a clue what was going on.

It seemed to him that Kato had been distracted lately and slightly more sluggish than usual. Digging through peoples stuff might be wrong, but he was his boss and he had the right to do so! That's how he justified it, although he knew Kato would kick his ass if he found out.

Finding the old, dusty notebooks; he quickly flipped through them.

He had to make this fast or he might just get strangled.

Weapon, car, perverted drawing, weapon, weapons, car, black beauty number one, random hot chick…same old same…

What was that? He flipped back to the previous page; there was a photograph in the folds.

The backdrop was the city, bright lights in the distance. There were three people, two boys and a girl, in the frame; one seemed so familiar… He couldn't quite place it. None of them could have been over 14; each had the same features as the last. Siblings, he decided, although the one in the middle was much younger than the others.

Dark hair, dark eyes, shy smile…

"Britt, you're leaf's ready!"

Quickly replacing the books, he tucked the photo into his pocket.

The little boy, he had to find out who he was; who the three were. Something was going on with Kato; he was going to find out what. The younger man had helped him plenty of times, more than he could count and this time he was going to return the favor.

The Green Hornet's on the case! It sounded nice in his head.

He was going to get answers about Kato…

…one way or another.

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