Ooh, did I tell my readers I would have other stories out? Sorry. To help get over stumbling blocks in my writing (also known as the dreaded 'Writer's Block') I will post random drabbles.

They will be from any time period, with any characters, and may be about anything. Just so you know.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own, not am I affiliated in any way with the Harry Potter series. I do, however, own all of the books, a poster, a cloak, and an imagination.

EDIT: MAY 2011: I have merged the first ten drabbles together, and will continue to do so as each batch of ten gets completed!

Title: Sadness
Rating: Low T
Word Count: 100 Words

Characters: Lily Evans

Time Period: Sometime during her 7th Year (1977)

Summary: Lily, a grave, and her parents.


That's all that she felt. It overwhelmed her as she knelt down in front of the gravestones. She looked at her parents' graves. They were white marble, side by side, with their names and dates scrawled below a design of Celtic knots. Just like they had wanted.

She placed a white rose in front of their graves, and stood up, wiping away her tears. As she left the cemetery, she whispered six words, and they drifted along in the breeze. "I love you both. I'm sorry." And with that, Lily Evans walked away, hair blowing in the spring breeze.

Title: Penetrating Darkness
Rating: K+
Word Count: 113 Words

Characters: Remus Lupin

Time Period: Remus' 1st Year (1971)

Summary: Remus Lupin hides in the darkness. He takes refuge in it, because as long as it is dark, he will not change.


That's all it was, but it was enough to make eleven-year-old Remus Lupin feel incredibly relaxed. There was no moon tonight. He lay on the floor of the Shrieking Shack, staring straight ahead. He didn't want this, yet he had no say in the matter. He became a fully-fledged monster once a month, and if anyone ever found out, especially his friends, they would most likely be revolted and desert him.

The darkness was pierced when a shaft of moonlight drifted in through the window. His anguished screams began, and one thought penetrated his mind as he finished transforming, 'Darkness is neither reliable nor dependable. You shouldn't trust what you can't see.'

Title: Wishing
Rating: K+
Word Count: 235 words

Characters: Lily Evans-Potter, James Potter (mentioned), Harry Potter (mentioned)

Time Period: Various

Summary: Lily Evans has been wishing her whole life. Now, she realizes that wishes don't always come true.

The first time I wished on a star, I was five. I wished that mummy would never leave me.

I wished on a star when I was twelve, begging James Potter to leave me alone. I wished when I was sixteen that my mother would live through her cancer. I wished at seventeen that I could stop liking James. I wished at nineteen that James would never leave me. And I wished at twenty-one that I would always be there to care for Harry, my Harry.

Wishing came naturally to me, probably more so than everybody else. But I didn't wish for things that were trivial; I wished for the things that really mattered in my life. But none of my wishes ever came true.

My mum did leave me, more than once. Potter never did leave me alone. Mum did not live through her cancer. It left my heart shattered for a while. I never did stop liking James. James did leave me, if only for a short time. And I wasn't there to watch my baby grow up.

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if my wishes had come true. I don't waste my time wishing anymore; instead, I enjoy life, or rather death, and all of its challenges. I know that someday, I'll see Harry again. Not as soon as I would have liked, but I will see him.

Title: A Troll in the Bathroom
Rating: K+
Word Count: 100

Characters: Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

Time Period: 1st Year, Halloween

Summary: Hermione meets the troll.

The overwhelming stench of something that smelled similar to public toilets made Hermione gag. She dried her eyes and sniffling, unlocked the stall door and attempted to move towards the door, but a growl stopped her in her tracks. She slowly lifted her frightened eyes to meet the troll's beady ones.

She screamed, loudly. Suddenly, the door burst open and two boys rushed inside. Hermione recognized Harry Potter immediately, but it took a little longer to recognize Ron Weasley, the boy that had insulted her. Even if she didn't like them, she knew she wasn't alone in fighting the troll.

Title: The House
Rating: K+
Word Count: 110

Characters: Lily Evans-Potter, James Potter

Time Period: After their Deaths

Summary: Lily and James are off on their next great adventure.

Her eyes blinked as she took in what appeared to be a house. Tall, open windows and columns decorated the outside, lilac curtains billowing in the wind. The sight made her eyes water. She hadn't seen this place in years. She almost walked through the door, but stopped. Where was he?

A soft tap on her shoulder made her spin around. A grin appeared as she took in his tall, lean frame, the glasses circling his warm hazel eyes and his messy black hair sticking up all over the place.

Lily Potter grabbed James' hand, and together, they walked side by side into the house, onto their next great adventure.

Title: Time
Rating: K+
Word Count: 115

Time Period: No particular time

Summary: Time is not what you think it is, so you best be looking out for yourself.

Time isn't what you think it is. It's not linear. If you step back into the past and change just one thing, the future could be changed irreparably. One false move, a wrong word, and you could screw up the future as you know it.

Of course, sometimes it is for the better. Sometimes, things need to be changed. Sometimes, the future is so bad, changing it is desired. Desired so badly people are willing to kill others, innocent people, to accomplish it. This is what happens when you spin a time-turner. You are placing the future of the world in your hands as you spin the little gold hourglass. So be careful, would you?

Title: Home
Rating: K+
Word Count: 115

Characters: Lily Potter and Severus Snape

Time Period: Post Final Battle (Post-DH)

Summary: Lily appears to take Severus home.

Somehow he's not surprised she's standing in front of him when he opens his eyes. He is dead now, after all.

"I forgive you, you know. I forgave you the second you said it. I was trying to make you choose between me and those awful friends of yours. I suppose it backfired, huh?"

Her fiery hair shimmers in the unnatural light pouring in from the windows.

"Yes, I suppose it did." He's bursting with questions, but years of hiding his emotions and the residual pain of being shunned is still there.

"Come on, Sev. It's time to go home." She holds her hand out invitingly.

He takes it. It was time to go home.

Title: On the Train
Rating: K
Word Count: 100

Characters: Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

Time Period: Hermione's First Year (1991)

Summary: On the train to Hogwarts, Hermione meets two boys who will one day become her best friends.

The first time she sees them, they're sitting in a carriage near the back of the train. He's eating a licorice wand, talking with…Harry Potter! She goes in and introduces herself, talking about how Harry's in so many books she's read, and wonders later why they were so rude to her. Only when she looks back on it years later does she realize she sounded like an insufferable know-it-all.

She has no idea that these two rude boys on the train will later save her life many times and become her two best friends, and one will become something more.

Title: Opposite Sides
Rating: K+
Word Count: 115

Characters: Sirius and Regulus Black

Time Period: Sometime after Sirius ran away

Summary: The last time they saw each other, they were on opposite sides.

The last time they saw each other, he was storming out, trunk whipping haphazardly behind him, things hanging out of the sides. His long hair hung in front of his eyes, barely concealing the ferocious glare that dominated his face.

The last time they saw each other, they were enemies, on different sides of the line. He had run away, and he himself had stayed behind, the perfect pureblood younger brother.

The last time they saw each other, his brother had told him to not give up and to stay strong, then had left, his mother's screams echoing in his ears.

The last time they saw each other, Sirius and Regulus were on opposite sides.

Title: Baby Steps
Rating: K
Word Count: 100

Characters: Hermione Granger

Time Period: Probably sometime around the middle of first year (1991)

Summary: Learning is a frustrating process. Hermione Granger knows this better than anyone.

Learning to walk is a step-by-step process. First is sitting up, then comes the crawling. Standing is the next step, followed by short bursts of running before finally learning how to walk upright.

Learning magic is similar, she thinks as she practices. You have to take baby steps, or you will fail and get frustrated. It infuriates her that she has found a spell she can not pick up immediately, but she will practice until she is exhausted, and then some. She will practice, and take baby steps until she's got it right, because she knows she can do it.

I guess I just really like writing Hermione. That, and she's very easy to write, for me. Because I'm a lot like her.

anyway, enjoy!