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Sorry, just one today. But I feel like it's long enough to make up for it. It's as long as two normal drabbles, right? :)

Title: Bedtime Story

Rating: K+
Word Count: 508

Characters: Remus and Teddy Lupin, The Trio (mentioned)

Time Period: Post Final Battle, 7th Book AU

Summary: The Trio went down in a blaze of glory, taking Voldemort with them. It's the anniversary. And tonight, Teddy Lupin wants a bedtime story. Heavy AU from end of 7th book.


It was hard. Remus swallowed as he looked at his five-year-old son. It had been hard to act normal around him, to act like nothing was wrong. To act like it wasn't the anniversary of one of the worst days of his life.

So he nodded and forced a smile for his little boy, sitting beside his bed. His mind raced, attempting to bury his sadness and find a story to tell. And suddenly, he knew.

"Okay, Teddy. You ready?"

The young boy nodded vigorously.

"Well, there were once three…"

"Dad! You've got it wrong! It has to start with 'Once Upon a Time', remember?"

"Well, of course it does," he agreed.

"Once upon a time, there was a…a beautiful kingdom, with big blue oceans and endless bright skies. One day, a very bad man came to the kingdom," he continued, his mind easily traveling the distance back to those days.

"He…attacked the great castle, which held all the children who had come to learn and grow, and took over. All the people of the land gathered to defend their home and their children. Now there were three young wizards; Harmony the Wise, Regan the Strong, and Harold the Brave. They roamed the land, protecting and helping people. They joined an underground rebellion fighting against the man, despising him and his actions.

They spent a year finding and destroying the objects with which the evil man had made himself immortal, enduring great hardship and suffering. They hurried as fast as they could, but so many people were still lost.

"At last, the evil wizard was mortal, but they still had to find him. So, they set a trap. Their plan worked," he continued, somehow keeping the tremor out of his voice, though not out of his hands.

"The wicked man fell straight into their trap, but he and his followers wouldn't go down without a fight."

Remus cleared his throat to stop it from cracking, remembering. Watching. Trapped, forced to watch helplessly from the sidelines as the boy-no, man- he considered to be his nephew sacrificed himself to save the world.

"Harold…tried to get his friends to run…to leave," he murmured, failing to control the break in his voice. "He conjured a great wall of fire to hold them off, to give his friends a chance, but it was of no use. His friends refused to leave, and the wizard's followers were also attacking. They were surrounded.

But they didn't give up hope. Harmony knew of a spell that would get rid of them, once and for all. They stood in a circle, a protective enchantment above them, holding hands and chanting. And it worked. With a loud bang and a blinding light, the bad wizard and his followers were…were…gone, forever."

Tears were slipping down Remus' cheeks, though his son couldn't see them in the dark.

"What happened to the good wizards, Daddy? Did they live happily ever after?" Teddy's half-asleep, innocent voice asked.

Remus took a shuddering breath. "Yes Teddy, they did. They lived happily ever after."