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All three of the Eds are gasping for dear life as they were now flopping around on a sandy beach like fish. Double D accidentally soaked the remote and it exploded just as he flopped into the water. Eddy went into the water and gasped as the water filled his gills. Ed flopped in after him. "What are we going to do now?" Said Double D.

"You should have made it water proof!" Yelled Eddy. All of a sudden there was a flash of light and more fish flopped about.

"We're fishies now!"


"What got up your ass Alice?"

"Don't talk to me about having STUFF... up my ASS!"

"Geez, quit being such a bitch!"

"Girls?" Double D asked. But instead of fish, there sat three mermaids with the girls' faces, arguing. Their hair was much longer and covering their more personal spots. Eddy gawked and Double D started to act like a dead goldfish.

"Oh, hey guys." Alyssa said, holding up a remote, trying to ignore her other friends. Alex and Alice started to throw punches and fell into the water. "Need a little help?"

"Yeah right! We don't need any help from g-" Alice picked them all up by their tails and took them back to shore. They flopped around madly. "WATER!" The Eds gasped until Alyssa pressed the button.

~~~Eds x Als~~~

The flash receded and they all had legs again. "I can breathe proper air this time..." Double D said, relieved.

"Where exactly do you think we are though?" Asked Alex, looking around. This time it was like they had shrunk to the size of insects in a huge forest and they were wearing odd clothing. Alex was wearing dark brown shorts and shirt, Alyssa had on a yellow dress, Alice was wearing a blue dress, Ed was wearing clothes made out of leaves, Double D had on purple ones, and Eddy had on pink ones. He grumbled angrily.

"Who cares? Why am I the only one wearing pink?" He yelled. Alyssa got up, but then she noticed something and went completely pale.

"Uhh... Eddy?"

"What?" Alyssa pointed to behind him. He turned his head to see large clear wings attached to his back. "AAAAGGHH!" He screamed. Alice felt behind her back and felt wings as well. lex began to fly and zoomed everywhere. Ed fluttered a bit but then fell back down on his behind. Double D didn't even try, but took the remote from Alyssa as she flew and looked at it.

"Seems that we are in a universe entirely drawn by disney!" He said, watching a happy butterfly hum a cheerful tune as it flew.

"Is that why the animals around here are so gay?" Asked Alex.

"Alex! Inopropriate language!" Double D scolded.

"No... not really. Just look." Alex pointed to a pair of beetles, male, hugging with happy gay faces and then kissing each other. Eddy and Alyssa threw up and Ed watched them with curiousity. A smiley bird flew by and sang a merry tune until Eddy couldn't take it much longer.

"Okay, I've had enough of this. Let's get out of here before I throw up." Alice said, then pressed the button.

Rolf and Kevin

"STAY BACK YOU CHILD DEMONS!" Rolf roared, whacking away a zombified Jimmy and Sarah with a stop sign. The sky was dark and the moon was a deep crimson. No stars shone and fog took up most of the area.

"MMmmnnnn..." Moaned out another being of the undead. It walked out into Rolf's line of sight to reveal a zombie Eddy.

"I've got this dude." Kevin said, grinning as he clutched a baseball bat. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this!" He swung and Eddy's head flew off.

Eds and Als

"Are we back home?" Asked Alice. They were in Ed's backyard behind a bunch of bushes.

"I hope so. Man i'm hungry!" Eddy was about to climb out of the bushes when Alex pulled him back. "What?"

"Look." Alex pointed to the bunch of heavy boxes being stacked... by Double D. Except his black hair was now a buzz cut and he had on Ed's clothes.

"Oh my... I look just like Ed!" Double D said, covering his mouth and eyes wide with amazement. Flies buzzed around the other Double D and he blinked one eye at a time stupidly.

"It's scary how you guys are alike..." Alyssa said, looking back and forth between Ed and the other Double D.

"Where did you put it lump?" Yelled an obnoxious voice.

"Why don't you stop being a jerk to Ed for once?"

"Why don't you just shut up?"

"Make me!" Out from the front yard came out a bickering Ed dressed like Eddy, and Alex dressed like Alice. Both normal ones in the bushes couldn't help but continue to gawk.

"Sockhead! Quit making out and get to work here!" The other Ed yelled.

"I'll have you know that I was looking for my wrench!" And in came Eddy, wearing Double D's ski cap and other clothes. There was a loud groan of anger.

"Will you just all shut up and help me here?" The other Alyssa screamed, now dressed as Alex and wearing the signature Death Note shirt, loose jeans, and fuzzy black boots, her hair cropped short in the real Alex style.

"FRIEND!" The other Double D yelled, then tackled the other Alyssa at full force. She screamed in surprise and all the boxes tumbled down on top of them. The regular Double D and Alyssa were speechless. A small white chihuahua came out from the bush and yippee at them.

"Shhhh! Go away rat!" Eddy hissed.

"Oh god... Alex! You broke everything!" Yelled the other Alice, dressed as Alyssa in her sweatshirt and jeans. Her hair was messy but still the same black color.

"Comics?" Asked other Double D. Alyssa reached in her shirt and pulled out a copy of Inuyasha. "YES!" He grabbed the comic and ran off. Alyssa got up and brushed herself off a little.

"..." Double D pressed the button, the stress was just building as he watched.

~~ Random MOSH :D ~~

"Oh my God..." Alice said. Eddy picked up a fallen streetsign and the rats scattered. Double D checked his remote and looked around. It looked like a battlefield in the cul-de-sac. Not one inch of life or anything else but fallen debris and dust.

"It seems that we are now in a universe where our country had done nothing except worry about its own financial needs instead of other worldly problems, and which the problems in Libya soon spread to cause World War III." Double D said, almost becoming teary eyed at the description. "Kevin and Rolf don't seem to be here, let's hurry on our way." Double D said hurriedly.

"...You think Carl and Paul from Llamas with hats is here?" Alex asked before Double D pressed the button.


The sky was blue and everything seemed to be the same. Ed touched a bush and everything instantly exploded and people screamed and ran. "ED!" They all screamed.

"Whoops." They all disappeared just before the earth blew up.

~End of the World~

Kevin walked through the city, people gave him odd stares and whispered things. Everyone looked... Chinese. "Rolf? Yo! Rolf! You here?" A woman screamed loudly and pointed up to the skyscrapers. Everyone looked up to see a huge scaly monster with dark hair breathing fire and terrorizing the city.


"RAAAAAAAA! ROLF WILL PUNISH HORRIBLE MODERN PEOPLE!" Rolf roared. Kevin scrreamed like a little girl and ran for his life as the fire came after him.


"Okay, this is getting ridiculous now!" Yelled Eddy. All of them were now unicorns. Ed was a green one, Double D was orange, Eddy was yellow, Alex was a bright lime green, Alice was a blue one, and Alyssa was pink.

"I DO NOT ENJOY BEING PINK!" Screamed Alyssa, refusing to show her hair color.

"Hey Charlie!~ I wanna see the pistachio monkeys! And then we can go see the gravy men!"

"Damnit! Just... Just leave me alone! I wanna sleep!" Yelled the white unicorn.

"Let's go Charlie~"

"PRESS THE FRICKING BUTTON!" Screamed Alice, ready to shove her horn into someone.

"Charlie!" Ed yelled.

"Ed! Leave that unicorn alone!" Double D yelled, then pressed the button with his hoof.

"Aww... but i wanna play with Char-" He disappeared.

"Finally!" Charlie was about to go back to sleep when a giant mug of coffee fell out of the sky.

"IT'S RAINING COFFEE MUGS CHARLIE!" Screamed a pink unicorn.

"Oh God..."

~Love = Unicorns~

They reappeared at some sort of arena. Eddy sat in a stage, wearing a blue and red wrestlers mask and tight shorts of the same color. Ed had on a green and yellow mask and a tight suit and belt. Double D and Alyssa helped them out with their water and such. The others sat outside of the ring. "Oh god... WHY IS EDDY IN SPANDEX?" Alice cried out, sheilding her eyes. Another bright flash happened and all of a sudden, Rolf and Kevin were wearing spandex as well. Kevin's mask was red and his shorts were purple with red. Rolf's had a cow pattern on it and his mask was like a cows and even had horns.

"Rolf? Kevin?" Double D asked.

"Dorks? What the hell you doing here?" Asked Kevin.

"We came to look for you! Come, we must return to our original universe before the science fair begins." Double D said hurriedly.

"Rolf will not go home yet. The crowd tells Rolf to fight!" Rolf raised his arms and the crowd of screaming wrestling fans cheered.

"Yeah! I wanna beat your faces into next week." Kevin cracked his knuckles. Alyssa crawled off of the arena and whispered something to Alice. She nodded and ran out of the arena, slipping into the halls of the building.

"Eddy! You're going to have to do it, it's the only way to put some sense into that thick head of his!" Alex yelled.

"No it isn't! We just need to talk-" Eddy shoved a rag into his mouth.

"I'm fighting so shut up! Oh God how I've always wanted to do this!" Eddy said with a smirk. Ed stretched his spandex shorts as far as they could go and snapped them back onto his skin.

"YAH!" He cried out in pain. The bell dinged and Rolf and Ed were the first to fight.

"C'mon Ed! Show em what you've got!" Alex yelled, raising her fist in the air. Ed tried to tackle him, but rolf grabbed his wrist and flipped him over. Then he put him in a headlock.

"MOMMY!" Ed cried out, choking in the headlock now. Rolf then let him go and began to crush him underneath his weight. Double D looked away, he couldn't bear to see his friend turned into a pretzel.

"FEEL THE POWER OF THE SON OF A SHEPARD!" Rolf yelled, then twisted Ed's leg around his head and began to use his one arm and leg that weren't tied and used him as a jumprope. Alex flinched everytime Ed his the ground. Ed was now out cold and tied into various knots. Stars danced above his head and the bell dinged.

"NO!" Eds friends cried out. Alyssa dragged him off the stage and went to work on undoing the painful knots. Eddy slapped his hand and climbed onto the stage. Rolf was still on stage, not even had to break a sweat and just rolling his shoulders. Alice came back in wearing a black blanket around herself.

"What's with the blanket?" Alex asked.

"It's cold here." The bell dinged loudly and Eddy this time charged. Rolf caught his fists and they began to try to make the other stumble by exerting force on one another. "C'MON EDDY! YOU CAN DO IT!" Eddy thought quickly and tripped Rolf. The son of a shepard fell and Eddy tried to pummel him into the ground. But Rolf quickly stopped him with an uppercut. He landed on the ground, mouth bleeding now.

Damnit... I gotta end this soon. I won't be able to have enough energy to fight Kevin! He thought. Rolf went at him at full force, making Eddy have to duck. Rolf landed on the floor on all fours and pounced like a wild animal. Eddy thought quickly and punched Rolf dead in the face. Rolf fell to the ground, the hit an automatic KO. Alex dragged him off the stage and double D sent him back to the original universe. Eddy panted and wiped even more blood coming from his nose and mouth. "Your turn Kevin." He said, pointing to him. The crowd went wild as KEvin stepped onto the stage.

"Time to die dork!" Kevin punched at Eddy. The short kid dodged and Kevin ended up hitting a post. The post cracked loudly. Kevin held up his knuckles and blew off the powdery substance on it. Eddy panted, not able to keep up much longer. All of a sudden, a hand slapped his own and he was thrown into the back and Alice climbed onto the stage.

"It's not nice to pick on the injured and small Kevin." Alice said, wagging her finger through the blanket.

"Hey! Let me back in! I gotta finish KEvin!"

"Eddy, you're too badly injured. Just let Alice handle it." Double D said, trying to calm down the riled up mini wrestler. Kevin threw a punch at Alice. She dodged but he grabbed her blanket. It whipped right off her body to reveal an icy blue tight suit and combat boots. It had thick straps but no sleeves and was made to look somewhat like a onepiece bathing suit. Except it looked much stronger than a swimsuit. Her arms were covered in beaten up bandages. Her hair was in a loose pony tail and she had claaw like markings on the sides of her face.

"What the... You look like a hoe!" Kevin yelled, even though it was normal for wrestlers to wear tighter and smaller clothing. Alice's sharp eyes blazed with fire at that comment. In almost two seconds flat she had him in a sleeperhold. He was suffering immensely and trying to escape when she used the bones in her wrist on his neck to knock him out. But that didn't stop her. Someone threw a chair into the arena and she began to beat him with it. Eddy cheered loudly along with all the other fans. Double D and Alex had to go up there and take the chair away just to get her to relax. Alex destroyed the remote Kevin had by crushing it with her foot. Sighing, Double D sent Kevin back. Alice picked up the blanket, shivered, and wrapped herself back in it.

"Well, I guess we can go home now." Alyssa said, now finished with redoing Ed's entire skeletal system.

"Yes. Let's return so that I may not be late for the Science fair."

"Why did you have to replace me Alice? I wanted to beat up Kevin!"

"The way you fight, I think you wouldn't even be able to scratch him."

"Screw you! I can fight Kevin and beat him, easy!"

"Shut the hell up you two! Press the button Double D, the fans are getting feisty!" Alex yelled, seeing as the wrestler fans began to crowd around them. Double D pressed it and in an instant they were gone.

Regular Universe

The flash hit and now all six of them were back in the gym. Johnny stood in front of the portal, trying to look all smart. The professors and teachers came by and inspected the machine. They were about to give Johnny the ribbon. "WAIT!" Double D cried out. "Don't! I made that machine!"

"No, he's lying! We made this thing, right buddy?" Asked Johnny, holding Plank up.

"Wait, you said you had help?" The man asked.

"Yep! Plank was awesome!"

"I'm sorry little boy, but no partners are allowed in the competition. You're disqualified." Johnny ran out of the building.

"But it is a good invention." One of the teeachers said, looking at it up and down.

"Meh. Let's just give this thing away. I wanna go home." Whined another. They put the blue ribbon on the portal and left.

"That's great Double D, you won!" Alyssa said.

"I gotta go for a second..." Alice said, rushing off.

"Hey, where's shovel chin and Rolf?" Eddy asked, looking around. Rolf was head first in some kid's vinegar and baking soda volcano, and Kevin was right now being twisted into multiple knots by Alice.

"Oooh... That's gotta be really painful." Said Ed, a finger in his mouth as he watched with interest.

"... Who wants jawbreakers?" Asked Alyssa.

"Ooh! Me! Me!" Alex said.

"If you're paying let's go then!" Yelled Eddy. All but Alice left the building, and she was just finishing on twisting Kevin's spine. She climbed on top of a table and glowered down on him.

"AGH! PLEASE! NO MORE!" Kevin cried out. She answered his cries for mercy with a final leap and crushing him with a body slam.