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Somewhere upstairs in the house connected to the Mutou's Game Shop was a boy sleeping restlessly in his bed. His name was Yugi Mutou and he was dreaming of his first day at his new school. He had to transfer to Domino High because first of all, his old school caught on fire and was burnt into nothing but ash. Secondly, this school was much closer to where he was currently living. But it's not like he would be going to the new school by himself. His two best friends Ryou and Malik would be coming with him. It made him happy that his friends would be accompanying him, but he couldn't help the nervousness he felt.

"Yugi!" a smooth baritone voice called from the hallway. "Are you up yet?"

Yugi wiggled in his sleep, obviously used to ignoring his older brother who had just come into his room. Eighteen year old Atemu Mutou rolled his eyes at his younger brother who had slept through his alarm clock. He walked over to the side of the bed, shook his head slightly, and began tickling Yugi's ribs. Yugi, feeling the crawling fingers, woke up in a fit of drowsy laughter.

"A-Atemu! S-stop!" Yugi begged as he flipped side to side.

"Are you going to get out bed?" Atemu asked with a grin.

"Yes!" Yugi panted as soon as his brother stepped back.

"Ok, well hurry up. Your friends should be here soon and I'm not in the mood to hear Malik's sass ass comments." Atemu mumbled before leaving the room.

Yugi chuckled to himself before getting out of bed and heading into the bathroom to take a shower. He cleaned his hair and then his body shortly after. When he was done he wrapped a towel around his waist and whistled all the way back to his room. He could smell the breakfast food that was being made downstairs.

"Where the heck is my choker?" he asked himself as he pulled on the last bits of his clothes.

Once he had the Domino High uniform on he grabbed his backpack and hopped down the stairs.

"Atemu, where's my choker?" he yelled.

His brothers head popped out from behind the kitchen door. He moaned.

"Yugi! Come here, you look all… trampy!" Atemu narrowed his eyes at his little brothers appearance.

Yugi rolled his eyes, but allowed Atemu to straighten out his button up shirt and blazer. He then attempted to mess around with Yugi's hair, but Yugi recoiled.

"Quit it, Atey!" Yugi playfully used his nickname for his brother.

"Do. Not. Call. Me. That." Atemu growled before stomping back into the kitchen.

"But seriously Atemu," Yugi followed. "Where's my leather?"

"I don't know, try the key rack."

Yugi laughed before making his way into the hall where the key rack hung on the wall. And sure enough, his choker was loosely holding on to one of the metal hooks. It somehow always ended up in this exact place. Yugi shrugged and took the leather and put it around his neck. Now he felt ready.

"Any food left for me?" Yugi yelled.

"Nope. Sorry kiddo." Atemu grinned as he walked out of the kitchen, carrying a plate full of breakfast foods.

"You brute!" Yugi glared.

He knew he didn't have enough time to grab some breakfast for himself and grabbed his backpack before heading down into the game shop. He found his brother behind the counter, eating his breakfast, not really caring if a customer were to walk in and see him like so.

"Morning Yugi!" a shy filled voice met Yugi's ears as he turned around to see Ryou and Malik walk in.

Ryou had a head of white shaggy hair that just went below his shoulders that made his big brown eyes seem to pop in a cute way. Malik, on the other hand, had creamy platinum blond hair and light violet eyes. Both of them were in the school uniforms and Yugi couldn't help but laugh at Malik. Blue wasn't really one of his colors…

"Shut up, you don't look any better." Malik mumbled as he crossed his arms.

"Ishtar, you be happy that your one of Yugi's friends." Atemu glared.

Malik, not wanting to pick a fight at the moment, backed off.

"Stop it Onii-chan." Yugi said as he glanced between the two males.

"Yeah, come on guys, let's get going." Ryou nodded to the door with his head.

The three friends gathered their things and headed for the door.

"Malik Ishtar you better not bring my brother home to me with so much as a scratch or I'll skin you!" Atemu growled.

Malik smirked. "You think that I'd let him get hurt? You are stupid." and with that, the three darted out the door before Atemu could get a chance to do something.

They laughed as they raced down the sidewalk and towards the school that was only a couple blocks away.

"I swear… the goat was humping the donkey! It was the weirdest thing…" Malik exclaimed as they entered the schoolyard.

"Where in the world did you see this?" Ryou asked, his cheeks a faint pink at the idea of the animals humping each other.

"In my backyard!"

"Malik… there are no farms in a 5,000 mile radius from where you live. You were dreaming." Yugi laughed at his friends "discovery."

"Was not…" Malik crossed his arms stubbornly.

"Whatever, let's go get our schedules and crap." Yugi said as they went into the large school.

The friends didn't want to admit it to each other, but they were all nervous and scared. Even Malik was. The halls were filled with teenagers wearing pink and blue uniforms.

"Uh, guys, where's the main office?" Ryou asked with his eyes wide. He obviously wasn't a fan of the big crowds of kids.

Domino High had WAY more students than their last school.

"No idea." Malik blew a a piece of his hair out of his face. "Let's ask someone."

He looked around for a few seconds before heading towards two guys who were snickering by their lockers. Yugi and Ryou followed behind him. They almost lost him with all the kids swamping them. Yugi even got knocked to the floor, but Ryou was there to help him back up. They rejoined Malik who was tugging on one of the older teens shirts.

"Hey, you, where's the main office?" he demanded without a hint of kindness in his voice.

The boy with white hair turned. The three friends gaped at his similarity between the guy and Ryou. The only differences was that the older kid obviously had sharper features, wilder and longer hair, and a crazy look to him.

"What the fuck do you want freshmen?" he hissed angrily.

Malik flinched at the tone, but returned with a glare. "Can big boy help little boys find way to big office?" Malik motioned to us and smiled as he made the older boy's eye twitch.

"Don't talk to me like I'm stupid you little bitch!"

"A bitch is a dog, dogs bark, bark grows on tree's, tree's are part of nature, nature is beautiful. Thank you for the compliment." Malik smiled cunningly.

Sudden roaring laughter was heard from the other boy that the white haired teen was talking to. He turned so they could see him better and gaped again as this boy looked like Malik except with gravity defying hair and sharper looks.

"Seems like you've met someone who can bite back." the Malik-look-alike elbowed the Ryou-look-alike in the ribs.

"Who are you?" Ryou spoke up curiously.

The two boys turned towards the voice. They hadn't even noticed the other two boys standing there.

"Aren't you a delectable sight…" the white haired boy licked his lips.

Ryou went rigid and Malik stepped in front of him protectively.

"I could say the same for this one." the older platinum growled at Malik.

"Fuck this, we'll find someone else to help us." Malik snorted as he started pushing Yugi and Ryou down the hall.

"Alright, we'll show you!" the two older boys ran after the younger.

The trio rolled their eyes as they followed the duo around a few corners until they reached the main office.

"Here's your stop cutie's." the platinum motioned towards the glass door.

"Whatever." Malik mumbled as he shuffled him and his friends inside the office.

They all received their schedules and some other crap that they just threw into their backpacks. When they went into the hall they were surprised to see it empty. Everyone had already gone to class.

"Great." Yugi moaned. "What's your first class?"

"History." Ryou moaned. "Biology." Malik grinned.

"Aw man, I have algebra." Yugi felt disappointed that he didn't share his first class with either of the two.

His friends felt the same way as they all gave each other nervous waves goodbye before separating into different parts of the school. Yugi kept an eye on the room numbers as he raced up some stairs that he hoped would take him to the right place. Once he got up their he looked down the hallway to see Malik on the other end.

"Yugi, I think were lost!" Malik laughed as he ran up next to Yugi.

"Yeah, no kidding." Yugi snorted as he grabbed Malik's schedule and looked at the room number. "I saw this room downstairs the way I came. Take a right when you get off the stairs and it should be on one of the doors on the left." he handed his friend his schedule back.

"Thanks!" Malik smiled. "Need help finding yours?"

"No, I got it. You get to class." Yugi waved.

Malik nodded in appreciation before descending down the stairs Yugi had gone up.

"Great." Yugi moaned as he began running down the hallways in search of the correct number.

A few minutes later, when he was out of breath, he found the number he had been looking for. With a little hesitation he knocked on the door and waited. A woman with short red/orange hair and bright green eyes opened it. She smiled down at him.

"Your Yugi Mutou?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

Yugi nodded before she grabbed his hand and dragged him inside. His eyes focused on all the students in their desks. They stared back at him in curiosity.

"He's so cute!" he heard a girl whisper to one of her friends. He blushed.

"Class, this is Yugi Mutou. He's new here with two other boys I believe, yes?" the teacher asked.

"Yes, their my friends." Yugi grinned.

"Ok, nice." the teacher grinned back. "You want to talk about yourself for a little bit or no?" she asked with an understanding expression.

Yugi remembered what Atemu had told him the other day: "Don't be afraid to speak out. Tell them about yourself and don't make up lies to make you look cooler."

"Well, my name is Yugi and I live with my older brother, Atemu." he paused to see the students eyes focused on him with interest. "We live in the Kame Game shop and we also own it now since my grandfather who originally owned it passed away recently." he told them this with sad eyes. "My friends and I transferred over here because my old school burned down and that's basically it, I guess." he shrugged and looked towards the teacher.

"What about your parents?" a kid asked.

"I never met them. They died in a train accident before I could even walk."

"That's terrible Yugi! I'm so sorry to hear that! But you and your brother manage well?" the teacher asked.

Yugi's smile returned to his face. "Oh yes. Me and Onii-chan are very close and he takes good care of me."

"Glad to hear it." she smiled warmly. "Ok, well why don't you take a seat-" she was cut off by the sounds of hundreds of voices in the hallway. "Oh, class is over. Ok, well, we'll get you settled tomorrow, Yugi."

"Thank you." he waved before heading out of the classroom with the other students.

He read over his schedule while walking down the hall, not even realizing he was going towards the stairs. A few more feet and he felt himself smack into someone before they both fell down the set of stairs painfully.

"Oh shit!" Yugi screamed as he and the other person finally landed at the very bottom of the stairs.

They both groaned in immense pain.

"Ra I am SO sorry!" they both said simultaneously followed by another groan.

Yugi looked to the side to see a boy that looked older than him. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he noticed that the boy had similar hair to his except for one tiny difference of a few extra yellow bangs on the other boy.

They both stood up awkwardly and gripped the railing for support. They were going to have bruises tomorrow. And a lot of them. Yugi tried to walk, but yelped as he felt his ankle twist.

"Whoa, you ok?" the older asked, his crimson eyes showing concern.

"I-I think so. For the most part…" he muttered. "What about you?"

The boy walked in a circle very slowly and kicked out his legs cautiously and swung his arms around in little circles.

"Nothings broken, but it does hurt like hell."

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." Yugi blushed as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"Can we both be at fault here? Because I wasn't looking either." the boy grinned.

Yugi laughed. "Ok, were both klutz's."

"So what's your name? Are you new here or something, because I'm pretty sure I would have noticed another guy who looks almost exactly like me."

"Yeah, I thought me and my brother were the only ones with this abnormal hair." Yugi smiled. "I'm Yugi." he held out his hand.

"I'm Yami." he grabbed the hand and shook it.

"Hmm Yami…" Yugi tested out the name and decided he liked it.

The two just stared at each other for Ra knows how long until a familiar voice pulled Yugi out of his staring trance.

"Yugi, come on, we have next class together!" Ryou shouted from across the hall.

"Ok." he called back. He turned back to Yami. "I'll see you around?"

"Yeah, you'll be seeing me a lot." Yami winked before gathering his books and taking off.

Yugi smiled as he badly limped over to his friend.

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