Me: "Here's the chapter you have all been wondering about!"

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Yugi ran out of the school building so fast that he trampled many students, including Bakura, along the way. He quickly ran down the sidewalk and received many glares and shouts from passerby's who were knocked sideways from Yugi's darting form. He ignored the people and tried to remember the way to the hospital from his location. Once he mapped it out in his mind he spent a good fifteen minutes running nonstop down sidewalks and corners until the sight of a large white building with a few ambulances sitting in the front of it came to view. Yugi turned his run into a walk as he tried to catch his breath before entering the sliding doors that brought him to the front of the hospital.

The hospital was nicely organized and smelt of a soothing lavender. On the far left was the front desk with three ladies sitting behind it. On the right was a space with many chairs and next to it was an area with toys, books, coloring pages, and an aquarium filled with colorful fish and plants. Soft music was also playing in the speakers attached to the ceiling. All in all it was a pretty soothing atmosphere for such a place filled with pain and anxiety.

Yugi noticed that besides the three women, the room was vacant of people. For some reason this confused him, but he let it go as he approached the women closest to him. She looked to be in her mid forties and had frizzy red hair which was clustered into a ponytail and had light brown eyes with strange green flecks in them. She was wearing the normal scrub attire that nurse's wore with crocs on her feet. She seemed a tad familiar to Yugi, but he couldn't remember if he had seen her before or not.

When Yugi lightly tapped the counter to get the woman's attention -who had been typing on her computer- she slowly took her hands off the keyboard and put on glasses that had a black rim on her nose.

"Hello, how may I help you sir?" she asked politely then blinked as she looked over Yugi's face.

"Hi, um, I'm here for my…friend, Yami Sasaki. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to see him or if you knew when he was getting out of surgery…"

"Ok and what's your name sir?"

"Yugi Mutou."

"Alright. Let me check and see what his progress is and I'll let you know if he'll be ready for visits. You can sit down and I'll call you when I have the information." she motioned to the chairs on the right and gave a polite smile.

Yugi quietly thanked her and took a seat in the overused blue chair. He played with the buttons on his school uniform for a second before getting up and going to the aquarium. He watched the fish swim back and forth continuously and wondered what it would be like to be locked in a small tank and having to look at the same room day after day. It must have been extremely boring.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of the red headed lady calling his name. With one last sad glance at the fish he hurriedly walked back to the gray colored desk.

"Yami Sasaki is currently still in the middle of his surgery and should be in recovery in about an hour. He'll be placed on floor B and his room number will be number thirteen." she motioned for Yugi to stick out his hand which he did. She then grabbed a green sharpie marker and wrote B13 on the back of his hand. "That's so you won't forget. And you'll have to put on this pass so the doctors and security will recognize you as a visitor."

Yugi grabbed the laminated pass that had the name of the hospital on it, the room and floor of his destination, and the bold word of visitor written on the front. It was attached to a rope chord which he put around his neck.

"In the mean time you can wait in the waiting room, go to the gift shop upstairs, or go to the cafeteria. You'll have to come back here to check if he's out of surgery before going to his room."

"Arigato." Yugi nodded before taking one of the maps out of a container attached the wall and scanned it over so he could find his way to the gift shop.

He might as well get Yami a present or two for his stupidity and also to make Yami feel better. He located the shop on the map and took a ride on the elevator to the next floor where he found the gift shop. He went inside and scanned the different objects in the store. He ended up buying a bouquet mixture of purple, violet, and white iris flowers, a few different candies that he thought Yami would like, and a country CD that Yami had been talking about wanting to buy. He looked at all his gifts and felt that something was missing. He walked out of the shop and smiled brightly as he spotted another store called Build-A-Bear Workshop. With the smile still on his face he went inside, declined the workers help, and looked through the different choices of animals he could fill with stuffing and a heart.

He ended up choosing the one called the Shaggy Pup which was a cute dog that was white, tan, and a dark brown. He brought it to the employee who sat by the stuffing machine and watched as he put the tube in the dog's back.

"Do you want him to be stiff or soft?" the employee asked.

"Soft." Yugi decided and smiled as the man told him to press the paw shaped pedal to fill in the stuffing.

Once Yugi was satisfied with the feeling of the animal he took one of the fabric hearts out of the bin. The worker told him to kiss the heart before sticking it in with the stuffing and Yugi did. The worker then stitched up the back to close the stuffed animal and handed it back to Yugi. Yugi skipped the 'bathe your pet station' and went to the clothes station. He looked through all the different clothes before squealing when his eyes landed on a pair of leather pants and a black tank top. He quickly dressed the dog in the clothes and couldn't help but hug the stuffed animal to his chest. He then went to the computer and made a birth certificate for the dog. When it came to choosing a name for it he decided to call it Chibi. After that he went to the check out counter and paid for the Build-A-Bear. The worker handed him the print out sheet of the dog's birth certificate that Yugi had made and then put the stuffed animal inside a cardboard box that was shaped like a house and even had the designs of one on the outside.

Feeling completely satisfied with his gifts, Yugi checked the time on his still dying cell phone and realized about an hour had passed by. He went back downstairs to the main lobby and went to the front desk will all of his bags still in his hands. The same lady he had talked to before was still there and she smiled when she saw him.

"Hi I was wondering if Yami was out of surgery yet…?"

The woman, who Yugi realized was named Mary by reading her nametag, looked back at her computer, clicked a few things, and nodded.

"He was admitted to the recovery room about ten minutes ago. You may go see him now."

"Thank you Mary." he gave her one last smile before going back to the elevators where he pressed the button that had a B on it.

It didn't take him long to get off the elevator and then find Yami's room which was being shared with one other patient, but they were separated by screens. Yami was the one closest to the door. Yugi took a seat by Yami's bed and placed the flowers, CD, and candy on the bedside table and then put the Build-A-Bear on the floor.

He watched Yami sleep for a good thirty minutes before said person started to wake up.

Yami blinked his crimson eyes a few times, to get used to the lighting no doubt, and then turned his attention to Yugi who had a worried expression on his face. Yami smiled and reached out his hand which Yugi immediately took and rubbed against his cheek.

"Hey…" Yugi whispered, "How are you feeling?"

Yami had a thoughtful look on his face before replying, "Good, just a little sore."

"That's to be expected. You did donate your kidney after all…"

Yami chuckled lightly and brought his and Yugi's now entwined fingers to his lips and softly kissed Yugi's hand.

"Which reminds me, do you know anything about my fathers surgery?"

"From what I know about kidney transplants he should be out of it in three hours." Yugi said.

His mind drifted back to the voicemail that Yami had left on his phone the night before and he mentally scolded himself for the hundredth time for forgetting his phone in his locker.


"Please answer your phone Yugi, please? I know, I should have told you earlier that my dad is having kidney failure and I'm his donor. Were both having surgery tomorrow morning. I think mine starts at 7:30 and honestly, I'm pretty scared. I wish you would answer your phone because talking to you would make me feel a lot better. If your ignoring me because I didn't meet you after school then I'm REALLY sorry. I got a call from the hospital right after my last class saying something got messed up in their schedule and they needed me and my dad to come in to prepare for surgery tonight. I would call your home phone to tell you, but I don't know the number and your not answering your cell phone. I'm really sorry for not even telling you I had to cancel our date, but the hospital said I needed to get there as soon as possible. I hope you can forgive me and I really hope you can come see me before I go into surgery. I miss you my Tenshi. Call me back when you get this message. Bye."

Yugi didn't even realize he was crying until he felt Yami's finger wipe the tears off his face with his thumb.

"Why are you crying, my Tenshi?" Yami asked with concern seeping into his voice.

Yugi let his head fall onto Yami's chest as he continued to cry.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here for you like you wanted…I l-left my phone in my locker." he sniffed and choked back a sob. "A-and that day I t-thought you stood me up…and I'm so sorry for thinking that… I feel so horrible…" he sniffed again. "I had only seen your messages t-this morning."

Yami rubbed his hand in small circles on Yugi's back and waited for the smaller to calm down.

"Shit I'm sorry…" Yugi mumbled as he sat up and wiped his tears away with the back of his hand.

"It's ok." Yami smiled. "You seriously don't know how relived I am to know that you just forgot your phone. At first I thought you were mad at me and then I started thinking that maybe you were hurt or something."

Yugi chuckled and shook his head. He then remembered his little shopping spree and pointed to the bedside table.

"I got you a few things." he said sheepishly as he watched Yami's eyes widen.

Yugi then put the Build-A-Bear bear on Yami's lap and watched Yami's look at it in confusion.

"Open it." he instructed.

Yami unclasped the top and pulled out Chibi. A giant smile spread across his face as he looked at the stuffed animal and then at the birth certificate inside.

"Wow…really…thank you Yugi, I love everything!"

"You make it sound like Christmas." Yugi grinned and put the CD in Yami's hand which made the taller smile even wider if possible. "I hope that's the one you wanted. You mentioned it a few times, but I couldn't exactly remember…"

Yugi was cut off as Yami yanked him forward and hugged him tightly, yet not so tightly that it would hurt him.

"It's the right one. Thanks."

Yugi smiled happily as they continued to talk. That was one hurdle he was glad to have jumped over.