Naruto the last of the ishvalen ch 1




Death. Destruction. Pain. Suffering. These are the emotions of the shinobi of konoha felt as they battled the monstrous demon the kyuubi no Yoko. The beast of godly power had appeared out of thin air in an utter rampage.

"Just abit longer lads hold up until the yondamie gets year he'll know what to do!" shouted the sandamie.

Mean while in the hospital two children were about to be born, one was a little girl with bright blonde hair and sea blue eyes. She was Zana, the daughter of Minato ,the forth hokage, and his wife Kushina. The other child was a boy with a deep desert tan-like-skin, silvery white hair, ruby red eye. This child was Naruto son of Ishilda and Izokotu.

With the 4th

"Look at her kushina,"said Minato to his wife, "we made a beautiful kid" yes" she giggled," we did"

As Minato looked at his daughter he realized he couldn't use her for the sealing for the kyuubi." Kushina, I can't damn our daughter to the life of a jinjuriki, I just can't." "Then use another child silly" she said why not one of the ishvalens there religion prevents them from becoming violent""brillent idea kushina!" and with that Minato went off in the hospital for the ishvalen child. After a few minutes of searching for young naruto he finds him in his loving mother's arms." hello, Ishilda I need your child to save our village" He said with a smirk. "NO!" Ishilda cried, "I know what you want I won't let you take him to seal that monster inside him!" "you don't have a choice" he said as he swiped the baby from her and slit her thought with a kuni. He then used his harashin jutsu to apper infront of the kyuubi and did a series of hand seals and then screamed as loud as he could "DEAD DEMON CONSUMING SEAL!" then the shinigami appered behind Minato "hmmm" said the god of death as he sealed the kyuubi into naruto,"an ishvalen…well this will be interesting if he's anything like the other one." And with that he took minato's soul(serves him right) and left. Izokotu,a close friend of the 4th, approached his fallen"friend's body and gasped" he….He sealed that monster into my son! That son of a bitch! He promised me he wouldn't do that! Wait if naruto is here..Oh no Ishilda!" Izokotu picked up his son and ran to the hospital where he found his wife dead, with her thought slashed."no…"he said as he fell to his knees"NOOOOOOOO!"Izokotu cried hard while holding his son to his chest. Naruto as if senceing his father's sarrow began to cry as well"shhh shhh don't cry little naruto "I'll raise you to be a real ishvalen just like your mother and I"and with that Izokotu took naruto to the ishvalen compound.

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