Naruto the last ishvalen

"Why would you want to join Suna?" asked a slightly suspicious Gaara. " My people were originally from the desert before we were forced to leave centuries ago, by a group of evil men called state alchemists." Naruto looked slightly sad when he spoke but then cheered up a bit when he continued "but that's in the past, right now I want to go somewhere were I'll be excepted… in konoha I was judged for being different than everyone else all because of my eyes and my beliefs." 'And because of the demon sealed in my gut' he added silently. "What do you mean your eyes?" asked Kankuro, Naruto slowly reached up and took off his sunglasses with his eyes closed, he slowly opened them and everyone gasped when they saw his bloody crimson eyes. Temari slowly reached over and brought his face closer to hers so she could see them better. "So pretty…" she said in a dreamy voice. Naruto blushed but due to his skin tone you could barley see in but Temari caught it. "She then turned to Gaara and asked Gaara when he comes to suna can I keep him?" she asked in a voice that clearly said", say no and that teddy bear you love so much will burn and you will never see it again. Now Gaara was a normally fearless person and would normally kill anyone who threatened him but when someone threatened his teddy he was putty in your hands. So naturally Gaara paled so much he could make Orochimaru look black and nodded his head so fast Naruto thought his head would fly off. But When Naruto heard that Temari wanted to keep him his entire face went tomato red, "y-y-you what?" he asked with a slight stutter. Temari smirked, 'Aw He's so cute' she thought. She then decided to play with his mind a little. (Women who read this you know that you do this.) She made herself tear up a bit, not enough to be bawling like a baby but just enough to crack any man's heart, "what's wrong" she asked her voice hitching at just the right moment, "don't you like me?" where lip quivered, "Damn I'm good' she thought, "No, no, no I like you it's just that I don't really know you…" he faded off at that point. 'He has a point," she thought, " so if I get to know you better then what?" "Well I guess I could take you on a date or someth-" suddenly a crazed looking silver haired man in a chunnin vest appeared behind Naruto, "I FINALLY CAUGHT YOU, YOU RED EYED DEVIL! NO-" he never got any further than that before He exploded in a shower of blood flesh and bone. After a few seconds Naruto removed his hand from the bloody skull of Mizuki "I'm sorry where was I?" asked Naruto with a slight annoyed look on his face. The sand siblings were shocked, until Kankuro looked at Gaara, " He's even more messy when he kills than you do Gaara!" Naruto looked at Gaara confused "…I crush them with sand…" he said, Naruto just nodded his head slightly impressed.