Take It Down: Chapter Two

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He heard the music come through the walls of the small dressing room he sat in. The young man looked to be no more then twenty one sat in one of those Hollywood styled directors chair. Hazel hued eyes staring right back at him through the reflection of the mirror, and he found himself letting a sigh fall from his lips. How did I end up doing something like this, he asked himself, Cause you need the money, he answered.

"Ichigo," the orange haired male turned in his chair slightly to see Shinji grinning at him. "Ya got a customer asking for a lap dance, but I'd think you'd give the man a full body thing…if ya know what I mean," the blond haired club owner said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. The blond bouncing his way over towards the chair the orange haired dancer sat in. "He paid well one thousand two hundred yen, so here is six hundred for you and the other six hundred goes to the club," he said. Shinji smirked at him smiling still, "Better get ready you're on in five, berry-tan," he crowed, walking out the door.

The orange haired boy shook his head as he stepped out of the chair he sat in, and he walked over towards the coat rack where a plastic bag hung. At the moment he was only wearing a pair of tight black boxers, and when he opened the bag he cringed. He took the clothing out of the bag slipping on the pale blue pants, tucking in the white undershirt, doing the black belt around his waist, slipping the black and blue police officer jacket on, and lastly he put the utility belt around his waist grabbing a pair of silver handcuffs from the bottom of the bag.

A black police officers hat was hanging off the coat rack which he grabbed putting it lightly atop his head, and he put on a pair of black sunglasses as he made his way out of the room. The door shut with a soft click as he walked down the hall.

"Oh~ Please take me away officer. I have been one naughty boy!" Ichigo looking over his shoulder to see Shinji grinning at him, and the blond had his hands placed together in the 'take me away' position.

"Sorry, I have another naught boy to take away, Shin. I may come back for you later," Ichigo said with a tip of his hat, and a saucy wink in the blonde's direction. He literally heard Shinji moan with excitement as he reached the door that lead out onto the stage. "Time to have some fun," he said, a small grin on his face as he walked onto the stage- the door swinging shut behind him as he walked.

The soft beat of the music reach his ears as he poked his head out from behind the black curtains, and luckily no one was looking in the direction of the stage, so he was okay to look. His smirk faltering as he watched a pale man saunter his way onto the stage. Shirosaki, he thought, in his mind he said the name with the upmost distaste.

Sure the two were twins but that didn't mean they got along. The albino smirked lewdly as he reached for the mic by the DJ's stand. "Time fer ta fun ta finally begin, gents!" Shirosaki grinned, running a hand through those pale white locks. The tempo of the music playing in the club picking up in pace, " Well to bad because it seems our wittle berry boy is scared," he cackled, causing a lot of the men to boo. That was it, Ichigo brushed back the curtains stepping out onto the stage, and he literally walked right up behind Shiro pushing his brother off the stage, and the scowl that was now on his face was covered behind the black sunglasses. A small chuckle slipping from his lips as he heard a low 'thud' followed by some cursing.

Shinji this time popped out onto the stage a wide grin still plastered onto his face, "Now gents, welcome our lovely little berry-kun! ~" he sang the blond walking over to one of the poles, giving it an experimental swing before walking off the stage, and talking to the DJ on his way down.


The two sat quietly at their table looking at the stripper dressed as a cop. Dark blue eyes zeroing in on the blond haired owner as he whispered something to the carrot top. Beside him Renji was grinning from ear to ear. The song in the club changed to the theme song of cops, and the redhead laughed. Shuhei watched closely as the owner of the club danced off the stage after handing the mic to the stripper in question.

"I here we have a newcomer in the house tonight?" the velvety voice asked, a small shiver running down the black haired man's spine. The spotlight in the club moving off the orange haired male, and landing directly on Shuuhei, and beside him Renji was laughing so hard that he almost fell out of his seat.

He slowly made his way off the stage reaching into his utility belt, and when he brought his hand forward again he was swinging a pair of shiny silver handcuffs around his ring finger. "Well, the new guy is certainly cute, so it's time for him to be taken in for some rather…rough…interrogation, "the orange haired male said.

Shuuhei shuddered as the man came up from behind him, and grabbed both of his arms rather roughly- slapping the handcuffs on. "Up," he ordered, his lips close enough to Shuuhei that he felt teeth nip at his right ear. When he looked at Renji, who was grinning back at him he laughed. He just sat there complacently, "Disobeying an officer, huh? Think you're cute do you?" Ichigo asked, he simply nodded, a slow devious grin spreading on his lips. "Oh well guess we'll do this the hard way," he murmured, straightening himself back up, and the orange haired striper propped a foot on the back of the chair-kicking it over, and sending a rather startled Shuuhei to the ground. "Now, how about we try this again," he ordered.

The redhead was dying of laughter in his seat. Who knew that a stripper could be this harsh? "Alright officer, let's get this over with," Shuuhei murmured, standing up to his full height, and he felt a hand push him towards the stage- his hands still firmly cuffed behind his back.

"What am I in for officer? What are we talking here? Strip search or are you going to frisk me?" Shuuhei asked a wide smile on his face. He thought he'd have some fun just so Renji could see, and not drag him back out to a place like this again.

To his surprise the stripper just chuckled, "How about all the above. Here is how this is going to work. I take off something…you take off something…deal?" Ichigo asked a small glimmer of a smile on his face. The music changed from the theme of cops to 'Change' by HyunA. The orange haired male letting one of his hands caress Shuuhei's face, and he slowly began to undo his jacket with the other hand.

Misty blue eyes watched intently as those long fingers popped open each blue disk, revealing a skin tight white t-shirt underneath. A slow, devious smirk curled onto the stripper's lips as the jacket fell from his arms, revealing more smooth tan skin. A slight tingle raced through Shuuhei's blood when soft fingers trailed over his cheek, tracing his jaw before following the planes of his neck and down to his chest. A pink tongue came out to moisten plump lips as the stripper pushed him back. Stumbling, Shuuhei collapsed into a chair, which had been conveniently placed on stage, with a low grunt. With practiced fluidity, the 'officer' straddled his lap, that sexy smirk still twitching at his lips.

Shuuhei could feel the heat overtaking his body, rolling off of the other man as the officer's hat was placed on top of his head. He briefly caught sight of shaggy, orange spikes, recognition ticking at the back of his mind, but that was soon brushed off as tan fingers dipped under the hem of his white shirt, lifting it teasingly high to show off a flash of his well defined stomach. Biting his lower lip, gray eyes drank in the sight of miles of tan skin, pulled taunt over toned muscle as that shirt was removed at a teasing, slow pace. The thrum of blood in his ears blocked out the music and loud catcalls from the audience, leaving only him and the orange haired stripper who was now grinding on his lap, tearing a muffled moan from his tightly clenched jaw.

An orange brow cocked at the noise, and Shuuhei caught sight of pearly white teeth as the stripper grinned, slowly sliding off of his lap to kneel on the stage in front of him. Twitching his arms against the handcuffs, Shuuhei jumped when devious hands slide up his thighs. Glancing down, he felt his breath hitch as those perfect teeth clasped around one of the buttons to his black dress shirt, a sinful tongue pushing it through the hole. The stripper continued to move lower, undoing each button. Lips that put silk to shame brushed teasingly over his skin until his shirt was completely undone, the fabric sliding off his shoulders.

Grinning perversely, the stripper rose to his feet, turning his back on Shuuhei who got a full view of that pert ** covered by the dark navy pants to his uniform. He could feel his mouth start to water, swallowing thickly when the stripper tugged at the waistline of his pants, head tilted to look over his shoulder at his captive. With an expertly placed twitch of his hips, those tight pants fell, revealing a pair of leather booty shorts that cut off right at the curve of that amazing butt. Long, muscled legs flexed when the 'officer' leaned back, grinding against the steadily growing problem in the raven head's pants. Shuuhei moaned low in his throat as the curve of the stripper's butt formed around his erection, his head rolling back slightly.

God, he wanted to touch the man.

Tugging at his restrained arms, he heard the stripper give off a slight chuckle before lifting off his lap to turn and face him. Leaning down, plump lips came dangerously close to his as fingers laced into his hair, tugging harshly at the strands, the jolt shooting straight to his groin. The stripper tugged him to his feet, pressing against him so skin met skin, those dastardly hips grinding and dipping to the beat, and he could tell that the stripper was just as aroused as he was.

Shuuhei jolted when nails raked down his chest, a finger hooking into the front of his pants. The buttoned popped open when the stripper gave a slight tug, making his eyes widen. He wasn't really going to be stripped down to his birthday suit, was he? Slight panic began to web into Shuuhei's blood, making each touch and caress feel like electric sparks racing through his body. At that moment, the song ended, but the catcalls didn't stop.

"Take it off!" Shuuhei heard a voice that sounded an awful lot like his redheaded friend, exclaim over the whistles and roaring applause. He made a mental note to thank Renji later, but right now an orange haired police officer was tugging him behind the curtain at the back of the stage, that sexy smirk plastered on his face. He'd deal with Renji later.


Dark blue eyes were filled with lust as he was pulled off the stage towards one of the backrooms that lay behind the stage. A low growl escaped his lips as he was still trying to break the handcuffs that bound his wrists. He felt a sharp shove against his back, and he stumbled into a room that was near the two of them. When he entered the room he heard the door click shut, and then he was roughly shoved into a chair.

The striper just smirked a sultry little grin as he straddled the older man's hips, and brings his face down he very innocently kissed Shuuhei on the lips quickly before pulling away. "Want me to take off the handcuffs off?" the orange haired male asked, his eyes still covered by the black sunglasses. All he received in response was a grunt, and he let out a small chuckle.

Reaching over onto the table that rested to the side of the chair he grabbed the small silver key in between his fingers. Shuuhei brought his hands forward into the man's chest his way of saying, 'Take the damn things off' without actually saying it. "Your wish is my command," he cooed, grabbing Shuuhei's hands in his own, and quickly unlocking the handcuffs.

He squeaked as he was suddenly pulled forward by the raven haired man. Their lips meeting in a heated kiss, and he couldn't help but moan as he felt a tongue glide along his bottom lip begging for entrance. Ichigo let out another low moan as he felt that tongue explore everywhere it could possibly search. Of course as soon as he felt fingers trying to take off the glasses he wore he pulled back.

Shuuhei was pissed that this man was leaving him high and dry, and he was not going to settle for that. Before the orange haired stripper could get away from him he caught his wrist. "Where are you going?" he asked, his voice husky and oh so full of want.

"Sorry but your time with me is up," Ichigo said, hesitantly making his way towards the door.

The raven haired male seemed to snap back to reality as he actually listened to this particular man talk. After many years of being in the business industry he got good at tuning people out, but this time around he actually listened to the man speak. He'd heard that voice before…but where? A scowl settling in over his features as he began zipping his pants up, "Take of those glasses for me will ya?" he asked, as innocently as he could.

Ichigo was taken aback by the request, "W-Why?" he asked. Those hazel hued eyes widening behind the lenses of the glasses as he watched the raven slowly get up from the chair, and walk towards him. When they were an arm's length apart he felt fingers grab the middle of the glasses pulling them away quickly.

Dark blue eyes widened as he stared into wide hazel hued eyes, and then everything sank into place in his head. Bright orange hair, not many people had that hair color save his best friend from twelve years ago, that pale yet somewhat tan skin, and those bright hazel hued eye, "I-Ichigo," he murmured. Shuuhei didn't get a response before Ichigo quickly opened the door, and ran down the hall.


"So did I end up doing you a favor, or what?" a bubbly redhead asked as they walked back towards the car. Shuuhei was tuning him out the entire time, though, as his thoughts continued to linger on Ichigo. Why did he not want to take the glasses off? Unless he knew it was me all along. Well, duh he knew it was me seeing as he ran off as soon as I said his name, the raven haired man thought as he slid into the passenger side seat. His inner battle with himself all they way back to their hotel.

Renji sat on his bed as he watched Shuuhei flip vigorously through the phone book that was in the room, "Alright something is on your mind, Shuu. You didn't say anything the entire way back, and now you look like you're about to rip the phone book in half," the redhead said, crossing his arms over his chest.

When Shuuhei looked up at Renji he just smiled sheepishly rubbing the back of his head out of nervousness. "I'm fine really I just need to find this number and address. There is someone I need to go and see," he said, his eyes going back to the phonebook as he spoke.

"Who is this someone that you need to go and see? Is it the stripper from the club?" Renji asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. The next thing he knew he got a short thrown at his face, "What in the hell was that for?" he asked, a bright red blush creeping onto his cheeks as he saw Shuuhei slipping out of his pants, "What are you doing, bro?" the redhead asked.

Shuuhei just grinned as he pulled the covers back on his bed the man now clad only in a pair of tight black boxers, and he just climbed into bed throwing the covers over himself. "What you've seen me naked before, Renji. I'd think you'd be a little more mature then this, and besides to hot in the room for a lot of clothing, night." The redhead just grumbled something before he threw his face in his pillow, and he reached over switching out the lights.


The next morning came around faster then he had thought it would, and he now found himself cruising along the streets of Karakura Town. Shuuhei having woken up earlier then Renji which allowed him to take the car unnoticed which is how he wanted it. He really didn't want Renji asking him questions about where he was going.

As he drove along the streets he passed a lot of familiar places that had definitely modernized in the past couple of years. Now if he remembered correctly Ichigo's dad was a doctor that ran a clinic, but that could have changed. "Damn it," he grumbled as he pulled into a nearby subdivision.

He figured a quick little walk would hurt so he shut off the engine of the car, and he stepped out. It was only around eleven o'clock, so not many people were out. The raven haired male walked around a bit, and after awhile he had come across a small park that was right across from a school. The school he recognized definitely, but the park not so much.

"Heh, Karakura High School, you sure have changed," he mused.

"U-Um excuse me," his ears perking up as he heard a shy female voice call out to him.


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