Unfulfilled Wishes

Rating: T

Category: Future fic, CLois

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Smallville, DC Comics, Superman, etc. Just having a bit of fun with my imagination and the characters who inspire it sometimes. I also own nothing to do with Garth Brooks or his song Unanswered Prayers. It was just my inspiration.

Summary: After hearing Garth Brooks' old song "Unanswered Prayers" again, I thought we really needed a little closure for Lana and Clark. I hate how the show left things with Lana and Clark. I know they've developed Lois and Clark's relationship pretty well but after rewatching the last scene between Lana and Clark, it just seemed to make it look like Lois would be his second choice. I'm trying to fix that a little. This is a short future fic to help close the book on Lana and Clark, for good. Reviews are very much appreciated.

Chapter 1

Clark and Lois entered the stadium and looked around at the crowd. It was pretty chilly for it being so early in the season. Squeezing her hand gently and subconsciously toying with her rings on the third finger, Clark pulled her closer to him and spoke into her ear to be heard over the roar of the crowd and the band on the field. "Are you warm enough?"

She grinned at him and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. This is great! I'm so glad we made it this year."

At the flash of guilt on his face, Lois was sorry she had mentioned the fact that they missed last year. "Lois, I'm sorry. I know we try to go to the homecoming game every year but with that earthquake in Japan…"

She cut him off by kissing him lightly on the lips. "Don't apologize, Smallville! You were needed there and I'm proud of you for having done what you could. You know I never mean to complain when you are out there saving people. I will always support you saving lives. It's just that we had a tradition going here and I missed it last year. I'm glad we're able to get back to Smallville for the Crows' homecoming game. Brings back some fun memories, don't you think?"

Good humor restored, Clark ginned back at her. Lois' enthusiasm was contagious. She loved football and fall and spending time with him. It had started the fall after they got engaged. They had been walking around Main Street in town on a Saturday afternoon, just looking in the shops and enjoying each other's company when one of the high school band members had come up to them and asked if they wanted to buy tickets to the homecoming game. Lois' eyes had lit up and the tradition was born.

Clark could refuse her nothing, and between the excitement of the game and spending time together, they had had a wonderful time…every year from that year on. That was four years ago. The more exciting the game, the more fun they had…both during and after the game. Lois always seemed to have some left over energy from the game that she took out on Clark when they got home. He had absolutely no complaints and their love making was one of the best reasons for keeping the tradition going. A goofy grin spread across his face at the memory of the year before last. The Crows had won and he had reaped the benefits of a close game…three times over.

Pointing up into the stands, Lois leaned into him. "Looks like a couple of places up there. We should be able to see pretty good from up there." He looked to where she was pointing, nodded at her with a smile, adjusted his glasses and started towards the stands.

Keeping a tight hold on Lois' hand, Clark made his way up the bleachers, pulling her behind him. When they finally reached the open spot, he started to pull her into the row but she pulled back. Glancing back, he saw her grin. "Sorry, hon, but I'm starving! I think I'm gonna go grab a hotdog. You want anything?"

"Here, Lois, I'll go get the food. Why don't you wait here? I know you'd hate to miss the kickoff," he told her and started back the way he had come.

Lois let go of his hand and placed hers on his chest. "Don't be silly, Smallville. I'm perfectly capable of getting the food myself. Besides, I might see something else I want while I'm getting the hotdog. I'll be back in plenty of time for the kickoff, and even if I missed it, that's not the point of all this anyway is it? Now did you want something?"

Clark smiled at her and pulled her close, giving her a brief peck on the lips. She wasn't one for big public displays of affection. At her faint blush and the way her eyes darted around, his smile turned into a delighted grin. "Surprise me. You know I'll eat pretty much anything."

She flashed him a smile and turned back to the stairs. Clark followed her with his eyes, always keeping watch over her safety. When she disappeared into the crowd in the direction of the food stand, he turned his eyes to the field and the crowd, enjoying the atmosphere while listening out for any problems that required his special attention. He hoped that there wouldn't be anything too monumental tonight. He was looking forward to this time with Lois and watching the Crows play. They were said to have a good team this year. The Torch, which he read occasionally but missed that sense of weirdness that Chloe's touch had always brought to it, reported that the head Coach was really excited about his players this year.

The band started playing a familiar piece of music, one of the band director's favorites from even when he was in school. Suddenly, he was 15 again, watching the Crows on the field, wanting so badly to be a part of it…to be normal. He saw Whitney Fordman running down the field. He saw his friend Pete sitting on the bench, just itching for the chance to be on the field. He saw Chloe badgering the Coach about his players' academic status and the Coach sighing in aggravation at having to deal with her while he tried to train his team to become stars. So many memories flooded through him…people come and gone, friends, people he saved, meteor freaks he stopped.

Chuckling, he remembered Chloe's "Wall of Weird" and how they had chased down so many stories, all the while trying to throw her off his own scent. Chloe had always been interested in how things worked and solving mysteries. It had made her great at investigative reporting but even better as his, and the rest of their superhero friends', sidekick. Clark should have known that she would be one of the first people to ever discover his secret.

He smiled at how small Pete had looked in his uniform…like he had been trying on his father's clothes. Pete had been one of his closest friends for years. They had camped together, shot hoops together, got into trouble together, and bailed each other out together. Clark understood now how hard it was for Pete all those years ago, trying to keep that secret. Pete just wasn't designed for keeping things that big. He still talked to him from time to time. Pete was married now, living in Topeka, working as a cop. In fact, he had just been promoted a couple of months ago to detective.

Clark's smile faltered a little as he recalled Whitney's distrust and hostility turn into grudging friendship and respect…and the subsequent news that the former quarterback had been killed. A full scowl darkened his face as he remembered the way his friendship had started with Lex, blossomed and then quickly sickened and died. He still wondered from time to time if there was something he could have done differently to have changed the way Lex had turned out.

His smile returned as the music changed and he was thrown back to the time he was in the dunk tank for the pep rally and Lois had, with very accurate aim, dropped him into the water. God that was a long time ago! His thoughts drifted over so many memories. He finally allowed other memories, ones he had buried so long ago, so many times that it had become habit, to rise to the surface and he suddenly saw his high school days with the common thread that had tied them all together…his infatuation for the girl who had lived next door.

Lana Lang. God, such a major part of his life! The one name, the one face, the one person that left him aching to be normal…to be like everyone else. He saw her with that necklace made of the "meteor rock" around her neck. He saw her in her uniform practicing on the field with the other cheerleaders. He saw her smiling at him with that warm, friendly smile that freshman year. He could almost hear her voice as she asked him about his book as she helped him pick up his things.

"So what are you? Man or superman?" she had asked with a smile.

So lost in his memories of her was he that he almost thought he was hallucinating when a familiar voice said from his right, "Clark Kent? It is you, isn't it?"

Turning, Clark was sure he was dreaming or daydreaming or something. Walking up to him was the one and only Lana Lang. She still had a beautiful smile and it lit up her face as she was genuinely glad to see him. He blinked a couple of times, trying to make sure that she was really here.

"Lana!" he acknowledged hesitantly.